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                                                               RILEY COUNTY

                                     SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE



Thursday, February 10, 2005                                          Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                               2nd Floor Conference Room


Members Present: David Bollman, Kelly Briggs, William Clark, Steve DeHart, Steve Galitzer, Leon Hobson, Karen McCulloh, Dennis Peterson, Monty Wedel, Judy Willingham, and Fran Zerby.


Others Present:  Gary Rosewicz and Julie Winter, Staff


Members Absent:   William Eberle, Bernie Lickteig, , Richard Miller, Taylor Miller, Bob Newsome, Deb Porter, Jeff Walters, Paul Werle,  Howard Wilson, and John Woods.


Sign-in, Introductions  ­ The sign-in sheet was completed.   Members present introduced themselves.


Approve the minutes of the previous meeting  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented with the following changes; correct spelling of Clopyralid.


Update Solid Waste Management Committee and Subcommittees   Members decided to update membership to the committee as needed.  A member mentioned that Betty Book may be interested in returning to the committee as member at large.  The committee agreed that Julie should contact Betty. 


Solid Waste Fund – Finance Report   Julie Winter and Leon Hobson presented the 2004 Financial Summary sheet to members.   Small discussion followed. 


Recycling Directory Distribution   Julie Winter informed the committee that the 2005 – 2006 Flint Hills Recycling Directories were ready to be printed.   Once printed those individuals interested in a copy may go on-line at or obtain a copy from the Manhattan Public Library.  Steve suggested that the KSU Recycling website link to the directory located on the Riley County Website.  Steve will take care of this.  Julie will look into linking the directory to the front page of the Riley County Website.


PC Recycling  Monty & Steve reported that little is going on around here in PC Recycling.  KSU has a contract for electronics with a company in Topeka.  KSU stores electronics on campus then delivers them to Topeka once a year, they are then shipped overseas.  The committee has asked the Recycling Subcommittee to look into what electronic recycling opportunities are available to the public and to the County.  David Bollman will replace Van Withee as Chairman of the Recycling Committee.          




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Solid Waste Management Committee

February 10, 2005





Commercial Brush  Leon told the committee that it was costing the county approximately $22.00 per ton for the operation of the brush pile at the Solid Waste Facility.   Commercial waste makes up approximately 84% of the waste, with the private sector at 16%.  Leon will

find out what the labor and equipment costs are for the operation of the brush pile and report back.  A motion was made for Leon to make recommendations to the BOCC for charging for commercial brush at the Solid Waste Facility, fees will be determined according to what Leon finds out from the report.  The motion was seconded and passed.  A motion was made not to charge for woodchips brought into the facility.  The motion was seconded and passed.


SWM – Competitive Plan Implementation Grant Round #13 and discussion on KDHE’s request for a Composting Plan  Monty reported that KDHE has offered Riley County an additional $43,500.00 in grant money, however KDHE has attached conditions to the additional money.   KDHE has asked Riley County to submit a detailed “Composting Plan”.   KDHE will release these additional funds upon approval of the plan.  Monty stated that this will most likely be the last round for the Implementation Grants until more funds are available. 


Riley County Website – Recycling Intouch List  Julie reported that she is working with the Information Systems department in getting an intouch list for the website.  This list will allow staff to send recycling info and directories to those citizens signed up.  Julie will get a cost to add an intouch list to the website and report back.  


New Business  Leon discussed street sweepings brought into the Solid Waste Facility and the possibility of sending them elsewhere.  Kelly suggested street sweepings go to a CD Landfill.  The committee approved of sending them to a Quarry or CD Landfill. 



Meeting was adjourned.