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Tuesday, 23 September 1997               Riley Co. Office Bldg.  

7:00 P.M.                             Commission Meeting Room    



Members Present:   David Bollman, William Clark, William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Roger Kvasnicka, John Ott, Damian Schmidt, Monty Wedel, Judy Willingham


Members Absent:    Burke Bayer, Betty Book, Dianne Brummet, Phyllis Epps, Jerry Ericson, Dan Harden, David Horn, Ernest Jordan, Edmund Kriebs, Alan Ladd, Bruce McCallum, Bob Newsome, Dennis Peterson, Bob Rogers, Karen Visser, Howard Wilson, Van Withee, Fran Zerby


Others Present:    Barb Sanner, Ralph Sanner, Gary Naughton, George Mallon


Staff Present:      Julie Winter





1.   Roll Call (Attendance sign-up sheet)- Chairman Steve Galitzer called the meeting to order at approximately 7:06.  Galitzer added “Household Hazardous Waste Report” as an additional agenda item.  The attendance sheet was passed around and signed. 


2.   Minutes – The minutes were approved as distributed with one correction.  The minutes of August 26, 1997 reflected Roger Kvasnicka as being present and also absent, let the record show that Mr. Kvasnicka was present at the August 26, 1997 meeting.


3.              Decision on whether or not to institute a charge for yard waste (Dan Harden) – In the absence of Dan Harden, Steve Galitzer lead the discussion.  Galitzer gave a brief overview of the newspaper article that appeared in the September 19, 1997 edition of the Manhattan Mercury (See attachment #1).  The article stated that the Board of County Commissioners is in the process of discussing the possibility of implementing a fee for dumping yard wastes and street sweepings at the Riley County Transfer Station.  Galitzer went on record as saying he is very much opposed




Minutes - SWMC

September 23, 1997

Page 2




to implementing a charge on yard wastes at this time.  He further stated that he supported the concept of charging for Street Sweepings, however, he would like to see other disposal possibilities investigated.  A lengthy discussion followed.   Gary Naughton, Consultant for Riley County’s Wood Waste Study Grant, presented a memo (see attachment #2) to the committee outlining his views and concerns on implementing fees at this time for the disposing of yard wastes.  Naughton is very concerned about what implications this would have on the Wood Waste Study now in progress. 


     A motion was made by William Eberle that the Committee go on record as opposing charging for yard and wood waste disposal.  Any further discussion of such charges should be postponed until completion of the wood waste study.  Mr. Eberle stated that the reasons for this recommendation were:


·        It goes against the spirit of our Solid Waste Management Plan which encourages recycling and yard waste diversion;

·        It is a public service that is very important to the citizens;

·        It would result in reduced participation in the program and the dumping of these materials along roadsides and elsewhere; and

·        It would not produce significant revenue.


Motion was seconded and carried unanimously. 



A second motion was made by William Eberle for the Committee to go on record as supporting the concept of implementing a fair fee for the disposal of Street Sweepings while investigating the possibility of alternative disposal methods.


Motion was seconded and carried unanimously.


The Committee asked Monty Wedel to take these recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for their consideration. 


4.              Update on recycling discussions – Steve Galitzer – Galitzer and Wedel met with the City officials to discuss possible


September 23, 1997

Page 3





recycling opportunities for the City of Manhattan.  Mayor Snead and City Manager Greer are very interested in implementing a Recycling Program for the City of Manhattan and together with other City Officials are currently working on a plan.  Kansas State University officials are currently working on initiating their own campus wide recycling plan to assist with the City’s recycling efforts.  

Galitzer told the Committee that a selected number of SWMC members may be asked to provide input into the City’s process for establishing a City recycling program. Galitzer received a good response.  David Bollman expressed interest in participating in the process. 





Waste Characterization Study – William Eberle


·        Working on sort dates – test sort will be November 15, 1997, with 1 sort a month for 12 months following.

·        Hiring KSU students to perform sort duties

·        Sampling will be random, reports will be filled out as to types of waste and where waste originated




Wood Waste Study – Gary Naughton


·        Estimating volume on outgoing wood waste

·        Met with commercial tree trimming businesses and inquired as to where their wood waste is being disposed

·        Visiting surrounding wood waste disposal sites and determining how much volume in each


5.              Household Hazardous Waste – Steve Galitzer – Galitzer told the Committee that Dennis Peterson is still waiting for the HHW Permit from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).  KDHE has added “small quantity generator waste” to the permit. Peterson is working on a check and balances plan to keep track of these wastes.



Minutes – SWMC

September 23, 1997

Page 4




Waters True Value Hardware has approached Dennis Peterson about having a “Paint Turn-In Day” at their Westloop location.  This will involve using the HHW Trailer for the transporting and disposing of paint waste.  Waters will do the promoting and advertising for this event. 


Galitzer would like to see Riley County implement a “bring something take something” policy to the Household Hazardous Waste program.  This policy would allow people utilizing the facilities to remove unused HHW items such as cleaning supplies from the premises.  Removing items will help decrease disposal costs.    Galitzer also told the Committee that there are other HHW facilities around the state participating in the “bring something take something” program. 


A Motion was made for Galitzer to send a memo to the County Counselor asking for a legal opinion on implementing a similar program in Riley County. 


Motion was seconded and carried unanimously.



6.   Review proposed changes to Solid Waste Management Plan

Wedel distributed proposed changes to the SWM plan to each member.  A brief discussion followed.  Wedel told the Committee that the State is in no hurry for the completed plan, however, Wedel would like to see it revised as soon as possible and returned to the State for a courtesy review before presenting it to the Board of County Commissioners for their approval. 


A Motion was made for Monty Wedel and Chairman Steve Galitzer to move forward with necessary changes to the SWM plan and to return it to the State for a courtesy review. 


Motion was seconded and carried unanimously.



The committee would like for Monty Wedel to resubmit the Education and Waste Audit Grant applications to the State before the November deadline.


7.   Set date and time for next meeting – Decided not to have a Meeting in October.  Next meeting time will be announced at a later date.  Meeting was adjourned.