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Tuesday, 27 August 1996                               Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                   Second Floor Meeting Room



Members Present:     Burke Bayer, William Clark, Steve Galitzer, Dan Harden, David Horn, Roger Kvasnicka, Alan Ladd, Karen McCulloh, Gary Naughton, John Ott, Monty Wedel, Fran Zerby


Members Absent:      Mike Brodersen, Dianne Brummet, Phyllis Epps, Jerry Ericson,  John Hunt, Ernest Jordan, Bob Rogers, Damian Schmidt, Karen Visser, David Bollman, Betty Book, William Eberle, Edmund Kriebs, Bruce McCallum, Dennis Peterson, Judy Willingham, Howard Wilson, Van Withee



The meeting was called to order by Steve Galitzer, Chair.





1.         Roll call (Attendance sign-up sheet)


            The attendance sign-up sheet was passed around the table.




2.         Minutes of  Previous Meeting.


            A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of  June 25, 1996 as

            distributed.  Motion carried unanimously. 



3.         Subcommittee Reports


            EDUCATION:  Fran Zerby


            Fran presented the sub-committee’s ideas on various ways of educating the public         on Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Composting.   Some of these ideas include:        trash haulers sending out information with monthly statements;  educating our         children in schools through the local extension office; moving companies handing            out brochures; and providing Welcome Wagon with educational brochures for                     distribution.  A discussion followed.




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August 27, 1996




            RECYCLING:  John Ott


            Nothing new to discuss.



            WASTE REDUCTION:  Bill Clark


            Bill reported that he is working with Jean Waters, Pollution Prevention Institute,             KSU, on several ideas for reducing waste.   


            Steve Galitzer again suggested that a Waste Stream Survey be conducted, this   survey will help us determine if there really is a problem and where to begin   should a problem be found.   Steve asked Bill to look into this.  A discussion             followed.



            HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE:   Steve Galitzer


            Steve handed out drafts of the HHW chapter.



            YARD WASTE:  Judy Willingham


            No report, chapter completed.



4.         Worksession on Solid Waste Management Plan


            The committee broke up into sub-committees for a 15 minute worksession.


            Prior to the next meeting Michele Wilbur, Planning & Zoning, will meet with each           sub-committee in order to gather the data and assist in finalizing each chapter.        Steve has asked that the SWMC Plan be in draft form by the next meeting.



5.         Set date and time for next meeting/Adjourn


            The next meeting will be September 24, 1996, at 7:00 in the Board of County   Commissioners Room, 1st Floor, Riley County Office Building.  Meeting was       adjourned.