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                                                               RILEY COUNTY

                                     SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE



Thursday, September 18, 2003                           Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                   2nd Floor Conference Room


Members Present: Betty Book, William Clark, William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Alan Ladd, Richard Miller, Dennis Peterson, Monty Wedel, Paul Werle,  Judy Willingham, Howard Wilson and John Woods


Others Present:  Julie Winter, Staff


Members Absent: Gerald Baer, David Bollman, Kelly Briggs, Phyllis Epps, Jerry Ericson, Leon Hobson, Joe Kitterman, Karen McCulloh, Vicki McDonald, Taylor Miller, Bob Newsome, Deb Porter, Barb Sanner, Chuck Williams. Van Withee and Fran Zerby.


Sign-in, Introductions  ­ The sign-in sheet was completed.  Paul Werle & Richard Miller were introduced as new members.  Mr. Werle will represent the City of Ogden and Mr. Miller will represent the unincorporated area of Riley County.


Approve the minutes of the previous meeting  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented.


Update on Solid Waste Budget   Monty Wedel reported that there is no change in the revenue shortfall situation and that staff is working on a solution.  The cash flow each month continues to be very tight.


Recycling Directory Distribution  Julie Winter asked the committee for some help in distributing the 2003-2004 Flint Hills Recycling Directories.  The original plan was to insert 14,000 directories into the Sunday edition of the Manhattan Mercury, however with the current cash situation the solid waste fund is unable to pay for this expense.  Committee members presented many suggestions for Julie to explore.  Utilizing the Boy Scouts seemed to be very favorable among the members.   Several members took a box of directories with them to distribute to various groups and businesses.   


Discuss Charging for Trees   Leon Hobson was unable to attend.  This item was tabled and will be presented at the next SWMC meeting in October.


Results of Waste Hauler Charges Survey Judy Willingham presented the results of her survey to the committee.  See Survey Sheet attached.  Monty asked that staff place the “Pay as you Go” information onto the Riley County Web Site/Recycling Page.   Julie will submit a draft to Judy for her approval.




Solid Waste Management Minutes

September 18, 2003

Page 2



OLD BUSINESS   Judy brought up the issue of how to use glass locally to create a market.  She suggested using it as an aggregate in road surfaces or other similar uses.  Bill Eberle reported that he did some research and found that depending on how the glass is crushed will determine what uses are available.  For example, if the glass is crushed into a rounded substance you are unable to use it as a road aggregate but could be utilized as reflective material for roads.  The cost to purchase a crusher is around $100,000.  Monty told the committee that the State of Kansas will most likely not have another round of grant money.



Worksession on 5-year update of Solid Waste Management Plan  Monty Wedel led the group through the Action/Policy sheets in the Plan. Corrections were made and the plan is now complete and ready for the approval of the Board of County Commissioners.  A motion was made to send the updated Solid Waste Management Plan to the Board of County Commissioners for their approval and signatures.  Dennis so moved and Judy seconded.  The motion was carried unanimously.


Next meeting   Next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, October 9, 2003 at 7:00 in the Second Floor Room of the Riley County Office Building. 


Meeting adjourned