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Tuesday, 19 March 1996                              Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                   Second Floor Meeting Room



Members Present:     Ernie Jordan, Howard Wilson, Jerry Ericson, John Hunt, Dennis Peterson, Edward Kriebs, Steve Galitzer, Roger Kvasnicka, Monty Wedel, Judy Willingham, Alan Ladd, Karen McCulloh, Fran Zerby, Phyllis Epps


Others Present:          William Clark, Bill Eberle, Abdu Durar


Members Absent:      Jan Garton, Deanna Brummet, Damian Schmidt, Bruce McCallum, Dan Harden, Betty Book, Minessa Mesic, Bob Rogers, Sr., Chris Hansen, Larry Ness, David Bollman, Mike Brodersen


Staff Present:             Julie Winter



The meeting was called to order by Steve Galitzer, Vice-Chair and introductions were made.





1.         Roll call (Attendance sign-up sheet)


            The attendance sign-up sheet was passed around the table.


2.         Minutes of  Previous Meeting.


            A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of  March 19, 1996 as

            distributed.  Motion carried unanimously.  It was noted to correct the spelling of                         Abdu’s name from Abou to Abdu. 



3.         Review and approve Chapter 2 as revised.


            A motion was made and seconded to approve Chapter 2 as revised with the only                      addition being the Historic Waste Generation Rate Table and Graph.  Motion

            carried unanimously.



19 March 1996

Page 2


4.         Added item to agenda - Update on Tire Grant


            Alan Ladd, Riley Co. Extension presented the committee with some Educational

            ideas for public awareness concerning waste tires.  Some of Mr. Ladd’s ideas   entail; distribution of  brochures/flyers through Welcome Wagon and various public events like the Expo, Riley Co. Fair, etc.., Public Service Announcements            on cable TV and radio stations,  Educational Videos that could be checked out from the Riley Co. Extension office for the purpose of educating children and          various groups on waste tires.


            A motion was made and seconded to spend $1,000.00 from the Waste Tire Grant        Funds to produce educational flyers for the Expo and other events.  Motion passed



            Karen McCulloh told the committee that she would check with the Riley County

            Treasurer on the possibility of her office distributing these flyers to          people when    they purchase their tags.  Everyone thought this was a good idea because all         vehicles registered have tires.


            Mr. Ladd passed around a sign-up sheet asking for volunteers to help with the   Recycling Booth during Expo 96’ on April 13 and 14th.


 5.        Continue discussion of revision of Chapter 4 - Waste Reduction


            Monty Wedel reported that his office received only one Waste Reduction idea.              Monty was asked to come up with a policy statement and to make revisions to this             chapter.    


            A suggestion was made to bring in an intern from Kansas State to work with the            Riley County Staff on waste reduction ideas.  Steve Galitizer told the committee        he would ask if someone from Gene Myer’s group would be willing to attend a        meeting and  address the committee on waste reduction ideas.


            Karen McCulloh suggested that the county have a “Clean Your Files Day”.   This          idea will need approval by the Board of County Commissioners.  No action was    taken.


            Karen asked why other Counties were allowing the distribution of  compost and            Riley County was not.  Steve Galiziter told Mrs. McCulloh that he would need to          see the results of the last chemical analysis completed on the compost pile and then              would give her an answer.


19 March 1996

Page 3



            Chapter 4 was tabled until further revisions are made.



6.         Begin discussion of  revision of Chapter 5 - Recycling


            A brief discussion of recycling followed.  Vice-Chair Galitzer suggested that one            whole meeting be set aside for Chapter 5 - Recycling.        


7.         Discuss Household Hazardous Waste program - Dennis Peterson


            Steve Galizter and Monty Wedel started discussion with a brief overview of the                         Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board meeting held the week before.   Steve       Galizter expressed his concerns that  people are not well educated in the HHW   area, and therefore as a result many misconceptions on HHW are developing.     

            These misconceptions could lead to zoning problems for HHW.  Galitzer stressed          that it may be time to re-educate the public on HHW.


            Dennis told the committee that  plans are being made to move the HHW facility to                     the new Weed Building site located 5 miles Northwest of  Manhattan, with plans           for a smaller drop-off facility closer.  The only problem with this scenario is      that personnel and funds are limited and both sites would require a full-time        position.  A suggestion was made to place the smaller site at Howie’s and possibly   train Howard Wilson or one of his employees to handle the HHW.   An arrangement with Kansas State University is also a possibility.


8.         Set date and time for next meeting/adjourn.


            The next S.W.M.C. Meeting will be April 23, 1996 at 7:00 P.M., Riley County             Office Building, Second Floor Meeting Room.


            Meeting adjourned.