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                                                               RILEY COUNTY

                                     SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE



Thursday, August 18, 2005                                              Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                               2nd Floor Conference Room


Members Present: David Bollman, Kelly Briggs, Jill Dalton, Steve DeHart, Steve Galitzer Leon Hobson, Karen McCulloh, Bob Newsome, Dennis Peterson, Jeff Walters, Monty Wedel, Paul Werle, Judy Willingham, Howard Wilson and John Woods.


Others Present:  Gary Rosewicz and Julie Winter, Staff


Members Absent:   William Clark, William Eberle, Bernie Lickteig, , Richard Miller & Fran Zerby.


Steve Galitzer called the meeting to order.  


Sign-in, Introductions  ­ The sign-in sheet was completed.  Jill Dalton, SWMC member was introduced to the committee.  Introductions were made around the table.   


Approve the minutes of the previous meeting  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented with the following change(s); add the time adjourned as 8:05 P.M.   


E-Waste – Electronic Waste Recycling  - Dennis Peterson gave a brief overview of the E-Waste Proposal.  There are three companies in Topeka currently taking e-waste.  Dennis has toured New Global Com and plans to tour the other two companies on August 30, 2005.   Nemaha County is currently taking e-waste and is working with New Global Com.  


Bill Bider, KDHE, has asked Riley County to start a pilot program.  Dennis explained that a pilot program only meant being the first county to try it.  Steve Galitzer told the committee not to plan on funds from KDHE to help fund this pilot program.  Depending on new legislation, grant funds may be available to help counties and recycling companies.

Galitzer told the committee that we cannot go under any assumption as to what KDHE is going to do.  There may be a point when we have to charge, this could be based on what the company charges for disposing of the waste.


Monty Wedel suggested that Riley County go alone for a while to see if we (Riley County) and the recycling company can handle the e-waste.   Peterson is concerned about Riley County’s ties to the other 9 counties in the Big Lakes Regional HHW Program, they also have an investment in labor, equipment and the facility currently housing HHW.   What message would this give them?  




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Solid Waste Management Committee

Minutes – August 18, 2005




What impact would this have on the Solid Waste Fund?  Peterson told the committee that there would be no more labor charges than what are already charged for HHW, the facility currently has plenty of pallets, and equipment is available for use from the HHW Facility.   Shrink wrap would be the only expense. 


Steve Galitzer moved the committee forward by asking if there was a consensus on the following:



1)         Is there a need for e-waste recycling in Riley County?  SWMC agreed


2)         Do we agree that all fees charged by the e-waste recycling company for the  disposal of e-waste be passed on to the people using the program?    SWMC agreed


3)         Do we want Riley County to set-up a system so that businesses and other      government entities pay a fee for disposal?    SWMC agreed


4)         E-Waste definition – Do we want Riley County to use the definition that Dennis has   in his proposal?  SWMC agreed


5)         At this point do we want Dennis to start an e-waste pilot program?  SWMC agreed


6)         Do we want to leave it up to the BOCC and Dennis Peterson to investigate the possibility of bringing the Big Lakes Regional counties into the e-waste pilot program at no cost to Riley County?  SWMC Agreed


Kelly Briggs moved that Dennis Peterson take the committee’s recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.  Karen McCulloh seconded.   Motion carried.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M.