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Tuesday, May 26, 1998                                                                                      Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                                                              2nd Floor Conference Room



Members Present:  Burke Bayer, William Clark, William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Dan Harden, Roger Kvasnicka, Dennis Peterson, Lakshmi Reddi, Jean Waters, Monty Wedel, Howard Wilson, Van Withee, Fran Zerby


Others Present:  Chuck Williams, Rod Meredith, Charly Pottroff, Janet Parrish, Karen McCulloh


Members Absent:  David Bollman, Betty Book, Dianne Brummet, Phylis Epps, Jerry Ericson, David Horn, Ernest Jordan, Edmund Kriebs, Damian Schmidt, Karen Visser, Judy Willingham





1.                  Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by Chairman Steve Galitzer. An attendance sheet was distributed.


2.                  Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – Fran Zerby moved that the January 27, 1998 minutes be approved as distributed.  William Eberle seconded. Motion Carried.


3.                  Update Memberships and Committees - Lakshmi Reddi, City of Manhattan Representive, was introduced and welcomed to the committee.  The floor was opened for nominations to fill the 4 vacant positions on the committee.  These include representatives for the following:


City of Riley – 1 vacancy

Private Industry – 1 vacancy

Other Members – 2 vacancies


There were no nominations brought to the table.


4.                  Update on Solid Waste Management Plan revisions – The only revisions to be made to the SWMC plan are minor.  When plan is ready for a public hearing the committee asked that a draft be placed at the Manhattan Public Library.



Minutes – SWMC

May 26, 1998

Page 2




5.                  Fairmont Battery Clean-up – Monty Wedel updated the committee on the Fairmont Battery clean-up.  Wedel reported that the battery casings are in the process of being excavated and removed to an off site landfill and the contaminated area is being treated.  It was determined that if the battery casings were left on site the expenses for monitoring goundwater would be too extensive.


6.                  Plastics Subsidy – Howard Wilson presented the current market value of plastics to the committee, they are as follows:


    12 cents PET

9-10 cents #2 colored

5-16 cents natural


            The committee decided to go with the same compensation as written in the contract dated December 16, 1996, A.2.a – A.2.c.  Jean Waters moved to authorize the county to proceed with the same contract as last year.  William Eberle seconded.  Discussion followed.



            1997 Plastics Contract



            A.2.a - County shall pay contractor the difference between the Net Price Received (NPR) (market price less transportation costs (and $.20 per pound for the disposal of the first 80,000 pounds of plastics sold.  In no event shall the subsidy exceed $.20 per pound.  When the Contractor sells over 80,000 pounds, the subsidy shall be as follows: Next 30,000 lbs. – ($.18/lb – NPR); Next 30,000 lbs – ($.16/lb – NPR); Next 30,000 lbs. – ($.14/lb – NPR); All remaining volumes – ($.13/lb – NPR).  Payment will be made after the receipt by County of verified freight tickets and disposal tickets.


            A.2.b – Contractor will keep records showing the weight of Plastics shipped and the income received from the sale thereof.  He shall also keep a record of all out-of- county Plastics received including the place of origin.  County shall have a right to examine these records at reasonable time insofar as they relate to compliance with this Agreement.


            A.2.c – Total compensation paid to contractor for disposal of plastics shall not exceed $15,000.00 during calendar year of ______ without written authority of the County.

Minutes – SWMC

May 26, 1998

Page 3



            It was moved and seconded to proceed with the earlier motion for 1998.  Motion carried.


            William Eberle moved to place the plastic subsidy into the 1999 Solid Waste Budget.  William Clark seconded.  Motion carried.


7.                  Street Sweepings – Rod Meredith gave a brief report on the status of the Street Sweepings located at the Riley County Solid Waste Facility.   Associated Environmental recently tested samples from the sweeping pile.   Once the sampling results have been received and analyzed a report will be prepared for the next meeting.  If the test results come back okay Riley County may backfill the barrow pit west of the tree pile at the solid waste facility.  Meredith told the committee that the current windrow system has six years of storage capacity. 


Meredith reported that compost is being used to supplement soil on the landfill

cap to help with grass cover.  If the compost were not utilized in this manner Riley Co. would have the expense of fertilizer.



8.                  New Business – RAB (Restoration Advisory Board) Ft. Riley, proposed a joint meeting.  This will be discussed in further detail at the next SWMC Meeting.


9.         Set Date and Time for Next Meeting – The next meeting of the SWMC will be Tuesday, June 23, 1998 at 7:00 P.M.



The meeting was adjourned.