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                                                               RILEY COUNTY

                                     SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE



Thursday, March 18, 2004                                                Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                   2nd Floor Conference Room


Members Present: David Bollman, Betty Book, Kelly Briggs, William Eberle, Leon Hobson, Joe Kitterman, Alan Ladd, Karen McCulloh, Richard Miller, Barb Sanner, Jeff Walters, Monty Wedel, Howard Wilson, Van Withee and Fran Zerby.


Others Present:  Julie Winter, Staff


Members Absent:   Gerald Baer, William Clark, Phyllis Epps, Jerry Ericson, Steve Galitzer, Vicki McDonald, Taylor Miller, Bob Newsome, Dennis Peterson, Deb Porter, Paul Werle,  Judy Willingham and John Woods.


Sign-in, Introductions  ­ The sign-in sheet was completed.  Karen McCulloh acted on behalf of Chairman Steve Galitzer as Chairperson.  Members present introduced themselves.


Approve the minutes of the previous meeting  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented.


Solid Waste Fund – Reduction in Costs   Leon Hobson, Director of Public Works presented the recommendations made by staff for reducing costs at the Riley County Solid Waste Facility.   Bill Eberle moved that the Solid Waste Management Committee support the recommendations for reducing costs at the Solid Waste Facility as presented.  Kelly Briggs seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


Recycling Directory Distribution   Julie Winter informed the committee that all of the 2003 – 2004 Flint Hills Recycling Directories have been distributed.   If anyone is interested in a copy they may go on-line at or obtain a copy from the Manhattan Public Library.


Compost and Clopyraid  William Eberle discussed in detail the herbicide Clopyraid found in the compost piles at the Riley County Solid Waste Facility.  Eberle told the committee that ¼ of the sites in Kansas were sampled and that they did not find very high levels at most sites.  Riley County’s sample tested at 35 parts per billion, a moderate level of contamination, however enough to notify users.  A brief discussion followed.  The committee decided that Riley County should educate compost users on the proper use of compost in their gardens/lawns.   Kelly Briggs moved that William Eberle write up an informational sheet educating the public on the proper use of compost to be handed out at the Riley County Solid Waste Facility.  Fran Zerby Seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.



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Solid Waste Management Committee

March 18, 2003




SWM – Competitive Plan Implementation Grant  - Round #13   Monty Wedel told the Committee that applications for the SWM Competitive Plan Implementation Grant are due April 23, 2004.   Riley County has not received any funds directly from this program since inception.   Wedel explained that this may be the final year for this program so Riley County has decided to submit a grant request for the purchase of a rubber-tired wheel loader with a waste bucket & grapple for use in recycling and a 400’ X 100’ by 6” thick asphalt pad for leaves/grass composting & woodchip storage.   Fran Zerby moved to have staff submit a grant proposal for the purchase of a Wheel loader and 400’ X 100’ by 6” thick asphalt pad.  Howard Wilson Seconded.  Motion Carried unanimously.


Howie’s Recycling Contract    Monty Wedel explained that the current recycling contract has expired.  Howard Wilson is interested in continuing to recycle the same materials (glass, steel cans and plastic) as with the current contract but would like to base the compensation on a flat fee of $15,000 annually rather than on the market price of plastic as is currently done.  Mr. Wilson submitted a Net Income Statement that showed a loss for recycling these materials of at least $15,000.  Wedel also suggested that the contract be automatically renewable each year provided the Net Income Statement, as verified by an accountant, is at least $15,000.  It was moved by Bill Eberle and seconded by Barb Sanner that staff draft such a contract for consideration by the BOCC.  Motion carried unanimously.


New Business – There was no new business



Meeting was adjourned.