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                                                               RILEY COUNTY

                                     SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE




Wednesday, 10 January 1996                                               Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                                     Second Floor Meeting Room



Members Present:   Karen McCulloh, Ernest Jordan, Roger Kvasnicka, Monty Wedel, Ed Kriebs, Dennis Peterson, Bob Rogers, Sr., Dean Denner, Steve Galitzer, John Ott, Damian Schmidt, Phyllis Epps, Michael Brodersen, Dan Harden, Minessa Mesic, Larry Ness, Bruce McCallum, Dave Bollman


Others Present:        Ralph and Barb Sanner, William Clark


Members Absent:   Jan Garton, Betty Book, David Bipes, Fran Zerby, Judy Willingham, Deanna Brummet, Jerry Ericson, Chris Hanson, John Hunt, Alan Ladd, Howard Wilson


Staff Present:          Ann Feyerharm, Julie Winter



The meeting was called to order by Riley County Commissioner Karen McCulloh and introductions were made. 



                                                                   A G E N D A


1.         Review of Membership Roster


            The SWMC membership roster was passed around to the committee members for the purpose of updating information. 

            Each member received a copy of the roster.



2.         Election of Chair and Vice-Chair


            Karen McCulloh nominated Jan Garton (absent) as Chair.  Carried unanimously.  Steve Galitzer volunteered to be Vice-Chair.


            In the absence of Chair Jan Garton, Karen McCulloh turned the meeting over to the Vice-Chair Steve Galizter who in turn, turned the meeting over to Monty Wedel. 


Minutes - SWMC

10 January 1996

Page 2





3.         Discussion of Meeting Format



            Agenda Items


            The committee will follow the agenda item format as close as possible.  Those issues that need to be addressed at the meetings can be added to the agenda by contacting Monty Wedel at least one week before the next meeting.  Articles of interest may also be submitted to Monty for distribution.


            Meeting Date


            Third Tuesday of each month, starting February 20, 1996.         


            Meeting Place


            Riley County Office Building, Second Floor Meeting Room (unless an agenda item will generate a larger turn out)


            Length of Meeting


            The meetings will begin at 7:00 P.M. and end at 9:00 P.M.




            The minutes will be in formal format and will be included as an item on the agenda for approval by the committee.


            Public Comment


            Public comment is welcome at the end of each agenda item, if applicable. 


            Mailing List


            A sign up sheet will be available at each meeting for those interested in receiving agendas and minutes.




Minutes - SWMC

10 January 1996

Page 3




4.         Review and Discussion of Solid Waste Management Plan




            Wedel reported that there are no absolute set time restraints for completing the plan, however if the committee wants to be in the position to apply for grants, the plan should be finished and approved by October 1996.


            Current Status & Contents


            Ann Feyerharm went over a list of needed revisions for the SWMC Plan which were recommended by Kent Forester, Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Solid Waste Division.  In his evaluation, Mr. Forester indicated chapter by chapter which ones were in need of revision and which ones were not.  Mr. Forester felt that in Chapter 2, for example, county studies were needed as apposed to national studies.  Feyerharm noted that most of the Chapters are in need of time lines and budgets, these requirements will most likely be referred to staff and not become the responsibility of the committee.  Wedel feels that some parts of the plan may be negotiable with KDHE, in other words the committee may not have to conform to all of Mr. Forester's requests.  A copy of Mr. Forester's evaluation is available upon request. 


            In addition to revising the current SWMC plan, Mr. Forester also indicated in his evaluation, that additional information is needed to comply with new Kansas Statues and Administrative Regulations.  A list of these requirements were also discussed briefly.





            Wedel asked the committee if they were interested in staying as a whole or breaking up into sub-committees in order to focus on some of the issues.  Vice-chair Galitzer thought instead of breaking up into sub-committees it might be more advantageous to allow individuals with expertise in a specific area to review and express their ideas. 


            Wedel went on to suggest that staff make the necessary step by step revisions and forward these recommendations on to the Committee for their input.  A decision was made to send out the revisions one chapter at a time


Minutes - SWMC

10 January 1996

Page 4




            prior to each meeting, this will allow committee members time to review each chapter in order for them to be prepared for discussion.


            Dan Harden told the committee he would have financial data available for the next meeting.


5.         Other issues


            Waste Tire Program


            Wedel told the committee that Riley County received a $25,000 Waste Tire grant from KDHE.  A small portion of the grant has already been forwarded and is available for use.  Wedel suggested that part of this money be spent on a public education awareness program for waste tires.  Another amnesty day was also suggested, but due to State regulations only one amnesty day is allowed.  Other counties are using this money for their own waste tire programs.  Unlike other counties, Harden told the committee that Riley County does not have a waste tire problem, so staying with the private sector is more feasible. 


            The committee asked Wedel to do some inquires into Fish and Game's waste tire program, to check into what salaries are reimburseable and the date by which funds must be expended or committed.            Exploring the Internet for possible tire recycling concepts was also suggested.






            In closing Wedel asked the committee to review the first 4 chapters of the SWMC plan and be prepared to discuss Chapter 4 - Waste Reduction at the next meeting.




            Wedel suggested that the February agenda include a discussion on what chapter layouts the committee would like to see included in the revised plan.


            The meeting was adjourned.