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                                                               RILEY COUNTY

                                  SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE



Thursday, August 19, 1999                                                            Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                                2nd Floor Conference Room


Members Present:   Burke Bayer, David Bollman, Betty Book, William Clark, William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Dan Harden, Roger Kvasnicka, Bob Newsome, Jean Waters, Monty Wedel, Judy Willingham, Van Withee, Fran Zerby.


Members Absent:    Phyllis Epps, Jerry Ericson, David Horn, Ernest Jordan, Joe Kitterman, Edmund Kriebs, Alan Ladd, Dennis Peterson, Diane Stoddard, Howard Wilson, John Woods.


Others Present:        Craig Miller, Howie’s Recycling, Barb Sanner, Sanner Sanitation, Karen McCulloh, City Commission Appointee, Julie Winter, Staff




1.                  Roll Call - Chairman Steve Galitzer called the meeting to order at 7:00.  An attendance sheet was distributed.


2.                  Approve the minutes of the previous meeting – The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as distributed.


3.                  Discuss survey results and update subcommittees – Julie Winter, Staff, presented the Meeting/Date survey results to the committee.    The committee unanimously agreed to meet the 2nd Thursday of each month.  


Winter reported to the committee that 4 members resigned from the committee as a result of the survey.  This created 4 (four) vacancies that need to be filled as required by K.S.A. 65-3405.  The vacancies include 2 (two) Manhattan City representatives, 1 (one) Riley City representative and 1 (one) unincorporated Riley County representative.  Roger Kvasnicka, representative for Private Recycling or Scrap Material Processing Industry volunteered to move to the unincorporated Riley County position.  The SWMC agreed unanimously.  Bob Newsome offered to find someone to fill the Riley City vacancy.  Jean Waters will notify Diane Stoddard of a possible candidate for one of the Manhattan City positions.  Julie Winter will notify Diane Stoddard of the one Manhattan City vacancy left to fill.  Newsome asked Julie Winter to submit to the BOCC at their next meeting Barb Sanner’s nomination to the SWMC.  Mrs. Sanner, Sanner Sanitation will represent Private Solid Waste Management Industry (not required by K.S.A. 65-3405).







August 19, 1999

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The SWMC subcommittees were revised and chairs were selected for each subcommittee.


1999 Solid Waste Management Subcommittees







EDUCATION                                               HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE

Alan Ladd, Chair                                         Steve Galitzer, Chair           

Bill Eberle                                                     David Horn

Bob Newsome                                                          Bob Newsome

Diane Stoddard                                            Dennis Peterson      

Jean Waters                                                   Jean Waters

Van Withee

Fran Zerby


RECYCLING                                               SPECIAL WASTE

Van Withee, Chair                                       Betty Book, Chair

Burke Bayer                                                  Steve Galitzer

David Bollman                                             David Horn

Steve Galitzer                                                           Barb Sanner

Dan Harden                                                  Monty Wedel

Roger Kvasnicka

Diane Stoddard                                           

Monty Wedel

Howard Wilson

John Woods


WASTE REDUCTION                               YARD WASTE

Jean Waters, Chair                                       Bill Eberle, Chair

Burke Bayer                                                  William Clark

William Clark                                                           Dan Harden

Steve Galitzer                                                           Monty Wedel

Monty Wedel                                                            Judy Willingham



4.                  Schedule subcommittee meetings for the purpose of updating Solid Waste Management Plan -  Wedel told the chairs of each subcommittee to arrange worksessions with their individual committees for the purpose of updating the SWMC plan.  Each chair was told to notify staff if they needed assistance in making arrangements for these worksessions.  Subcommittees are to have their plans revised and ready for the next meeting.


August 19, 1999

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5.                  Update on Recycling Directory – Julie Winter informed the SWMC that it is time to prepare the 2000 Recycling Directory for publication.  The SWMC decided they would like a new cover for the 2000 directory and asked the Education subcommittee to come up with some ideas.



6.                  Update on Waste Characterization Study – William Eberle summarized the final Waste Characterization study and distributed fact sheets to each member.   The study indicates that 34% of the waste going through the transfer station can be recycled.  One fourth of this waste is construction demolition (C&D).  A brief discussion followed.


Judy Willingham reported on the Recycling Survey being conducted as part of the Waste Characterization Study.  There were a total of 2,000 surveys randomly mailed out to various areas of Riley County with approximately 400 responses received to date.  Willingham will start tabulating the survey results at the end of the week.


7.         Other Business – Steve Galitzer and Jean Waters requested that staff provide the committee with the following information: total transfer station volume in; changes in volume; current status of transfer station bond and interest debt; total bond revenue paid to date.   Galitzer would also like staff to project what would happen if Riley County were to lose the Fort Riley contract.   


The Solid Waste Management Committee decided to continue giving compost away at the Riley County Solid Waste Facility.  It was determined that more advertising is needed in order to continue the public distribution process.  The Education committee will need to address this issue.


The committee would like staff to check into the possibilities of obtaining a grant for the purpose of purchasing a screen for the compost pile.  This will help produce a better product for the public.



8.         New Business – Kansas Department of Health and Environment is conducting a pesticide roundup for oxidants during the month of October.  Galitzer would like Riley County to help advertise.   Julie Winter will contact Dennis Peterson to obtain informational brochures for distribution at the Transfer Station Scalehouse.



9.                  Set date for next meeting/Adjourn – The next meeting will be September 9, 1999.

The meeting was adjourned.