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Education Subcommittee


Friday, July 02, 1999                                                                                  Riley County Office Building

12:00 P.M.                                                                                                     BOCC Meeting ROOM



Education Subcommittee Members Present:  Alan Ladd, Van Withee, Jean Waters, Bob Newsome, Fran Zerby


Others Present:  Monty Wedel, Judy Willingham, Julie Winter







Alan Ladd called the special session of the Education Subcommittee to order at approximately 12:15 pm. 


Ladd gave the members an update on the compost situation at the Riley County Solid Waste Facility located at 1881 Henton Road.  A brief discussion followed.


Jean Waters moved that the public be allowed to take at no charge one (1) pick-up load of compost per visit until gone or as determined by the operator.  Fran Zerby seconded.  Motion carried.


A press conference will be held on July 12, 1999 to inform the public.  Ladd will contact Mark Scott about featuring an article in the Manhattan Mercury.


Ladd will take an organic matter sample of the pile and have the results available to the public upon request.


A suggestion was made to use the press conference as a way to inform the public of other Transfer Station activities.