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Tuesday, 26 August 1997                                Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                   Second Floor Meeting Room



Members Present:     Burke Bayer, William Clark, William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Dan Harden, Roger Kvasnicka, Gary Naughton, Bob Newsome, Monty Wedel, Van Withee, Fran Zerby


Members Absent:      David Bollman, Betty Book, Dianne Brummet, Phyllis Epps, Jerry Ericson, David Horn, John Hunt, Ernest Jordan, Edmund Kriebs, Roger Kvasnicka, Alan Ladd, Bruce McCallum, John Ott, Dennis Peterson, Bob Rogers, Damian Schmidt, Karen Visser, Judy Willingham, Howard Wilson


Others Present:   Richard Nelson


Staff Present:  Julie Winter


The meeting was called to order by Steve Galitzer, Chair.




1.         Roll call (Attendance sign-up sheet)


            The attendance sign-up sheet was passed around the table.



2.         Minutes of  Previous Meeting.


            A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of  June 17, 1997 as

            distributed.  Motion carried unanimously. 


3.                  Update on Solid Waste Grants (Richard Nelson & Monty Wedel)


Wood Waste Study – Richard Nelson


·        $17,875.00 received from KDHE on August 16, 1997

·        Study to begin the week of September 8, 1997 and will end in 1 year

·        Hire Gary Naughton as consultant (Gary will resign from Committee due to conflict of interest)

·        LEC will not be included in study due to limited space, however the new Weed Department, County Shops & HHW (KSU) are all possibilities

·        Study should identify specific industries naming each entity that can utilize woodwaste for energy.

SWMC – Minutes

August 26, 1997

Page 2



Waste Characterization Study – Richard Nelson & William Eberle


·         Start sorting around the middle of October, 1997

·         Study should identify what is in the waste stream

·         Looking for volunteers to sort through waste at Transfer Station site


Education Grants – Monty Wedel


·        Probably will not receive third grant this year.



4.                  Update on battery site in Fairmont (Monty Wedel)


Wedel reported that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has determined that there are three problem areas.  Riley County is waiting for KDHE Agreement approval in order to begin the clean-up process.  Cost of clean-up has not yet been determined.


5.         Update on Recycling Directory publication and distribution (Monty Wedel)


Committee has asked Monty and his department to update the recycling directories as needed and to proceed with the printing and distributing as soon as possible.  A suggestion was made to change the year status to 1997-98 due to the late distribution.


6.         Update on changes needed to Solid Waste Management Plan (Monty Wedel & Steve Galitzer)

            a.  Solid Waste Management Plan - Rules & Regulations item #2

·        Riley County information –  completed

·        Manhattan City information - not completed

b.      Solid Waste Management Plan – HHW Permit

·        Change small quantity of generator waste

·        Increase amount of material allowed in storage


7.                  New Business – Monty Wedel


The City of Manhattan officials are investigating recycling opportunities. 


8.                  Set date and time for next meeting/Adjourn


The next meeting of the Solid Waste Management Committee will be Tuesday, September 23, 1997 at 7:00 in the Board of County Commissioner’s Meeting Room located on the First floor of the Riley County Office Building, 110 Courthouse Plaza.

            The meeting was adjourned.