Tuesday 1/1/56

            Therm. sunrise -8°.  M. 29, sundown 14°.

            A Happy New Year!  2150 miles from my former home one year ago!  Visited at Br. Denison’s.  Call from Br S. in the evening.  A line to Z.


Wednesday 1/2/56

            Br D. has lost his horse Dolie Boone with blind staggers.  Rode to Mr Houston’s after mail—Strange! Nothing for me.  So much for Missouri.  P.M.  Br. D. called.  Worked on bed stead.  It continues cold.


Thursday 1/3/56

            Worked on bedstead.  T.p. at sunrise -8°. M. 14°. sunset 1°. Called at Br S’s  Br Parkerson shot 2 turkeys at 1 shot.  Eve  worked on axe handle.


Friday 1/4/56

            Worked a little on bedstead.  Called at Br D’s.  Attended Trustee meeting  P.M. Br Parkerson sick with sick headache.  A little milder.  Th. sunrise 8°. M. 32, s.s. 12°.


Saturday 1/5/56

            Attended a caucus to nominate candidates for the legislature.  72 present—exciting time.  Unsatisfactory.  A minority meeting at my house in the evening.  Letter from E.B.J. & J.M. Howe—good.  Cold still.


Sunday 1/6/56

            Therm. S.R. -6°. M. 7°.  S.Set 1°.  Snow storm in the evening.  Remained at home with a severe lameness in the left side, probably from wrenching.


Monday 1/7/56

            Meeting of Trustee’s Association at the City.  Spent most of the day there.  3 new Trustees appointed which relieves me.  Cold!


Tuesday 1/8/56

            Coldest day of the season.  Th. at Zero, till nearly sunset when it fell 2°.  Call from Esq Russell.  Chopped wood & did my chores.  Ellen had a chill again.  Eve read papers & made out a report as Treasurer.


Wednesday 1/9/56

            Meeting of Trustees & association held till eve.  Rumor of civil war from Washington.  Troops called out!  Fudge!

            Still cold!  Cold!!  Weighed & weigh 159 lbs!!


Thursday 1/10/56

            Calls from Messrs Houston, Hunting, Perry, Barnes, Denison, & Gill.  Worked on bedstead.  Company all day.  Am tired of it & wife too.  She has had a shake again.  Mail today.  R.I. Schoolmaster.  Read this in the evening. 


Friday 1/11/56

            Finished my turn up bedstead—worth $10.  Yet cold.  Wm. E.G. came home—nearly sick. 


Saturday 1/12/56

            Worked on a table & finished my wife’s wardrobe—quite an ingenious, convenient article.  Warmest day for 3 weeks.  Thawed considerably.  Therm. M. 34°.  Read in Orthoepy.


Sunday 1/13/56

            Therm. sunrise 14°. M. 34°. Finished reading R.I. Schoolmaster  Preaching at Mr. Houston’s by Rev. Mr. Blood.  Wrote to Br Allyn.  Grows colder again. 


Monday 1/14/56

            Worked on a table   Eve wrote to Br Allyn.  Wrote to David Denison.


Tuesday 1/15/56

            Went to town meeting.  Served as judge of election.  Voted for state & county officers.  Saw the evil effects of rum.  Walked home 5 ½ miles late in the evening after counting the ballots.


Wednesday 1/16/56

            Worked on table & did my choring, evening wrote to L.H. Whitney & commenced a letter to C.D. Dowse.  a mild pleasant day.  Paid over to C.E. Blood, the Treasurer M.T.A., $65.11.


Thursday 1/17/56

            My birthday  42 years old!  right in the prime of life.  Finished my table.  Rode to Mr Houston’s & Eubanks, got me a cat!

            Treat of pie & cake from sis L-d on account of the day.  Warm & pleasant.


Friday 1/18/56

            A.M.  Chored it for my wife & chopped logs preparatory to drawing with Br Parkerson.  P.M.  Drew wood with Smith’s cattle.  Took supper with Lucinda evening.  Rec’d. & read a letter from C. Adams.  Read in the Telegraphs & Pendulum.  Another beautiful day. 


Saturday 1/19/56

            Very cold again.  Therm, Sunrise 5°.   M. 14°.  Sunset 9°.

            Chopped wood did my chores, read & wrote some.

            Wrote to C.H. Dowse & Wm. Savier, Esq.

            Call from G.W Hathaway, formerly of N. Bedford, Ms. now of Topeka.  Purchased of him 100 lbs of Flour, $7.75.

            Call from Br Barnes & son.


Sunday 1/20/56

            Quite cold.  staid at home—read &c  Evening took a good wash all over.


Monday 1/21/56

            Cool & pleasant.  Filed & set my two saws.  Chopped & sawed wood.  Sent my letters to Wm. Savier, R. Allyn, L.H. Whitney & C.D. Dowse.


Tuesday 1/22/56

            Covered my writing table, fixed listing on door, plastered up my cabin chinks, & visited with Br & sister Barnes who spent the P.M. & evening with us.  Read Herald of Freedom


Wednesday 1/23/56

            Weather a little milder.

            Worked some in the house fixing up little conveniences.  Read in Orthoepist.


Thursday 1/24/56

            Snow storm in the afternoon.  Cold & dreary.  My house is much more comfortable than at the last storm.

            Wm. shot a Towee Finch  I classed it in the evening, reviewed Orthoepist & commenced Parker’s Logic.


Friday 1/25/56

            Snowed some 6 inches the night past.  Cold & drifting to day.  Worked in the house most of the day making improvements for internal comforts.  Rec’d. my papers & read considerable in them.


Saturday 1/26/56

            Commenced snowing again last evening & has continued doing so up to this evening.  It has been a very tedious cold day—a regular Vermonter.  Cattle must suffer badly without shelter, & folks without comfortable houses.  We are having a trying winter.  I feel very grateful that I am so comfortably provided for.  But fear that many emigrants are not so well off.  Such weather must frighten off slaveholders & their servants.  Did my chores & read the papers & studied Logic.  Wm. E.P. shot a large Turkey.


Sunday 1/27/56

            Our snow storm which commenced Thursday evening has continued with a cessation of a few hours on Friday, up to this P.M.

            It is now 6 ½ P.M. all is clear & beautiful. The stars shine out with golden splendor, but we have the evidence of the severity of the storm in huge drifts of snow, some of which are 10 ft. high.  In all I judge 18 inches of snow have fallen.  Such a storm would do credit to a Vt winter.  This has been a quiet sabbath  Not a person outside of our own house have we seen.  Read Wesley’s Sermon on Bigotry & in Lambert’s Physiology; also a trifle in newspapers.  Wrote to Sister Mary Ann.


Monday 1/28/56

            A clear cold day.  Called at Br. Denison’s.  Studied Logic & Physiology.  Call from Messrs Browning & Smith—the latter dined with us.


Tuesday 1/29/56

            Still cold & pleasant.  Therm at 6°. at sunrise, 10°. M. 3°. sundown. 

            Studied Logic, chopped wood, & wrote to Br C M Alvord & sent a paper to A. Paine.


Wednesday 1/30/56

            Called at Joseph’s & borrowed National Magazines.  Read one of them & studied some.  Pleasant but cool.


Thursday 1/31/56

            Called at Br Shattuck’s on business.  Made a manger for my horse, & a wooden mallet.  Took a walk with my gun but shot nothing.  Ellen rode out to Br Denisons.  Warmest day for 5 ½ weeks  Th. 40°. at noon.


Friday 2/1/56

            Cold again as usual.  Pared pumpkins & worked in the house some.  Read the National Magazine  chopped wood & made a Figure 4.  Trap to catch Prairie Hens.  Call from Wm. Hunting  Gave him Knowledge for the People, in instructive Book, --he did chores for me when sick.

            Call from Henry D-- & father.


Saturday 2/2/56

            Therm. Sunrise 8°.  M. 8°.  Sunset 0°.  Rode to Br Denison’s  Gave up our Q. Conference.  Dr Still not arriving.  Read some & chopped wood.  Drew off the Records of Q. meetings.


Sunday 2/3/56

            Coldest morning of the season.  Before S. rise Thermometer -30°.  Rode to the city to meeting.  Cold but quite endurable because so still.  Called at Br D’s on my return.  Sister D. treated me with a piece of pumpkin pie.  Read in the National, Tribune & Herald.


Monday 2/4/56

            Did my chores.  Read & studied Logic

            Wrote to Br C. Adams.  The weather has moderated some this P.M. but in the morning before Sunrise -26°.


Tuesday 2/5/56

            A snow storm most of the day with very little wind.  Moved my ? for Prairie Hens to a new place—having no success in the old one. 

            Read the National & studied Logic


Wednesday 2/6/56

            Did my chores & read & studied


Thursday 2/7/56

            Therm S.R. 20—Read & studied


Friday 2/8/56

            Cold still  Read in the M. Quarterly &c. Therm sunrise -20°.  Mr. Adams called at the door awhile  has shot 16. Turkies, & 3 deer.


Saturday 2/9/56

            Warmest day for 7. weeks.  Therm. sunrise +8°., M. +43.

            P.M. Chopped wood &c.  Call from Mr Roosa.  Evening a long call from Mr Houston.  No mail for over 2 weeks on account of the bad travelling from drifts &c.


Sunday 2/10/56

            Therm. sunrise 16°.  Lowery but mild.  Ellen went to meeting at Manhattan, & I remained at home, to read write & reflect.  There is a pleasure sometimes to be entirely alone to communicate with ones own thoughts.  So it is to day.

            Read in the bible, the Book of Malachi, & the M. Quarterly.  Our mail arrived after a delay of 1 ½ weeks, No speaker yet!  Those rascally Know-nothings elected as Anti-Nebraska men are traitors to Kansas & Human Liberty.  May they be sunk into the Political gulf of perdition!


Monday 2/11/56

            wrote an introduction to an Article on the late Kansas War, for the Pendulum.  Read Physiology & cleared away the snow from around the house some. 

            Rather mild & pleasant

            Birth day of L.

            Wrote to Mr & Mrs A Binney.


Tuesday 2/12/56


            Therm S.R. 16°.  M, 37°  S.S. 26°.  Wrote on the Ks. War.  Eve visited Br & Sis Parkerson.  Prepared husks for bed.  Calls from Br Barnes & Mr Morriss.  The winter I think has broken though we shall expect to have sharp bites from Jack Frost yet.  One year ago to day visited the schools in Millville with Mr J. Scott.  Had a very interesting, long to be remembered season.  L’s P—Room!!  That S.G. by!


Wednesday 2/13/56

            Rode over to Br D’s & Mr Roosa’s.  Rec’d. from Br D. a letter from J Robinson dated last Feb which he took from the officer at (?) before coming here—it was overlooked.  I regret it much.  Repaired several things, coffee mill, Trap &c.  Chopped wood.  Eve read in Physiology & Western C. Advocate & N. Era.


Thursday 2/14/56

            Lucinda’s child, Etta is quite sick.  Shelled corn, chopped & helped my wife some.  P.M. Call from Dr H. & Br Denison.  Rec’d the joyful news that Banks Feb 2nd was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives at Washington, D.C.  I feel that God’s hand is in this, & that it bodes good to Kansas, & Freedom.  Warm.


Friday 2/15/56

            Ther. S.R. 21°.  M. 48°.  Ground my Ax & tools with Br. P—at Mr. Trafton’s.  P M.   Fixed mortar & plastered my roof a little, & helped E—about candles. 

            Saw a wild cat back of my house at the creek.  At least I called it that.  Eve.  copied a part of the article on the Kansas war.


Saturday 2/16/56

            Plastered some on my roof to keep the wind & snow out.  E.S. Bemis visited us.  Went to Mr H’s after my cow & horse, which had run away.  Therm S.R. 36  M. 42.  S.S. 27.  with a strong wind.

            The snow, two thirds of the day disappeared very fast,  Travelling very wet & bad.  Eve. Copied a little on K. War.


Sunday 2/17/56

            A mild pleasant day.  Remained at home.  Read M.E. Almanac with some miscellaneous matter & wrote some.

            The snow is rapidly disappearing.  Time flies, Oh how swiftly.  Finished a letter to Friend Wm. M. Glenn, Coulterville, Butler Co., Pa.


Monday 2/18/56

            Sent letters to Mr. & Mrs. Binney, Wm. M. Glenn, & Wm. N. Sherman  A.M.  Chopped wood with Wm. E.P. for drawing.  P.M.  Drew wood.  Caught a rabit in a hollow tree.  A fine pleasant day, but muddy

            Therm. S.R. 18°.  M. 42°.  S.S. 36°.  Eve read Physiology.


Tuesday 2/19/56

            Rained during the night, & a little the morning.  Foggy & damp.  Ground 2 qts corn in the coffee mill—hard work.  Gave me a real sweat.  Hope to have our grist mill going soon. 

            Finished reading Lambert’s Physiology.  A fine practical work, well illustrated.

            Went up to Shattuck’s & mended my boot for the want of a shoemaker.

            Read in Youman’s Chemistry.  No mail yet.  I am hungering & thirsting for newspapers & letters!  We have waited some weeks beyond mail time.  The going is bad.  Therm. S.R. 34°.  M. 44.  S.S. 38°.


Wednesday 2/20/56

            A. M.  Made a box for early seeds, & put up shelves.  P.M.  Plastered  Eve. with Br. Wm. shelled 2. Bu corn.  We have learned the good news that our mill commenced running yesterday.  With good corn meal we shall be in living condition.  Br. P—commenced digging his cellar for his house.  Call from Br. Denison.  Therm 33°.  40°.  32°.


Thursday 2/21/56

            Finished plastering roof.  Drove home Roosa’s cattle, & called on Wm. E.P—digging his cellar.  He has a fine sightly place for building.  Eve prospect of rain.  Mr Houston called & took my corn to mill.  K. broke up.  Read in Youmans Chemistry


Friday 2/22/56

            Br. Shattuck brought up Lucinda’s trunk from city.  Her choicest books & other articles were found wet.  She mourned over the damage piteously.  Spent 4 hours drying her books.  Drove home Roosa’s cattle, again, they are a nuisance

            Studied in Youman’s Chemistry.  Stormy day.  Wm. E.P. rode my horse to the city.


Saturday 2/23/56

            Cut wood & a few poles for fencing.  Winnowed some corn finished lining our chamber with cotton cloth.  Rec’d our mail.  Letters from J.A. Brown & N.P. Selee, old students.  Eve  visited at Br Shattuck’s   Settled with him.  M.A.D.


Sunday 2/24/56

            Attended meeting at Br Perry’s with Br Denison  A.M. He preached at my house in the P M.

            Wrote to J A. Brown, N.P Selee, G.W. Brown & Co & Rex, J N Robinson, Enclosed $2, for Herald of Freedom.  A beautiful day, one year to day I bade adieu to S--.


Monday 2/25/56

            A pleasant mild day.  Worked for Wm. E. Parkerson, digging cellar.  Eve read newspapers.


Tuesday 2/26/56

            Worked for W.E.P. digging cellar & Eve. Read the papers.  2 inches of snow fell this eve.  Bridge at Juniatta gone by (?) in.


Wednesday 2/27/56

            Therm 32°.  41.  30.  A.M. made shelves, & read some.  P.M. work on cellar again.  Commenced snowing at 4 ½ Oclock  Messrs Pipher & Woodworth gone to the Ft. to secure the new bridge at Manhattan.  Eve  read the papers.


Thursday 2/28/56

            Therm M. 38°.  Finished Br P’s foundation for house at 4 P.M. Br Gill dined with us.  Snowed in the A.M.  Read in Youman’s Chem’y. & in the Independent.

            Cloudy;-- prospect of a storm, again.


Friday 2/29/56

            Cleaned up my revolver & gun, & read.  P.M. shelled out nearly 2. Bu. seed corn.  Calls from T.B. Smith, S. Perry & Br Denison.  No Mail.  Hungry for papers & letters.  No greater treat can I have here than news from my dear friends.  Snowed the last night & this morning.


Saturday 3/1/56

            A pleasant sunny day with a coolish breeze.  Call from father Barnes & Br. Trafton.  Chopped wood A.M.  P.M. studied Logic & Read Herald.

            Therm. -6°.  34°.  22°.


Sunday 3/2/56

            A pleasant warm day.  A.M. read the scriptures & the National Magazine.  P.M. Attended meeting at Dr Huntings  Preaching by Mr. Blood & the Sacrament.

            A wolf of a large size came up very near the house. – a gray wolf.  Saw Mr Barry on his way to the legislature.


Monday 3/3/56

            Calls from Smith & Mrs E Hunting.

            Lucinda rode my horse to the city.  W.E.G. accompanied her.

            Chopped wood & split rails in the A.M.

            P.M. shelled seed corn &c   Sent papers to A. Paine & Z

            Therm. 14°., ___ 38°.  No mail yet!  too bad!


Tuesday 3/4/56

            A pleasant mild day.  Sun dog in the morning with 25°. of a rain bow.  This is the day for our new legislature to meet.  Will probably adjourn to a future day. 

            Shelled seed corn with a bushel to eat.  Called with Br D—at Shattuck’s. 

            Therm at S.R. 22°.  --, 28°.

            Call from Mr Stitt to solicit our aid to raise a house for Mr. Morris, 3 miles up the Kansas.


Wednesday 3/5/56

            With Br Denison & Wm. E.P. joined a party of 7 other in raising a log house for a Mr Morris, 18 X 16, 9 logs high.  They treated us to an excellent dinner instead of whisky being a strong temperance man.  He is quite lame from a broken hip, -- a noble specimen of a man, with a smart wife.  Eve—read the Herald of Freedom.  Preparations for a border invasion, March 4th!


Thursday 3/6/56

            Worked for Wm. E.G. getting out fencing, A M.  P.M. Temperance meeting at my house, Adjourned one week to Dr Hunting’s.  Mrs Morse & Mrs Browning dined with us.  Read Physiology in the evening.


Friday 3/7/56

            Worked at fencing timber. Pleasant.

            Rode to Mr. Houston’s & got the mail, Rec’d a paper only from C.T. Bowen.


Saturday 3/8/56

            A.M. worked with Wm. E.G. & Wm. E.P. at cutting fencing timber

            Calls from Mr Houston & Mr. G.F. Brown.  P.M. burnt over part of my pasture land with some of my mow land. 

            To night Wm. E.G. has rec’d a letter announcing the death of his wife’s mother Mrs. Phebe Paddleford.  Eve—Read two eras  Am quite fatigued.  News that our K- legislature aren’t at work at Topeka making laws!  No molestation as yet!


Sunday 3/9/56

            Preaching by N. Trafton at Br Shattuck’s  20 present.  Wrote some.  Pleasant but coolish. 


Monday 3/10/56

            Finished letters to A. Paine, Wm. Linesey, S. French & C.L. Eastman, to send by G.F. Brown who goes East, the first conveyance.  P.M. cut fencing stuff.   Eve—snowed 3 in.


Tuesday 3/11/56

            Call from C.H. Lovejoy with Mr. Wright, who dined with us.  Br Denison & family visited us & most of them staid all night.  P.M. Br D. & myself went to an Association meeting at Manhattan.  After a spirited discussion, voted to instruct Trustees to insert a forfeiture of lots to all who sell Liquor on the same.


Wednesday 3/12/56

            P.M. dug on cellar for W.E. Parkerson.  Evening visited with Ellen at Mr Houston’s.


Thursday 3/13/56

            Worked on fencing  P.M. with Br P—Evening Temperance meeting at Dr Hunting’s.


Friday 3/14/56

            Read & studied.  P.M. Split out & hewed 4 bar posts.  Mail arrived.  Letters from R. Linesey & T.C. Wells.


Saturday 3/15/56

            Rode to Br D’s & borrowed auger  finished bar posts & put up 1 pr bars & 2 lengths fence.

            Read the papers some.  It has been pleasant & mild for several days.


Sunday 3/16/56

            A beautiful day.  Ellen & Br P—attended meeting at Br Perry’s.  Dined at Lucinda’s with Br Wm.

            P.M. 2 ½ O.clock, preaching by Br D—at my house.  Br Blood with a goodly number of neighbors were out.  Good N. Eng. company!

            Took a good bath.

            Read Heralds of Freedom!  Gov. Robinson’s message to K. Leg—an able document. 


Monday 3/17/56

            Cut fencing suff with W.E.P. Eve. Br Shattuck called & we agreed upon boundary lines.  Pleasant & spring like.


Tuesday 3/18/56

            Drew fencing stuff.  Low’s ox got stuck in the Creek.  Raised a Co’y. & got him out.  Used Denison’s cattle instead.  Rode over to Mr. Houston’s & Dr Hunting’s & the Dr started for Topeka to attend Legislature.  Mr. H—goes to Weston with F.B. Smith.  Warm, & soft going.


Wednesday 3/19/56

            Therm at noon, 63°.  W.E.G. took home Low’s cattle, & sent a grist to mill.  Myself & Wm. E.P. made fence.  Call from Br’ Morris, Mrs. Carroll took tea with Mrs. G--  Legislature adjourned to July 4th.

            A real spring day.


Thursday 3/20/56

            W.E.G. rode my horse to the Blue & brought me 3 hens.  W.E.P. Bot him a cow.  Went across the Creek & stopped a gap to keep my cow in place.  Damp P.M.

            Letters from R. Allyn & wife, & from H.W. Goodnow & Wm. Savier Esq enclosing draft $118.80.


Friday 3/21/56

            Put up with W.E.P. 21 rods fence.

            Prayer meeting in the eve—it being fast day for Kansas.  Present J. Denison, C.E. Blood  Truman Shattuck, John Gill, Wm. E. Goodnow, Mrs Shattuck  Mrs G-- & myself.

            A good season.


Saturday 3/22/56

            A.M. Drew fencing stuff.  P.M. put up fence.

            Call from Hogan, & Br Denison & Dr’ Hunting.  Therm. M. 63°.


Sunday 3/23/56

            Therm. M. 85°.  Read A.M.  P.M. 2 ½ O.clock  Preaching at Dr Hunting’s by C.E. Blood.  “An almost Christian”  The warmest day this year.


Monday 3/24/56

            Anniversary of my arrival at Big Blue & Rev C.E. Blood, Wm. E.G. started this P.M. for K—City.  Finished our fence—

            Eve Read Telegraph

            Called on Lucinda & W.E.P.


Saturday 3/29/56

            Since Monday myself with Brs Shattuck & Parkerson have worked on fencing a pasture of some 40 acres.  We have built 85 rods.  One days work more will finish it.  A hard successful & satisfactory job.  Thursday our mail arrived.  Rec’d letter from Wm. C. Peckham one of my old pupils. 

            Yesterday I was extremely fatigued—feel better today.—have been much troubled with bile, the last few days,

            Attended a Temperance Meeting Thursday evening at Dr Huntings.


Sunday 3/30/56

            Anniversary of my first vote in Kansas.  Voted for S.D. Houston, Rep. & M. F. Conway Sen. for K Leg-  the only Free State men elected. 

            Damp to day with some rain.  Read most of the day, Tribune, Herald, &c.  Call from Br. Gill.  Took a stroll across the Wild Cat with Br. W.E.P.


Monday 3/31/56

            Finished pasture fence 90 rods &c, besides gaps on the Creek.


Tuesday 4/1/56

            Very windy.  Made a cow yard in the pasture.  P.M. took a walk with W.E.P. to the Western part of my claim.  He shot a Goosander, the first I ever saw.  Eve classed our bird & took a good wash.


Wednesday 4/2/56

            Worked in garden clearing out the brush & leaves.  Call from Mr. Burditt, & Poole.  The first brought a letter from J. F. Legate, one of my old Wilbraham scholars now residing at Lawrence K.T.  They are seeking claims.  Directed them over near Father Barnes.  Eve—read physiology & classed the American Sparrow Hawk.  –shot by W.E.P. to day.  It aided & abetted yesterday in the destruction of a chicken.  He pays for it to day!


Thursday 4/3/56

            A.M. Ploughed my garden.  P.M. Br Shattuck’s.  Also attended a lecture on Temperance by Dr. Hunting.  Pleasant day  Mail day—2 papers but no letters.


Friday 4/4/56

            Drew a load of chips & mended fence.  P.M. Drew dirt from house.   Called at Br D’s.


Saturday 4/5/56

            Cleared up around the garden & planted onions, potatoes & peas.  Pleasant day but warm.  Therm at noon 80°.  Call from Dr. Hunting.


Sunday 4/6/56

            Quite windy  Therm at noon 67°.  A.M. Read &c.  Br. Gill came at 10 ¾ staid till 12.  P.M.  Preaching at Br Shattucks by Br. Denison at 2 ½ O.Clock.


Monday 4/7/56

            Looked with Mr Houston &c at boundary line of claim.  Harrowed my garden & planted some potatoes.  W.E.P.—worked ¾ day, clearing up bank & burning it.  Sent letters to M A.D. & J. M. Howe, also papers D.A. Denison & S—


Tuesday 4/8/56

            Cut down large elm & Huckberry in the garden & cleared up stocks with W.E.P. – Warm.  Cleaned spring. 


Wednesday 4/9/56

            Cleared eastern bank ready for burning.  P.M. burned logs on 5 acre piece also on little peninsula—burning the stalks.  A little sprinkle of rain.  Cooler & quite windy.  Very dry.


Thursday 4/10/56

            Carted dirt from house ½ d. with W.E.P.  P.M. Drew wood


Friday 4/11/56

            Burnt brush & Corn stalks & buil[t] fence next to house.  P.M. 3 O.clock attended a meeting of settlers at Manhattan, to consider the subject of taxation.  Resolved not to pay any!  Therm 88°.


Saturday 4/12/56

            A.M. Drew wood & ploughed 2 hours with W.E.P. in the garden lot.  P.M. 9 emigrants arrived J & A. Parkerson, Mr Sisson & 2 sons, Clarke Lewis, Mr Tanner, & A.C. Hall, with Br W.E. Goodnow.  4 Dined with us.  C.N. Wilson & T.C. Wells also arrived from the East whither they had been to spend the winter.  Dined at our house.  Therm M. 70°.  Set out beets, Turnips, & cabbages, measured out 8 Bu corn to J. Denison.


Sunday 4/13/56

            A.M. Read in paper &c. P.M. Preaching at Dr. Huntings by Rev. C.E. Blood, Mr Tanner accompanied me  Therm. M. 70°.  Our emigrants uneasy wandering around some.  Saw Dr Wilcox & Mr. Webb agent of a Ct. Co’y. of emigrants of 75—now on the way.  Rec’d letters from W.M. Glenn, M. Davis & Rev J. N. Robinson, & a catalogue from M. Raymond.


Monday 4/14/56

            Ploughed with Henry on home lot, with Br  D’s oxen.  Pleasant day.


Tuesday 4/15/56

            Ploughed on same lot as yesterday.  Went home with team & carried Br. Barnes’ 4 boxes.


Wednesday 4/16/56

            A.M. Worked in garden with Ellen   Planted apple, quince pomegranites & plums, N.E. corn, sweet corn, watermelons, muskmelons, pine seed, mustard seed, Dill, coriander, silk grass, pepper, sage, &c.  Peas rep!  Transplanted tomatoes, lettice, pepper grass, saffron, &c.  Looked over my potatoes, --nine bushels. Rode over to Dr Huntings.  Met Mrs E. H— on my return, on the Prairie.  Quite a talk with Mr Sisson who thinks of returning 


Thursday 4/17/56

            Planted potatoes in house lot with Wm. E.P. & others.  He also went out & cut a shingle tree.


Friday 4/18/56

            Letters from L. H. Whitney & wife, informing me of the death of Father Whitney, Rev. Wm. Cone, C M. Alvord & wife, Rev. J.N. Robinson, & Zoe. Cleared up on S.W. corner lot & by mistake burnt up 20 rods fence with my (?).  P.M. ploughed.  J.P. Wm. Sisson, W.E.P. & myself.


Saturday 4/19/56

            Ploughed on the same piece as yesterday & finished it, having 2 teams going, with Mr. Tanner & Clarke Lewis.


Sunday 4/20/56

            Wrote Z—W. Cone, J.N. Robinson, M. Davis  Preaching at my house 2 ½ P.M.

            Sabbath school started.


Monday 4/21/56

            Wrote mother & L.H. Whitney.

            A.M. sold corn & hay & chored it  P.M. harrowed S.W. Lot.  Thunder & lightening with a sprinkle of rain.  Eve read Telegraph.


Tuesday 4/22/56

            Planted 6 rows of potatoes.  Burnt weeds &c.  Called at Mr Houston’s & Dr Hunting’s

            Cloudy & cool in the morning clear & warm in the P.M.


Wednesday 4/23/56

            Finished planting corn on home lot  Mr Tanner & James E. Sisson helped me.  Borrowed Mr H’s shovel plough


Thursday 4/24/56

            Cleared up round house A.M.  P.M. shelled 3 ¼ Bu corn.  Visit from Mrs E. Hunting.  Mail came   no letters.  A shower of rain with hail.  Read papers Eve—


Friday 4/25/56

            Cleared up & burnt around barn lot   Messrs Sissons & sons with Mr Tanner left this morning.  The former for St Louis, the latter to K. City  Disappointed emigrants!  (the former)  W.E.P. carried grist to mill.


Saturday 4/26/56

            Quite a fine shower during the last night & also to day.  Rode to Mr Houston’s in the Morning, & with him to the city to see G.S. Park.  Heavy shower on the way.  Mr P—gave me a history of his restoration to Parkville last Fall.  Ret’d. by way of Br D’s.  J & A. Parkerson tarried with us over night the former having strained his ancle in leading a colt.  Took a good bath before retiring. 


Sunday 4/27/56

            A.M. read papers.  P.M. Class meeting.  Father Barnes dined here.  Quite cool in the A.M. & very windy   P.M. Wm. shot a gopher.  Wrote J. G-- & Dr Robinson.


Monday 4/28/56

            Ploughed on Eastern lot with Henry & drew up several jags of wood.  Eve went to the city to hear an address by G.S. Park, on Kansas affairs.  Quite a co. present at Mr Piphers.  Came home at 12 O clock  rained hard in the night.


Tuesday 4/29/56

            Feel the effects of last night’s work.  some rainy.  A.M. Miscellaneous “puttering”.  Call from Br Denison, who came after plough & wagon.  Planted Eastman’s corn (alias Wyandot) Neally’s squash, muskmelons, onions, carrots, parsnips & vegetable oysters, Peas & beans.  P.M. visit from Dr Hunting & wife.  Eve call from Br Gill  Powerful wind, P.M.


Wednesday 4/30/56

            Showers of rain.  Worked most of the day on S.W. corner piece getting out fencing material with Wm. E.P. & J. Parkerson.  Called at Mr. Houston’s. 

            Bogus Legislature assessor called in my absence. 

            Bargained my cow & horse to W. E. Parkerson $70 & $20.  $90.  Am to have the use of them till Fall.


Thursday 5/1/56

            Mayday!  But damp & cold  A.M. worked on fence S.W. lot.  Call from Dr. Wilcox  P.M. furrowed out & planted some.


Friday 5/2/56

            A.M. finished planting, S.W. Lot.  P.M.  Worked on fence.  Mail, papers but no letters!  A fine day.


Saturday 5/3/56

            A.M. Finished fencing S.W. Lot.  P.M. Repaired pasture fence.  could not find our cows.


Sunday 5/4/56

            Rode to Childs after cows but did not find them.  W.E.P.—found them near home.  Damp with clouds & rain.  Read at home.  Went over to Br D’s, just at night to tie up oxen.


Monday 5/5/56

            Ploughed on East Lot with Henry.  cows out of pasture.  Late doing chores.  Dr Wilcox took supper with us. 


Tuesday 5/6/56

            Ploughed as yesterday.  Did not quite finish the piece.  Cloudy & cool in the P.M.


Wednesday 5/7/56

            A.M.  Planted in garden.  P.M. cleared up bottom for W.E.P.—Cool at night.


Thursday 5/8/56

            Finished ploughing corn lot with W.E.P.  1 ¾ hours

            Felt quite unwell with pain in stomach.  Lay by 3 hours.  P. M.  Mess. Samuel Larkin, Wm. H. Stillman & boy, arrived from Westerly, R.I. Shot a gopher, Mr Stillman another & Mr Larkin a Red tailed Hawk.  Hoed in garden.  Messrs. Stillman & Larkin stopped with us over night.  Rec’d a summons to attend court at Ogden as a witness in a case between T I. Roosa & a German boy, to be held the 1st Monday of June.


Friday 5/9/56

            Grubbed my East lot of Elders Buckeyes &c  Shot a Ring Gopher.  Planted Western pumpkins, watermelons & squash seed.


Saturday 5/10/56

            Taken with a severe pain in the stomach which ended in a chill followed by a slight fever.  Lay on the lounge a good part of the day  A call from 2 begging Kaws.—gave them nothing from a fear that others would follow.  Mr. Heald arrived from Lawrence.  Stops at Br Denison’s.  News from Congressional, Territorial Committee.  They are piling up evidence on the frauds of election.  Sheriff Jones, not dead but small hopes of his recovery.


Sunday 5/11/56

            A pleasant morning.  Rested tolerably well through the night.  Br Denison & wife called after meeting.  Wrote J.A. Goodin


Monday 5/12/56

            Badly troubled with nettle rash through the night  Scratch myself horridly slept but little.  Early siezed with violent pain in the stomach, followed by purging & vomiting.  After this I had a cold clammy sweat & then some fever.  P.M.  Rather more comfortable.  Dr H—not able to visit on account of rain & dampness.  Sent me medicine  call from W. & E. Hunting  Br Shattuck & Lady, to aid & sympathize.


Tuesday 5/13/56

            Rested tolerably well during the night.  Feel quite comfortable this A.M. though weak.  P.M. Walked out & helped Ellen about a hen coop—Can do but little—must wait awhile.


Sunday 5/18/56

            Since writing as above I have been worse with the same old complaint I am reduced low—very weak—have sat up but little—mucus membrane—quite delicate—eat a little flour gruel & rice—Dr has called twice.—Must now build up slowly.  A new war has broken out below between Free state men & Border ruffianism  35 men left yesterday for Topeka.  We live in troublous times.  May the God of battles calm the passions of men & bring good out of the efforts of Ungodly Men to spread human slavery over these fair domains.  Have read some to day & walked into the garden & out to the barn.  Hope now by Divine help to soon be about my usual business.  No letters the past week  one paper & congressional Document from Mr. Harlan, M. C.


Monday 5/19/56

            Did little or nothing.  gain slowly.


Tuesday 5/20/56

            Ploughing across the creek.  Wm. E.P. &c


Wednesday 5/21/56

            Ploughing going on.  Do but little myself.


Friday 5/23/56

            Shattuck, W.E.P. & J.P—finished the piece across the creek.  It has been very hot for 4 days.

            Letter from Sister Ransom  Therm 96°.


Saturday 5/24/56

            Went over to Br D’s after cattle.  Had my East lot harrowed.  Furrowed out a part of it & W.E.P.— & myself planted some potatoes.  Also planted some on garden lot.  Much fatigued.

            Alfred A Parkerson & F B. Smith left for R. I.  Sent letters to G.W. Quereau & Mrs M. Bateman.  Ellen also wrote Mrs. C.M. Alvord 

            Warm 98°.


Sunday 5/25/56

            Washed myself all over at the Wild Cat—feel better for it.  A.M. Read some  P.M. Attended meeting at Dr. Hunting’s.  Preaching by Rev. C. E. Blood.  Still warm & very dry.


Monday 5/26/56

            Harrowed my 5 acre lot.  Wm. & Joseph planted barn lot. 

            Very warm.  Term 99°.


Tuesday 5/27/56

            Planted my 5 acre lot aided by Brs. Shattuck, Gill, Wm. & Joseph & Henry Denison.  An excellent job.  Am quite fatigued.  Cooler.


Saturday 5/31/56

            Warm & dry.  For the last few days have been to work on S.W. Peninsula.  Corn did not come up.  Have ploughed over a part, harrowed over the whole, furrowed it out & to day have planted ¼ part.  Killed a rattle snake with 6 rattles.  Did not know it was one till after I had stamped on his head with my heal!  Careless!  The Lord is good.

            Yesterday letters from W. Cone & N. P. Selee.


Sunday 6/1/56

            Preaching at my house P M. by Br. Denison.  Quite a large company present.  Read as usual.


Monday 6/2/56

            burnt a little coal pit, for charcoal to save my beef.  Made a cellar window & helped Ellen clear out cellar.  Started for Ogden to attend court as witness.  Met Br Barnes on the road who informed me that the case was settled.  Turned back by way of Br Morris’s & Mc.Kenzie’s  Glad to be released.  News has come from the Neosho that one of the Legislators was butchered by Border-ruffians & that his friends rallied & killed 8 of the Murderers!

            Mr. Kimball a worthy young man met with a serious accident!  He was run over by his oxen & wagon with 700 ft of boards, the wagon passing over the abdomen.  Poor fellow.  The Lord be with him!


Tuesday 6/3/56

            Warm, for several days the Thermometer has stood at about 100°. at M!  to day also!

            Worked with Wm. E.P. making fence (his) ¾ day, on little Peninsula & his bottom.  Am troubled with a lame side—Must lay aside more. 

            Ellen rode up to Mr Trafton’s to visit Kimball, the man so badly injured,-- is no better.  Call from Brs Gill & Shattuck.


Wednesday 6/4/56

            hoed in the garden a little.  Cannot do much owing to a pain in my side.  Warm


Thursday 6/5/56

            Hoed 2 rows of potatoes.  Call from Messrs Wilson & Wells, who helped me cultivate my garden field of potatoes & corn.


Friday 6/6/56

            A.M. made a frame for musketoe bar, & winnowed corn for milling P.M. sent 2 Bu Corn to mill by W.E.P. planted, pumpkin, Neally Squash, watermelons & cantelopeseed.  A severe wind with some rain.

            Letters from Mrs. E. B. Howe, C.F.A. Dodge, Z-e.

            Mr Kimball the young man so badly injured last monday, died this P.M. A great loss to our little community!


Sunday 6/15/56

            Last Sabbath went to Br Shattuck’s to class.  Ellen rode to the city & attended meeting.  I wrote to M.A.D. Z-- & commenced a letter to R. Allyn.

            Most of the week I have spent, hoeing potatoes & corn in the garden lot.  Planted over corn also some egg beans & broom corn.


Friday 13th

            125 Dragoons passed from Ft. Riley bound to Lawrence, as one of the soldiers raid to escort home the Border Ruffians!  To day we learn that the territory is under martial law—that Shannon & all other officers that were concerned in burning Lawrence are dismissed.—Pierce is backing down!  Letters from L. H. Whitney, L. P. Lincoln & C. L. Eastman   Ellen B. Buddington Eastman.  Almost too good news to be true!  C. Sumner has been knocked down in the Senate Chamber.  Slavery must settle for this!  She is fast filling up her cup of iniquity!  The Lord speedily sent her down-fall!

            Finished a letter to Br R. Allyn, & wrote to mother.


Sunday 15th

            My cow had a “tantram” which hindered me several hours.  a little rain.


Monday 16th

            A.M. quite rainy.  A great desideratum just now.  Set out some cabbages.


[June 17, 1856 to November 13, 1856, inclusive, are missing from this book.]


Friday 11/14/56

            A pleasant day.  Mr. McCullom picked corn.  I have done more today than any day for 6 weeks.  I seem to be gaining strength finely.  Buried some cabbages & turnips & covered up peach & apple trees with Brush to keep off cattle.  No letters today; only a Herald of Freedom.  Settled with Mr Blake.  He is pretty sharp!  Joseph D. is gaining.


Saturday 11/15/56

            Picked corn  dug potatoes &c.  Am gaining strength daily.  Bless the Lord!  Beautiful weather for gathering crops.


Sunday 11/16/56

            Another beautiful Sabbath.  I had hoped to spend it quietly & have done so, save some 2 hours driving off cattle from my corn.  Read some & rested.  Called on Br Denison with Ellen.  Find him much better.  Wrote in the Evening to Br Jotham.


Monday 11/17/56

            Cold.  Dug potatoes & picked corn.  Settled with T. Shattuck who leaves tomorrow.  Made out a transfer of his title to his claim to Mr. Kimbal.  Rec’d. several notes to collect.  Gave him a writing showing an exchange of land between us.  Have done quite a day’s work.  Made out papers for Br Shattuck for the sale of his claim & a power of Attorney. 


Tuesday 11/18/56

            Picked corn.  Could not dig potatoes owing to the depth of the frost.  Called at Br. Denison’s; found him better.  Br Shattuck left this morning with his family for Michigan.


Wednesday 11/19/56

            Finished picking my 5 acre piece of corn across the creek.  P. M. had potatoes dug.  Found them badly frozen.  Have my log cabin full of corn.  A light shower or two during the day & rain during the evening.  Call from Mr Houston.  Talk about the survey of claims & our boundaries.


Thursday 11/20/56

            Mr. McCullom left this morning.  Mr. Powers remains & digs potatoes at the halves.  Rode to the city & called on W.E.P.  Lucinda sick again with chills, Etta has a fever.  With Br. Denison called on Gen Pomroy at Br Barnes.  Dined with him.  Has covered the city with 2 floats.  This will save much trouble from evil disposed men.  Saw Mr Woodworth—he leaves next Saturday.  Governmental Surveyors men at work in the city.  Have written on to Jotham to forward $200. to pay for my claim.  Sorted potatoes.  Br. Wm. E. has commenced drawing logs  Quite windy in the middle of the day. 


Friday 11/21/56

            Finished digging potatoes today.  Have about 74 Bu in my cellar besides a bbl of frost bitten ones.  Call from Gen. Pomroy.  Buchanan is elected President.  This I consider a National calamity & especially a calamity for poor Kansas!  Yet God is able to bring good out of evil & save this fair territory from the curse of slavery.  In He’vn is our hope.  I can but feel that Kansas must be Free!  May the Lord reighn!  Rec’d. quite a number of papers by mail & in the evening improved the opportunity for reading them.  Br Wm. E.G. has taken logs to mill to board up my house inside; this will make my house quite warm.


Saturday 11/22/56

            Drew up 2 loads of wood with Br Gill.  Put up the balance of my corn in the shed into the long cabin, cleared the shed, & chored it.  Mr. Powers finished digging Parkinson’s potatoes.  Bought his share.  He went home this evening leaving me alone again, as to men.  Mrs. Bicknell is still with us.  Settled with her, taking my pay in articles of clothing &c.  Damp & cloudy to night.


Sunday 11/23/56

            A quiet day of rest.  Read & wrote a little.  Feel refreshed.  P. M. Cleared off with the prospect of fair weather again.  Wrote to David & Hiram Denison & commenced a letter to G.W. Quereau.


Monday 11/24/56

            Rode to Manhattan.  A little snow & rain.  Got the minerals formerly belonging to Mr. Bicknell—a present from Mrs B.—Some 6 Qts of them.  Dined with Lucinda.  Mr Hall & myself returned & picked a load of corn, which Mr H— took down to W.E.P.—

            Eve  looked over Mr B’s Minerals.  No labels, or localities—this destroys ¾ of their value.  Read a little in the Chemistry of Common Life.


Tuesday 11/25/56

            Mr Hall & W.E.P. came up & we gathered corn & squash from the little Peninsula.  It is damp & coolish but we got along quite comfortably, considering that it rained 4 hours the past night.

            Settled with W.E.P.  Gave him the use of his garden, the small peninsula, $5.00, & rec’d. his gun in return &c  We jumped accounts & I think they are about right.  Wm. expressed much gratitude for favors received.  They dined with us, having a pleasant chit chat.  Mrs. Bicknell left this morning for Mr Barnes. 


Wednesday 11/26/56

            Prepared a corn crib in my shed.  W.E.P. & Mr Hall came up & picked 2 loads of corn—one for each of us.  W.E.P.—taken sick with a chill & stopped over night.  W.E.G. came up to supper & also remained over night.  Snowed in the P. M. & evening.


Thursday 11/27/56

            Went out early in pursuit of Wild Turkeys, but found none.  Cold & chilly.  I called at Mr Houston’s & warmed.  Had quite a chit chat with Mrs H.—Ret’d. home quite fatigued.  I have to walk because W.E.G. has my horse.  Mr Houston called & drew a writing defining the boundaries between us.  A call from Melville Kimball.  Sawed wood & repaired my barn. 

            Evening.  Sorted over pumpkins &c, & read in the “Chemistry of Common Life” to Ellen.  Went to bed 10 ¾ P. M.


Friday 11/28/56

            Was called up by Henry Denison to go after the Dr.  His mother is sick “after the manner of women”.  Ellen went over early.  9 A. M. taken with a chill, which was followed by fever.  Have also a Diarhea.

            Mr Hall came up to gather W. E. P.’s sod corn.  W.E.C—came up & got a saw log.  Went to the office for me.  Feel quite comfortable after my chill.  Have read some.  I learn that Mrs. J. Denison is blessed with a pair of twins, a boy & girl!  This will do for Kansas!


Saturday 11/29/56

            A beautiful morning.  Rested most sweetly.  Feel refreshed.  Hope with prudence to regain my health & strength.  Have rec’d. a letter from Mrs Bateman.  It gladdened my heart  It breathes the true spirit of friendship & affection.  She is anxious, very anxious to have us return “home.”  Blessed good woman.

            Rode out after breakfast with my gun.  Skirted the Wild Cat to the lower end of Mr Houston’s corn, striking into the cornfield to see Mr. Gill who was picking corn, my gun, lying across the saddle, partly slid off.  In my effort to recover it, one barrel loaded with 17 buckshot, went off, the whole charge passing just in front of my breast!  A narrow escape for which I cannot be too grateful to my Heavenly Father.  Dangers stand thick around us but we see but few of them.  A kind Providence watches over us & saves us from them.

            Came up with Mr Farnum at Mr Houston’s & invited him home to dinner.  We had a very agreeable visit of an hour.  Made arrangements for a Buffalo hunt about thanksgiving time.  He lives up near the Republican Fork 12 miles above fort Riley.  Made some improvements around the house & just at night struck into Mr Houston’s woods for a wild turkey.  Found a flock, but too wild for me to shoot any.  Evening, Read the Providence Journal.


Sunday 11/30/56

            Went to Manhattan to meeting, & found no minister.  He—Rev. Mr. Wisner—had gone away, & left no one to supply, therefore his congregation was disappointed.  Bad policy this.  A minister cannot be too particular in fulfilling all his engagements.  Called at Lucinda’s & dined.  Found her sick—about taking an emetic.  Poor woman!  she has a hard time.  Read a letter from Mary A Daniels, giving an account of her marriage & tour home.  Was about to return to Galesburg Illinois to go to housekeeping.  May happiness & usefulness be her happy lot.


Monday 12/1/56

            A rainy day with snow in the evening.  A quiet storm, after the fashion of N. Eng’d.  Finished a letter to G.W. Quereau having special references to my return to E. G.  He wrote, asking if I would come back when their new Building is done; I replied favorably.  He laid the subject before the Trustees & there it rests at present.  On account of its healthfulness I prefer E. G. to any other location.  I need the sea breezes & its concomitants to restore me from my Billious affections.  May the Lord direct in my field of labor.  I wish to be where I can enjoy health & be most useful.  Powers stopped over night.  Wrote to Br. Charles Adams at Cincinnati.


Tuesday 12/2/56

            A heavy snow storm lasting through the day & part of the night.  Read & wrote a little.  A very severe wintry day—a regular Vermonter.  Mr Fullerton a Vermonter came in the evening & spent the night.  Mr Houston’s cattle have been into my home lot & troubled me some. 


Wednesday 12/3/56

            Pleasant but very cold.  Some 12 inches of snow have fallen, but it is very much drifted.  Found a cow in my peninsula corn.  Drove home Mr Houstons cattle.  Shoveled snow & repaired damages from the storm.  Went over to Br D’s.  Health improving.


Thursday 12/4/56

            Visited my 5 Acre peninsula where I have some ungathered corn.  Helped Mrs G. about her washing some.  Cleared snow out of shed & from corn in the cabin.  Went with Mr Houston to shoot a turkey.  Gun hung fire & I missed.  Too bad!  Shot a very large Fox Squirrel.  J. Gill with us to tea.  Call from Mellville Kimball to borrow $5.


Friday 12/5/56

            The coldest day of the season.  Rode over to Br. Denison’s in the A. M.  all well as usual.  Sorted over my pumpkins & squashes in the cellar.  Call from Mellville who went after the mail & brought me papers but no letters.  Read some.  The friends of Freedom do not yet give up Kansas to slavery.  A hard battle is to be fought yet.


Saturday 12/6/56

            A little milder.  Chopped wood, shot a turkey weighing, undressed, 15 ¾ lbs, dressed 13 ¼ lbs.  A call from Joseph.  Read newspapers & aided my wife about the house. 


Sunday 12/7/56

            A very pleasant, quiet, cool day.  We have enjoyed it all to ourselves.  Not a single call.

            For breakfast we had pancakes & maple molasses, a favorite article at my wife’s old home.  I made the molasses from sugar, given by my dear Mother.  The meal we enjoyed richly.  For dinner we had our big Turkey but felt rather lonesome—we wanted some of our good friends to enjoy it with us.  Read the last two Boston Telegraphs.

            Evening wrote to L. H. Whitney & Emeline.  Ellen is not very well.  Has worked too hard of late.  Must have a respite.


Monday 12/8/56

            Finished my letter to Br Quereau, & carried this with letters to C. Adams, & L. H. Whitney, & mailed them at Manhattan.  Called on Lucinda, Mr. Barnes, & at W. E. Goodnow’s store.  Saw Mr Stevens about the sawing of my logs.  Returned home to dinner.  Took my gun & walked over to my 5 Acre peninsula—all right.  Saw 2 Turkeys but they kept their distance. 

            Chopped wood, & in the evening Read the Pendulum & R. I. Schoolmaster.  Weather milder.


Tuesday 12/9/56

            Took a tramp with my gun  got nothing but my labor.  Husked & shelled 3. Bu corn for the mill to be ground for eating.  It is excellent, but very little waste this year from worms or moulding.  A mild day.  Snow has melted considerably.  We have had signs of rain & thunder in the distance but have escaped.  This evening it is some cloudy with a circle around the moon.  Our snow no doubt will soon vanish. 

            Ellen is not at all well.  Has worked too hard & is low spirited.  She is nervous & needs rest & must have it.  Generally she is full of hope and courage.  For 2 hours she has slept sweetly & I trust will wake up much refreshed.  Kansas is full of trials, & the worst of all seems to be the disposition to get out of patience!  This undoubtedly grows out of the Billious state of the system & the fact that hardly anything can be done at the time calculated.  Fix upon the time necessary to have a job done, double it & you will be somewhere near the time of its completion.  This is exceedingly perplexing.  The cause of this is the great disadvantages all settlers in new countries are obliged to labor under.  Conveniences however, by & by, will come & in the meantime we must try to [be] patient in every thing.  Henry Denison called this P. M.


Wednesday 12/10/56

            N. E. storm of snow from 9 to 12 A M. 2 inches.  Went out to my 5 acre Peninsula of corn & shot an old gobble turkey, a real old settler, weighing, undressed, 20 ¼ lbs.  He will keep us in meat for sometime.  P. M.  Shelled South American wheat.  It grows something like broom corn, & is planted the same.  I shelled it by drawing it through nails driven into the end of a board.  The wheat is a great curiosity & yields heavily but I think the labor of harvesting & thrashing will render it unprofitable to cultivate.  I have enough to grind & try the meal or flour made from it.  Eve, for supper we had some old fashion Hominy & milk, a real treat!  This with custard pie to close up made a very fine meal.  With pies & cakes, turkeys, fresh meat, squash, pumpkins & potatoes with all the other varieties of food, a good faithful wife & cook can make from corn meal, Graham & fine flour, we never lived so luxuriously in our lives.  One article we enjoy very much is baked squash, Marrow Fat, & the Kershaw.  They are as palatable and taste very much like sweet potatoes—full as good, & rather more easily digested. 

            Eve, read in “Chemistry of Common Life,” but was so fatigued from the past 3 days labor that I gave up my book & took a snooze upon the lounge, of one hour!


Thursday 12/11/56

            My wife proposed to change works.  I was to wash up the dishes & get dinner, & she was to finish shelling out that wheat, by rubbing it upon her wash board.  I gladly accepted her offer & she has succeeded beyond my expectations & done it a great deal sooner than I could.  Mr. Houston called for my cross cut saw & advises that I make beef of my cow.  Think I shall.  P. M.  Went up to Br. Perry’s & mended my shoes.  Not a shoemaker this side of Lawrence!  With the population, & the time of settlement of this region it seems almost incredible that we have no shoemaker, Harness maker, nor watch repairer.  Manhattan has not now even a blacksmith!  These things compel every man to be a sort of Jack of all Trades in order to keep himself comfortable  I had not a single pair of boots nor shoes, fit to go out in the wet; whereas a little mending would set my shoes & boots in good order.  This P. M. I have done the pegging part of repairing 4 shoes & one boot.  I suppose I have not driven a peg before for 30 years.  The sewing part I must do at home.  I met at Mr P’s a Mr. Miller who has taught school in Mississippi, & has now come to try Kansas.  Poor fellow he has a bad cough & seems to be quite advanced in consumption!  Came home & found my wife sick with the sick headache—her day’s work has been altogether too much for her.  Too bad!


Friday 12/12/56

            Ellen arose this morning, rested & free from headache, & has done a good day’s work.  Br. Gill came early & took our grist to mill but it is not ground—the mill having stopped to repair damages. 

            Finished winnowing my S American wheat.  I have 1 3/8 Bushels from ½ pt sown, 178 fold yield on the seed!  Chopped wood.  Went to Mr. Houston’s for the mail but it did not come.  Made a call at Dr. Hunting’s, & at our nearest neighbor’s, Melville Kimball’s.

            Eve—call from Br Denison.  Read the Tribune.


Saturday 12/13/56

            Took Br Denison’s Oxen & wagon & went down after my grist.  Found any number of Dutchmen & kindred waiting for their grists—some 150 Bu. unground, over a day’s grinding.  At first they were ready to confront me with the falsehood that their turn came before mine, but I soon settled the matter by stating to them the facts & appealed to their sense of manly honor!  Some had come 20 miles & had been waiting since yesterday.  Called at Lucinda’s & took a dinner of “Chicken fixings” mince pie, &c.  Did not find them as well as usual.  She has to do too much.  Came home late, in the evening (?), amidst a piercing, biting, driving North West snow storm.  Had I not been remarkably well dressed I should have suffered most severely.  Many of those that go home from mill to night will be frost bitten, & must suffer badly.  Quite a number in this Ft Riley District are poorly prepared for such weather, therm down to 10°.  Several have been to Manhattan after boots, with their bare toes sticking out of the toes of old worn out boots.  Poor fellow!  Money to pay for new ones but none in the market!

            Mail arrived to day, a letter from L. P. Lincoln, & 2 papers.  After 10 P. M. renewed the banking of snow north side of the house to help my cellar from freezing. 


Sunday 12/14/56

            From fatigue & late retiring did not rise till about 7. A.M.  1 ½ hours later than usual.  Therm in room 14°.  outside 8°. (in cellar 36 ½°, lower than it has been before this season).

            Cow ran over to Mellville’s yesterday.  Went after her & tied her head to foot—think she will remain at home till I make beef of her sometime in the middle of the week.  Read the Independent, Pendulum & scriptures. 

            Eve—wrote to Br & Sister Cheney, Xenia, Ohio.  Took a good wash all over with snow water trusting to be benefitted.


Monday 12/15/56

            Went out with my gun after breakfast but obtained nothing.  Helped E. about her washing, did my chores & made some shoemaker’s wax preparatory to cobbling.  Succeeded admirably.  Shall have some to give away.  Picked over my pumpkins, & sorted over my potatoes some.  Tried S. A. wheat for griddles—no better than Buckwheat. 


Tuesday 12/16/56

            Pleasant weather a little moderated from the cold of the past few days.  Fix a Kansas back to my “office chair” – quite an improvement—cheap to yield much comfort to a day laborer.  Made mortar to stop some of my House cracks to keep out Old Boreas.  Again tried our new wheat with yeast—no improvement.  The cakes are of a dark purple—red.  Shall try the wheat in a variety of ways.  Thus far am not very highly pleased.  Call from Br Gill wishing help to find Mr Houston’s daughter who had suddenly disappeared some 4 hours before.  I mounted my horse & soon found 4 men hunting.  After 2 hours search she was found close by Dr. Hunting’s hovel curled up in a heap, just under a brush heap, in plain sight of where half a dozen persons had looked.

            At first she cried & said she did not wish to go home!  Poor child!  I pity you!  She has no mother but a stepmother with 3 children.  To these she is a slave, & the mother is not much better off. 

            The position of a step-mother is very unenviable!  The lost girl is about 12—quite thin, with a cloud of care better becoming a women of 50! 

            Baked that Big Gobble Turkey.  Dressed, it weighted 16 ½ lbs.  It will stand us for a good many dinners. 


Wednesday 12/17/56

            A cold day.  Got Mr Browning to help me butcher my cow.  She makes fine beef,  Was about sick last night & not very well this morning, but am better after butchering.  Rode over to Br. Denison’s. Gen Hall & W. E. P. called.  Promised to come up tomorrow & finish gathering our corn.


Thursday 12/18/56

            Wm. E. P. called but no Gen Hall!  So much for such men’s promises!  It is very easy to talk,  but I like to deal with men that keep their promises.  Shot a wolf near my house & skinned him with the aid of Ellen & prepared the skins for tanning by putting on Alum & sal nitre powdered & then rolling up the skin.  It is a beautiful skin, yellowish & striped with Blk bars & mottled gray.  Rode over to Mr Houston’s.  Evening went home with Mellville to help carry his quarter of beef.  Went over to Br D’s & weighed his Beef & Tallow.  My cow weighed, the beef 438 ½, tallow 30lbs.  Skin 57 lbs making the whole 519 ½lbs.  Dr Still has arrived at Br D’s to attend Q. M. Conference


Friday 12/19/56

            A N. E snow storm—cold Therm 22°.  Chopped wood.  Cleansed & scraped my tripe.  Prepared mortar.  Mended a lot of old tin ware, so I have to be Tinker with my other numerous trades.  It has been a severe tedious cold day.  A very pleasant clear evening.  Therm. 14°. 


Saturday 12/20/56

            Plastered my house in part.  Shot a Bald-headed Eagle, measuring in length 2 ½ ft alar extent 6 ½ ft.  He was 110 paces off.  I used a shot gun, loaded with buckshot.  This is decidedly the best shot I ever made.  Ellen rode over to Mr. Houston’s & brought the mail.  Eve—read the papers.  Call from S. Perry.  Went to bed at 11.


Sunday 12/21/56

            Remained quietly at home reading &c.  Br Denison & Dr Still went up the Blue yesterday to hold a Quarterly Meeting at Br Condray’s.  He expected me to go, & I desired to very much but the way seemed hedged up therefore I am here.

            Henry Denison called & took dinner, expecting to find his aunt Ellen alone.  Rode over to Br D’s just at night to see that all is right. 

            Wrote to Mary A. Daniels, & Ellen wrote to her brother, George.  As we are about retiring to rest the wind blows up cold & cheerless from the N. E. it began with a few snow flakes but its store was soon exhausted.  I see not why it does not bid fair for as cold & as hard a winter as the last one.  It must produce much suffering from the ill prepared situation of many of the citizens of Kansas.  May the Lord temper the winds to the shorn lambs!”

            We are truly grateful that we are comparatively comfortably provided for. 


Monday 12/22/56

            Shot a turkey in my garden before breakfast.  Carried it over to Br Denison’s as a present for Christmas.  It weighed, undressed, 12 ¼ lbs.  Carried letters to the office.  Call from a soldier to buy pigs, poultry, &c. for Christmas.  Br Wm. made us a call, also Gen Hall.  Went to Mellville Kimball’s in the evening & got some milk.  As we have killed our cow, we are now dependent on him for this luxury.  Salted down my quarter of Beef.  Read N. Y. Tribune.  The last night the cold got into my cellar.  More than any night previous.  Therm 32°.  Outdoors 4°. & windy. 


Tuesday 12/23/56

            Was summoned to attend the court of Referees at Manhattan to decide on the remuneration to be paid to those who have had the city claims previous to putting on the 2 floats.  Messrs. Barry, Palmer, & Marshall, were the committee of referees.  Mr Marshall being absent N. Trafton was elected to supply his place.  Dined at Br. Barnes’  Got through with my testimony as Committee on claims about night.  Called at Lucinda’s a few moments on my return.

            Eve, read some as usual & looked over my pumpkins & squashes in the cellar.  Arrangements with Wm. E. G. for 80 acres of my claims for $500.00


Wednesday 12/24/56

            Finished plastering my house.  Filled a bed with hay & made some changes in sleeping apparatus, &c &c  Calls from Br. Denison & Mr Browning.  A mild pleasant day. 

            Evening.  Looked over old letters, & read in Chemistry of Common Life.  Have felt remarkably well today.  Call from M. J. Kimball & F. B. Smith—staid till 10.


Thursday 12/25/56

            Christmas day!  We are invited out, to Br Denison’s.  We are calculating to have a holy day for a wonder!  Heretofore it has been almost every day either sickness or work!

            Eve.  We have dined at Br D’s on that Turkey & other good things to match.  At 2 ½ P. M. Br D. & myself went up to Br Trafton’s & heard a sermon from the P. E. Dr. Still.  Only 6 were present.  But he preached with as much apparent interest as though he had had a hundred.  This is the right kind of spirit for a pioneer preacher.  Quarterly Conference after preaching.  Came home at dusk—found Mellville in pursuit of the same “lost girl” that I looked for the other day.  Poor child!  I can hardly see much chance for finding her to night, and another day may find nothing but what the wolves may leave of her!  Horrid idea!  How must her poor father feel!

            The U.S. Surveyors are at work around or near my claim & I shall soon know my boundaries.  This is very desirable.  It is unpleasant to be kept so long in doubt.  The U.S. Surveyors have turned out to be John Hoar’s with reference to jumping a claim. 

            At 9 ½ P. M. being about to retire, F. B. Smith & Mellville called & with them I took a look up the ravine above Mellville’s, faintly hoping to find the lost girl.  Arrived home at 11.  fruitless search!


Friday 12/26/56

            Rained all day.  Calls from Mellville, F. B. Smith, & Br Denison dined with us.  Took a wet ride over the prairies for the little girl—all to no purpose.  Chopped wood.  Eve went after the mail & learned that the little girl is found—she was at Manhattan!  Dr. Still is making us a visit.  Mended my boots.  Read in the newspapers.


Saturday 12/27/56

            Rained through the night. & this morning, with a little snow.  Dr. Still left for Br Sherwood’s.  Mended my boots, finished the tripe for boiling.  Dressed the head of my beef.  Call from S. D. Houston, W.E.G..  Wm. stopped with us over night.  P. M. or Eve—cleared off cold.


Sunday 12/28/56

            Wm. E. Goodnow, seeing a notice in the Herald of Freedom that the goods of some of our settlers in Kansas City are about to be sold to pay freight & storage, decided to start tomorrow morning & save them if possible for the owners accordingly he is getting ready to go.

            Rode over to Br Morris’s to attend meeting.  Preaching by the P. E. Dr. Still, “We preach not ourselves” &c.  Took dinner with Br. Sherwood.  P. M. the Sacrament was administered.  Arrived home at dusk.  Dr. Still intends to accompany Wm. E to Lawrence.  Icy & slippery.  Read & wrote in the evening.  Wrote to C. L. Eastman & L. P. Lincoln.


Monday 12/29/56

            Went over to Mr Houston’s; saw him & Mr Blood relative to our annual election of Trustees of our City Association.  Decided on a list.  Gen. Hall & W. E. P. called.  Measured a line on the north side of my claim to ascertain where my west sectional line would come.  Made it 20 rods west of my house.  Learned that W. E. G. has given up going to Kansas City.  Hall & Parkerson, & Kimball dined with us.  Br Denison called & we settled our accounts, showing a balance due me of $15.00  J. Gill called.  Eve—read newspapers.


Tuesday 12/30/56

            Called at Br Denison’s & Mr Roosa.  The last walked with me to Manhattan.  Discussed our city affairs & the officers to be chosen next Monday.  Called at W. E. P., & took dinner.  Met the Trustees, for building a church, at Br Pipher’s.  The church is to be stone 23 x 35 ft, 12 ft to the roof or eaves.  Saw quite a number of my old friends.  Came home at evening.  Br. Denison accompanied me part of the way.  Read papers in the evening.  A matter of some interest & requiring some considerable prudence & delicacy of action was arranged satisfactorily with Br J. Pipher relative to a revolver that I borrowed for him of F. B. Smith to be used in repelling an expected mob of Missourians last year.  The revolver was lost, & J. P- was responsible for it but has not paid, partially objecting to do so to Br. Smith.  I think now all will be made right. 


Wednesday 12/31/56

            Went after turkies.  Found a flock in my corn, fired & one tumbled over apparently dead, but soon he jumped up & ran & I after him.  I had a hard chase, fell down on the ice & lamed my (?) & injured my gun.  Twice, he was almost within my grasp but at last he escaped.  Good luck to him!  Chopped wood & read in Chem of C. Life.  Mellville called with his brother who arrived yesterday.  They had shot a turkey & after a hard run, having shot at him 3 times succeeded in capturing him.  The brother is a fine looking young man & will be a valuable acquisition to the neighborhood.  His father & family come on in the Spring.  This is the last day of the year, a time for reflection & devotion.  The Lord grant that mine may be acceptable to Him. 

            One thing I like to have forgotten.  Last night a polecat in searching for something to eat, stepped on to the top of a barrel, the lid tipped up & in he went into the barrel, & could not get out.  He is now a prisoner a little while for a show!  He is smaller, more spotted with white, & handsomer than our N. England polecat.  Eve—call from Br. Gill, recommended him as a suitable person to receive help from the Kansas Relief Committee.