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Tuesday, 28 May 1996                                 Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                   Second Floor Meeting Room



Members Present:     David Bollman, Betty Book, William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Dan Harden, Roger Kvasnicka, Alan Ladd, Karen McCulloh, Gary Naughton, John Ott, Bob Rogers, Monty Wedel, Judy Willingham, Howard Wilson, Fran Zerby


Others Present:          William Clark, Jason Von Schmidt, Beau Burris, Kathy Ellis


Members Absent:      Burke Bayer, Mike Brodersen, Dianne Brummet, Phyllis Epps, Jerry Ericson, David Horn, John Hunt, Ernest Jordan, Edmund Kriebs, Bruce McCallum, Dennis Peterson, Damian Schmidt, Karen Visser


Staff Present:             Julie Winter



The meeting was called to order by Steve Galitzer, Chair and introductions were made.





1.         Roll call (Attendance sign-up sheet)


            The attendance sign-up sheet was passed around the table.



2.         Introduce and welcome new members 


            Steve Galizter introduced and welcomed the new SWMC members.  They are as



                                    Burke Bayer (Private Industry) replaces Menissa Mesic

                                    William Eberle (Private Industry) replaces David Bipes

                                    David Horn (Member at large) replaces Larry Ness


3.         Minutes of  Previous Meeting.


            A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of  April 23, 1996 as

            distributed.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Minutes - S.W.M.C.

May 28, 1996

Page 2





4.         Discussion of Waste Reduction with KSU Extension Pollution Prevention

            Institute (Sheri Davis)


            Jean Waters attended the meeting in place of  Sheri Davis.  Ms. Waters gave     the committee some ideas on Waste Reduction.  She feels that we need to educate   the consumers on ways to reduce recycables in the waste stream.  One way of         doing this would be to start at the beginning, by changing the consumers buying habits.  Incentive programs are also very effective.  The important thing to    remember in recycling is that you have to keep reminding and encouraging people             to continue in their efforts.   Ms. Waters also suggested that the committee find easier and more convenient ways for the community to dispose of  Household            Hazardous Waste.  Galitzer told the committee that his department was looking             into a possible HHW drop-off on campus. 


            Ms. Waters suggested that the committee conduct a waste stream audit in order to        find out exactly what wastes are running through Riley County’s waste steam and      then set goals on how to reduce it.   Steve Galitzer asked William Clark if he        would work with Ms. Waters on devising some type of program and to let the   committee know at the next meeting what costs are involved.  Mr. Clark agreed to   help.


  5.       General discussion of Solid Waste Management Plan


            Monty Wedel gave a brief overview of the Recycling Conference he attended in            Hutchinson.  While at the conference Wedel talked to several county and state     officials about the Solid Waste Management Plan.  He was told that there are a lot   of changes at the State level and that there probably will not be a whole lot of    guidance.  There was a suggestion made that maybe a rough draft should be sent           on to the State for their review and recommendations.  Victoria Silva, KDHE will         be reviewing our plan and would be willing to visit with the Committee and         provide answers to any questions.


            Wedel told the Committee in order for Riley County to qualify for grant money,             there will need to be something written in the plan.  For example Riley County           would most likely qualify for a grant to help fund a percent of the audit as long as    it is documented within the plan.      



Minutes - S.W.M.C.

May 28, 1996

Page 3



6.         Subcommittee Reports


            RECYCLING:  John Ott


            Mr. Ott suggested that someone scan over the SWM Plan and make date         corrections.  Also he suggested that the Recycling Chapter feature recycling             products and area events (e.g. Earth Day).   


            Steve Galitzer asked that the Committee propose a plan at its next meeting to    have the Board of County Commissioners sign a resolution requiring all county       offices to recycle their waste.




            The education subcommittee will go through the SWM Plan and move all           educational information to its own chapter. 


            The committee would like for Fran and the Education Committee to come up with         a slogan for educational posters and advertising.  These could be displayed at the           Farmer’s Market and the Riley County Fair.  A suggestion was also made that       maybe this slogan could be printed on T-Shirts for Advertising.


            As a way to help educate people on the alternative disposal options available,    Betty Book, Refuse Control offered to include this information in their customer        letters.   McCulloh suggested that the Education Subcommittee get something         out to each of the moving companies.


7.         Other business


            Beau Burris, RecycCo, Chapman, Kansas, gave a brief  profile of his curbside   pick-up business.  RecycCo currently has less then 100 customers in the Manhattan area.  Mr. Burris stated RecycCo is able to verify where all recycables end-up and guarantees that nothing ends up in a landfill or Transfer Station.   Brochures were           handed out to each committee member.  Following his discussion a brief      question-answer session took place.     


            At the next meeting there will be a brief meeting on agenda items, then the          SWMC will breakup into subcommittees to continue work on the plan.



Minutes - S.W.M.C.

May 28, 1996

Page 4




8.         Set date and time for next meeting/adjourn


            The next S.W.M.C. Meeting will be June 25, 1996 at 7:00 P.M., Riley County             Office Building, Second Floor Meeting Room.


            Meeting adjourned.