Diary of

Isaac T. Goodnow



Transcribed by staff and volunteers of the Riley County Historical Museum from a typescript of the original diary held in the collection of the Kansas State Historical Society.


Sunday, 2/4/55 

Br Woodbury has been with us since yesterday.  Pleasant time.


Monday, 2/5/55

            Spent the time in packing up preparatory to moving to Kansas.  Wrote to J. Denison, Rev. C.H. Lovejoy, S.E. Smith, M.A. J--, Br. T.C. Wells, Wakefield, R. I. spent the night here.


Tuesday, 2/6/55

            Wrote L.H. Whitney. Francis B. Smith, Phenix, R. I. called to see about Kansas.  Continued packing up.  Eve attended a meeting of the Sons.


Wednesday, 2/7/55

            Wrote J--, & L.H. Whitney, also C. Robinson on Temperance.  Had several calls of the students.  Called at Br. Allyns, &c.  Getting ready to leave in the morning for Vt. & Ms.


Thursday, 2/8/55

            Very stormy— have concluded to remain at home.  Wrote some.


Friday, 2/9/55

            Still stormy—cars delayed 6 ½ hours by snowdrifts.  Set out to go to P—but the cars run by & left me.


Saturday, 2/10/55

            Went to P-- & did some business & proceeded at 11 ¾ for Woonsocket, found Br Cone on the cars.  Went with him to Dr Small’s.  Called on C. Robinson & B.E. Borden.  Dined with Dr. S at Ballou’s H--.  Evening went to Millville to J.C. Scott’s  Called at Isaac Wynns & talked about K—


Sunday, 2/11/55

            Heard sermon by Br Nason, prayer meeting in the evening.  P.M. Saw 3 of my old pupils—a gladsome & yet a melancholy meeting.  Some conversation on Kansas.  Several are going from this place.  B.--h Day!!


Monday, 2/12/55

            Visited the school & called on a number of friends—had some effectual conversation on K--.  Saw Z--.  Went to Worcester & saw E.T. Martin.  Met Mr Tabor an old student carrying on a child to burial.  Went to Southbridge.


Tuesday, 2/13/55

            Stopped the last night at Br Denison’s.  P.M.  Mr Healy called & took me to his home.  Took tea with him.  Eve visited with L. Crowell one of my old pupils.


Wednesday, 2/14/55

            Left in the stage for Palmer Depot.  Saw Mr Morse, an old W. student, also Br Tisdale, an old acquaintance.   An emigrant aboard for Wiscn.  Talked myself tired.

            Called on Brs Raymond, Binney, took tea at the B. House  spent the night at Br O. Marcy’s.  Called on Sisters Moody, Leech &c.  Pleasant time.


Thursday, 2/15/55

            Made calls in Wilbraham & walked most of the way to the Depot & fatigued myself a good deal as I was late.  Met Br D. Sherman in Sprd.  Dined at Aunt Denison’s in Chicopa.  Stirred them up for Kansas!  Stopped in Northampton.


Friday, 2/16/55

            Visited last eve at Rev. Hubbard, & staid over night at Br Marcy’s  Made him an offer to go to K—to save his life.  Went to Greenfield & dined at James Avery’s.  Called on Hugh M. Thompson.  Recd. several letters.  Went to Colerain.  Stopped at Br Shattuck’s who is going to Kansas.


Saturday, 2/17/55

            Went up to Br Denison’s—all well.  P.M. Rode with Truman to T. Shearer to talk on K--. 

            Quite cold.


Sunday, 2/18/55

            Went to church in the P.M.  Sermon on future punishment by Rev. Mr Langstroff. 


Monday, 2/19/55

            Went to Whitingham to see Mother—all well as usual.  Cold weather still.  Spent most off the time visiting.


Tuesday, 2/20/55

            Visited at home today.  Kansas the all engrossing subject! 


Wednesday, 2/21/55

            Lyman carried me to Jacksonville, where I took the stage for Colerain.  Found several letters, & replied to 7.  expect Joseph & family to night.


Thursday, 2/22/55

            Lectured in the M.E. Church on Kansas to a large house.  Had an easy time speaking among my old friends.  Staid over night with Br. Shattuck.


Friday, 2/23/55

            Left at 6 ¼ A.M. with Br S—fro Greenfield.  Called on James Avery, Hugh M. Thompson, & saw George Denison.  Rode in the cars to Worcester, saw Eli Thayer & went to B-- & stopped at Mr P—


Saturday, 2/24/55

            Rode to Boston 3 hours going on the Norfolk road.  Met Eli Thayer, Dr. Robinson, E.B. Whitman, C.H. Branscomb, J.M.S. Williams & made arrangements to start with Dr R—for K. March 6th  Went home to Greenwich.


Sunday, 2/25/55

            Rested at home all day.


Monday, 2/26/55

            Went up to Providence & Pawtucket & saw Brs Done & Deane.


Tuesday, 2/27/55

            Worked at home.


Wednesday, 2/28/55

            Do. Packed up some.


Thursday, 3/1/55

            Finished packing.  Saw Dr Hunting, & went down to Westerly, sat up till 1 ¼ o,clock at night writing a circular, recalling our departure on account of ice in Missouri.


Friday, 3/2/55

            Wrote early & sent out letters & a circular to be printed & sent to 40 persons on Kansas.  Feel quite fatigued & am resting.


Saturday, 3/3/55

            Bade adieu to sister & friends in Westerly & went to E. Greenwich.  Spent the day in closing up my business &c  Made several calls in the evening & stopped at Br Allyn’s.


Sunday, 3/4/55

            Called at my old M. town 2 ½ hours.  Went to church P.M.  Eve called at my room at Mr Bateman’s.


Monday, 3/5/55

            Went to Providence & Boston.  Saw C. Webster, Dr Hunting, Dr. Robinson, Dr Webb &c.  Met Mr. Lincoln & decided to start for Kansas tomorrow.  Rec’d a letter from Wm. E.


Tuesday, 3/6/55

            A.M.  Finished preparations for my departure with Br. Lincoln, Revs. C.H. Lovejoy, Newell Trafton & others.  Left Boston in the Express Train at 2 ½ Oclock, P.M. for Albany.  20 passengers for Kansas.  8 added at Framingham.  30 at Springfield  8 at Albany  2, Buffalo.


Wednesday, 3/7/55

            Arrived in Albany at 2 ½ A.M. Went to the Delaware House.  Breakfasted at 7.  Found my br. J—at  (?)  Hall.  So he went on with me to Syracuse.  Stopped at Buffalo from 8. till 11. P.M.  Rode all night, through Dunkirk, Erie, &c.


Thursday, 3/8/55

            Arrived at Cleveland in the A.M. & proceeded to Trafton, arriving at Toledo about 2. P.M. & proceeded to White (?) at 7 ½ P.M.  Stopped over night with Br. Gill.  Called & made more definite arrangements relative to note, due me at Kalamazoo.  Esq?


Friday, 3/9/55

            At 3 A.M. took the cars again & arrived at Chicago at 8 ¾ A.M. Through the kindness of Mr Darling got my baggage aboard for St. Louis, at 9 ¼ A.M.  Lost off my hat at Pontiac, Illinois.  Arrived at Alton & took the boat at 11 P.M arrived in St. Louis at 3 ½ next morning.


Saturday, 3/10/55

            Left the boat at 4 A.M. & went to bed at 4 ½, arose at 7 ½, took breakfast & made purchases.  At 6 ½ P.M. took passage in the steamboat, Kate Swinney with some 120 Emigrants, 93 U.S. troops & 80 horses & a fine band of music for Ft Leav.  Went 12 miles.


Sunday, 3/11/55

            Lay by most of the day—foggy.  Preaching by Rev. C.H. Lovejoy & N. Trafton.  A pleasant Sabbath.  Went only (?) miles.


Monday, 3/12/55

            We find ourselves at night only 90 miles above the mouth of the River.  Slow progress.  Are laying by the shore for the night.  A strong wind has driven us snugly against the bank, which has caved on to the boat, (?) frightened horses, &c.  One jumped overboard but was recovered.


Tuesday, 3/13/55

            Meeting of the Kansas Co’y. to pass resolutions &c.  On the committee.  Wrote several letters.  Have had a pleasant day & I trust profitable one.


Wednesday, 3/14/55

            Spent the day in writing reading & conversation.  We progress slowly but agreeably.  Our Company contrives all sorts of ways to busy themselves in discussing various doctrines, & subjects.


Thursday, 3/15/55

            Time about as usual; Quite cold.  Snowed in the night.  We have to feel our way among the snags by sounding (?) Music U.S. Band in the evening.


Friday, 3/16/55

            It snowed most of the day.  Have kept quiet, excepting the usual routine of writing.  Evening, had an unexpected call from my old pupil T.B. Smith who is bound for Kansas.  He came aboard while we were (?) from another boat.


Saturday, 3/17/55

            Very cold.  Evening visiting & passing resolutions on our boat, & its accommodations.  Band played &c.


Sunday, 3/18/55

            Landed in Kansas City at 9 A.M.  Went to church in the A.M. P.M. Saw Drs. Beach, & Lykins & conversed with them considerably. 


Monday, 3/19/55

            Gen Pomroy arrived, held quite a conversation with him.  Spent the day in getting ready to go up into the Territory of Kansas.  Wrote to T.H. Webb, & others.  Sat up till about 3. O.clock.  Discharged a pistol by accident but disturbed no one.


Tuesday, 3/20/55

            Several of the party bought Oxen & horses.  7. of us started with a two horse team, leaving 12 to come on with the oxen.  Came 16 ½ miles to Ham’s an Indian, & stopped for the night.  Snowed.  Did not sleep.


Wednesday, 3/21/55

            After breakfast started off in the snow.  Several took dinner at an Indian’s but I ate a lunch.  Arrived at Lawrence at 5. P.M.  Stopped at the Editor’s Mr Brown.  Wrote my wife.  Lawrence looks new & rough, about as I expected.


Thursday, 3/22/55

            Left at 9. A.M. for Topeka, arrived about sun down.  25 miles.  Found an old friend Mr Wilmarth  Slept on a board overhead.  Do not sleep much.  Talked with Mr Holliday.


Friday, 3/23/55

            Crossed at Smith’s landing.  Called at the Catholic Mission.  Staid over night with a Californian who had married a half Breed Pottawatomie.  He has a farm beautifully located & a good wife—fed us well.  Slept on the floor.


Saturday, 3/24/55

            Rode 18 miles, built a fire & dined on home cookery.  Very windy  Arrived at Rev. Charles E. Blood’s at 2. O.clock, & put up over the Sabbath, near the Big Blue, 25 miles from Mr Greemore’s, the Californian.  Walked to a Mound on the Blue commanding one of the most delightful views imaginable.  Saw the sunset.


Sunday, 3/25/55

            Very windy.  Talked over matters with Rev. Mr. B. relative to future duties.  The responsibilities of my position almost press me down.  Had I know one to decide for only myself I could easily bear it.  The country here is magnificent!  Oh the moonlight scenery!


Monday, 3/26/55

            Exceedingly windy & cold.  P.M. Walked down to Poliska a city site chosen by Mr Park  Made arrangements with Mr Childs & Thruston  Joseph Wintermute, N.R. Wright  E.H. Lovejoy to pitch our tent upon the landing section.


Tuesday, 3/27/55

            Mr. Wright, C.H. Lovejoy, J. Wintermute & myself put up our dwelling in the shape of a tent with walls of turf around it.  Wintermute and myself lodged in it.  Very cold but we were comfortable.  Splendid moonlight evening.  Selected several other claims.


Wednesday, 3/28/55

            Worked all the forenoon on the park claim, planted corn and peach stones and built part of a fence around them.  Cut some prairie grass.


Thursday, 3/29/55

            In my absence Martin an interloper, who ordered us off, to which no one paid any attention.


Friday, 3/30/55

            Election day.  Voted for Freedom, with some 15 of our company.  Mr. Houston our representative elected.  J. Wintermute left.  15. Wyandots, Missourians &c armed with guns, revolvers, &c came on & ordered us to move  Compromised the matter to our satisfaction.


Saturday, 3/31/55

            Moved our tent to a new position.


Sunday, 4/1/55

            Preaching by C.H. Lovejoy at Mr Blood’s.  Much fatigued & feet sore with walking.


Monday, 4/2/55

            Purchased a beautiful wood claim with prairies bottom land & a mill seat, of Mr Job Wilbur from Fall River.  He wishes to return.


Tuesday, 4/3/55

            Worked on my claim a little  set out a couple of trees.  L.P. Lincoln left today.  Lent him $28.00  Is to return in 5 weeks  Br Shattuck arrived, Deane, F.B. Smith, S. Perry.


Wednesday, 4/4/55

            Gone most of the day on business.  Meeting to organize a city association, named it Boston.  24 present.


Thursday, 4/5/55

            Feel the need of my wife,-- Shall write inviting her to come on.  J.A. Brown, T.C. Wells, Gorton & Ward arrived.


Friday, 4/6/55

            Have had to spend much time almost every day in encouraging the young men & keep them from going home.  Wells bought a claim of Babcock on Cedar Creek.


Saturday, 4/7/55

            Worked at gardening with Br. Shattuck.


Sunday, 4/8/55

            Br J. Gill arrived.  Wrote a number of letters to send to the states,-- some contrary to my general practices.  S.C. Pomroy, J.T. Gooding, Ellen D.G. Zoe--,  L.G. Parkerson, Wm. (?), Wm. E.G.


Monday, 4/9/55

            Sent letters by N.R. Wright.  J.A. Brown has left with Gorton.  F.B. Smith has gone to K. City for goods & provisions.  Deane & Crane have also left.


Tuesday, 4/10/55

            Planted in garden some.


Wednesday, 4/11/55

            Worked laying a floor.  Evening attended a meeting of the City Trustees.  Got home at 11 ½ P.M.


Thursday, 4/12/55

            Worked on floor with Br Shattuck & in plastering cabin.  Walked to Br Bloods  Very windy & Dusty & warm!


Friday, 4/13/55

            Still warm & dry.  Made shelves tables &c & finished plastering.  Brought up arrearages in journal.  Wrote some.  Hottest day we have had.


Saturday, 4/14/55

            The last night was exceedingly windy & dusty.  Today is also windy.  Walked to Mr Blood’s & back—eyes full of dirt.  Went over my claim to see its boundaries.  Troubled with a cough especially nights; well otherwise.  Called at Mr Houston’s to see about his little girl lost.


Sunday, 4/15/55

            Went to the city to meeting.  Preaching by Rev. C.H. Lovejoy  22 present.  One a (?) for wonder!  Saw a wolf upon the prairie.  Dr A. Hunting arrived in the evening & informed me that Br Wm. is on the road close by.


Monday, 4/16/55

            Rode 14 miles to meet Wm. & brought him along with  right glad to see him.  Poor fellow is pretty well worn down.


Tuesday, 4/17/55

            Went out to look at claims.  Left Wm. & Dr H.—to go on while I returned to my garden work.  Wrote Several letters, & rec’d calls from Bro. Gill & Perry.  A fresh arrival of 5 men & 3 women!  Warm, dry & windy!


Thursday, 4/26/55

            Started for K. City with a 2 horse team to bring up Br Denison.  Took a long Mr & Mrs. Russell, & Mr Martin as passengers.  Drove to Graymore’s 25 miles.  Camped out alone in my wagon.


Friday, 4/27/55

            Drove to Judge Kirkendalls 35 m.  Met large numbers of emigrants 10 wagons of them.


Saturday, 4/28/55

            Went on to Stranger’s Creek 40 miles & camped  Slept finely.  Rained.


Sunday, 4/29/55

            Drove to Baptist Mission & attended Church among the Indians.  Preaching by Rev. Mr Pratt Missionary—had an interpreter 35 persons present  Interesting, “Awake thou


Monday, 4/30/55

            Rode 12 miles to Parkville & dined with G.S. Park.  Leaves next Friday to save his live from Pro-Slavery mob.  Presented me 1 ½ Bu Corn.  A noble man.  Paid me $100 for buying out a claim of Martin.  Telegraphed to Br. D.


Tuesday, 5/1/55

            Arrived in K. City at dark & found Br. D. & family comfortable.  Did some business & started off with Denison & team for the Big Blue.  Hard showers  Br D’s horses acted badly.  Got 2 ½ miles & camped  Wet & chilly.  Gloomy.


Wednesday, 5/2/55

            Drove through Westport to Donelsons 15 miles.  Took in Dr Prentiss as a passenger for Lawrence. 


Thursday, 5/3/55

            Proceeded to Lawrence 31 miles.  Pleasant quite  Saw several old friends & took letters from office.  Very much fatigued.  Slept in my wagon.


Friday, 5/4/55

            Went forward to Topeka, 25 miles.  Saw C.H. Lovejoy before starting, E Jones, & Dea. Farley.  Took along A.D. Searle, Surveyor.


Saturday, 5/5/55

            Found Wilmarth & P. Ingraham, the latter goes on to the Big Blue with me.  Crossed the river at Topeka & met Dr. C. Robinson.  Sold him my rifle (Porter’s)  Drove to the Catholic Mission.  23 miles.


Sunday, 5/6/55

            Drove out far enough to let the horses graze & stopped  Just at night went on to Graymore’s to find better feed.  Camped as usual.  It is against our principles to travel on the Sabbath.  Bread & milk of Father Dherink.


Monday, 5/7/55

            Drove to the Big Blue, & missing the track on the Prairie camped out 1 ½ miles from my cabin.  Beautiful night.


Tuesday, 5/8/55

            Went home to breakfast & found a new house built by my orders during my absence.  All well.  Thank the Lord after a very trying journey of 270 miles.


Wednesday, 5/9/55

            Rested & visited some.  Concluded to have Br Denison keep house & Br T. Shattuck, Wm. E. Goodnow & myself board with him at $3. pr week.  Commencing tomorrow.


Thursday, 5/10/55

            Worked in garden some.  And am now a boarder with Br Denison.


Friday, 5/11/55

            Ploughed some on bottom land with Br Denison’s horses.  Rode up to Ft. Riley with Br D-- & bought Tripp’s claim for Br Denison.  Fortunate—very  $75.00.


Saturday, 5/12/55


            P.M.  Attended a meeting of the Boston Association.  Bought 2 cows & 2 calves with Br Denison.  Pd. $31. a pair.


Sunday, 5/13/55

            Went to Mr. Eubank’s to meeting & listened to a sermon by Br Denison.


Monday, 5/14/55

            Nothing more than usual stirring.  Pleasant.


Tuesday, 5/15/55

            Worked on Br D’s claim & making roads.  Rained & hailed at night.


Wednesday, 5/16/55

            Showers.  Sent Br. Wm. down to preempt a city claim which he did & ret’d at night.


Thursday, 5/17/55

            Planted corn & helped Br D—


Friday, 5/18/55

            Ploughed my peninsula patch of half an acre  Hail storm P.M.


Saturday, 5/19/55

            Built a bridge & path to my spring, A.M.  P.M. went to a meeting of the city Association.  Got home rather late.


Sunday, 5/20/55

            A.M.  Went to Mr Roosa’s to meeting.  But no preaching.  P.M.  Staid at home.  Read wrote & reflected.


Monday, 5/21/55

            Worked planting corn, A.M. & part of the P.M.  Worked for Br. Denison 3 hours.  Went to Dr Hunting’s in the eve as committee on claims.  Pleasant.


Tuesday, 5/22/55

            Worked at planting for Br Denison.  Went to city with Br Wm. who ordered Haskell from his claim Wednesday & Thursday worked for Br D-- & in my garden.


Friday, 5/25/55

            Very showery, thunder & lightening with hail.  Wild Cat rose suddenly & carried off our bridge to the Spring.  Dr. Robinson, Dr Prentiss & Mr Hill arrived—good visit  letters from Ellen & Lucinda


Saturday, 5/26/55

            Went to the city with Dr Robinson & trustees to locate the saw mill to be built by the E. Aid Company.  Came home much fatigued.  Br Wm. is rather feeble with a relax.


Sunday, 5/27/55

            Called at Mr Houston’s early.  Wrote several letters to send out by Dr Robinson.  Saw him & S.B. Prentiss at Mr Eubanks P.M. where we listened to a first rate funeral sermon by Br Denison.


Monday, 5/28/55

            Worked in my garden & in planting corn.  Steamboat Financier arrived with L.P. Lincoln & G.F. Brown & father.  Walked over to Mr Roosa’s in the evening.


Tuesday, 5/29/55

            Finished my peninsula piece of corn,—hoed in my garden.  Visited with Lincoln & wrote to E. Weedon, & F. Rand.  Rainy in the evening.


Wednesday, 5/30/55

            Went to the city A.M. & located George F. Brown & father on city claim in place of J. Gill & D. Ambrose.

            P.M. Chored it & cut brush a little.


Thursday, 5/30/55


Friday, 6/1/55

            Ploughed with Br Denison 5 hours.  Call from Br Good.


Saturday, 6/2/55

            Ploughed 4 hours.  Evening, out till after 12 P.M. on Trustee business.  Met representatives of the Manhattan Com’y.  Cincinnati. 


Sunday, 6/3/55

            Arose late—tired.  Walked over to Mr Roosa’s.  Folks went to meeting.  Wrote some.  Pleasant day.  The first Quarterly Conference on Ft. Riley District was held today at Mr. Dyer’s.


Monday, 6/4/55

            Meeting of our Association.  Passed a resolution giving to the Manhattan Co’y. of Cincinnati ½ of our city site on condition of making certain improvements.  Good.


Saturday, 6/9/55

            Went to the city & voted for city rulers.  An interloper condemned Rec’d. letters from M.A.D, H & Ellen, J.B.B. &c.

            Boston Association ½ day.


Sunday, 6/10/55

            Preaching at my cabin.  Wrote  (?) Paine, Z-e, M.A.D.


Monday, 6/11/55

            Hoed in the garden A.M.  P.M. went to the city to try Mr. Haskell condemned as a claim jumper.  Was condemned.


Tuesday, 6/12/55

            Rainy  ploughed a little.  P.M. went with a body of men & drove off Haskell & tore down his house—Squatter Sovereignty


Wednesday, 6/13/55

            Ploughed with Br Denison.  (?) Cattle.  Lockwood left with letters.


Thursday, 6/14/55



Friday, 6/15/55



Saturday, 6/16/55



Sunday, 6/17/55

            Went to the city, M—to meeting.

            Hot, Thermometer 100. at noon.  Dry!


Monday, 6/18/55

            Rained early with strong gusts of wind.  Went down in the wet & helped Wm. get up his timber from the river.  Hoed a little.  Killed our calf.  Rained hard towards night & during the night.


Tuesday, 6/19/55

            Rode early to the city & carried our veal.  Made an arrangement with Mr Peacock to take the claim at the Big Blue landing.  Planted corn for Br. Denison, 1 ½ hours. A.M. 4 h. P.M.  Warm.  Set out some turnips.


Wednesday, 6/20/55

            Hoed a little & planted for Br Denison.


Thursday, 6/21/55

            Planted half a day for Br. Denison.  P.M. ploughed out my corn & Br Shattuck helped me three hours.  Rained in the night. 


Friday, 6/22/55

            Planted for Br Denison 3 ½ hours & ground my axe at Br Roosa’s.  Rainy.  Worked in the garden a little & in the house some.


Saturday, 6/23/55

            Set out some bean poles, & 62 Turnips (rutabagas)  P.M. Shouldered my gun & went to the to drive off Haskell from Wm.’s claim.  He fled as fast as his legs would carry him.  Conversed with Mr Conway.


Sunday, 6/24/55

            Went to city to meeting with Eleanor.  Had letters form E & Br A. & M—y, Mrs. B.—


Monday, 6/25/55

            Ploughed out corn for Br Shattuck & my peninsula.  Trustees of Boston Association met at my house at 8. A.M.   P.M. Hoed my peninsula with Br. Shattuck, --5 hours.


Tuesday, 6/26/55

            Warm & pleasant.  Hoed for Br. Shattuck.


Wednesday, 6/27/55

            Worked A.M. on my garden corn with Brs Shattuck & Gill.  P.M. ¾ hour in garden & 1 ½ h. for Br. Shattuck ploughing out corn with him  Went to city meeting to take measures to guard against an invasion by Missourians.  Arrived home late.  Spent some time as evidence for Br. Wm. on claim &c.


Thursday, 6/28/55

            Went early to Mr. Houston’s on business connected with defense from M—rowdies.  Worked for Br. Shattuck hoeing and ploughing out corn.  Warm & dry.  Signs of rain.


Friday, 6/29/55

            Went to Mr Dyer’s to give in deposition for Br Wm. on the disputed claim against J. Haskell.  6. Depositions taken.  Saw Gov. Reader & Judge Johnson; introduced to them.  Judge Johnson described Gen Stringfellows attack upon his excellency.


Saturday, 6/30/55

            Cut & trimmed trees around my garden, A.M.  In the P.M. attended a meeting of the Association to alter the constitution.


Sunday, 7/1/55

            Went to meeting at the city.  Preaching by Br Denison, “Desire not the day of small things.”  Br. Lincoln brought me a letter from my wife who is at Lawrence.  Shall go after her tomorrow.  Good news!


Monday, 7/2/55

            Drove my horse & wagon to 2 miles beyond Silver Lake 52 miles, & camped on the Pottawatomie Bottom land.  Slept under my wagon—rain during the night.


Tuesday, 7/3/55

            Crossed at Smith’s Ferry, passed through Topeka to Lawrence 32 miles.  Saw quite a number of old friends, & found my wife at G.W. Brown’s, after a separ[ation] of 4 months.—Well & in good spirits.  Visited with Jones & Dea Farwell.


Wednesday, 7/4/55

            Saw Dr. Robinson & the presentation of a flag by a lady to the Independent Co’y. of men, formed to defend Lawrence.  Some 2000 people were present.  Left in the P.M. & drove 17 miles to 2 miles beyond Big Spring & camped.—rained heavily.


Thursday, 7/5/55

Very muddy—drove 23 miles to 3 miles beyond Silver Lake & camped with my lady.  Met several Missouri Legislators returning from Pawnee.  Bright evening.


Friday, 7/6/55

            Drove to within a mile of my house & camped.  Too dark to keep the path.  Slept well.


Saturday, 7/7/55

            Drove home to breakfast.  Met a hearty reception from all our family.  Feel like resting.


Sunday, 7/8/55

            Read & wrote some.  Quite warm.  4 P.M. Preaching at my cabin by Rev. C.H. Lovejoy.


Monday, 7/9/55

            Commenced hoing over the creek with Br Denison.  Evening went to Thurston’s cabin to attend a meeting of special interest for Kansas.  19. present.


Tuesday, 7/10/55

            Worked 3 hours for Br Shattuck & hoed over the Creek some.  Rode to Manhattan & got wet coming home.  Hail storm.


Wednesday, 7/11/55

            Br Dennis arrived & brought my boots from Topeka—looking for a claim.  Brs. Denison & Lincoln went with him up the Wild Cat.  Worked putting up corn that the wind had blown down.  Quite warm.  Visited with Br Dennis.  Wrote Wm (?), R. Allyn & C.D.Dowse.


Thursday, 7/12/55

            Brs. Dennis & Denison rode to the City & returned. 


Friday, 7/13/55

            Br Dennis left after an excellent visit.


Thursday, 7/26/55

            Worked A.M.  P.M. rode to Br Smith’s to give him aid & comfort on account of the loss of his wife.  He thinks of returning to Ohio.  7. small children.


Saturday, 7/28/55

            Forenoon, thinned out my corn on peninsula.  P.M. attended Trustee meeting.


Sunday, 7/29/55

            Wrote to J.C. Brown, Stephen French, &c.

            Rec’d letters from J. Fuller, Wm. Cone, R. Allyn, M.A.D., Wm. E.P., L.H. Whitney, Ed. D.G. & J.C. Brown, also quite a quantity of letters.  Class meeting at 4. P.M.  Father Dyer from Juniata, present.


Monday, 7/30/55

            Finished several letters, &c  J.C. Brown, T. Bateman, J.G— Franklin Rand, Zion’s Herald, Steven French Jr, John Fuller, H.W. Goodnow.  Sent by Mr Pipher who delivered them to addressee, & a part by Mr Wilson, surveyor.


Tuesday, 7/31/55

            Wrote some on letters predated to the preceding day.  Met Col. Davis & the trustees at Manhattan.


Wednesday, 8/1/55

            M.F. Conway lectured at the city on Free state affairs.  Went with Br. Denison to the city A.M. & P.M. to Juniata.  Mr Sam F. Tappan stopped with us over night.


Thursday, 8/2/55

            Mr. Conway & Tappan left for the Fort.  Br Denison put up his tent & moved a part of his things & also his family helped a good share of the day.


Friday, 8/3/55

            Br D. moved another load.  Cleared out my house of dust & put down T—e carpet!  Visit from M.F. Conway.  Tappan & Houston very pleasant.  Cholera raging  at the Fort.


Saturday, 8/4/55

            Worked fixing up with Ellen & attended trustee meeting in the P.M. at the city.  Selected lots to be divided among shareholders.  2 for every ten shares.  Maj. Ogden is dead with Cholera, a great loss!  A praying warrior. 


Sunday, 8/5/55

            Went to the city to meeting, prayer meeting.

            P.M. Class meeting at my house.  Mr Houston & others present


Monday, 8/6/55

            Worked about house making improvements.  Very warm & dry.  Showers around but not here.  Our turn by & by.  People are leaving the Fort & have been several days on account of the Cholera.


Tuesday, 8/7/55

            Worked at haying—drys fast.  Calls from Eleanor & Juliette Lovejoy.  Still warm and dry.  Wrote to Ara Paine, & J. Scott.


Wednesday, 8/8/55

            Worked at my hay and stacked it up.


Thursday, 8/9/55

            Concluded to go to Lawrence to attend a Free state Convention, & made calculations accordingly.  Br. Wm. E—starts for home at the same time.


Friday, 8/10/55

            Left for the convention in Com’y with Dr Hunting, Br Wm. E & Mr Neally.  Br J. Denison kept us company on horseback.  Left Juniata at 9. A.M. rode to Cross Creek, 38 miles & encamped.  Rain during the night. 


Saturday, 8/11/55

            Drove to a Frenchman’s at Silver Lake, Mr Beaudieu, & took our breakfast 6 miles.  Thence, to Topeka & dined, thence to Big Springs & put up for the Sabbath.  Rainy night.  Stopped at Mr Harper’s, &c.


Sunday, 8/12/55           

            A.M.  Preaching by Br Denison.  P.M.  Mr Jones preached.  Drove to Judge Wakefield’s & put up for the night.  He is a true patriot, & has done very much for the cause of Freedom in Kansas.


Monday, 8/13/55

            Drove into Lawrence by 9. A.M.  Met many of our old friends.  Meeting of the Ex-Committee of the Free state Party with others at 2 P.M.  Stopped at the Editors G.W. Brown.


Tuesday, 8/14/55

            State Convention called to order & organized.  Philip C. Schuyler president.  Committee on business out several hours, --divisions—prospects gloomy  Evening consultations—prospect of union on the morrow.


Wednesday, 8/15/55

            Convention met & its proceedings unanimous.  Kansas with such action will be safe.  An interesting day.  Citizen meeting closed the day & in the evening a ratification meeting.


Thursday, 8/16/55         

            Br. Wm. E. left this morning in the steamer Financier for Kansas City.  Hope to see him back soon.  Very rainy.  Drove to Judge W-s 7 miles to dinner.  P.M. rode on to Mr Roberts’ an Illinois man.  Has 120 acres corn.


Friday, 8/17/55

            Drove to Mr Shield’s to breakfast, Kansas river to dinner just beyond the Catholic Mission.  Muddy but pleasant.  Got me a cat and lost it! Great misfortune. 


Saturday, 8/18/55

            Rode home & found my wife sick with an intermittent fever—so much for going to convention.  Poor woman has suffered a good deal.  Beautiful day.  Sent papers, P.C. Seminary, A. Paine, L.H. Whitney, J.C. Scott, T. Bateman, S. French, J.R. Allyn, J.C. Brown.


Sunday, 8/19/55

            Remained at home to administer to the wants of my wife  she is better today.  Called Dr. Hunting to her aid.  He speaks encouragingly.  All nature is sweating. 


Monday, 8/20/55

            Took home Mr Blood’s wagon.  Met Judge Phillip C. Schuyler, President of Free-state convention.  My wife at 11 ½ A.M. was severely attacked with chills & fever which lasted 4 hours—better in the evening.


Tuesday, 8/21/55

            Went & obtained Eleanor S. Bemis to help take care of my wife.  Ellen is quite comfortable.  Cold & damp with a little rain.  Several calls.


Wednesday, 8/22/55

            Ellen had chills & fever.  Spent most of the day with her.  Washed her over with saleratus water.  Rode over to Brs Denison & Roosa.


Thursday, 8/23/55

            Went over to Roosa’s team & got my floor boards.  Worked at home making bedstead &c &c.  Had some venison of Mrs Roosa.


Friday, 8/24/55

            Eleanor has gone to help Mrs. Roosa till Sabbath Eve.  My wife has had a very poor day.  Is rather discouraged.  Dr Hunting called.  Joseph D—has ret’d. from Lawrence Camp Meeting.  Is rather tired.  Brought a letter from Wm.  Fine pleasant day.  Eve looks like storming.


Saturday, 8/25/55

            Went & settled with Br Lovejoy—attended a meeting to choose two delegates to Big Spring Convention.  S.D. Houston & Rev Mr Wisner were elected.  M.F. Conway stopped with us for the night.  Ellen has had a poor day.  Have spent most of the time in keeping house.


Sunday, 8/26/55

            Remained at home to take care of Ellen.  Mr Conway left in the P.M. to go to Mr Child’s   Sent letters by him to Wm. E. G-- & Wm. Cone.  Quite a number of calls.   Feel quite fatigued.


Monday, 8/27/55

            Went to the city & did business for Wm. E. also secured subscriptions for getting the mail.  Had a visit from Mr C.N. Wilson.  Pleasant day.


Tuesday, 8/28/55

            Ellen has been quite poorly today—tried a wet sheet, relieved her some though it left her weak.  Dr. T.H. Webb, Sec’y. E. Aid Com’y. arrived with Dea. Dickson, on an exploring tour.  Showed them round my claim, &c.  Dea D—stopped with me over night.


Wednesday, 8/29/55

            Went with Dr Webb to the city & met the trustees, on the mill business, &c.  Dined at Br. Lovejoy’s with the Dr & then went to Bluemont.  Dea. Dickson with rods found a spring near my house.


Thursday, 8/30/55

            Dr. Webb & Dea Dickson left to go up the Wild Cat.  Dug some for a new spring & at the depth of 6 ft found a very cool excellent one.  Mr. Welden arrived from K-- City.  Will bring my goods next time.  Wrote Wm. E. G. by him to go tomorrow.


Friday, 8/31/55

            Mowed a little.  Eleanor left so that I have to be housemaid.  Fair hay day.  Dr Hunting called.  Worked on my spring so as to get to it by regular steps.  Ellen is feeble; does not seem to gain much.  Takes a good share of my time to wait on her.


Saturday, 9/1/55

            Did but little excepting waiting on Ellen.  Raked up a little hay.  Eve.  Charles Fay & a Mr Hale stopped to spend the Sabbath.  Fine hay weather.  Mr Fay is connected with Putnam, Thomas & Co by marriage.


Sunday, 9/2/55

            Remained at home with Ellen till 4. P.M. & then went over to Br D’s to class meeting.  Was too late.  Br Fay & myself stayed to tea.  Warm day.  Hundreds of blackbirds are frequenting my cornfield to eat corn & worms.  On the whole they are a blessing to farmers. 


Monday, 9/3/55

            Fay & Hale left for Ft. Riley.  Dr T.H. Webb & Dea Dickson have returned from their tour up the Big Blue & gone up to the Fort.  They are much pleased.  Rode over as far as Mr Eubanks to see about the mail.  Saw several Kaws who have had one man shot by a Bishop.


Tuesday, 9/4/55

            Charles Fay & Mr Heald who have been with us several days have left.  Commenced haying with Br Denison.  Called away from work by Ellen’s having a chill.  Call from Mr. Merris.  The weather is a little cooler at night. 


Wednesday, 9/5/55

            Mowed for Br Denison & helped grind 6 scythes.  Ellen has been quite comfortable today.  A good hay day.  Smith, Perry, Ambrose & Brown all working for Br D--. 


Thursday, 9/6/55

            Worked at Br D’s with the same company as yesterday.  A.M.  At noon Ellen had a chill.  Call from Br Roosa.  Good hay day.


Friday, 9/7/55

            Worked at haying at Br Denison’s

            Warm--& dry


Saturday, 9/8/55

            Hayed with Br Shattuck at Br Denison’s.  Hot day.  G.W. Barnes from Lawrence, Mass. died last night of Typhoid fever.  His brother is here & his father & mother have been calculating to come.


Sunday, 9/9/55

            A beautiful Sabbath! have enjoyed with my wife as a sweet day of rest after a hard week’s labor.  Perry, Ambrose, Shattuck & Gill, Called on their way to meeting.  Wrote J.M. Howe.


Monday, 9/10/55

            Worked at haying at Joseph’s, wife troubled with Indians.


Tuesday, 9/11/55

            Br. Denison finished his haying.  Planned a little for my own.  Rained in the afternoon.  Wrote to Wm. E.G., John M. Howe.  Rained in the night. 


Wednesday, 9/12/55

            Rained a good part of the day.  Wrote to W.H. Woodbury, N.Y.  Saw Mr. Houston.  Cool & wet.  Did but little save writing & reading.  Eleanor came over to work awhile—evening. 


Thursday, 9/13/55

            Went early to Mr Blood’s to see about Mr Welden.  Messers D Ambrose & Wm. M. Glenn left for home.  Chopped, mowed, & dug a trench around the house.  Damp day.  Ellen is comfortable.


Friday, 9/14/55

            Ellen has had a chill & fever today.  Spent the A.M. mostly with her.  Had L.P. Lincoln, & Ambrose Todd at dinner.  Went with them to Manhattan.  Made several calls & returned home at dusk.  Eve—call from Br. Shattuck.


Saturday, 9/15/55

            A.M.  Mowed a place for a hay stack, & went to Mr. Houston’s P.M.  Met Gov Reeder & others at Mr Houston’s & went to Juniatta where a meeting of Free State men nominated delegates to the Convention to be holden at Topeka, next Wednesday.  Also discussed a rum shop.


Sunday, 9/16/55

            Wife has had another chill.  Called on the Dr. &c. Rain the last night.  Beautiful Sabbath.  Remained at home on account of my wife. 


Monday, 9/17/55

            Feel rather unwell from eating cantaloupes & watermelons, am quite weak.  Cloudy.  Poor prospect for hay weather.  Rode over to Mr Houston’s; felt no better for it.  Saw Dr H. who prescribed rest and fasting.


Tuesday, 9/18/55

            Commenced my haying with Brs Gill & Denison for help.  Was obliged to give it up & go to bed on account of weakness in the stomach & digestive organs.  Took a cold water pack.


Wednesday, 9/19/55

            Still sick, weak & feverish, but better on the whole; Eat a little.  In the night from very warm it changed to sudden cold & gave me a favorable night for sleep, which I had not enjoyed at all for 2 nights.


Thursday, 9/20/55

            Took cold some from excess in sweating from having on too much clothing.  Was worse than ever.  Took a cold water pack & felt better.  My greatest trouble is pain in the bowels, danger of inflammation.  Sent for Dr (?) who prescribed.  Mr Neally started for the mail at Leavenworth, having had none for 7 ½ weeks.


Friday, 9/21/55

            Have had a good night’s rest & am easy again.  Up a good share of the day.  Mr Heald a sick friend came here.  Our family being sick & crowded secured a place at Br Denison’s.  Several calls.  Cloudy.  Trustees met P.M.  Overdid & am worse—


Wednesday, 9/26/55

            Mail arrived with Mr Wilson.  Letters from Wm. E.G. & J.G.  Mrs. B-n  M.A.D, Wm. E. Parkerson, J. Fuller, C.D. Dowse, Anna Alvord, Wm. Cone, Mr Town, S. French.


Monday, 10/1/55

            Not able to write still I from necessity wrote to Wm. E. G.-- & J.C-- & Ellen wrote M.A. Daniels.  Election day for the choice of the Kansas--Missouri Delegate to Congress.


Friday, 10/5/55

            Gaining slowly.


Saturday 10/6/55

            Am around a little but very weak—gaining slowly.  A heavy frost the last night.  It has seriously affected the grass & Fall feed.


Sunday 10/7/55

            Have been sick nearly 3 weeks with Intermittant Billious Fever, accompanied by 3 slight chills.  Rode out for the first time by Br D-s the most of whose family are sick, with a Mr Heald.


Monday 10/8/55

            A beautiful day—feel that I am improving, But it needs much care.  My wife is in very delicate health.  I have a great deal to do but little strength to do it.  Must trust in God.  Frost the last night.


Tuesday 10/9/55

            Rode to Juniatta to vote for Gov. Reeder, delegate to Congress & t[w]o delegates to frame a state constitution so as to be admitted into the Union.  Our delegates are Dr Hunting & Mr Chitz of Pawnee.  Cast about 82 Free state votes.  Trustee meeting P.M.


Wednesday 10/10/55

            Wrote to Gen. Pomroy & Dr Robinson—to Charles Adams & Wm. E.G.  Sent for a stove &c & paid Rev. C.H. Lovejoy $27.50 to buy the same.  Quite fatigued.


Thursday 10/11/55

            The letters written yesterday go today by Br Lovejoy, who is agent to see why our mill does not come.


Friday 10/12/55

            Read a very little in the Evening Telegraph.  Am trying to get posted up on the news.  Have a large number of papers not read, owing to my sickness.  Can read but little.


Saturday 10/13/55

            Rode to Mr Houston’s & drew up some papers on city business for J. Hoar to sign.  Quite pleasant & dry.  Read an hour in the evening. 


Sunday 10/14/55

            Rode over to Br Denison’s all sick but Henry, Chills & fever!  Poor family.  Helped about the chores.  Called on Br Shattuck, sick at Br Trafton’s. – is better.  Read some.  Mr H & wife & Mr R & wife called


Monday 10/15/55

            Went after Br D’s horses which had run away during the night  took them home and milked for Br D.  Am almost perfectly exhausted from over exertion.  Shall be obliged to be exceedingly careful.  Very pleasant with a searching wind.


Tuesday 10/16/55

            Am almost daily overdoing hence am put back.  Letters from Wm. E.G., G.W., 2, M.B. Allyn, M. Davis, Mary A. Daniels, J.A. Brown, Z., A. Paine.  Very warm.


Wednesday 10/17/55

            Went to Br Roosa’s & made arrangement for getting up corn, &c.  Had a fainting spell then.  Had to lay down 3 hours  Felt comfortable after it.


Thursday 10/18/55

            Letter from J. Fuller’s.  Overdid & had a chill & fever, which lasted into the night.  Took my bed  A pleasant shower.  Have had none before for a long time.


Friday 10/19/55

            Better, lay abed part of the day.  Call from Mr Hoar.  Letter from Mr Pomroy.  Mill on the way.  Hurrah!  Hurrah!


Saturday 10/20/55

            A great fire on the Prairies the last night that encircled half the horizon.  I was out fighting fire several hours.  Providentially no essential damage was done.  Bless the Lord.  My health has suffered  lay abed all day.  Dr Hunting called for  Cash pd. $(?).00


Sunday 10/21/55

            Lay abed most of the day.  Am gaining slowly.  Cold & windy.  Call from M. Eubanks, F.B. Smith helped about chores.  Wrote by him to C.D. Dowse  Have got some (?) & prickly Ash for medicine for me, for chills & fever—


Monday 10/22/55

            Rainy some.  Cold & dreary.  Feel I am on the gain.  Looked over my accounts & papers some. 

            Br Truman Shattuck came out for the first time after a long sickness  Welcomed him most heartily.


Tuesday 10/23/55

            Very cold for the time of year.  Right N. Eng. Weather.  Much as we can do to keep comfortable.  Freezes nights.  Froze over water nearly an inch thick in our space way. 


Wednesday 10/24/55

            The weather is still windy & cold.  At night the wind mostly went down.  A heavy frost.  Am slowly gaining  Shot a rabit.  Br Gill spent the night with us.  Br S moved from Br T’s home.


Thursday 10/25/55

            Br Gill commenced digging our cellar.  The weather has moderated considerable.  Br Shattuck & I divided our sugar 130 lbs each.  He dined with us on rabbit  a splendid dinner.  Went over our corn  Mudded over a part of my long cabin.  Br Lovejoy came with my stove.


Friday 10/26/55

            Plastered my cabin some  Rode to the city by way of Joseph’s & Mr Roosa’s.  One city tent has been burnt  saw Mr Hoar about work; called at the new store.  Am quite fatigued.  Slept pretty well.


Saturday 10/27/55

            Heard from Wm. through Morse.  Is coming soon.  Graded a road into the garden & selected sleepers for my floor.  Slept sweetly through the night.  Call from Mr Houston’s Quite warm.  Very.


Sunday 10/28/55

            A beautiful warm morning.  Very smoky form numerous fires.  Read some & rested.


Monday 10/29/55

            Mr. Flagg worked for Shattuck A.M.  In the P.M. cut down sleepers for my house—drew them up with Roosa’s cattle.  Great fire on the prairie by Shattuck—barely saved his house & stack – Trafton’s burnt.


Tuesday 10/30/55

            Todd & Flagg picked most of my corn in the garden.  J. Hoar commenced work on my house.  Great fire next to my corn.  Set back fires & saved it (over the creek)


Wednesday 10/31/55

            Todd, Flagg & Trafton pick corn on Br Denison’s piece & mine over the creek, one load from the garden.  Cool & cloudy—fixing for a storm.  N.E. weather.


Thursday 11/1/55

            Browning & Flagg picked corn.  Helped them some, besides assisting Hoar on the house. 


Friday 11/2/55

            Browning & Flagg worked for us today.  Dark night.


Saturday 11/3/55

            Wife had a chill.  Helped Hoar about my house.  Call from Mr Houston.  Feel quite relieved on account of my house being so well fixed up.  Called on Br D—who is still sick  Call from G.F. Brown—his father is dead.


Sunday 11/4/55

            A very rainy day.  Brown & Gill called.  Feel thankful that I have not had a chill.  Br S- has.  Wrote Wm E., C.N. Wilson, & Z--  I wrote Wm. Savier last night.  Sent them to the Blue by G.H. Morse who goes in the morning. 


Monday 11/5/55

            Drove over to the City, & got a bag of flour for my self & Br Denison.  Finished fence around my corn.  Worked in the cellar in the evening.  Rested well during the night.  Froze considerable during the night.


Tuesday 11/6/55

            Messrs Perry & Thurston picked corn half a day across the creek, & the other half on the Peninsula & Perry helped me get in 3 loads of hay for a little stack.  Pleasant day.


Wednesday 11/7/55

            Arose at dawn & pitched off the last load of hay & finished my stack.  G.H. Morse aided me in getting 4 loads of corn from across the creek  The last of the Co’y corn.  Took us half a day.  Am very tired.  A warm beautiful day.  Rest is sweet.  Solid frost.


Thursday 11/8/55

            A fine pleasant day.  Heard that Wm. E. & 25 others are on the road from Kansas City.  Unpacked our goods & righted things in our new house, preparatory to moving in.  I long to see my brother, Lucinda &c.  Call from Mr Hoar.  Spread my corn some to dry. 


Friday 11/9/55

            Very pleasant.  Dug 3 or 4 Bu. Potatoes.  Some frozen.  Rode over to Br Denison’s.  Call from Br Gill in the evening.  Read H of F.  Steam mill has arrived.  Expecting Wm. & L. &c every day.


Saturday 11/10/55

            Call from Gen Pomroy & Mr Woodworth, & Mr Thurston  They are on steam mill business.  Dug potatoes, picked up acorns for coffee &c  Evening attended Trustee meeting at Br D’s  Gen Pomroy present.  Went to bed about 11. P.M.


Sunday 11/11/55

            Misty & rainy a considerable part of the day.  Read & wrote a letter to M Davis.  Call from Brs Gill & Shattuck.  Evening clear & pleasant.  Wrote J.A. Brown.


Monday 11/12/55

            Dug potatoes.  Br W.E. Parkerson & Lucinda & two children, Father Barnes, wife & two young men, & Miss Copeland arrived to settle near us.  Br P. stops with us awhile. 


Tuesday 11/13/55

            Br P-- & myself dug most of my potatoes.  Henry Barnes dug a hole for potatoes & turnips.  Quite fatigued, also Br P.

            Trustee Meeting at J’s.


Wednesday 11/14/55

            Went to Mr Houston’s & got ½ a load of Pumpkins &c.  Made a potatoe bin down cellar.  Call from J. & James.  Called at Dr Hunting’s   Rained last night.  Cloudy today & warm.


Thursday 11/15/55

            Rode over to Mr Houston’s early & got 8 ¼ lbs Beef.  Went to Manhattan  Called at Beebee’s & Blood’s.  Settled with Mr Lovejoy.  Called at the store.  Wrote to H. Harlow & Co. Lawrence.  Cold & windy.  Dug a few potatoes.  Prospect of snow. 


Friday 11/16/55

            Cold with some rain.  Dug my potatoes in the peninsula.  Stopped some of the cracks in my cabin.  Ellen has had a chill, is now better.  Evening the ground is all white with snow, 2 inches.


Saturday 11/17/55

            Br P. mudded the cabin.  Rode over to Mr Houston’s.  Wm. E.G. & C. Fay arrived in the evening.  All well.  Went to bed 10 ¾ P.M. A splendid moonlight evening.


Sunday 11/18/55

            A beautiful day.  Snow nearly gone.  Mail arrived.  Letters from J—n & Wm. Cone.  Lucinda is quite feverish.  W.E.P. Wm. E.G. & Fay went to the city.  Read some in the papers.


Monday 11/19/55

            Pleasant day.  Got up a load of wood, assisted by Br Fay. 

            Husked corn with Wm. E.G. & W.E.P.  Father Barnes, 1 hour, sons ½ hour.  Corn some hurt by being wet.  Am husking a load for the fort. 


Tuesday 11/20/55

            Wm. E.G. & W.E.P. husked corn today.  I did in the A.M. but having a diarhea I did not take in the P.M.  Cool but pleasant.  Mr. Neally took a load of my corn to the Fort. 


Wednesday 11/21/55

            W.E.G.  W.E.P. & myself husked about 6 ½ hours.  Put my cow over the creek & she ran off to Mr Houston’s.  A beautiful day.  Prospect of a storm—circle around the moon.


Thursday 11/22/55

            Rainy & chilly.  A.M.  Wm. E.G. went to the city.  P.M. Damp.  Eve—snowed.  Have done nothing at husking today.  Neally called, reported 12 bbls in his load of Tuesday.  Took another bbl of corn making 13. of 102 lbs pr bbl.  Worked in house. 


Friday 11/23/55

            All husked—did not quite finish.  Cow ran off to Mr H’s again.  Pleasant day.


Saturday 11/24/55

            Unexpectedly a rainy day.  N.Eng. like, cold & freezing.  Did but little.  Mail come.  Went to Mr Eubanks & borrowed a cat—rats troublesome!  She caught a big rat the first onset!


Sunday 11/25/55

            It has cleared off pleasant.  A good time for drying corn, which was much wet from yesterday’s rain.  Call from G.F. Brown.  Quarterly meeting at Juniatta.  P.E. Dr. Still, 2.  Con. in the evening at Br Denison’s.  Wrote M.A. Daniels.


Monday 11/26/55

            A beautiful day.  Arose by starlight & went to the Blue after my cow which had run off.  Returned at 10. A.M.  Fixed a corn crib in my shed & Wm. E.P. & Wm. E.G. worked on the peninsula carrying our corn 4 hours.  Finished husking by the house.  Trustee meeting at Br D’s.


Tuesday 11/27/55

            Finished husking peninsula corn 10 ½ A.M. with W.E.P. & W.E.G.  Commenced a hovel for my ponies & cow.  Mr Neally & Whiteside carried off 3 loads of corn for Ft. Riley.  A beautiful day.  Wrote Br Jotham.


Wednesday 11/28/55

            Wm. E.G. & Wm. E.P. commenced work at a city house which they intend to live in this winter.  Went to Mr H’s after my ponies.  Called to see Dr H--  Worked at my hovel early, & on my corn the rest of the day.  Calls from Mrs Shattuck, Br D & wife.  Wrote Thomas Bateman.


Thursday 11/29/55

            Worked at my corn, putting it in my shed.  A beautiful day.  Call form Br Denison.


Friday 11/30/55

            Worked at corn.  Drew 2 loads of wood, one tipped over.  Drew balance of corn from peninsula.  Neally arrived from Fort.  Paid me 83 ¾ Bu corn at 1.25 pr Bu. & 1 bb. at $2.26 - $107.01  must be some mistake.


Saturday 12/1/55

            Worked at corn.  Pleasant day.  Br Denison called & paid us beef & flour which he had previously borrowed.  3. papers came by mail.  Health & strength improving.  Lucinda better.  Wm. E.G. has been at the city the last three days. 


Sunday 12/2/55

            Went to Manhattan to meeting.  Preaching by Br D—“As for me & my house we will &c.” 

            A beautiful day.  I have not been to meeting before for 7 weeks. 


Monday 12/3/55

            Went to Mr Houston’s & Eubanks.  Finished getting in the last of my corn.  Attended a meeting of committee on preacher’s Estimate.  Put it at $600.00.  Letter from Br Wintermute.  Continues pleasant.


Tuesday 12/4/55

            Another pleasant day though the morning had signs of a storm.  A.M. Turfed the roof of the shed at the end next to the house.  Slaked lime for plastering cabin.  Rode to the city in the P.M.  Prospects of rain & prepared for it.  Prepared husks for beds.


Wednesday 12/5/55

            Worked over mortar for plastering.  Helped Mr Trafton about making window frames.  Rode over to Mr Houston’s after my runaway cow.  Wm. E.G. came up from the city in the evening.  Fine weather.  Mr Trafton worked 5 hours.  Commenced a letter to G.W. Quereau. 


Thursday 12/6/55

            Commenced plastering the cracks between the clap boards for the want of lathing & plastering.  Wrote to Br Quereau.  Br Trafton worked on windows 1 ½ hours.  Pleasant still.


Friday 12/7/55

            Worked at plastering.  Lent Mr Westover $20 for 3 days.  Mr Fay arrived with goods.  Brought news of civil war at Lawrence.  Went to Br Shattucks in the eventing.  Prospect of rain.

            Ellen sick from over doing.


Saturday 12/8/55

            Considerable rain the last night.  Br Trafton fitted my windows, making out ¾ of a day’s work in all.  Worked at plastering.  House much warmer.  Snow storm with high wind in the evening—quite uncomfortable.


Sunday 12/9/55

            A cool pleasant Sabbath  Ellen had a chill from last night’s exposure,-- staid at home to take care of her.  Letters from J.C. Brown & M.A.D. Answered the last letter. 


Monday 12/10/55

            Arose at 4 ½ A.M. & rode to Juniatta.  Worked at plastering on my return.  Mr Westover called & paid me $10.  Br Browning do $10, making the $20 lent on Friday.  Mr. Houston called on Lawrence business.  Missourians are threatening Lawrence with fire & war.  Pleasant.


Tuesday 12/11/55

            Worked at plastering.  A pleasant day.


Wednesday 12/12/55

            Finished plastering my house & soded the roof of the shed  Raked up the hay round the stack—preparatory to a storm.  Settled with Mr Welden, who dined with us.  Mr. Fay arrived—husked in the evening.


Thursday 12/13/55

            Snowed some the past night, & rained this P.M. Freezes as it comes.  Dug out a cellar window, & worked at beef for drying.  Sent Wm. E.G. & W.E.P. $30.  Commenced putting in window glass.  Eve—rainy. 


Friday 12/14/55

            Finished puttying windows.  Worked on hovel.  Cold day.  Trees covered with ice.  Mr Houston called to consult on business connected with state interests schools &c.  Br Gill called. 


Saturday 12/15/55

            Went out & voted on the state constitution.  Was one of the judges of elections.  Dined at Mr Dyers.  Elected a delegate to Lawrence to nominate state officers.


Sunday 12/16/55

            Rode to Juniatta in Co. with Mr Blood & heard him preach.  Rec’d 5 Books Congressional R. from Hon. Thomas Davis.  Class meeting at my house, P.M.  Read in the evening.  A slight fall of snow.  Quite cold. 


Monday 12/17/55

            Sent letters to G.W. Quereau & Dr T.H. Webb.  A beautiful day.  Call from Br Blood.  Worked on road with Br Denison 1 ½ hours.  Worked on barn in the P.M.  Cool & pleasant. 


Tuesday 12/18/55

            Worked on barn.  Have lost my colt, my pet colt from blind staggers.  Died in 2 or 3 hours after he was noticed to be ailing.  Br Fay has returned & Br Wm. E. leaves with him tomorrow, for Lawrence.  Rather pleasant. 


Wednesday 12/19/55

            This morning I was surprised to find my colt alive.  Doctored him with hogs lard & turpentine  Also pumpkin seed tea.  But in vain—he died this evening.  Wm. & Mr Fay started for Lawrence.  Mr. Houston, Blood, Denison, & Barnes called.  Worked on hovel.


Thursday 12/20/55

            Post mortem examination of colt.  Disease of heart.  Lent Mr Houston my Pony.  Worked at upholstering roof.  Mrs D-- & children dined with us.  Call from Mr & Mrs Barnes & Shattuck in the evening.  Prospect of storm.  Changed weather.


Friday 12/21/55

            Therm’r. at sunrise 12° F.  M. 28°.  Coldest day of the winter, thus far.  Finished covering my hovel.  Carried in my south pile of pumpkin.  Went to Dr Hunting’s & Mr Houstons  Got my paper & read the History of the 1st War in Kansas.  Freedom victorious!  Ellen had a chill!


Saturday 12/22/55

            The coldest day of the season thus far thermometer 12°--at 1 P.M.  Plastered a little A.M.  worked on hovel P.M. 1 ½ hours.  Very cold in the evening.  Made up our bed before the fire.  Snowed & blew with all  Mr Adams called & dined.


Sunday 12/23/55

            Therm 14°. – at sunrise.  3°. at M.  Ellen had a chill.  Coldest day yet!  Got my Pendulum & a paper from C.M. Alvord.  Hard to keep warm. 


Monday 12/24/55

            Very cold.  Therm 3°. below zero at noon.  Snow storm at night.  Made a trap door to the garret—great improvement in warmth. 

            6 inches of snow I calculate though much drifted. 


Tuesday 12/25/55

            Christmas.  A very cool, still, pleasant day.  Therm at sunrise 18°.—such cold weather is rather discouraging to new settlers in their open cabins.  3 inches of snow in chamber.  1 hours work to clear it.  A thankful Christmas but not a merry one.  Br D & son dined with us.


Wednesday 12/26/55

            Br Shattuck & wife visited us  Went to Dr Hunting’s on city & legislative business.  Walk over to Br D’s.  Finished making my trap door.  Therm at sunrise 20°.—at M. 20°. + at dark –1°.


Thursday 12/27/55

            Therm at noon 7°.  at sunset 5°.  Pleasant.  Worked on my barn some.  Chopped wood.  Read Orthoepist in the evening.  Found a deer mangled by dogs. 


Friday 12/28/55

            Very cold.  Therm at noon 7°.  Looked over my potatoes.  Called at Br Denison’s.  Snowed in the evening.  Cut out the rot from ½ Bu potatoes.  Seems dreary. 


Saturday 12/29/55

            Therm at sunrise –14°.  Went to caucus to nominate Sen. & Representative.  Froze my ear coming home. 


Sunday 12/30/55

            Remained at home till 4. P.M. then went to Br Shattuck’s to class—too late.  Read the Independent & Bible.  Pleasant  Therm at sunrise –6°. noon +16°,  sunset +10°.


Monday 12/31/55

            Th. sunrise –6°.  M. +31°.  Sundown 30°.

            Pleasant.  Called at Br D’s & Mr Roosa’s on Election business.  Called at Br Shattuck’s, saw Mr Houston & Dr Hunting, on legislative business.