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                                                               RILEY COUNTY

                                     SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE



Thursday, June 30, 2005                                                  Riley County Office Building

7:00 P.M.                                                                               2nd Floor Conference Room


Members Present: David Bollman, Kelly Briggs, William Clark, Steve DeHart, Leon Hobson, Karen McCulloh, Dennis Peterson, Monty Wedel, and John Woods.


Others Present:  Gary Rosewicz and Julie Winter, Staff


Members Absent:   William Eberle, Steve Galitzer, Bernie Lickteig, , Richard Miller, Taylor Miller, Bob Newsome, Deb Porter, Jeff Walters, Paul Werle, Judy Willingham,  Howard Wilson, Fran Zerby.



Karen McCulloh, SWMC Member acting on behalf of Chairman Steve Galitzer called the meeting to order.  


, Introductions  ­ The sign-in sheet was completed.    


Approve the minutes of the previous meeting  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented with the following changes; correct the cost of brush from $22.00 to $2.20 per ton.


Solid Waste Fund – Finance Report   Julie Winter and Leon Hobson presented the 2005 Financial Summary sheet to members.   Hobson discussed a few long range plans for the Solid Waste Facility.  Hobson told the committee that the BOCC would like to maintain a $200,000 reserve in the Solid Waste Fund.  A small discussion followed. 


Discuss Rate Changes at the Transfer Station  Leon presented the proposed rate changes at the Riley County Transfer Station.  The proposed rate changes are:


Proposed                                                                             Current

MSW $36.00 per ton                                                            $34.50 per ton

MSW Minimum Charge $9.00                                             $  8.75


Discussion followed over concern of $1.50 per ton increase for MSW. 


Hobson informed the committee that rates most likely will not be raised again next year.


N.R. Hamm increased their disposal rate from $26.02 to $26.56 per ton as per current agreement dated June 8, 2000. 



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Solid Waste Management Committee

June 30, 2005




Dennis Peterson moved to recommend that the user fees at the Riley County Transfer Station be raised as proposed.  Kelly Briggs Seconded.  Motion passed 



Recycling Directory Distribution   Julie Winter informed the committee that the 2005 – 2006 Flint Hills Recycling Directories were printed and distributed.  



E-Waste – Electronic Waste Recycling  Peterson told the committee that he along with Steve Galizter, recently attended a KDHE Workshop on E-Waste in Kansas.   Governor Sebelius has asked KDHE to have an E-Waste Recycling Plan on her desk September 1, 2005.   Peterson stated that Bill Bider, KDHE is interested in Riley County being a pilot county for the E-Waste Recycling Program.   KDHE is proposing that a $5.00 e-waste surcharge fee be collected from the consumer at the time of electronic purchases to help defer the cost of disposing of electronic waste.  Peterson told the committee that KDHE is also proposing to add an additional .25 to .50 cent tipping fee to administer grants for the purpose of constructing buildings in each of the 105 counties for storing e-waste. 


Peterson has contacted two companies in Topeka interested in taking our e-waste.  Woods stated that KSU is currently taking their e-waste to one of the Topeka companies.  Woods would like to see Riley County and KSU work together on e-waste recycling.


E-Waste consists, of but is not limited to, the following:  computers, keyboards, VCR’s, DVD’s, cell phones, sewing machines, typewriters, televisions and monitors.


The committee recommended that Dennis get more information on the disposal of e-waste and to find a reputable company.  


No action was taken on e-waste.


Commercial Brush  Hobson reported back to the committee that the cost for handling brush at the Solid Waste Facility is approximately $16, 000 to $17,000 for labor & equipment per year which factors out to $2.26 per ton.  Hobson told the committee he would like to implement a $3.00 per ton fee with a minimum charge of $3.00 for all commercial brush accepted at the facility. 


Steve Dehart moved to charge $3.00 per ton with a $3.00 minimum for commercial brush at the Riley County Transfer Station.  Dennis Peterson seconded.  Motion carried 7-1.





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Solid Waste Management Committee

June 30, 2005




SWM – Competitive Plan Implementation Grant Round #14  Monty Wedel reported that KDHE has found  additional revenue to fund another round of the implementation grants.  Wedel told the committee that staff would like to apply for this round of the competitive grant in order to purchase a compost turner, expand the already existing asphalt pad and to drill a well close to the pad in order to add moisture to the compost.  Gary Roswicz expanded on the need.   A small discussion followed.


John Woods moved for staff to work towards the grant and encourages Riley County to move forward on applying for the grant.    Seconded by Steve DeHart.   Motion Carried


Composting Plan

Gary Rosewicz reported that Riley County now has a KDHE approved “Composting Plan”   in place.   Once this plan is implemented and the proper process is in place Rosewicz hopes to see the quality improve in order to eventually sell compost to the public.


Annual Review of SWM Plan Wedel reported that KDHE has changed the annual review due date to our anniversary date of July 29 as opposed to calendar year.    Wedel noted that we have four changes to the current plan, they are as follows:


1)         Eliminate “Clean your Files Week”, City no longer sponsors this program due to lack            of interest.

2)         Change the City of Manhattan representatives from 5 members to 3 members as      allowed by current statues.

3)         Add E-Waste information

4)         Add “Composting Plan”


The SWMC agrees that the four items listed above are changes to the SWM plan since the 5 year update.   Monty will complete the annual review and submit it to the state. 



Meeting was adjourned.