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Tuesday, 20 February 1996                                               Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                            Second Floor Meeting Room   



Members Present:     Ernest Jordan, Betty Book, Jerry Ericson, Roger Kvasnicka, Dan Harden, Jan Garton, Minessa Mesic, Dennis Peterson, Bob Rogers, Sr., Judy Willingham,

Fran Zerby, Chris Hansen, Larry Ness, John Ott, David Bollman, Monty Wedel, Mike Brodersen, Karen McCulloh.


Others Present:          Abou Durar


Members Absent:      Deanna Brummet, John Hunt, Alan Ladd, Howard Wilson, Ed Kriebs, Damian Schmidt, Phyllis Epps, Bruce McCallum, Steve Galitzer


Staff Present:             Ann Feyerharm, Julie Winter



The meeting was called to order by Jan Garton, Chair and introductions were made.





1.         Minutes of previous meeting.


            A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of 10 January 1996 as distributed.  Motion carried unanimously.  Jan Garton, Chair, requested that the       minutes be sent out to the committee members a little sooner.


2.         Riley County Solid Waste Cost Data


            Dan Harden handed out the Riley County Solid Waste financial report to each   member showing income and expenses over the past 25 months and gave a brief        overview of the financial status of the Solid Waste Fund.  Harden told the             committee that detailed breakdowns of  all categories (e.g., Household Hazardous         Waste, Composting, Recycling, Planning & Promotion, etc.) are available to them      upon request. 


            Harden advised the committee that they could allow for approximately $80,000 of         the Solid Waste Fund resources.



20 February 1996





3.         Review and approve Chapters 1-3 as revised.





            Wedel noted the only change requested by the Foerster Review was to change             Authorization/Legislation - Kansas Solid Waste Management act of  1970, K.S.A.            65-3406 to K.S.A. 65-3405.   A motion was made and seconded to adopt Chapter       1 as revised.  Motion carried unanimously. 




            The Foerster Review is in question of the regional study performed in 1989 by   Franklin Associates, the review states that Franklin has used national figures       instead of regional ones.  Wedel disagrees and says the report percentages are       indicative to regional figures and feels the committee has an argument.   


            Garton commented that she would like to see added to the Waste Generation    section previous percentages along with the updated ones.  This would allow the     community to indicate which way the trend is moving.   Wedel suggested that a    table or graph be inserted to help show the trend.


            In the Waste Generation section a change was made in the waste generation rate           per capita from 4.38 pounds per person per day to 4.6 pounds per person per day.


            A suggestion was made for Wedel to update the estimated population of Riley   County in order to arrive at this figure he asked Larry Ness to get him the current           population of Ft. Riley.  Ness in turn requested Ft. Riley’s average “tonnage-in”     per day, which is currently 29.4 tons per day.  


            In the WASTE DISPOSAL METHODS section, paragraph 2, the first sentence           should be changed to read, “Waste placed in sanitary landfills is....”, also the            grammar on page 1, paragraph 2, “the last three years,“ should be changed to read            “For the last three years”.   The word “Occasionally” should be deleted from the            fourth paragraph of the WASTE DISPOSAL METHODS.


            Minesa Mesic suggested that the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center          section  include the blurb, “Refer to Chapter 9”  for additional information on        Household Hazardous Waste.


20 February 1996




            The Leonardville yard waste permitted site needs to be added to the plan.  The site is located southeast of  Leonardville and allows for the disposal of  trees,          shrubs, brush and leaves, no grass clippings.    The permit allows burning for        disposal.


            Mesic indicated that the sentence in paragraph 2 of CURRENT SOLID WASTE          PLANNING STATUS that reads, “This includes numerous meetings....” be             changed to “This included numerous meetings....”


            Garton suggested that Chapter 2 be tabled until all revisions are made.





            No revisions were made to this chapter.  A motion was made and seconded to accept Chapter 3 as non-revised.  Motion carried unanimously.



4.         Discuss revisions of Chapter 4 - Waste Reduction        


            McCulloh suggested that another survey be done, a repeat of the 1989 survey  which was performed by Franklin Associates.  Mesic inquired as to the possibility             of using the first survey as the baseline.  Garton felt this could be done by using the          same procedures.  Wedel suggested that maybe K-State would be interested in             performing the survey.  Wedel also thought that a grant could be acquired to help    with expenses.  Betty Book told the committee that the results wanted could            probably be obtained from one truck of trash.


            After a lengthy discussion a decision was made to move Education to a chapter of         its own in the plan.       


            Wedded asked that each member of the committee submit to him one Waste     Reduction idea by March 1, 1996.  This would either be in the form of a policy        that the committee would adopt or an action statement.  And also included in this       assignment, each member should write down any modifications that are needed in          this chapter.     


            The next meeting will include revisions to Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 with a          discussion on Chapter 5 - Recycling.



20 February 1996




5.         Discuss revisions of Table of Contents


            The committee decided to add the following chapters to the plan:


                        Chapter 4 - Education

                        Chapter 9 - Household Hazardous Waste


            Also an Appendix should be added.



6.         Update on tire recycling program


            Ann Feyerharm told the committee that the Fish and Game Waste Tire Recycling           program was no longer an option.  They have discontinued their program until the   need arises again. 


            A Waste Tire Disposal Plan was handed out to each committee member and a brief .     overview of the plan was given.  Garton suggested that staff  check into how        Leonardville and some of the other cities in the county are dealing with the waste   tire problem and if there is a need for help from the county.   Ernie Jordan offered          to talk to some of the stations up north to see what their feelings are. 


            Wedel told the committee about Shilling Asphalt exploring the idea of rubberized           asphalt, a process of powdered rubber integrated into a mix with fly ash.  Wedel        suggested that maybe some Riley County roads might be candidates for this study            along with students from  K-State to perform the study.  This project could        possibly funded with grant money.   Wedel told the committee he would have      additional information for the next meeting.  



7.         Set date and time for next meeting/Adjourn      


            Wedel requested that the meetings be changed to the 4th Tuesday of each month.          The next meeting, however, will be the third Tuesday  19 March 1996, 7:00 P.M.    due to scheduling conflicts.  The next meeting after that will be the 4th Tuesday 23             April 1996. 7:00 P.M.   






20 February 1996






            Dennis Peterson, Weed Director, asked the committee to assist him with the      relocation of the Household Hazardous Waste operation.   Garton felt the    committee should formally address the commission to appoint the S.W.M.C.             Committee or form another committee to oversee this request.  Garton will submit          a letter to the Board of County Commissioners requesting this appointment. 




The meeting was adjourned.