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                                                               RILEY COUNTY

                                     SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE



Thursday, May 8, 2003                                          Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                   2nd Floor Conference Room


Members Present: Kelly Briggs, William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Dan Harden, Alan Ladd, Deb Porter, Monty Wedel, Judy Willingham, Van Withee and John Woods.


Others Present:  Julie Forst, Mike Gruben and Rod Meredith


Members Absent:  Gerald Baer, David Bollman, Betty Book, William Clark, Phyllis Epps, Jerry Ericson, Joe Kitterman, Edmund Kriebs, Molly Lindquist,  Karen McCulloh, Vicki McDonald, Taylor Miller, Bob Newsome, Dennis Peterson, Barb Sanner, Chuck Williams, Howard Wilson and Fran Zerby.



Sign-in, Introductions  ­ The sign-in sheet was completed.  New member Deb Porter was introduced and the other members/attendees introduced themselves.  The existing mailing list was distributed for review and update, especially for email addresses.  Steve also reported that Roger Kvansicka has resigned for health reasons.  Staff will ask the BOCC to appoint a replacement.


Approve the minutes of the previous meeting  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as distributed.


Kaw River Reycling, LLC   Julie Forst and Mike Gruben with Kaw River Recycling presented information on their company and explained that they are interested in coming into the community to provide an outlet for steel and other metals.  There are a variety of ways that they could establish and outlet, e.g. providing a roll-off container at a site, providing for a collection day on a periodic basis, establishing a permanent site privately, etc.  At this point, though, they are not sure about the market in the area and do not want to invest in a private site until they know more about how much and what kind of material they would collect.  They asked about the possibility of the County providing a site on a temporary basis so that they could test the market.  They asked what ideas we had and what sort of materials would we want to see collected. 


Monty Wedel explained that Howie’s is still accepting some steel, although they are not advertising that fact.  Of course, they still accept aluminum, copper, brass and other valuable metals.  There is also a used appliance store in town that accepts white goods that do not contain freon.  Rod Meredith explained the metals that are accepted at the Transfer Station and the contract the County has for recycling of those materials.


Discussion followed and numerous ideas were explored.  It was eventually determined that it would be difficult for the County to enter into an agreement of the type sought by Kaw River Recycling without going through a public solicitation process first.  Therefore, Dan Harden moved that the SWMC suggest to the Board of County Commissioners that they accept proposals for metals recycling at the Transfer Station in September with a contract to begin January 1, 2004.  Judy Willingham seconded.  Motion carried unanimously. 


Update on Solid Waste budget   Dan Harden presented the current state of the budget.  He explained that due to a variety of factors, the fund continues operating with a negative balance each month.   The new fee will be $34/ton starting June 1 which will help.  He projected this will add $17,000 per year to the revenues.  He estimated that the remainder in the tipping fee that helps fund recycling, composting and HHW, but also funds the operations,  will increase from $4.15 per ton to $4.51 per ton.  It was suggested that perhaps the BOCC should reconsider the amount of the tipping fee that is dedicated to bond and interest to payoff the transfer station note.  This would help with the cash flow situation.  Dan said he would present that idea to the BOCC for consideration.


The idea of selling the compost was also discussed.  The BOCC has already decided to take bids for the material.  We will wait and see what happens with that process before making and recommendations.


Update on Bayer Construction CD Landfill  Kelly Briggs of Bayer Construction reported that the permit for the landfill has been approved and is waiting to be signed by the final official at KDHE.  They are projecting this to happen at anytime and then they can officially open for business.


Worksession on 5-year update of Solid Waste Management Plan  Monty Wedel led the group through several additional sections of the KDHE worksheet for the update.  Several more sections will be completed at the next meeting.  The update must be completed by the end of the year.


Next meeting   Next meeting was  scheduled for Thursday, June 12, 2003 at 7:00 in the Second Floor Room of the Riley County Office Building. 


Meeting adjourned