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From the Manhattan Republic
October 6, 1908:

    A.W. Long and C.E. Bowen left Saturday for South Dakota where they will try for a claim in the Rose Bud reservation.

    (Note:  A number of Riley Countians were noted in the newspaper as going to South Dakota in hopes of obtaining a claim.)

From the Manhattan Republic
October 20, 1908

A resume of some of the new public enterprises that have come to Manhattan this year will give some indication of the tremendous growth that the city is having.  Here are some of the things already built or in process of construction:  A street railway, cost $50,000; a rebuilding of the electric light plant, cost $35,000; a renewal of the telephone system cost $15,000; a new dam and power plant at Rocky Ford, cost $50,000 to $100,000, on a guess; Correll Mfg. Co.  planning mill, etc. cost $15,000; extension of water system, curbing, sidewalks, etc., cost $50,000; post office building, cost $50,000; domestic science building, veterinary science building, mechanic arts building and other work at the college, cost $250,000; Y,M.C.A. building, cost $35,000.  To this list add the cost of building from 100 to 150 residences aggregating from $200,000 to $300,000 and it will run the total cost of building and construction work for Manhattan for the year 1908 at well up towards a million dollars. 

    (Note:  The street railway was completed in 1909.  The Manhattan telephone system was originally installed by Harry Wareham in 1894.  The Manhattan electric service originally began on New Year’s eve 1889.  The Manhattan water system was first installed in 1888.  The domestic science building was named Calvin Hall in 1923.  The veterinary science building was later named for Dr. E.E. Leasure.  The mechanic arts building referred to is the east wing of Seaton Hall in 2008 and was built in 1909.  The post office  mentioned is the Area Agency on Ageing at 401 Houston in 2008.  The post office was built in 1910 but they began planning earlier.  The Y.M.C.A. is Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity at 1100 Fremont in 2008 and was dedicated in 1908.) 

From the Manhattan Republic
October 28, 1908:

Work on Street Railway, Rocky Ford Dan and Electric Light Power Houses Going Ahead.
There are three power plants in process of construction for Manhattan, including the enlarging of the electric light plant.
The work on the street railway plant is underway, the building will be about 50 x 70 and will be equipped to make electricity from coal.
At Rocky Ford a great work is progressing.  All the stone fences within a radius of a mile or two have been purchased and the stone being broken for concrete.  The foundation of the dam is solid rock.  The timbers of the old dam are still there bolted to the rock, with the water flowing over them.  The new dam will the shape of the segment of a circle, the center of the dam being up stream.  This shape will tend to carry the weight of the water to the banks.  The power plant will be equipped to manufacture electricity from the water power.  The excavation for the power house, race, wheel pits, etc. is a tremendous task and will take a great deal of time to accomplish.

    (Note:  The street railway building is where Saroff’s was located at 209 Yuma.)