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Wednesday, October 22, 1998                                                                          Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                                                              2nd Floor Conference Room


Members Present:  William Clark, William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Dan Harden, Roger Kvasnicka, Alan Ladd, Jean Walters, Monty Wedel, Howard Wilson, Van Withee, John Woods, Fran Zerby


Others Present:  Karen McCulloh, Janet Parrish


Members Absent:  Burke BayerDavid Bollman, Betty Book, Dianne Brummet, Phylis Epps, Jerry Ericson, David Horn, Ernest Jordan, Edmund Kriebs, Bob Newsome, Dennis Peterson, Lakshmi Reddi, Damian Schmidt, Diane Stoddard, Karen Visser, Judy Willingham





Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by Chairman Steve Galitzer.  An attendance sheet was passed around.


Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – Monty Wedel moved that the September 23, 1998, minutes be approved as distributed.  Roger Kvasnicka seconded.  Motion Carried.


Plastics Subsidy –  Howie’s 1999 proposed Contract for Recycling Services was passed around to each committee member.  A brief discussion followed.  Compensation for 1999 will be proposed as follows:


a)       County shall pay Contractor the difference between the Net Price Received (NPR) (market price less transportation costs) and $.20 per pound for the disposal of the first 80,000 pounds of Plastics sold.  In no event shall the subsidy exceed $.20 per pound.  When the Contractor sells over 80,000 pounds, the subsidy shall be as follows: Next 30,000 lbs. – (.18/lb –NPR); Next 30,000 lbs. – ($.16/lb – NPR); Next 30,000 lbs. – ($.14/lb –NPR); All remaining volumes – ($.13/lb – NPR).  County will make payment after receipt of verified freight tickets and disposal receipts.


b)       Contractor shall keep records showing the weight of Plastics shipped and the income received from the sale thereof.  Contractor shall also keep a record of the receipt of all out-of-county Plastics, including the place of origin.  County shall have a right to examine these records at reasonable times to verify compliance with this Agreement.


c)       Total compensation paid to Contractor for disposal of plastics shall not exceed $15,000.00 during calendar year 1999 without written authority of County.


Monty Wedel moved that the 1999 proposed Contract for Recycling Services be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for their approval.  Motion seconded and carried unanimously.


Steve Galitzer would like the committee members informed of the Board of County Commissioners’ approval date for the proposed contract.






October 22, 1998

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America Recycles Day – Janet Parrish told the committee that the events for America Recycles day will be held on November 14, 1998.  Displays will be set-up in Triangle Park adjacent to Aggieville.  There will be a hands-on bird feeder project for children and a table featuring information on recycling.


Stacey Meredith, KSU Student Body Representative, is organizing a statewide Aluminum Can Recycling Challenge for state schools.  Kansas State will have student volunteers collecting cans in the parking lots before and after the Nebraska football game.  All KSU proceeds from this challenge will go to charity.


KDHE Grant – John Woods told the committee that he and several others are in the process of compiling information for the KDHE Implementation Grant Round #7.  The grant request will consist of one screened-in mesh type trailer for cardboard collection, one compartmentalized trailer, recycling clusters & an educational program.  The grant will be approximately $28,000.00.  The deadline for the grant application is October 30, 1998. 


William Eberle moved that this committee recommend to the Board of County Commissioners that Riley County together with the City of Manhattan and Kansas State University apply for KDHE Implementation Grant Round #7, to include one screened-in mesh trailer, one compartmentalized trailer, recycling clusters and educational program.  Harden seconded.  Motion carried.


Other Business – There was a brief discussion on the recycling of paper & styrofoam on the Kansas State University Campus.  The SWMC members asked that Steve Galitzer address the concerns of this committee at the November 5th meeting of the KSU Recycling Advisory Committee.  The committee feels that the KSU Student Union's lack of recycling paper products and use of styrofoam products is not in compliance with the goals and objectives set forth in the Waste Reduction section of the Solid Waste Management Plan.  The Waste Reduction Section states as follows:




To reduce the volume of solid waste generated in Riley County by 30% before the year 2005.




                        To decrease the purchases of non-durable and disposable items.


                        To increase the reuse of items as many times as possible before discarding.


                        To increase purchases of quality items which last longer.


To increase purchases of items in bulk or items which do not have unneccessary packaging.


To encourage recycling.


Set date and time of next meeting/Adjourn – The next meeting of the SWMC will be January 28, 1999, at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting was adjourned.