Thursday 1/1/57

            A happy New Year for which I am grateful.  Went after Turkeys but found none.  Chopped wood & read in Chem. of Common Life,  Expected Br’ Denison & children to spend New Years with us but they have disappointed us.  Made some improvements to keep our house warmer.  A.M.  We had a little snow.  P.M.  a fine mist.  We hope to spend more profitably than the past.  Br Wm. has come up to spend the night. 


Friday 1/2/57

            Cold (8°.F) & snowy (2 inches).  Wm. & myself have been hunting.  He shot with his rifle a Pole cat, turkey & a prairie hen.  I only got a prairie hen from a hawk – he having eat off his head & neck.  Called at Mr Houston’s. & Mr Houston called at my house & took dinner.  Had a long visit on city business, & on Wm. taking a claim between myself & Mr Houston.  He takes it.  A splend[id] sun dog!


Saturday 1/3/57

            Made additional improvements for the warmth of my house.  Sorted over my potatoes, worked on my wolf skin to tan it.  Br Denison called & brought my mail, Read the newspapers, & also in Chem. of C. Life  Coldest day of the season,  Tried a couple of prairie hens stewed for dinner—like them very much—much better than I expected.


Sunday 1/4/57

            A cold day.  Spent the day quietly at home, thankful that I have so comfortable a house with food & raiment convenient for us.  Read & reflected.  Not a call from any one to day.  This is what I like—no Sabbath calls or visits.  God is good to us.  May we be entirely his.—to glorify & keep His commandments—


Monday 1/5/57

            Attended a meeting of the Manhattan Town Association.  Appointed as Trustees S.D. Houston, C.E. Blood  Wm. E. Goodnow, T.J. Roosa, J.D. Woodworth, Directors, C.E. Blood, T.J. Roosa, J.D. Woodworth, Committee to divide shares among members who have done service for city, I.T. Goodnow & TC Wells with two to be appointed by the Trustees from their number.  Dined with W.E.P. on roast turkey.  P.M.  session was spirited & miscellaneous items were attended to.  29 members of the association were present.  At our last annual meeting only 17 attended.  Sent letter to Mrs M.R.B.--  Sun dog


Tuesday 1/6/57

            Worked on potatoes, did my chores, read some.  Fired at a turkey, crossing my garden, too far off  15 rods—missed it.  Shot a very large Fox squirrel.  Mrs. Bicknell walked up from Manhattan to visit us.  Spends the night.  Very cold yet.  Wrote to Mark W. Trafton, W.D.C.


Wednesday 1/7/57

            Backed up & chopped.  A.M. Plastered some stray cracks in my house.  Mrs. B.—left for Manhattan. Br Gill called.  Sowed up some rips in my boots.  Very cold—about as much as one is able to do to take of his stock & prepare wood for the stove, & eat his regular meals.  My appetite is enormous & I am growing fleshy fast.  The trouble is I am fearful that the fat is not substantial


Thursday 1/8/57

            Chopped wood & read Chem of Common Life.  P.M. went up to Perry’s to aid him in difficulty about a wood lot.  Was not needed as Mr H—was about to run a line between Perry & Eubank.  Shot a Prairie Hen.  Called at Mr H’s  Ret’d. at dusk.  Read, in the Eve  cool weather continuous & is likely to.  Anniversary—Battle N. Orleans.


Friday 1/9/57

            Went early hunting turkeys in a snowstorm.  My companion Kimball first fired (twice) & frightened them away.  Called at Mr Houston’s.  Sold to an officer’s servant, to be used at a Ball at Ft. Riley, 2 ¾ Doz eggs for $1.75.  This is better than to eat them as we designed.  Shot a squirrel at the lower end of the garden.  Henry Denison called.  P.M. Sorted over pumpkin & squash & read to Ellen in Chem. C. Life.  It is has been cloudy for 3 days—a rare occurrence for Kansas!  Prospect now of fair weather on the morrow.  It is still cold, good sleighing with shod horses.


Saturday 1/10/57

            Another very cold day, with a strong N.E. wind heaping up the snow. A.M.  Kept in the & read in C of C.L.  P.M. Call from Br Denison who went after the mail but it has not come, on account of the storm.  Chopped wood & did my chores.  Killed the Pole cat which I had retained alive over a week.  Tried to dispatch him without his scenting but could not.  It is said the Kansas Pole cat always scents when dying. 


Sunday 1/11/57

            Another quiet Sabbath all to ourselves.  The mildest most pleasant day we have had for weeks.  Read the Beauty of Holiness & 2 Missionary Advocates; one has a drawing of the Wilberforce Cottage at Xenia Springs Ohio, for colored Youth.  I have been querying whether I would become a Prof. in this Institution, should an opening present itself.  I feel an interest for our poor persecuted Blacks. 


Monday 1/12/57

            Rode to Mr Houston’s after the mail  found nothing but a periodical.  I ought to have several letters.  Look after turkeys.  Saw two but got none.  Shot a squirrel.  Henry D—called for his father’s mail.  Chopped wood.  Eve, went up to Mellvilles & got my milk as usual.  Read C of C. Life.  Pleasant


Tuesday 1/13/57

            Rode to Mr Houston’s.  Finished picking my (?) & with the aid of Mellville Kimball 1 hour got it in only 1 load.  It was covered with snow considerably, & much had been eaten by turkeys, Prairie hens squirrels, coons, wood peckers &c.  Letting corn lay out till Jan. don’t pay.  Took home Mr H’s cattle after dark.  Am quite tired—having done a hard day’s work.  Eve—read to Ellen from C. of C. Life.  A milder day than of late. 


Wednesday 1/14/57

            Twice I went out to my Peninsula to look for turkeys but found none.  A very cold day.  Read considerable.  Finished No’s IV. & V. of C. of C. Life.  Unloaded & sorted my load of corn.  It is badly shelled out & bit by animals.  A poor load any way.  Feel grateful my comfortable home & well furnished larder this cold winter.


Thursday 1/15/57

            Read in C. of C. Life.  Made a call at Br’ Denison’s.  Ellen rode over to Mr Houston’s in the P.M.  I went over in the evening & made a visit.  Ret’d. home 11 ½ O clock  Talked over city business  division of shares &c,  Milder in the evening & pleasant. 


Friday 1/16/57

            Started with Ellen to visit at Br- Barnes’ & Lucinda’s.  It was so cold that we turned aside to Br Denison’s & helped him eat roast turkey.  3 Indians called.  Went home earlier than intended on their account—suspicious characters.  Read Zion’s Herald.  Cold & blustering with a trifle of snow.  Read in C. of C. Life.


Saturday 1/17/57

            My birthday!  Thank the Lord.  43 years of my life have fled.  How many more remain the Lord knoweth.  May my life be consecrated to Him.  A bitter cold day with some snow.  Quite a snowstorm the last night with a strong wind.  Therm sunrise—3°,  Noon -3°, sunset -10°. the coldest day of the season.  Call from Mellville.  Rode to Mr Houston’s & got the mail.  Eve—read the papers.  Sat up later than usual to keep a fire, meditate &c.  Am fearful of my cellar’s freezing.


Sunday 1/18/57

            A pleasant day weather a little moderated.  Have had a very quiet peaceful Sabbath at home.  No interruptions.  Read as usual besides doing my chores & carrying out 2 ½ Bu. of snow from the chamber, the remnants of our snow storm.  Our roof, though it sheds rain well, is not proof against driving snow.  Sat up till 11 ¾.  Sunrise Therm –18 (degrees).


Monday 1/19/57

            Read Boston Telegraph & in C. of C. Life.  Shot at a turkey in my garden but missed!  So much for being too much in a hurry.  Saw a flock in my corn field but they avoided me.  Found the carcase of a wolf, killed with strychnine last night, by my neighbors, the Kimballs.  Went up to Melvilles after milk—Saw Steven Barnes  A comparatively mild day.  Prospect now for storm.


Tuesday 1/20/57

            Intended to visit Manhattan but the weather had another unfavorable turn (cold & cloudy) & we gave it up.  Sorted over my potatoes—a basket full of frost bitten & rotten ones.  So much for careless hired help who did not carefully pick out the frost bitten ones.  Shot from the corner of my cabin 2 Prairie hens of large size at one shot.  Eve- read in C. of C. Life.  Very interesting!


Wednesday 1/21/57

            Snow storm during the night.  Washed & cut off the rot from a basket of potatoes.  Chopped wood.  Shot a prairie hen from my wood shed.  Finished the 7th & last No. of Johnston’s Chemistry of Common Life.  It is a very valuable work.  Have been a good deal afflicted with a large bile upon the back of my neck.  It affects the cords & nerves of the whole half of my neck!  It is more easy to day but it has unfitted for active business the past 3 days.  Read in Silliman’s chemistry.


Thursday 1/22/57

            Cut a load of wood for drawing & with Kimball’s team & Richard hauled it up.  Called upon Br Denison, carried him our favorite cat, just to remain long enough to thin off his rats!  Read in Sillman’s Chemistry.  Cold, Cold, Cold! (10°. –20°.  –12°.)  M. & R Kimball took supper with us.


Friday 1/23/57

            Rode to W.E. Parkerson’s.  Found his wife down with Diorrhea.  Dined, & rode up the Blue on the ice to Elder Wisner’s & then on one mile higher up to see Mr Hurlburt.  Called at Mr Lowe’s.  Returned to W.E.P-s, at Dusk, eat a plate of rice & then ret’d. home.  The weather on the whole quite favorable,  Carried Lucinda the 2 prairie hens that I killed at one shot.  Visited & read in the evening


Saturday 1/24/57

            Went a hunting 2 hours & got nothing though I saw a flock of turkeys.  Read the Tribune &c.  chopped wood for the Sabbath.  Calls from the Kimballs, Marie Gill, & in the evening, Mr. Farnum.  Quite a visit with the last.  Prospect of snow.


Sunday 1/25/57

            A cloudy day with a slight snow.  Read & wrote some.  A call from Mrs. Bicknell.  At her request I wrote an answer to a letter from Harmon Toby of Hinesburgh, Vt.  He is ready to assist her.  Evening Br. Gill called & took supper with us.—spent part of the evening, reading, &c.


Monday 1/26/57

            Moderate weather  Husked corn & helped Ellen about washing, &c.  Several wild Turkeys visited our garden.  Snapped a cap, to the barrel, loaded with Buckshot, but it was “no go”.  I then fired the one charged with five shot & knocked over one turkey but it hopped up & run off till caught by an Indian, who carried it away.  Poor luck this.  Got my feet wet badly. 


Tuesday 1/27/57

            Husked out my corn in the shed.  Read in National Magazine.  An interesting article, the Vicar’s story.  Ellen in afternoon rode to Mr Houston’s & spent most of the P.M.  Pleasant day.  Wrote a little.


Wednesday 1/28/57

            Went over to Mr Roosa’s & to Br. Denison.  Started out Br D’s family in an ox-waggon to visit us.  Dined with us on roast turkey.—the large one, shot some 6 weeks since,  We had a pleasant visit

Evening.  Read in the National Magazine.  Therm- at 3 P.M. 40°., the warmest it has been for 5 weeks.


Thursday 1/29/57

            Call from Mr Roosa.  Went with Ellen to Manhattan.  Visited at Br’ Barnes.  saw Mr Knapp, & testified to against rumselling.  Taylor, the guilty one was offended, at this & wished an explanation, which he obtained, but not very satisfactory, because I consider the influence of a Rumseller deleterious to any place.  Saw Mr Blynn.  Called at Wm.’s store & on sister Lucinda.  Pleasant visit & calls.


Friday 1/30/57

            Ellen is sick with the tooth ache.  Call from Mr. Bassett.  Went after the mail.  Called on Dr Hunting.  Rode out in the woods to see Melville.  Shot a squirrel.  Br Denison came over & got his mail.  Br Gill came, eat supper, & remained over night.  Thawed considerably, but it has grown suddenly colder this evening.  Read some.


Saturday 1/31/57

            A call from Mr Houston who dined with us.  P.M. attended a committee meeting of the Manhattan Town Association to make an equitable division of 25 shares of city stock among the working influential members of said association.  Committee T.J. Roosa, Wm. E. Goodnow, I T Goodnow & T.C. Wells.  Sat till 8. P.M.  The work is satisfactory with an amendment or two.  Wm. E.G. came home & stopped over night.  Went to bed about 11 ½ O.clock.


Sunday 2/1/57

            Read in A.M.  Very pleasant & mild.  J Gill called & informed us of preaching at Dr Hunting’s at 2 P.M.  Attended with Br Wm. sermon by Rev. Mr. Parsons.  18 present  Our snow is disappearing fast  Prospect of an early spring  Wrote sister Mary Ann,  Wm. E.G. went home at night.


Monday 2/2/57

            Called at Mr Wells.  Blood, & W.E. Parkerson’s crossed over the Kansas & visited C. Bishop.  Dined with him.  Mounted a high bluff & viewed a beautiful landscape.  On the top found some fine specimens of mineral. 

            P.M. We attended a Trustee Meeting of the M.E. church.

            Called at Br. Wm.’s store.  Returned home at dusk.  Called on the Kimballs in the evening.  Read a little.  It has thawed considerably. 


Tuesday 2/3/57

            Call from R. Kimball.  Chopped wood & looked over my vegetables.  Called over to Br Denison’s.  P.M.  Ellen went to visit at Mr Roosa’s.  Studied & wrote letters.  Eve- visited at Mr Roosa’s & met a committee.  I receive 11 shares of city stock for services in the city association.  came at 10 ½ O clock.  Cold again.  Sudden change. 


Wednesday 2/4/57

            Cool cloudy day.  Call from R. Kimball.  Studied chemistry.  Wrote several letters, &c.  Damp & misty.  Have felt rather uneasy in mind.  In fact am not contented.  I feel as though I am out of my element, because not teaching.  I have a few congenial associates but the mass are altogether uncongenial.  Too much for patronizing a rum shop which we unfortunately have in Manhattan.


Thursday 2/5/57

            An early call from 2 soldiers, runaway from a life of slavery & degradation.  Gave them their breakfast, a couple of overcoats with good advice & a “God speed” to their homes in Ohio.  Their hearts were tender.  May the Lord send a word of exhortation for their good.  One was 17, the other 19 years old.  Got Mr. Todd to repair my gun.  Visited at Samuel Dyer’s at Juniatta.  Dined with him.  Eve—with Ellen made an Evening’s visit at M. Kimballs.


Friday 2/6/57

            Finished eating that old Gobbler, which I shot Dec 10th & which was baked Dec 16th.  A steady rain.  The wild cat is high.  The great rivers I think must soon break up & navigation be opened early.  Read & wrote.  Rode up to Melvilles’  Our favorite cat has left us.  It has been a great blessing in thinning off our rats & mice.  Have marked out a course & collected material for a Lecture on Digestion before the Manhattan Lyceum.  The weather has cleared of cold again.


Saturday 2/7/57

            Snow & N. wind in the A.M.  Cleaned my guns.  Call from R. Kimball.  Therm 8°.  14°.  11°.  Too cold to work out doors in A.M.  P.M. chopped a load of wood.  Saw a Rainbow sundog above the sun & curved from the sun!  Let Gill have a load of wood for WEP.--  A very busy day but have accomplished but little.  Icy & slippery.  Cold, cold!


Sunday 2/8/57

            Rode to Manhattan to meeting.  Preached by Br Denison.  32 present.  On my return called at W.E.P., & took dinner.  Very icy & slippery traveling.  Br D- came along with me.  Talked over the subject of an Institution of Learning at Manhattan, & about raising money East to build a church in Manhattan.  Met N. Trafton & J. Morris.  A cool but pleasant day, Eve—read in “The Beauty of Holiness.”


Monday 2/9/57

            Quite mild, in the A.M. but in the P.M. a sudden fall of the Ther with a strong N.E. wind.  Chopped wood & read Physiology.  Call from Melville.  Brought me a blk squirrel, which I want for the skin.  Ellen rode to Mr. Houston’s—whose wife is quite unwell.

            Am thankful for comfortable health & good quarters.  No mail yet.


Tuesday 2/10/57

            A very cold night  Therm. –9°.!  A pleasant but cold morning.  Called at Melville’s.  To make peace among my fowls I killed a quarrelsome rooster thinking it the better economy to eat him & save disturbance.  Boiled out some Neats feet Oil for the first time from cows feet.  Br Denison called & dined with us.  Went with him after the mail & found nothing.  Chatted with Mr & Mrs Houston awhile.  Read Geology some with reference to a lecture upon the subject. 


Wednesday 2/11/57

            Looked over Geological papers.  P.M.  Husked corn.  Call from Melville.  Eve—read over as recorded in my Diary my early life.  It was a laborious one attended with many discouragements, but, perseverance conquers all things.  Past records show more & more the guiding of Providence. 


Thursday 2/12/57

            Melville carried off 2 loads of corn husks from my shed, & helped me get 2 sled loads of wood.  He dined with us.—is not very well. 

            Ellen rode over to see Mrs Houston who is quite unwell.  We offered to have her come & stay with us a few weeks that she may leave her cares behind but she declines.  Husked corn P.M.  Eve—read on Geology, we have had a mild beautiful day.


Friday 2/13/57

            Husked corn 1 hour.  Took a view of the southern part of my claim among the bluffs & called on Br. Denison.  Looked over my old papers & letters.  Call from Rev Mr McCullom—gave him a bundle of papers, & quite a number of Tracts for his distribution.  Read in the R.I. Schoolmaster.  Cloud at night—prospect of a storm. 


Saturday 2/14/57

            Planted apple seeds.  Chopped wood.  Read in R.I. Schoolmaster.  P.M.  Went to Mr Houston’s & got my mail—but no letters.  Quite a talk with Mr H—about an M.E. college at Manhattan.  –He is favorable.  Mrs H—quite sick.  Called on R. Kimball, conversed with him about renting him & Melville my corn land.  Eve—read the P. Transcript, Pendulum, & H. of Freedom.


Sunday 2/15/57

            Ellen rode to Manhattan to meeting.  Learned of the death of Mr Blynn—the effects of drinking—enticed by rum shops!  Read the National Magazine, Advocate, &c.  Call from Br Denison. 

            Eve—Call from Melville & R. Kimball.  Performed a surgical operation upon the finger of the last named,-- much to his comfort.  Took a good wash.  Letter from T. Shattuck.


Monday 2/16/57

            Ellen called on Mrs Houston,  Read some on Geology.  Met the building Committee at Manhattan.  Concluded to call a meeting of the subscribers at next Saturday at 10 A.M.  Called at Br. Barnes’, Wm.’s & Br. P’s.  Quite a conversation with Mr. Blood on the late division of shares of city property, &c.  Came home in the evening. 


Tuesday 2/17/57

            Called at Melville’s early.  Collected floodwood from the creek.  Rode to Mr Houston’s & discussed city affairs, &c.  Chopped wood.  Read in New Y. Tribune  Quite a  sudden change in the weather from warm yesterday to cold to day.


Wednesday 2/18/57      

            Call from Mr. Houston.  Conversed on city affairs & lecturing.  Read on Geology.  Called at Br. Denison’s   Read in Tribune, & looked over old letters, burning up quite a number.

            Slight snow in the morning.  Eve—read over old lectures.


Thursday 2/19/57

            Call from Mr Houston & Richard K.  Wrote a report for the Committee of awards.  Read some of my old writings.  Mr H--  wishes me to lecture next week in his place.  Eve—call from M. & R. Kimball.  They propose to cultivate my ploughed land finding every thing for 2/3 the crop.  Sat up till 11 P.M.  Looked over Daguerotypes. 


Friday 2/20/57

            Cloudy forenoon.  Wrote an article on the chemistry of the atmosphere.  P.M.  Wrote several letters & chopped wood.  Ellen rode over to Mr Trafton’s & to Mr Houston’s to see Mr B-- & Mrs. H—

            Calls from Br’ Denison & S. Perry.  Lent the latter my compass.  Eve—read in  Religion of Geology.  Beautiful P.M. & Evening.


Saturday 2/21/57

            Met the Trustees of our church at Manhattan A.M.  In the PM attended a meeting of the M.T. Association.  A very unsatisfactory discussion took place relative to the action of the Committee to divide 125 shares city stock among the most deserving of the member of the association.  Took supper at Lucinda’s.  Came home late.  Read H of Freedom.


Sunday 2/22/57

            Rode up the Blue with Br’ Denison to Mr Condree’s, where he preached in the P.M. & held a class meeting in the evening.  Formed an acquaintance with several Indian families, -- large ones.  Quite a visit with them after class meeting.  Have suffered considerably from a bile coming on the wrist.  Went to bed late.  Warm day.


Monday 2/23/57

            After a social morning chat at 9 ¼ A.M.  Br Denison & myself started for home.  Called at Mr Barnes on the Blue, & rec’d from his wife a good treat of maple sap (soft maple), the first I have had in K--.  Arrived home at 12 ½ P.M.  Wrote some & read.  Called at Mr Kimball’s & closed the bargain to let him my land on shares.


Tuesday 2/24/57

            Am somewhat crippled by the bile on my wrist.  Drew off some writings for W.E.G.  & an article on the chemistry of the atmosphere.  P.M. rode to Manhattan to see W.E.G. who intends to start for Lawrence tomorrow.  Saw Mr Farnum who has just ret’d. from Mo.  News. from the B.—Ruffians???  Called on Lucinda & ret’d. by sundown.  Eve—read in Hitchcock’s Religion of Geology.  Quite a rain last night. 


Wednesday 2/25/57

            S. Barnes came after potatoes for his father.—they are in a hole—buried.  Dined with us.  P.M.  Went to the city to attend a meeting to choose delegates to the Free-state convention to be held at Topeka March 10th.  Took supper with Lucinda.  Lectured in the evening on the Chemistry & Philosophy of the Atmosphere before the Manhattan Institute.  Came home after lecture.


Thursday 2/26/57

            Performed miscellaneous works.  Call from Perry.  Read in Lyell’s Geology. 

            Ellen & myself went over to Br. Denison’s & took tea.  Conversed about conference building a church, &c.  He thinks of going to Riley City Monday  I may go with him.  Evening read & wrote.  Very pleasant  the ground is settling fast.  Cropped the wings tail, claws & bill of that Eagle, which I shot so long ago.


Friday 2/27/57

            Called on Melville early.  Husked corn most of the day, R. Kimball help some & carried away a load of the husks—dined with us. 

            Call from Br Denison.  Rec’d our mail—quite a number of papers but no letters!  Read papers in the Evening & Geology a little in the day time.


Saturday 2/28/57

            Rode to Mr Kimballs.  With Richard consulted on farming operations.  Have let to him & brother my land to cultivate this year.  Giving them 2/3 of the crop.  they to repair & build fences.  Called at Mr Houston’s Husked corn, & cleared out the cellar a little.  Eve—read the papers &c.

            Very pleasant & still  Ellen is not very well.  The thought of my leaving her 2 or 3 months makes her feel childish & low spirited.


Sunday 3/1/57

            A pleasant cool day with considerable wind.  Ellen rode to Manhattan to meeting  Br Denison preached.  Read considerable & wrote a little.  Eve, read in the Geology, -- Religion of Geology, by Dr Hitchcock.


Monday 3/2/57

            Went up to Mr Kimball’s early to send a pail of eggs to Ft. Riley.  Husked corn.  Let Richard have my horse.  Ellen went to Mr. Houston’s to see his sick wife—found her comfortable. 

            P.M.  We had a S. West snow storm for a wonder, the first I have ever noticed in Kansas.—3/4 inch.  Eve—read some as usual.


Tuesday 3/3/57

            Husked corn most of the day.  Went to Kimball’s twice—sold a soldier 6 ½ dozen eggs for 4.06  Visit from Br’ Denison & son.  He stopped to tea.  Went home with him & got some eggs & set a hen! 

            Feel well after having a siege with biles! 


Wednesday 3/4/57

            The day for the inaugarization of James Buchanan as President of the U.S.  May the Lord keep him from being an instrument of evil—a tool in the hands of the Slave Power!  Husked corn.  Mr. Houston came after Ellen & dined with us.  Mrs H—is sick—having been confined last night.  Ellen is absent this evening  how long she will be gone is uncertain  Read in Religion of Geology.


Thursday 3/5/57

            Ellen came home at 11 A.M. & went to bed—not having slept since she left home.  Call from Br Eggleston to buy corn & potatoes.  Richard came & took away 2 loads of husks.  Husked corn as usual.  Cool day.  Dr Hunting starts tomorrow for New England.


Friday 3/6/57

            Read in Geology & husked corn in the A.M.  Call from W. Hunting P.M. went to Mr Houston’s & helped write out a letter to the Free-state Convention to be held at Topeka on the 10th in’st  While there the death of an infant child occurred—2 days old.  Br Denison called.  Eve—wrote on the preceding letter to the convention & by permission signed it for myself, Mr Houston, & J. Denison.


Saturday 3/7/57

            Ellen went to aid & comfort Mrs Houston—spent most of the day.  I rode to Dr Hunting’s before breakfast  He starts East to day.  Sent by him the letter to the convention at Topeka.  Mr Eggleston called & took away 4 of our “Biddies.”  Husked corn, P.M. 3. O clock attended with Br Denison the funeral of Mr Houston’s little child.  Paper from Rev. Mark Trafton M.C.


Sunday 3/8/57

            Ellen rode to Mr Trafton’s to see Mrs Bicknell who is sick—lost an infant child this morning.  Read & rested to day.  Towards night rode to Mr Houston’s to learn how Mrs H—is.  She is as well as could be expected.  Read the Missionary Advocate in the evening.  We have had snow & rain to day & to night a sudden change of wind from SW. to N—accompanied with cold. 


Monday 3/9/57

            Ellen was sent for early to go to Mr Houston’s.  Mrs H– is worse.  Richard K—came after a load of husks. Quite a little visit with him  Br Trafton came after something for Mrs Bicknell.  Husked corn and studied some.  Pleasant cool day.  Ellen has not returned.


Tuesday 3/10/57

            Br Trafton called to get some seed corn.  Br Eggleston came after seed corn & potatoes.  W.E. Parkerson came up & dined with us—Ellen having ret’d. just before dinner.  Went with him to the rise of ground North & selected places to build our houses.  Dug open his hole of potatoes & found them all frozen & rotten!  Gave him some potatoes cabbages & turnips.  Call from Henry  Husked corn & read Geology.


Wednesday 3/11/57

            M. & R. came over, filled their bed with husks—dined with us.  Ellen was sent for at noon—Mrs. Houston is worse.  We fear she will not live!  Chopped wood—went after a beetle.  J.G.—brought home a wedge.  Read, &c.  Am alone again for the night. 


Thursday 3/12/57

            Walked to Mr Trafton’s: saw Mrs B—who is very sick.  A poor lone widow among strangers with few to sympathize.  Life does not look bright to her.  Tried to encourage.  Found a piece of greenstone in alluvium—the first I have seen in Kansas.  Walked to Mr Houston’s  Consulted with him about many things.  Rode to Juniatta & engaged Mrs A—to come & nurse his wife.  E—came home at 1 PM.  Read Mrs Robinson’s History of Kansas—Eve.


Friday 3/13/57

            Rode early to Mr Houston’s, also to J.D.’s  Went with him to Manhattan  While there Br Wm. ret’d from Lawrence.  Free-stating meeting have resolved not to vote under Bogus Laws!  Good!  Sold my pig & 50 Bu Corn to C. Barnes  P—at 11 cts pr lb. & C—at $1.00 pr bushel  Called at Mr W’s & Rev N.T.s on our return.  Read letters to Mrs B—Rec’d by mail a number of papers one pamphlet from M. Trafton M.C.  Dined at Lucinda’s.  Snow storm in the evening.


Saturday 3/14/57

            A storm of snow most of the day with a strong wind—(5 inches snow)  Read newspapers & in the History of Kansas.  Have a slight cold to day.  Wm. E.G. came up just at night.  After tea rode my horse over to Mr Houston’s.  Stops with us over night  settled our accounts.  Did not go to bed till 11 ¼ P.M.  Snow very much drifted—shovelled quite a quantity from my chamber.


Sunday 3/15/57

            Arose later than usual.  Read in Mrs Robinson’s History of Kansas.  Her delineations are graphic & truthful.  Also read in R.I. School Master & Missionary Advocate.  Ellen rode up to see Mrs B-- & Mrs H—our sick neighbors.  W.E.G.—ret’d. to Manhattan.  Call from Mr. Houston.  Feel disturbed at the prospect of difficulty with a jumper


Monday 3/16/57

            Arose at 3 ½ A.M. & rode to Manhattan to inform W.E.G. of the danger of “jumping.”  Left my horse for him to ride up & returned on foot.  Shot a Prairie hen.  Worked on W.E.G.’s Log Cabin with him, Mr Houston & 3 others.  Call from Perry who dined with us.  Rec’d 11 letters for a wonder some written in Dec!  Set up till 9 ½ P.M. to read them.  W.E.G. stopped with us over night.  Pleasant day. 


Tuesday 3/17/57

            Worked on W.E.G.’s cabin ½ day.  P.M. I felt so unwell that I took the lounge.  Felt very much fatigued from lifting logs.  have over-done.—violent headache, something unusual.  Eve—Call from Mellville & Richard K.—Talked rather more than was best for my head—we had a pleasant visit.


Wednesday 3/18/57

            Rested & slept well during the night.  Arose about 8. & eat a little prairie hen &c.  My head feeling better this morning.  Lay upon the lounge most of the forenoon.  Slept some.  Eat my dinner & felt better  P.M.  Ellen went to Manhattan to visit sister L. I designed to go but thought it not prudent  Call from Br. D.  P.M.  Chopped a little & finished reading Mrs Robinson’s History of Kansas.  Ellen did not return till about dusk:  called on Mrs T.-- & visited L—


Thursday 3/19/57

            Rested well during the night but about 6 A.M. Had an attack of Ague which lasted 3. hours, which was then followed by fever.  This lasted most of the day.  Feel as though I had had a fit of sickness.  Got up at dinner & eat a little.   Henry D—was with us 4 hours.  Call from Perry.  Sat up a little in the P.M.  Ellen does not feel very well.  I suspect the attack of tuesday was a sort of fever & ague.


Friday 3/20/57

            Feel better today.  Mended saddle &c.  Called from Br’ D—Also from R.K—who chopped some wood for me & shot a turkey in the garden from a flock of 20.

            Have taken cholagogue to day to keep off a chill to morrow.  2 papers & a letter in the mail.  The last from one of my old pupils, B H. Kidder, of Edgertown, Marthas Vineyard.


Saturday 3/21/57

            Did not sleep well at all the last part of the night.  Have escaped a chill to day but have felt rather weak & miserable  Have read a little.  Ellen has gone to Garrett’s to get her a side-saddle.   Took a walk by the spring & shot a beautiful woodpecker to class—could not find the species in Nuttall’s Ornithology.  Ellen ret’d. without a saddle.  Call from R.K.  Read some.


Sunday 3/22/57

            Rested well during the night.  Warm morning—Therm 64°.—heat rather debilitating.  Very windy from the S.W.  M. Therm 75°.  Read in Jaegar’s Zoology & wrote a few notes on Incidents & Tragical events in K--.  With Ellen took a walk to our spring.  I had not been there for about 5 months.  The trees & plants are budding, & a few green leaves of ground plants are appearing.  Quite a pleasant walk.  We have enjoyed a very pleasant quiet Sabbath.  Such an one as we like to ourselves.


Monday 3/23/57

            Finished taking notes from Mrs Robinson’s history of K--.  Read in Jaegar’s Nat’l. History.  Had R. & M. Kimball to dine on that turkey which R—shot in my garden.  Mrs Morse called & got some quinine for husband who is sick with chills.  Pegged my boots, &c.  Damp misty day.  Cleared off in the evening.  Ellen has been over to Mr Houston’s.


Tuesday 3/24/57

            Mended & greased my boots, husked corn &c.  Had Br Denison at dinner.  Rode with him to Manhattan to meet the Trustees of our church  They voted to appoint me an agent to travel East to raise $2500. to build a meeting house in our city; that my expenses be borne & that I have $2 per day for my services.

            Called on W.E. Parkerson & L.  Mrs Houston is worse as I learn by M.K.  Report comes that Gov. Geary is dead!  I hope in God it is untrue!


Wednesday 3/25/57

            Start for Waubonsa this morning with Br D—to explore.  Crossed the ferry at M-- & dined at Frank Palmer’s.  Treated with maple molasses &c.  Called at Mr Bardwell’s – absent East after his family.  Crossed deep creek—saw Rev Mr Jones, & reached W.—some 2 hours high.  Rode 2 miles to Mr (?) Ret’d & staid over night at Mr (?), Waubonsa has 5 houses 2 tents & a small saw mill.  A large one 45 horse power is going up.  Large emigration expected


Thursday 3/26/57

            Rode to Zeandale to Mr Pillsbury’s  Collected specimens of fossils & with Mr Marshall we rode 2 miles to visit a coal mine on deep creek.  Found it a thin layer 6 inches thick—bituminous coal just down by the edge of the creek.  Fine claims on the creek.  Ret’d. to a Mr Hayne’s & took dinner.  2 ½ P.M.  Enterprising man.  On his journey up last year just this side of Westport he saw the clothes of a man hanging upon a tree, who had been hung by the Border ruffians!  Called on Mr Blood & discussed city affairs.  Ret’d. home 8 ½ O clock evening.  Sat up till nearly 11 O clock.  Very much fatigued.  Letter from cousin Rose L. Redway.


Friday 3/27/57

            Arose late.  Prospect of rain.  Attracted by the crows to a fine rabbit, which our noble cat had caught the last night.  Br McCullom called for ½ Bu seed corn.  Dined with us.  Call from W.E.P—who set fire to a ravine which caused us hard work to stop it.  Miscellaneous work to day.  Ellen rode up to get the mail—1. paper!  Call from R. & M. Kimball in the evening. 


Saturday 3/28/57

            Husked corn.  Call from Lucinda, who dined with me.  Ellen went down to W.E.P., so that L—might come up.  Did not return till dusk.  Wm. E.P—dined here.  Mr Cline who is taking the census (called Bogus)  Between the Big Blue & Wild Cat creek there are 110 voters & 258 women & children.  Went over to Br D’s & with him helped W.E.P. raise his frame for a house ¼ mile N—Mr. Barnes sent up & got 16. Bus corn.  Visited with Mr. Sparks.  Eve, quite fatigued.


Sunday 3/29/57

            Remained at—not very well  slept 2 hours A.M.  P.M. read considerable.  Took a walk to the spring & killed a small rattlesnake, which had his quarters in a ledge just above the spring.  Warm & rain in the evening  Took a warm bath!


Monday 3/30/57

            Rain most of the day.  Call from R.K. with his br, Edward who arrived yesterday with the remainder of his father’s family, some 8 of them, making in all 10 for our nearest neighbors.  Ellen called on them in spite of rain & is much pleased with them.  Br Denison called.  Meeting at C.E. Blood’s on education & to take into consideration a letter of Redpath on the affairs of K.  Gov Geary having resigned.  Too rainy & unwell to attend.  A touch of a chill & some fever.  Call from J. Gill.


Tuesday 3/31/57

            Mr Houston came after seed corn & stopped to dinner.  Trustee meeting at my house.  The subject of a college was discussed & favorable action had.  Conditional, on the action of the Cincinnati land company.  Husked corn &c.  Call from Richard Kimball.


Wednesday 4/1/57

            Went to Manhattan & consulted with the Town Companies respecting a Methodist College, near Manhattan.  To forward this they have pledged 50 shares of Manhattan stock & 100. building lots.  Joined Mr Houston in buying out a claim that will furnish a good site for the C- & put it into the hands of Thomas Playford.  A hard day’s work but I hope a profitable one.  Did not get home till nearly 10 O’ clock P.M.


Thursday 4/2/57

Husked corn.  Call from Henry D— who dined with us.  Mr. Eggleston called & engaged 10 Bu. corn.  Mr Kimball came & bought 25 Bu. also.  Rode over to Mr H’s & conversed on college & city affairs.  Called upon Mr Kimball’s family for the first time. 


Friday 4/3/57

            Rode to the city after getting off a load of corn to C. Barnes.  Engaged several shares of city at $50 pr. share.  Also sold several Bu potatoes at 2.50 pr Bu.  P.M.  Let Mr Eggleston have 10 Bu corn on credit as a favor to a poor man.  Calls from Mr Marlatt & J.D--; talked over college interests &c.  W.E.G. came up in the evening & spent the night with us.  Dr Still has arrived.  We must be ready to leave for conference next week on Friday. 


Saturday 4/4/57

            Called at Mr Kimball’s.  Rode to Manhattan—Purchased 10 shares of City Stock for J. Kimball.  Husked corn.  Rode to Mr Roosa’s.  Dr Still called & spends the night, together with a Mr Tho. Smith.  Call from J. Denison,  Rainy & towards night cold & windy.


Sunday 4/5/57

            A very windy cold day.  Feb. seems to have returned.  Rode with Dr. Still to S Perry’s where he addressed us upon Melchizidec.  P.M. sermon by Mr Marlatt  a candidate for a conference preacher.  Called at Mr Houston’s & dined with him.  Dr Still is with us yet.  Quite a long talk with him on colleges & churches.  shall need to obtain subscriptions here for college purposes.


Monday 4/6/57

            Very pleasant day.  Husked corn.  Sold 20 Bu corn to Mr Pattee, & 3 Bu Potatoes to Mr Neally.  Repaired window to cabin.  Dr. Still remains with us yet. 


Tuesday 4/7/57

            Rode over to Mr Houston’s & found 6 letters, -- mostly from dear friends  Called At Dr Huntings.  Measured out 10 Bu potatoes for a man living on Smoky Hill fork of the Kansas.  Eve, preaching at Mr K’s by Dr Still.  Quite a good audience.  After meeting had considerable conversation relative to our college. 


Wednesday 4/8/57

            Miscellaneous work preparatory to leaving home for 3 months on my agency to raise money to build the meeting house at Manhattan  Q. meeting at Rev J. Denison.  Nominated 13 Trustees for Bluemont Central College, to be presented to the Kansas & Nebraska Conference  Went to Manhattan on business.  supped at Lucinda’s.  Called on Mr Kimballs & sold my hog.  Shelled corn &c, in the evening. 


Thursday 4/9/57

            [MS. Illegible:  Thirteen lines illegible]


Friday 4/10/57

            Called at Dr Huntings & borrowed a satchel.  Left for Conference with Br J. Denison, Dr Still, N Trafton, & Marlatt after much delay in Manhattan.  Rode 15 miles in a very cold wind to Mr Charles Jenckins where we spent the night.  Was quite chilly about half the night.  Book & letter from Ivison Phinney.


Saturday 4/11/57

            Travelled over 30 miles through an unsettled country—high prairie, & dined in a fine little ravine with a cool stream of good water.  P.M.  contin[ued] our journey 13 miles before coming to any settlement.  Went on 6 miles on the Nemaha, past Richmond to the Messrs.  Newtons, a good Babtist family, Father Thomas, & one son, Thomas R., preachers, where we rec’d. a settlers welcome.  Supped & went to bed very much fatigued & enjoyed a sweet rest & sleep.  Quite a cool day with the wind in our faces. 


Sunday 4/12/57

            Arose much refreshed.  Still cold.  After breakfast, attacked with Diarhea,-- took some medicine & went without dinner.  Lay by to day.  3 sermons, by J.D. 1 ½ P.M., A Still at 4 P.M. & N.T. in the evening.  Glad of the privilege of resting from traveling we are 57 miles from Manhattan, 6 ½ from Nebraska line, & 58 from Nebraska City.  We are on a visit with a regular Patriarchal family:  Father & Mother, 3 sons—2 married, one daughter & husband with 12 children, including 3 of a deceased son.  Cold yet  W.N.W.


Monday 4/13/57

            A cold windy day.  Crossed the S. Fork Nehema & through a vast wild country without timber for 11 miles.  Visited Table rock, & stump Rock near the N. Fork of the Nemaha.  Got separated from Dr Still.  Stopped over night with a Penn—family a good place.  Saw 2 large white Herons dead on the plains  Slept finely.


Tuesday 4/14/57

            Cold yet.  Settled our bills—for supper breakfast & lodgings 50 cts.  Cheap.  Nothing but coffee since leaving home.   Rode over & uninhabited country 21 miles.  Had to build a bridge in one place.  Came to the Little Nemeha, but had much trouble to find a crossing—succeeded after going up & down 8 miles—Spent the night with the family of a widow from Illinois.


Wednesday 4/15/57

            Still cold.  Rode 15 miles to Nebraska City.  Introduced to many of the preachers.  Discussed college affairs &c.  P.M. & Eve attended Educational meetings of the Preachers.  Went to bed late.  Stop at Br Wood’s with J. Denison, C.H. Lovejoy, & Br Marlatt.  Awoke in the night with the sound of music – from a fine band from a boat just leaving the wharf, to go up the river.  Slept well, though we did not retire till late. 


Thursday 4/16/57

            Had my boots repaired & my watch fixed.  Attended A.M. session of conference.  Paid $2 for printing minutes.  Took a walk to the steamboat landing with Marlatt.  Difficulty with the Pawnee Indians & Settlers on the Weeping Waters 25 miles west.  Meeting here on the subject.  P.M. wrote E.--  Z--  read letters, &c.  Sermon in the evening by Rev Mr Horne, formerly of the N. Indiana Conference.  Snow storm.  A winter night!!


Friday 4/17/57

            Cold & wintery.  Met the committee on Education, who approves our Manhattan college plan.  Educational Meeting.  Attended conference:  A.M. & P.M.  Evening sermon by Rev. Goss.  just from the East whither he has been to raise money to build a church in Lawrence K.T.--.  Meets with a hard reception—collected about 3 hundred dollars.  Introduced to Prof W. Oakley of Topeka, formerly of Deleware N.J. & a room-mate of F.A. Loomis.  Conference recommended me as agent to raise money to build our church


Saturday 4/18/57

            A.M.  Br Collins up before conference for retaining 10 pr cent of money on subs’ns for church.  Was required to tender the amount to Trustees.  Joined the S.S. Society.  .50 cts.  Appointed Agent for Bluemont Central College, in connection with Br Denison—heavy responsibility  Eve—Miss’y. meeting –1st Anniversary in K.—interesting—made a life member, complimentary (?).  Prof. H. Oakley. Ret’d. late & slept well.  $265. Paid.


Sunday 4/19/57

            Cold yet & pleasant.  Br Lovejoy sick with chills.  Love feast at 9 A.M.  Old-fashioned & interesting.  Read a letter.  11 A.M. a rousing sermon by L.B. Dennis.  P.M.—Funeral sermon on the murder of Old Father Holland,-- preached by Rev. J.M. Chivington.  Evening sermon by Bishop Ames.  Simple & eloquent.


Monday 4/20/57

            Bishop opposed to preachers—Itinerants—from acting as agents for colleges:  A damper on our college plans.  Preachers have rec’d their appointments & most of them have left.  Eve—our college trustees have concluded to go ahead in spite of the opposition of the Bishop to a Conference Agent.  Br J. Denison will take agency.  The Lord help us, to do our duty, Br Goss.


Tuesday 4/21/57

            Cool windy day.  Brs. Denison, Lovejoy, Still, Marlatt, & Prof. Oakley left to day to return to Kansas.  I feel somewhat lonely.  Visited a steam saw mill, run by Br Dan’l. Wood our benevolent host.  Boarded the Admiral steamboat.  Read & wrote some.  Called at the land agent’s office.  Eve—Steamboat Col Crosman arrived, went aboard & took my passage for St Louis—lie by for the night  Found Bishop Ames & Adam Poe on board. 


Wednesday 4/22/57

            A bright, cool morning.  On our right are the high banks of Nebraska—on the left the low lands of Iowa.  The Missouri river is crooked, muddy full of snags & of course dangerous.  Passed on our right White Cloud, Iowa Point, &c—on our left Sydney?, Savanna (Boston) St Joseph  much miscellaneous conversation with Bishop Ames & others—he (?) ?


Thursday 4/23/57

            Rested well.  Passed Doniphan, Achinson, Kickapoo & stopped sometime at Weston to take in hemp.  F- to St L $6.  P- ton $32.  Wrote a bit, Z—Passed Parkville, Quindaro, Wyandott, Kansas City, Independence landing &c  Changed my room to room with S.R. Millard  (?)  Rec’d on board a family of Wyandotts, & several ladies with children to make music!  Eve—felt sleepy-- & lay down at 8 to nap it but slept right straight along. 


Friday 4/24/57

            At Wellington.  Called sometime at Lexington, --went into a coal mine—coal 20 inches thick, -- shale above 1 ft, clay below, -- also visited a rope factory,--hemp. – use 6 tons per day.  Read in Harper’s Magazine.  Called at Miami & took in hemp.  Brunswick a fine town on the left bank & Glasgow on the right.  Stopped at Arrow-rock over night.  Gambling—the sin of the River – on board. 


Saturday 4/25/57

            Delayed some hours in taking in cattle for St Louis.  Mild & hazy.  Took a run on shore.  Two emigrants returning—Mass,-- wrote to C. Robinson.  Negotiated with S R. Millard to buy lots &c.  Conversed considerable with passengers.  Read paper & in Harper.  Passed Boonville, Jefferson City.  Boat infested with gamblers, -- vampires of our greenhorns.


Sunday 4/26/57

            10 A.M.  Sermon by Bishop Ames, on the evidences of Christianity.  A noble effort.  Read an Article on Jerusalem.  H.M. –e.  Arrived in St Louis, at 3. P.M.  Put up at the Missouri House.  Rainy in the morning—pleasant P.M.  Read & wrote some & rested, seems pleasant to be by myself once more.


Monday 4/27/57

            Have not slept much—mind too much on business.  Washed all over.  Called on Br Brooks, Editor Central Advocate.  Efforts to stock—way seemed hedged—finally an opening.  Sold br Brooks 1 share.  Called on Br Mitchell- just the man to aid.  Eve—considerable conversation with an emigrant from N.J. bound for Kansas.  Stops at the hotel with me—wife & 7. children.  Fine day.  Retired rather late.  A long chat with Capt Baldwin of Memphis, formerly of Vt.—till 11 ½.


Tuesday 4/28/57

            A.M.  Made several calls—disappointed in not receiving the services of Br Mitchell  Feel rather dull from the want of sleep.  Called with J Brooks upon the Editor of Missouri Democrat.  He will in tomorrow’s paper call the attention of the people.  Call upon C. Slater, who introduced me to Ex-mayor Howe.  Eve J.P. Thomas  walk with one of my old pupils Mr Carpenter.  Museum.—1 hour.


Wednesday 4/29/57

            Slept better than usual.  Went again into the museum, with Carpenter & Leeds.  Cetacean Saurian, Ophidion, Reptile, Zeuglodon, Macrospondylus, 96 ft long, 36 ribs on a side  from 2 to 3 ½ ft long, jaws 5 & 5 ½ long open 4 ft. Diam 5 ft.  Silliman, Leidy of Phil. Muellerd of Berlin, & Paul of W.  original testimonials  Notice of my business in the Missouri Democrat.  Call from Roemhelt, also from Z.M. Smith an old W. student.  Called with him on his wife—happy to see them.  Drew a map of my claim & the outlines of Zeuglodon.  Had my hair cut, head shampoed.  Eve—took a hot shower bath.  not feeling very well.  Went to bed early.—rather restless.


Thursday 4/30/57

            Not very well—took some Pain killer & at dinner some Ice cream—2 extremes!  A decided improvement followed.  Made a number of calls, & rec’d. a number from Kansas settlers.—wishing information.  Rec’d quite a number of letters of introduction from Br Brooks.  Saw Mr Bradstreet, a young man from N.Y. City.


Friday 5/1/57

            Took the cars for Alton.  Called on Rev. Mr Earp.  Br Morgan &c.  Went to Upper Alton, & dined with Rev Mr Caldwell, who went round with me.  Collected $5.00, on subscriptions but effected no sales of stock.  Stopped over night with J.B. Corrington, P.E. an excellent man with a noble hearted wife.  Had a long visit with him about literary institutions & teachers, old acquaintances &c.  Am some afflicted with a sore throat, an old difficulty that has not troubled for some time. 


Saturday 5/2/57

            Rode to L. Alton in the Omnibus.  Collected $2.00.  Dined with Br Earp.  Attended Quarterly meeting at Br Boyle’s Mission.  Preaching by Br. Caldwell.  Went home with Br S.B. Catts to spend the Sabbath.  He very much reminds me of J.M. Howe of N.Y.  He is a noble man—in the M.E. church.  Visit with Br Boyle. 


Sunday 5/3/57

            Sore throat yet.  Pleasant morning.  A.M.  Love feast & sermon by Br Corrington—P.E.  Baptizing after it.  Eve—communion & sermon by Rev Ferguson’s  Introduced to several brethren &c  Throat quite sore 


Monday 5/4/57

            Labored hard.—Collected a few dollars but no sales of stock.  Several calls from them who wish information on Kansas.  Called on Mr (?) school.  Mr Earp—Morgan &c.  Have found S.B. Catts my best friend—much like J.M. Howe.  wishes me to write him on returning home.  Took the steamer Jeanie Deane for Quincy. Ill. 


Tuesday 5/5/57

            Slept pretty well on the Upper Cabin.  Catholic priest over my head.  Mr Bradstreet left at Hannibal, Mo  Called at Marion City—few houses & old.  Arrived at Quincy Mo. about 9 A.M.  Stopped at Rev Andrus’s from whom I rec’d. a cordial & brotherly welcome.  Also met Br Jaques, Principal of Seminary a noble man.  Rev. Vanderwater, entirely different—throws cold water!  Visited the school & concluded to rest to day.  Engaged some washing done.  Must work tomorrow, the Lord willing


Wednesday 5/6/57

            Sold 1 share & 2 lots to J Adams $225.  Enclosed bills of exchange for the same to C. Barnes.  Collected by subscription $21  Took supper at Br Chatten’s  Eve called on Br Roberts who gave me several names upon whom to call tomorrow.  Am more encouraged.  Wrote Z  Retired late nearly 11 P.M.

            Dutcher & Co. St Louis, Mo.


Thursday 5/7/57

            Warm & sultry.  Engaged in my work but met with a number of disappointments when I last evening had rec’d. strong encouragements; so much for unprincipled men.  Called twice at J. Woods, Lieu Gov of the state, to solicit a subscription.  Not at home.  Br Jaques was with me.  A hard days work & only $11. dollars.  Supped with A.J. Kalb.  My work here is nearly done—must leave tomorrow morning if possible.


Friday 5/8/57

            Called Lieu G. John Wood with Br Vanderwater.  Conversed with him, riding in his wagon.  Can give nothing now but says he will enquire into the matter & if he finds my church mission all right will in his own time give not less than $200.  Wishes me to write him.  Took the Jeanie Deane for Keokuk, arriving at 4 P.M.  Put up at the Dudley House.  Saw several brethren & called on the Editor of the Gate City.  He will notice my land agency in his daily of [MS. illegible]  Hot.


Saturday 5/9/57

            Hot & dusty.  Spent the A.M. in trying to obtain a guide  succeeded at last in Br John Graham, who after giving me a dinner aided me most of the P.M.  Collected $15 ½.  Called on Br Haynes, Dr Collins &c.  Wrote a letter to J.M. English in the evening.  Keokuk is a large growing business place, but times are exceedingly hard.  money scarce.  It is hard work to beg any even for a church in Kansas.


Sunday 5/10/57

            Sermon in A.M. by Br Buckingham  PM Addressed the 2 M.E. Sabbath schools on the wants of our people, as to a church building.  Evening contributions on both churches $23.30.  Attended general classes in Br Haynes’ church an old fashioned time!  Dr Berry preached in the Evening.  Took supper with E.K. (?)  Retired about 11 P.M.


Monday 5/11/57

            Collected a little.  Dined with W.F. Thompson a very agreeable man, & wife & father.  Got letters of Introduction from the Editor of The Gate City to Gov. Grimes  Rev Mr Turner, also from Dr Berry for Rev Mr Teters Fort Madison.  Rode to Montrose, the head of the rapids  12 miles with Mr Aldrich, from Bennington Vt.  Would take nothing.  With Br Goodman collected $4.00.  Stopped over night with G.W. Smith, a good man & M E Brother


Tuesday 5/12/57

            Crossed the river in a sail boat  visited the remains of the old Mormon Temple at Nauvo Il—70 ft high  70 wide, 110 ft long  Front standing, rear tumbled down when burnt.  4. stories high.  Academy built of the ruins.  Marble, chisselled, ornamented &c  Accompanied by R. Hubbard Cincinnati  Took the Crescent for Ft Madison.  Put up with Rev. Isaac P. Teter, a whole hearted talented minister M E.


Wednesday 5/13/57

            Br Teter went round with me & we collected $10.85.  After dinner took the omnibus for West Point 10 miles  Stopped with Rev Mr Thompson, who aided me in collecting $6.50:  A hard place!  A cool damp day with a little rain towards night.  Br T—has a fine pleasant family.  Village of some 500 people: a large portion Germans.  Congregational, Methodist, & German Methodist churches.—Small societies.


Thursday 5/14/57

            Went to Denmark—a N Eng’d. town.  Moral & thriving—building good—fences & improvements all right  land fair  lying pleasantly.  Rev Mr Turner being absent called on Dea Isaac Fields who guided me among the people  raised $38.  Dined & supped with him.  started on foot for Ft Madison but stopped over night with Dea Oliver Brooks on account of rain,—fine family.


Friday 5/15/57

            With Dea. Brooks &c raised $9.50  After dinner started on foot for Ft Madison.—caught a ride with Joseph F. Houston, a cousin of S.D. Houston my good friend in Shannon.  Arrived at Ft Madison 5 ½ P.M.  Br Teter absent.  Improved the time to read & write a little.  When through, very much to my satisfaction the steamboat Rescue came along, which landed me in 3 ½ hours, at 10 PM, in Burlington.  Put up at the McCutcheon house with a very good gentlemanly Man. 


Saturday 5/16/57

            Called early at Rev- Bradrick’s who introduced me to Br Sweney & others  Saw Gov. Grimes, Editor of Hawk-eye.  Rev. Mr. Salter, Br Reynolds &c.  Affected but little.  Mr Baird a Cumberland Presbyterian promised me $5.00 in Aug—noble young man!  Dined with Br Reynolds & put up for the Sabbath at Br Ead’s.  Eve—preaching in Ebenezer church by Rev Mr Deal of Washington D.C.


Sunday 5/17/57

            Attended S. school at 9 A.M.  Preaching by Dr. Powers.  “By faith Moses refused” &c  Good sermon!  Faithful man.  cool weather.  Feel better from my cold.  Communion in the PM.  Evening, preaching by Br Deal after which I spoke on my mission & a collection was taken up $4. also in Zion church of $7.  A good day on the whole. 


Monday 5/18/57

            Spent the day in circulating my subscription book.  Have been more successful than I anticipated—have broken over the barriers a little, whole amount raised here $37.  Saw Rev. M Coules of Mt. Pleasant.  Time flies.  Br Ripley successfully introduced me to several, all of whom contributed  8 ½ P.M. took the cars for Mount Pleasant.  Put up at the Brazleton house.


Tuesday 5/19/57

            Having an invitation, called & took breakfast with W.F. Coules, who has lately married a 2nd wife.  A very pretty woman.  Dined with Br’ Coleman.  Introduced to Senator J. Harlan—long talk with him  Signed $10.  Had a very pleasant visit with Bishop Hamlin  Wishes me to write him in Feb. when if possible he will give something towards our church.  Stop with Br Fuller.  Eve, attended stewards & leaders meeting.  Opened my mission $9 subscribed.  Went to bed late. 


Wednesday 5/20/57

            Pleasant morning.  Dry yet.  Br Coules aided me some.  Br’ Rudd went around with me & we were on the whole quite successful in getting in to the hearts & pockets of the people.  Called on Rev. Henry Clay Deane, formerly chaplain to the Senate, an eccentric erratic genius!  Called on E.B. Ogg, who made me stay all night. 


Thursday 5/21/57

            Br’ Dennett aided me in the morning much to my satisfaction.  Dined with Br Hare, who guided me around 2 hours.  After this Charles McDowell successfully aided me 1 ½ hours.  Called on Rev. Mr McDowell & took supper at Br Amblar’s who gave me $5, towards my church  Attended prayer meeting in the evening at the University chapel  After which rec’d from Br Winans the contributions of the students.  Have had a hard day’s work & shall leave in the morning for M. Pleasant.


Friday 5/22/57

            Took the cars to Burlington & made some calls.  Dined at Aaron Fordneys.  He subscribed $10 towards our church to be paid in 3 months.  Br’ Ripley kindly guided me around & collected about $11.00.  Have lost a part of my credentials, but Br Bradrick having seen them, has kindly supplied the deficiency.  Wrote to Br’ Brooks & to Ephraim T. Winans.  Slept at Br Eads’.


Saturday 5/23/57

            Railroad, East Burlington, covered with water—Mississippi high.  5 ½ P.M. took the boat to Ugwaka 12 miles, thence a wagon to the R.R. thence to Galesburg—arriving at 10 A.M.  Stopped at H.B. Weeks’ who married M.A. Daniels.  Pleasant fine man.  Found her natural as life!  Feel quite tired.  Called on Rev Mr Bailey, Rev. Elder Tucker.  The first enters heartily into my mission, the latter is a little more cautious & selfish character  Dr Busher absent.  Wife Cousin of Mrs C.E. Blood.


Sunday 5/24/57

            Called on President Blanchard, & John P. Brooks.  Heard a sermon by Rev Mr Western, Babtist.  AM  PM. Rev Mr Bailey.  Eve. By Rev Brooks.  Spoke on my mission.  Rainy evening.  Have enjoyed the day, quite well.  Pleasant people.  A New England town of 6000 founded on Religious & Literary Institutions.  Male & Female Colleges.


Monday 5/25/57

            Made several calls, & some collections.—about $16.  Quite a visit with Rev Mr Bailey, Dr Bunce, Mr Carpenter & wife called in the P.M. at Mr Weeks’ & took tea with us.  A very pleasant visit on a fine pleasant day.

            Invited me to dine with them on the morrow.


Tuesday 5/26/57

            With Mr Weeks for Company to introduce me, circulated quite extensively, & raised $46.  People give from 25 cts to $5.00  Mrs. W—not very well.

            Dined at Mr Carpenter’s & Took supper at Mr (?) who married Miss Ladd, both my old Wilbraham students  Saw Mr Holton also an old student, J. McGee Taylor.  Mrs Weeks sick or unwell.


Wednesday 5/27/57

            Have been accompanied to day by Friend Carpenter who has aided me very successfully.  By invitation took tea at Rev Mr Bascom’s—saw Gen. Pomroy’s wife.  pleasant visit  Found E.F. Davis from Whiting Kan, a Dentist, Elder Davis’s son.  So old acquaintances turn up,  To day have raised $32.  Stopped over night with my friend Carpenter on account of the sickness of Mrs A.D. Weeks.  Quite a visit with Mr & Mrs Carpenter, old Westerly friends.


Thursday 5/28/57

            Collected in the morning $11.  Mrs Weeks is relieved by the birth of a fine boy!  Rec’d. a letter of introduction from Rev Mr Bascom.  Took the cars at 10 ½ A.M. Called at (?) & dined at Mr Miller’s sister, Mrs J. Bosley.  Walked up to W. Albert’s Miller’s 6 miles, carrying my valise—found them well, & rejoiced to see me  Visited a long distance!  11 P.M. a little rain.


Friday 5/29/57

            Much refreshed.  Called on Mr. Leonard Hathaway—formerly of Taunton Ms.  With him & wife, Br Miller & Caroline, Rode to Buda & visited Emeline Miller now the wife of Wm. Herbert, thence to Providence where we took tea with Mrs Charles Crosby, formerly Emeline Taylor, one of my old pupils.  Feel quite fatigued with a disposition to sleep.  Ret’d. to W. Albert Millers at sunset.  Pleasant visit & acquaintance with Mr Hathaway & lady, who is inclined Kansas ward.


Saturday 5/30/57

            Rainy in the morning.  Called early on Mr White.  His wife is a cousin of Mrs Miller.  Wrote to Rev Mr Bascom, J.P. Holton & Mrs Bateman.  Have had a day of rest, probably need it.  Have had a pleasant visit with my good friends here.


Sunday 5/31/57

            Cool & damp with some rain.  Remained at “home”,  Read, wrote & conversed.  Mr White & Mr. Hathaway & lady called.  Kansas with them is the most interesting topic—have the Kansas fever some—it may carry them off!  Br Miller is not much better off.


Monday 6/1/57

            Br Miller took me to the cars at Wyanet whence I came on to Chicago, arriving at Evening.  On the way became acquainted with Dr C. Whipple Tarrytown N.Y.  Gave me $1.  Called on Rev Mr Baume.  Stopped over night at Massasoit house.  Some damp during the day.  Poor encouragement from Br Baume.


Tuesday 6/2/57

            Collect some, Rec’d. 4 drafts of $100 each from Benson & Kingsbury Bankers, Chicago, Illinois, on E.W. Clark & Brothers, St Louis, & enclosed them in mail to Charles Barnes, Manhattan K.T.


Monday 6/8/57

            Sold to F.H. Benson share 426 for $100 & took his note payable in 5 months at his bank 46 Clark Strt Chicago.  Also sold to Wm. P Moss Jr share 427 on the same conditions.  Sold share 205 to Rev. James F. Chaffee for $100.  Eve with Mr Samuel Mead  Caroline Arnold, & Abby F.M. Arnold called on Mr. Nichols & Judge Otis whose wife is sister of Mrs Bateman.  Took an Ice cream on our return.  Serenade at 2 O clock, Fire alarm at dawn.


Tuesday 6/9/57

            Sold to Rev Thomas Williams Share No - for $94, $6 to be raised & sent on making $100.  Sold lot No 141 Ward 6 to Samuel Mead, Chicago for $50.  He has the privilege of having his money back in one or two years if he chooses.  Dined with Mary Slocum Wright, 2 ¾ P.M. took the  cars for Adrian, arriving 12 ½ A.M.  Put up at the Franklin House at 1 A.M. Have done a great business.


Wednesday 6/10/57

            Called & took breakfast with Mr S.R. Millard.  Disappointed in his not being able to buy stock according to previous arrangements on account of losses.  Called on Rev Mr Green Congregationalist.  Goes in for my mission.  Dedication of his church  P.M. noticed my mission before his people.  Fine sermon & exercises in a beautiful church.  P. Stone aided me in raising $5.50.  Rainy in the evening.  Wrote C.R. Adams & F.H. Benson  Feel well.  Hope to do something tomorrow.


Thursday 6/11/57

            With the aid of Mr Stone called on some 30 persons & made out $36.  Dined with Rev R Greene.  Called on Rev Mr Curtis.  Took the cars at 3 1/3 P.M. for Toledo arriving at 5 P.M.  Rev Mr Ayers, gone; put up with Rev G W. Collier.  Attended a meeting at which the African Bishop preached.


Friday 6/12/57

            Sold Rev G.W. Collier lot 312, Ward 5 for $50.  Rainy.  Took the cars for Clyde,  Dined with Rev Mr McKean.  He is to raise something in 4 weeks.  PM.  rode to Bellefontane.  Called on Rev Mr Merritt  Took me round & raised $9.  Wrote to C Barnes & enclosed 2 drafts on EW. Clark & Brs, St Louis from Benson & Kingsbury  Chicago, one $75, the other $50.  Ward hung to day at Toledo


Saturday 6/13/57

            Rose at 4 A.M.  wrote to Rev T. Eddy, Chicago, & at 5 A.M. took the cars for Urbana.  Called on Rev Mr Mitchell P.E. also on Rev. Mr Chalfout.  Did a little on my mission.  Dined at Br Chalfout’s—singular genius!  Has lots of pets but no children!  Called on Rev Mr Long Pres’n. clergyman—will speak of my mission publicly tomorrow.  Put up at the hotel of Br Hamilton. 


Sunday 6/14/57

            Showery morning.  Arose washed all over—feel refreshed after a good sleep.  Feel strong & well—thank the Lord!  Wrote some.  A.M. sermon 1st M.E. C by Rev Mr Lowery “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.”  Dined & supped with Br’ Hunter  4 P.M. sermon by Br Lowry.  After which he made some remarks on my mission & invited me to.  Took up a collection of $18.61.  Eve  sermon by Rev M. Long a Presbyterian.  “Cussed is every one that continueth not in all things” &c;


Monday 6/15/57

            With Br’ Hunter rode 2 ½ miles into the country to collect money.  He spent the day with me  Dined & supped with him  an excellent brother.  A good deal like Br J.M. Howe.  Married a Protestant Irish woman—good woman.  A Columbus preacher has gone ahead of me begging for his church, in Springfield—fear he will precede me in Cincinnati.  Quite a visit Mr Dimmick a school teacher, in the evening.


Tuesday 6/16/57

            Took the cars at 5 ¾ A.M. for Springfield O. arriving at 6 ½ AM.  Called on Dr J.W. Weekly, who introduced me to Rev Mr Marley, he to Rev Mr Newson.  The conclusion is for Br Marly to take up a subscription next Sabbath in his church (college) & forward to me at Xenia.  3 P.M. went to Xenia, passing Yellow Springs & AM teach college.  Found Br Cheney’s family all well.  Quite tired.


Wednesday 6/17/57

            Arose some rested & read over my letters.  Wrote to Ellen, Mary Ann, W, Z--, C Barnes, enclosing a $100 draft on E.W. Clarke & Brs.  St Louis, Mo from Benson & Kingsbury Chicago.  Wrote T. Shattuck & sent by Dwyer’s Express $85.55  Visited the Female College & witnessed a partial examination of Senior class.  Took supper at the Seminary.  Laid my cause before Br Moody—failed.  Br. Simmons all right.  Camp meeting Aug 14.


Thursday 6/18/57

            Rainy night.  Went to the cars at 7.—gone.  With Father Cheney & Emaline went to Tawawa Springs the seat of the Colored college.  Messrs Gaddis & Parker have the charge.  40 pupils—all shades of color.  P.M. went to Cincinnati with a little girl 11 years old in charge.  Arrived at Br. C. Adams at 4 P.M.  Rec’d. a warm reception.  Br A. embraced & kissed me.  Eve—attended the Ladies Exhibition of the Wesleyan Female College.  16 graduates.  14 scientific & 2 classical.  Lasted till 12 at night.  Interesting visit with Br’ Adams & family.


Friday 6/19/57

            Arose late—refreshed.  Made several calls.  Well received.  Preachers favorable to aiding me on my return.  Sarah P. Adams arrives [MS. Illegible]  Is to be married in a few weeks.  Took the cars for Xenia, arrived at Br Cheney’s 9 P.M.  Have had an interesting day visiting with Br Adams & others.  He & family are to write me at E.G. soon; want me to return to a wedding!  Letter to another betrothed husband of Charlotte  Rev E L. Prentice N.Y.


Saturday 6/20/57

            Rainy morning.  Rode to the cars with Demeon Cheney,-- a fine little fellow.  Called at Deleware & visited Prof F. Merrick of the Ohio W- University!  He is to raise money for my mission in the churches at Deleware.  I am to write him first.  Dined with him.  A very pleasant visit with him & lady.  Went over the buildings & college grounds, Fine library.  Went to Ashley & walked sister Mary Ann’s 3 ½ miles from the Depot.  All well.  Letters from Ellen.  Music & visiting till 11 ¼ P.M.


Sunday 6/21/57

            Beautiful morning.  Attended meeting at Woodbury, 2 miles off.  Stopped at class.  Laid my mission before them.  Voted to take up a collection in 2 weeks.  Read some & talked more.  Mr Taber called to discuss Kansas matters.  A little rain.  L.J. Webber & Sons have the Kansas fever.  My use of cold water do not seem to diminish it.  What the consummation would do is doubtful!


Monday 6/22/57

            A.M.  Rainy.  Soil clagy & wet.  Not like Kansas loam.  Wrote Ellen & C. Barnes enclosing him a draft on E.W. Clarke & Brs, St Louis, Mo. from Benson & Kingsbury Chicago Ill.  No 7 dated June 9th payable Aug 9th  Walked to the Depot with E R. Webber & sat 3 times for our Ambrotype.  Took one for myself—left 2 for E R P. & his mother  Good Artist, Mr Porter  P.M. going to Kansas.  Took that 4 ½ P.M. for Cleveland, arriving at 9 P.M.  Called on Rev Mr. Hill at a Preliminary Picknic meeting.  Will Aid me in A.M. tomorrow.  Put up at the St Clair Hotel.  Went to bed at 10 ½ P.M.


Tuesday 6/23/57

            Bright morning. “Smart”!  Rev Mr Hill went round with me 1. hour.  Saw Rev Mr Chapin who will try to help by & by.  Got a Free pass to N. York by Erie Road.  Dined with Rev Mr Prossea, pastor of Bethel church.  Noble Fellow.  Went round with me some.  At 3. P.M. took the cars; arrived at Dunkirk at 8 P.M.  Called to see Rev Mr Osburn—not at home.  Put up at Eastern Hotel.—Good.  Pleasant day & Evening.


Wednesday 6/24/57

            Arose at 3 ½ A.M.  Washed all over.  At 4 ¼ took the cars.  Breakfasted at Olean.  Feel rather dull.  Beautiful day, Good cars, on a wide track, through a wild, grand country.  Passed a bridge near Alleghany 120 ft high  Fall near 180 ft.  Mr Dunning, Union? called.  Found a lady, unacquainted, going into N.Y. city at midnight.  Advised her to stop at a good Hotel in Port Jarvis, where several passengers stopped with me in order to sleep.  Interesting day from scenery & good company though I have felt considerable dull.


Thursday 6/25/57

            Morning pleasant.  Called on Rev Mr Day who introduced me to several men, raised $6 ½ while waiting 2 hours from delay of cars.  Arrived N.Y. 2 P.M.  Saw the young lady to her place & found J.M. Howe glad to see me.  Went home with him  Wife gone—Fanny gave me a hearty welcome.  Eve—played to me on the piano, & visited about old times.  Wrote L.J. Webber.  Slept well.


Friday 6/26/57

            Called on Br James Porter, at the Book room.  Saw Rev. Mr. Miley.  Disposed to aid me.  Called on Rev E.L. Prentice a fine young man, engaged to Charlotte Adams.  Dined with him.  Will do what he can for me, by & by.  Wrote F.H. Benson.  Missed Dr J.T. Peck.  Called at the P.O. but no letter.  Went home with Br’ Howe.  Eve, called on Rev Mr Bowman.  His wife was an Abner from Lynn Mo.  Knows T.P. Richardson & H. Newhall.  Music by Fanny.  Pleasant.  Rested well, though a little melancholy.—


Saturday 6/27/57

            Called on Dr Abel Stevens.  Interview satisfactory.  Thinks I had better have my mission noticed in the Advocate & meet the Preachers, Monday morning at their meeting.  Also called on Dr J.T. Peck, who will aid my cause before & in preacher’s meeting.  A noble heart in a large body.  Mrs. E.B. Howe returned from Wilbraham.  Had a tooth set.  Ice cream in the Eve at J.M. Howe’s where I make it my home.  Retired rather late.


Sunday 6/28/57

            Cloudy & a little rain, A.M.  Sermon by Rev. J.M. Howe.  “God be merciful to me a sinner.”  Good sermon, ½ h.  Wrote to A. Paine, M.R. Bateman & H.B. Weeks.  Statistics for Br Stevens.  Eve—wrote to Ellen.  A day of rest & quiet.  Almost dread the work before me of canvassing the Big City of New York.  I trust the Lord will give me strength to do it successfully.


Monday 6/29/57

            Met the New York preacher who passed a resolution approving of my mission & recommending it to the people.  Met Benjm. Pillsbury at the P-r’s meeting  Called on Br W.S. Studley & arranged for a collection.  Went with Br Pilsbury to Hemstead.—his wife is a Chandler sister to T.B.- of Middletown.  After ten collected $31.  Pleasant visit, went to bed rather late.


Tuesday 6/30/57

            A.M. added $20 to our list.  3 1/3 P.M. after selling $250.00 worth of lots to Br. Pillsbury, I bade him adieu for N York.  Rev Mr Locke on the cars.  Called on Rev Wm. Lawrence & also Rev Mr Inskip.  Attended prayer meeting with the latter.  Spent the night with Br Lawrence.  Very pleasant family.  Have enjoyed my calls much to day.  A notice of my mission comes out to day in the Christian Advocate.


Wednesday 7/1/57

            Sold a lot to Br Lawrence No 64, ward 5.  $100.  Called on Br Seymour Laundon  A fine visit though he was much afflicted with neuralgia.  Live over the past!  Modified my plan of action on account of the absence of R.H. Hatfield, -- a great engine in all good enterprises.  Went to Br J.M. Howe’s to spend the night—Good visit in the evening.  Rainy.—got wet some.


Thursday 7/2/57

            Called on W.S. Studley J.I. Inskip, Wm. Lawrence.  All will help on my return.  Saw James Porter.--took Lot Ward No %#$, for $50/ pays when I return. gave it up.  Had my teeth cleaned &c by J.M. Howe.  Rec’d. a Free-pass to Boston an[d] back from R.E. Lockwood.  6 P.M. took the boat for the Stonington.  Found Rev Mr Sheffield on board, one of my old students at Wilbraham.  Will help me if he can.  Wants his sister to buy a lot.  Slept on board the boat arriving in Stonington at 2 ½ next morning.


Friday 7/3/57

            Rainy morning.  Took the cars for E.G.  arrived at 8 ½ A.M.  Took Breakfast at T. Bateman’s, called on Lots of my old friends.  Glad to see me.  Happy to meet them.  Dined at Br R. Allyn’s.  All well.  Supped at Mr. Bateman’s; where I make it my head quarters, in connection with Br Allyn’s.  Saw Stephen Budington & wife at Br. Allyns.


Saturday 7/4/57

            Awoke early by a Base drum & a tin-pan.  Glorious Fourth!  Patriotism!  Went fishing with Brs Quereau  Allyn & Budington & Joseph Goodman, & Jennie Bateman.  Made some calls.  Evening Fireworks. &c.  Call at Br Quereaus with Br A’s folks, Mr B &c.  Music & singing by my old Pupil Mrs Q--  All very pleasant.  Letter from E.P. Webber.  Mr Tabor wants a Share of city Stock.  Checks, $100 & $50, on Butchers & Drover’s Bank N.Y. to C. Barnes—sent J.M. Howe N.Y.


Sunday 7/5/57

            Preaching forenoon & P.M. by my old Friend Wm. Linsay—good.  Dined at Br R. Allyn’s.  Took tea at Daniel Howland’s—saw Maria Algertha Holden—called on her father.  Attended prayer meeting in the Eve.  Pleasant to see my old friends Richard Howland, Sarah Howland, & Brother, &c.  Went to bed late.  Public notice of a Kansas meeting to morrow Eve.


Monday 7/6/57

            Went to Providence—attended Preacher’s meeting—all right.  Rec’d. my dividends from bank $30, & Insurance Co $35.  Wrote L.P. Lincoln & Wm. Cone, enclosing to the latter a check on Commercial Bank N.Y. for $30 from City Bank Providence.  Called on Br Bennet.  Came to E.G. at 2 P.M. Studied a little for Lecture in the Eve.

            Eve—a fine gathering in the M.E. church  Spoke to them 2 hours on Kansas.  Collection for church $30.  Slept at Br Allyn’s but poorly—rather nervous.


Tuesday 7/7/57

            A fine morning.  Made several calls.  With Jennie & Miss B—rode over to F.G. Hill’s & had a pleasant ride & visit.  Found them all well.  Walked over to Buttonwoods & ate some baked clams.  Ret’d at 8 ½ P.M. visit with J.A. Brown, my old pupil & friend.

            Beautiful weather


Wednesday 7/8/57

            Called on Mrs Bowen &c.  Dined at Dr L. Wheeler’s & ate cherries.  With Jennie & Mrs Bateman rode to Daniel Allyn’s & made a short visit—took supper, saw Mrs Pierce & some of her family there.  Daniel retd home just before we left.  Ret’d. at 7 ½ P.M.:  Called on J.A. Brown & family.  Quite pleasant.  Paid me $50 towards $100 due me.  Also had a visit at Mrs B’s. with a treat of ice cream.  Several friends present.  Br Wm. Linsay, S. Budington & wife  R. Allyn & wife, Mrs D. Allen, Sarah &c.


Thursday 7/9/57

            Made several calls in the morning.  11 ½ A.M. embarked in a boat with a large company of Providence friends & other for Old (?) to enjoy a clam bake.  Had a fine dinner & pleasant time.  Bade my friend Mrs B—good by-- & took the cars at  5 p.m. for Providence.  My little Jennie with me.  Put up with Br. Alvord.—Glad to see us.  Saw Rev R.H. Conklin, & Thomas H. Brown in the Evening.  Bot shares. 225


Friday 7/10/57

            Pleasant morning.  Explored the city with Br F. Upham.  Preliminary to a collection.  Collected but little money.  Sold Lot 644 Ward 1. to G.S. Stevens for $100, note 3 months, on interest.  Saw several old students—hearty greeting.  Dined at Br. Upham’s.  Supped with Mrs. J. Andrus  Spent the night at C.M. Alvords  Found there Abbie T. James—Very glad to see me—quite a visit.


Saturday 7/11/57

            Saw quite a number of persons & did considerable business.  At 11. A.M. took the stage for Poscoag.:  Pleasant Stage Company  Warm and dusty.  Learned of the death of Br Marsh—a noble man & Christian.  Walked two miles to A. Paine’s whom I found well & his family all glad to give me a hearty welcome  A sweet visit with music & delightful night visions.


Sunday 7/12/57

            Warm morning—hot even!  Read a little.  Attended the funeral of Br Marsh who was buried with Masonic rites.  Band of music & military paraphanalia  Desecration of the Sabbath.  Good sermon by Rev. Mr. Fox 2000 people present.  After tea with Marshal called on Br Fox.  No chance for a collection.—poverty – poverty.  Pleasant time.  Went to sleep late—rested poorly.   The hottest day of the season.


Monday 7/13/57

            Bade my dear friends adieu & Br. Paine took me in his carriage at 5 ¾ A.M. & carried me to Graniteville, where I took the stage for Waterford—thence the cars to Woonsocket.  Called on Dr Small, & Rev A.E. Bradford, B.E. Borden.  Sold Lot 301, Ward 1. to Lucy C.W. Cook for $75. & Lot 653. Ward 5. to L.E.W. Cook & Eliza A. Ballou for $50.  Note for 6 months for the $75.  Left it with B.E. Borden to collect & send on check.

            Stopped at Br. Alford’s.  Called on W.A. Green.


Tuesday 7/14/57

            Spent the day mostly in making calls with my old Friend A.E. Bradley Esq. to collect funds—did something.  Saw R.H. Conklin, S.F. Upham & Carpenter.  Obtained from Parson Stone & Br. Weaver 5 shares of stock each to be appropriated for our church or our college as may be deemed best by me.  Warm pleasant day.


Wednesday 7/15/57

            Took the cars for Boston.  Called on Dr. (?) McGee, W R. Clark, &c.  Saw L.P. Lincoln, who p’d. me $25. on taxes &c.  Brs. W. Smith, Hatch, (?) Steele, Norris &c.  Made a few purchases &c.  At 7 PM. took the Steamer Lewiston for Portland with L.P. Lincoln.  pleasant voyage.  Slept well.


Thursday 7/16/57

            Found ourselves in Portland at 3 ½ A.M.  Called on D.B. Randall, H. Cox, the latter a peculiar genius.  Br R- will help us.  Took breakfast with him.  Gave L.P. Lincoln power to collect funds to build our church in places which I could not reach, especially in the East part of Maine.  Rode in the cars to Norway to see Br Wm.’s wife.  Had an excellent visit.  Mostly to ourselves.


Friday 7/17/57

            Confidential talk about matters & things in general & some in particular.  Left H- at 11 A.M. for Portland.  Sold D B. Randall a lot & his Father in Law Wm. Trafton one also.  Br R- has had a son born since I left.  Called on Br Foster.  A[t] 7 PM. took the boat for Boston—foggy.  Wrote a little.


Saturday 7/18/57

            Arrived in Boston 7 ¼ A.M.  Wrote to Harriet &c.  Called on Br Clark & took breakfast.  Called on Wm. Clafton, and Amos A. Lawrence.  Both will do something for me.  Met Br Joseph Denison & David who is a Legislator.  Dined with him at the Adam’s House.  Saw Harrison Newhall, A.O. Hamilton, Br Beinie.  The latter will take up a collection at East Weymouth, Ms. & forward to C & Porter 200 Mulberry N.Y City.  Letters from F H. Benson, T. Shattuck  A. Mead, J.W. Dadmun


Sunday 7/19/57

            Warm morning.  Cry of fire in the night.  Chime of bells.  Arose late on account of talking long with Br Denison, the last night.  A.M. A good sermon at Hanover Street church by Br. J.W. Dadmun.  P.M. Heard the celebrated E.T. Taylor,-- great genius!  Wrote on Kansas events.  Very warm.  Wrote to S. Mead & to my Ellen, &c.


Monday 7/20/57

            Met with the Boston Preacher’s meeting.  Myself & Br. Denison laid our mission before them.  They passed resolutions of approval, mine to be published in Zion’s Herald.  Called A.A. Lawrence, & Wm. Clafflin  T. Whittemore &c.  Most that is done in Boston will have to be done by private solicitation, & for this I have but little time  Took the cars for Br C.L. Eastmans, Leominster, arriving 6 ½ P.M.  Made arrangements with him to take up a collection.  Pleasant visit.


Tuesday 7/21/57

            Rain during the night.  Slept well.  Cloudy morning.  Br’ Eastman took me in his wagon to Fitchburg.  Called on Rev Burtis Judd, who will try to raise a collection with Br Eastman also.  Taken around by Br’ Putnam, who took me to the Hotel for dinner.  Took the cars to Greenfield.  Had Rev. Isaac Smith aboard for Wilmington, Vt.  Took the stage for Colerain.  Several old friends, Hiram absent, Mother Denison there.


Wednesday 7/22/57

            Went with Hiram to Sheburne Falls  Called on W.F. Loomie, “Lizzie” absent!  Dined with him.  Very pleasant!  Called on Rev Mr. Brewster.  He with Mr Loomis design to take up collections.  Got R Webber’s melodeon & brought to Colerain.  We had a very agreeable visit on the way.  Talked over the past & the future.  Settlement of the estate &c.  After supper started for Whiting home arriving at L.H. Whiting’s 9. P.M. all abed—soon up.  Strawberries & cream with a long visit.  Went to bed late.  Rainy during the night


Thursday 7/23/57

            Arose late.  Rainy day.  A good visit with mother & the family.  $18 for a debt unexpected.  Rode to Colerain.  Called on Lucy Ann Avery.  Visited in the Eve with Mrs D. & Hiram.  Rained some at night.  Marked Ellen’s melodeon, &c.  Went to bed early—comparatively.


Friday 7/24/57

            Took the stage with Mrs D—for Greenfield.  Called on Hannah Budington Nimms on the way.  Called also on James Avery.  Went to Templeton.  S. French & wife gone—visit with Mary Webber at Mr. Sergeant’s.  Left on foot for Fitchburg.  Called on Mr Cheney at Gardner, who took me in a wagon 8 miles.  Was just able to reach the cars & go to Worcester.  Attended class with Br I Masey.  Rec’d $6.00 voluntary subscription.


Saturday 7/25/57

            Called early on Chester Field.  He will give us a collection.  A few contributions & a free ticket to Boston, arriving about noon.  Found Br Denison & made several calls.  Dined at Br’ Dadmun’s.  Saw L.P. Lincoln.  Letter from Z-- & Ellen—Put up with W R. Clark.  Eve visited with him & family  the Panorama of the Artic Regions—a fine painting.


Sunday 7/26/57

            Wrote some Z-- & Ellen.  AM. sermon by W.R. Clark, Brownfield Street church.  P.M. by R. McGonegal, Church Street church.  David Denison attended with me.  Warm day—have rested well, “call no man Father.”!

            Study to “Show thyself a workman that needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of Truth.”  Eve wrote & read some & visited with Mrs. C. & the children.


Monday 7/27/57

            Made several calls in the morning.  Rev L. Thayer & Augustus C. Adams will try to raise collections.  Br W.R. Clark, W. Smith & D. Denison accompanied to the cars.  Rode to Waterford & took a horse & carriage for Graniteville, &c.  Took tea at Mr Salsbury’s with Anna Shumway  Ellen Salsbury, Levi S. & Steven Hopkins were there.  Spent the night at Mr P’s


Tuesday 7/28/57

            Visited with the family some.  Called at Anna Shumway’s  School with Took the cars for Providence  Saw Br’ Denison, & Allyn.  Called with my friend Mr. Bradley on severall persons to receive donations.  Took tea with Rev Mr Carpenter.  Called at Br’ C M Alvords, W.A. Greene’s &c.  Spend the night at Dr. Fabyan’s.  Rec’d. a letter from Ellen.  Visited with Mrs Fabyan in the evening.  Warm day.


Wednesday 7/29/57

            Wrote Louis E. Landon.  Made several calls & collected some money.  Took a steamboat ride to Portsmouth, R.I. with the Mathewson Street M.E. Sabbath School, on the invitation of Br Bennett, &c.  Pleasant air & company—good visit with several old friends.  Purchased goods for Ellen &c.  Went to Grenwich & stopped at Br Allyn.  Several calls, &c.


Thursday 7/30/57

            Visited at several of my old friends.  All glad to see me  Br J. Denison arrived from P- stopped over night with him at Br’ R. Allyn’s Called on J.A. Brown, A.T. James, M.E. Gardner, Clarke Harris, Thomas Bateman &c, &c.  Wrote a little.  Quite rainy—through the night &c.  Conversed with Br Denison considerably upon college matters.


Friday 7/31/57

            Cloudy.  Made several calls & got ready for leaving.  Attended An Academy Clam bake; 500 present.  Several speeches, from Dr. E.O. Hanen, J. Denison, R. Allyn, &c.  Several pleasant interviews with old friends.  Left at 5. P.M. for Kingston  Met by James Harris & Addie who took me home with them,--treat to Berries & milk.  Went to bed late.


Saturday 8/1/57

            Visited with the family & heard some excellent music.  Dream life Polka.  Brattleboro waltz, &c.  My friend Harris gave me $10 for mission & bought a share of City Stock, --S.  D. Houston’s, No. 344, for $100 down.  Owned by Sophia A. George   Sent a man to the Depot with me at 7 P.M.  Wrote back a note.  Took the cars & boat for N.Y. city.  Wrote till 10 ½.  Slept tolerably quiet.  Thank the Lord for sweet sleep.  Beautiful night.


Sunday 8/2/57

            Found myself in New York City on rising  Called to see R.N. Hatfield, gone!  Went to Rev. S. Landon’s.  Am at home!  Sermon A.M.  “The sufferings of the present not worthy &c”  Good!  Blessed man & his wife is as good.  Wrote to Z—Louise &c, in the P.M.  Eve, attended a Missionary Meeting of the S. school of Greenpoint M.E. Church.  Br Hedstrom, with 2 others & myself spoke.  Interesting meeting.


Monday 8/3/57

            With Br Landon went over to N.Y.  Took several letters from the, E.W. Met W-r, 2, but none from E.!  Went into preachers’ meeting!  Some of them rather distant!  How little real sympathy from principle!  Saw Vandewater, Taft, Dr Floy, Dr Weeden, & supped with Br Studley, & rec’d. from him $27.78.  Ret’d. to S. Landon’s, Greenpoint at 9 ½ P.M.  read some & visited.  Call from Br. Boyer.


Tuesday 8/4/57

            Wrote to (?) took the cars for Brooklyn P.O. on arriving found I left my satchel in the car. –found it at the Office—fortunate!  Called on several—got up my trunk to J.M. Howes Office, & arranged it  At 4 P.M. took the cars for White Plains to see R.M. Hatfield  found him comfortable & rec’d a cordial greeting.—a noble specimen of a man.  Stopped over night at Charley A. Purdy’s Esq


Wednesday 8/5/57

            Rain during the night also this morning.  Have had a good sleep.  Wrote a note to C.A. Purdy relative to aiding our church after having advised with Dr Hodgson.  Had to run to the cars—just saved myself—at 10 A.M. wrote to R.M. Hatfield, &c.  Made several calls, & went home with J M. Howe.  Rec’d a welcome greeting—had a pleasant visit, with good music before retiring.


Thursday 8/6/57

            Rode to the city & made several calls but got no money.  Let from P- Bennet & answered it.  Wrote to Charles Barnes enclosing 2 drafts, on Butcher’s & Drover’s Bank, one for $100 & the other for $150, signed by B. Pillsbury & payable Aug 30th 1857,  Called on Susan Jenkins & Charles Richmond who made several calls to aid me.—Mrs V. Shepherd, Mr McCoy, &c  Spent the night with Richmond.


Friday 8/7/57

            A beautiful morning.  Have had a good sleep.  Called with C. Richmond on several men.  Mr. Stimpson an old Wilbraham student  go with him Tuesday night to Williamsburg.  Call on Rev Wiley, Jersey City.  Wishes me to meet his people Wednesday Evening.  P.M. Called on 4 men who gave me $120.  Met J. Hill at D.F. Tompkins Office.  Good chat.  Went home with D.F.T.—to spend tomorrow & the Sabbath.  Dined to day with Mrs. V. Shepherd, J.C.

            A laborious & a profitable day.  Went to bed 10 ½ P.M.


Saturday 8/8/57

            Started with a horse & wagon & D.F. Tompkins to raise money.  Raised $90. Smashed our wagon.  My friend somewhat bruised  fortunate escape.  Thank the Lord!  Supped with Br’ J.W. Simpson, who called with me on Mr Bolles.  Pleasant visit with plan for the morrow.  Mr S- walked with me a mile—good visit.  Conversed with Mr T.


Sunday 8/9/57

            Arose refreshed & wrote a letter to Ellen &c  Z.  A.M. Attended church at Clinton street M.E. church & laid my mission before them.  $6.50 handed in.  P.M. Called on C. Walsh & with him went to S. school—addressed the officers & got permission to take up a collection in the Eve—Took supper with Br’ Elias Traver’s Eve—Sermon by J.S. Porter; stated my case.  Collection $20.23  walked 2 miles to Friend Tompkins.  tired but well.  Visited & retired late.


Monday 8/10/57

            Finished a letter to Ellen.  Foggy.  Well rested.  Rode around with friend D.F. Tompkins.  11 A.M.  Took the cars for New York.  Called on Mr. Richmond, McNamee, $5.00 of the Pres. Erie R.R.  Amount realized from Newark N.J. About $115.00  Rainy  P.M. called on Chauncy Shaffer, Lawyer, to Beckman Street.  He will act as agent for me.  Saw Br Inskip.  Took supper with J.H. Taft.  Spent the night at Br S. Landons Greenpoint,- not at home


Tuesday 8/11/57

            Made a number of calls.  & at 5 P.M. went with my Old Friend S.J. Stinson to Williamsburg—Raised several dollars & spent the night with him.  Pleasantly situated. 


Wednesday 8/12/57

            Raised several dollars through Friend Stinson, & collected some previously signed.  Wrote B. Pillsbury, Matilda Bates Codling, Amityville N.Y.  S. Landon, T. Bateman, & John T. Goodin.  Called Mrs S.D. Shepherd with my friend C. Richmond.  Took his checks on the Bank of America, for $25, 70, 100, 100. -$295. payable Sept 15th to Charles Barnes.  5 P.M. took the cars for Buffalo to ride all night.


Thursday 8/13/57

            Arrived in Buffalo 10 ½ A.M. Called Revs. DuPay, Chambers & Smith.  Dined at Du.Pay’s.  Raised $8.  9 ½ P.M. took the cars for Cleveland, O. for another all night ride.  Am doing pretty well in health considering my hardship & labor.  Write a little as I go along.  Musical periodical


Friday 8/14/57

            Arrived in Cleveland 4 ¾ AM.  Called & breakfasted with Rev Mr Prosser.  P.E.  Rev Mr Gregg & lady present.  By a good chase & the aid of God Worthington (colored) found Pres. Hubby & secured a Free Pass to Columbus.  Broke a lock—took my satchel & just secured the cars, arriving in Columbus.  Secured a Free pass of the Pres. W. Denison Jr to Cincinnati & back.  Arrived in Xenia – saw Br Simmons &c.  Walked to Br’ David Cheney’s at 7 PM.  Letter to Z—Papers


Saturday 8/15/57

            Wrote Charles Barnes & enclosed 2. drafts of $100 each on Buchers & Drover’s Bank N.Y. City, drawn by John M. Howe, payable Sept 15, 1857, to C. Barnes.  Took the cars for Loveland for Goshen Camp Meeting  Letter of introduction from Brs Simmons &   Moody.  Stopped over night at Hotel Loveland.  Wrote to Pres’t. Hubby & to my Ellen.  Quite a rain.  Am well thank the Lord.  Went to bed rather late,-- did not sleep but little—very wakeful  wind active.  Quite warm.


Sunday 8/16/57

            Foggy morning.  Feel a little weak for the want of sleep—system a little relaxed.  Rode to Goshen Camp ground by 10 ¼ A.M.  Laid my mission before Trustees who voted to give me a Public Collection tomorrow.  2 sermons.  Engaged the day  Eve- joined the Police to quell Rowdies Succeed well.  Slept with the preachers.  Wrote a little.  4000 present 6 acres of horses & wagons.


Monday 8/17/57

            Present my mission before the people after remarks by Rev. Mr Phillips superintendent Camp ground—Excellent feeling.  Got over $40.  Formed several pleasing acquaintances.  Rainy PM.  rode to Loveland with Br John M. Dyer with whom I spent the night.

            Had pledges been made to day publicly I have no doubt I would have rec’d $100.  The fire was kindled, but not allowed to burn.  a little mismanagement.


Tuesday 8/18/57

            Damp morning.  Br D- took me to the cars at 7. A.M. but we were 5 minutes too late;  in the mean time wrote some till 9 ½ A.M.  Z- before taking the cars.  Wish to go to Moscow Camp Meeting.  Went to Cincinnati & dined with Br Adams.  Called on D.W. Clark & rec’d his & C Adams’ recommendation.  5 ½ PM. took the Boston Boat for Moscow 30 miles, arriving at 8 ½ PM.   Invited by Br Fee to spend the night  music by his daughter.  Retired 10 ½ P.M.


Wednesday 8/19/57

            Went to the camp ground at 9 ½ A.M.  Saw Brs Young, Rowe, Dunn, Shim, Maddy, Rutledge, Fitch, &c.  Met the Trustees & took up a collection at 3 P.M. cash $39, pledges, $18. Noble people!  Excellent meeting in the Eve.  Retired at 11 P.M.  4 conversions.  A shouting time!  But remarkable order.  Formed a number of very pleasant acquaintances, & enjoyed my stay finely. 


Thursday 8/20/57

            After breakfast, walked to Point Pleasant, & took the Boat Lancaster for Cincinnati at 8. A.M.  Have a cold for several days—better this morning thank the Lord.  Wrote to E.P. Webber & Ellen.  Letters from Ellen & Mrs B—went to Br Adams’ & spent the PM. & night.  Rested & visited.  Weather cooler.


Friday 8/21/57

            Slept well—excepting a little trouble from musketoes.  Arose at 6 ½ A.M.  At 10 A.M. took the cars for Xenia.  Found Br’ Cheney unwell with a sort of dysentery.  Read & wrote some & looked over my accounts.  Cooler weather, but pleasant.  Br Cheney is no better this Eve- Prospect of rain.  Quite a visit with Father Cheney.  He was the Teacher of W.L. Marcy, Sec’y. of state, when he was a lad 13.—a dull boy.  Encouraged him & did him good.  Got him to the head in spelling!


Saturday 8/22/57

            Rainy during the night.  Br Cheney sick all night nearly.  Sent for the Dr this morning.  Settled up my mission accounts in part.  Want $1000 more to complete my church building.  Wrote to C Barnes, enclosing 3 drafts, $70, $25. on Bank of America, & $100 on Butchers & Drovers Bank, from J.M. Howe.  The first from C & A. Richmond, also an order on N. Trafton $60.


Sunday 8/23/57

            Br Cheney better.  Cool for the time of year.  Rode out to Camp Meeting, Spring Valley.  8000 present  G. Moody preached.  My collection defered till tomorrow.  Dined with Br’ Wright.  Left the ground after giving Br Simmons written statistics of the claims of my mission, & took supper & put up for the night at Wid Truman’s Hotel Spring Valley, 7 miles from Xenia.  Wrote a little before retiring in a poor room in a rowdy Hotel.


Monday 8/24/57

            Did not sleep at all well—so much drinking & carousing around.  Took the cars for Cincinnati.  Called on Rev E House & got a letter to J.E. Gibbons & Found letters in the P.O.S. Mead, Mother, L.W. Emeline, W Cone, &c   Got a Free Pass to Chilicothe.  Dined at Br C. Adams’  Took the omnibus to Williamsburg camp ground, arriving at 10 ½ with Rev G Parrott  Stopped at the Preachers tent, very well 


Tuesday 8/25/57

            Saw several preachers, new and old.  Met the Trustees—result doubtful Preaching by Br Maddy.  Collection for preachers after it $97.  Dined & breakfasted with Mrs Thomas.  Supped with Br McNutting.  Preaching by Br’ Maddy, & Br Witmer of Hillsboro; Left Br Hines to take up a collection.  Eve walked 2 miles to Lewis Hotel, Williamsburg & spent the night after writing ¾ of an hour.  It was a day of darkness & light for my mission, closing up with the light.  Trick of faith.


Wednesday 8/26/57

            Arose at 4 ½ A.M. & took the Omnibus for Cincinnati, 27 miles, arriving at 10 ¼. A.M.   Letter [MS. illegible] Did some little business & rode to Walnut Hills & called at Mr Jacobs  His wife Electa is a daughter of Father S. Whitney.  Pleasant call.  He was not at home.  3.50 P.M. took the cars for Chilicothe.  Br Lee of Columbus aboard, going to the Ohio Annual Conference.  Introduced me to Brs. [MS. Illegible: several words illegible.]


Thursday 8/31/57

            Walked one mile with C. & Br A- and took the Omnibus for Cincinnati.  Crowded – Br Fee.—reading Festus with C--&c.—Pleasant, interesting, profitable time.  arrived 11 A.M.  Rested in the P.M.  Visited with C. & Mrs A-  read letters &c discussing important matters.  Called on Mr Hagan’s with C. Heard her play &c.-  Went to bed early—having a headache—something very unusual, -- & slept well.


Tuesday 9/1/57

            With Br’ Adams & wife went to Cincinnati camp meeting.  Dined with Br Botham & supped with Br Shepherd.  Laid my mission before the Trustees, &c.  Eve wrote to Ellen, (?).  Slept in the preacher’s tent.  Pleasant weather, small meeting.  New Camp ground.  Wrote C. Barnes, 2. drafts $100 each, C&A. Richmond, on Bank of America N.Y.


Wednesday 9/2/57

            Several pleasant conversations. Henry Price Newark N.J. now at the Walnut Street Hotel Cincinnati, W. Smith, David Reid, S.L. Yourtee, I. Griffiths, Sutherland, Dr’ Bidlar &c   A little morning meeting & collection for a slave to buy himself, $40  Curious experience.  An Old Christian Negro!  11 A.M. sermon C Adams:  “The fulness of the Gospel.”  A laughing, joyful, shouting time!  Peculiarly interesting.  Obstacles before me, not yet discouraged.  The Lord is good.  Ellsworth, Battelle, Adams, & S.T. Griffith, preachers today.  Slept well.


Thursday 9/3/57

            Breakfasted with Br’ Bothman.  Wrote some.  Ellen & (?) Dined with John E. Gibbons.  11 A M. sermon by S.L. Yourtee, 8 AM. J.C. Bontecu, 3 P.M. by Rev Mr Warnet, communion season  After which we had one of the most singular meetings I ever witnessed.  Shaking of hands, hugging & kissing, laughing & crying, weeping & singing.  Such heavenly singing called up the meeting of the saints in Heaven.  Went to Cincinnati in the Eve—visit with C-- &c before retiring &c.


Friday 9/4/57

            Slept well.  Fine morning.  Made several calls with Mrs. C—Adams, on my mission.  Letter from J—m  put in letters for E, L, C. Barnes,  Every day has its light & dark shades.  Went to Walnut Hills & spent the night at Enoch Jacobs’  Music on a Melodeon, by his daughter.  Went to bed late & slept well.  $20 from Mr McMicken a 3 millionaire of whom one man said I should get nothing.  Letter from J—m & sent answer.


Saturday 9/5/57

            Called on Mr Killbreth, Burton, Searles, Dr. Clarke, Book Consern Mr Puff, Rev. Sutherland, J.C. Bontecu &c &c  Called at Br A’s & took a good bath &c.  Went again to Walnut Hills & spent the night with Mr J--.  Attended with him a Republican Committee Meeting.  Nice peaches after meeting.  Retired at 11 P M.


Sunday 9/6/57

            Arose 7 1/3 A.M.  Read some,  10. A M. went to C Adams & went with the family to Asbury Chapel.  Sermon by C. Adams, & a missionary collection.  Rainy most of the forenoon.  Quite a visit on a heart matter, with C—e,  Read in Repository & National, Eve—attended the Episcopal Church—a grand building--; sermon well delivered & effective – good doctrine!  Pleasant Eve.  C—with me.


Monday 9/7/57

            Made several business calls preliminary to future collections on my return to the city 3 or 4 weeks hence.  Saw Messrs Burton & Searles of Union Chapel  Satisfactory.  Took supper at Br’ Marten’s.  Saw W.T. Thorn  Read with C—in the Eve & discussed a Poem called Festus. 


Tuesday 9/8/57

            Free Pass from Mr Fuller from Columbus to Steubenville, 150 m & back.—also F—pass from (?)  Cin. to Dayton & back.  Dined with Br’ H. De Camp 304 5th Street.—of Morris’ Chapel.  Had a run to get to the Depot—just saved myself.  A large number of preachers on board.  Pass by courtesy, R.R. Met at Piqua several old friends, & Rev. Ira Blackford, Lawrence K. Stayed with him at Br’ Blair’s who is dangerously sick with dropsy.


Wednesday 9/9/57

            Rev. Mr Morrow.  Attended the conference AM.  Talked with several relative to a collection.  Shall have one to night, Eve.  Br Adams after a sermon by Br’ Crowe, presented my mission, was followed by Br Ferguson myself & Br Blackford.  Collection $60.  Less than I expected, -- not managed right.  Pleasant day.


Thursday 9/10/57

            After some considerable business of one Kind & another all bearing on finances  I left a 3. P.M. for the depot.  Called on Dr Parker—rec’d $3.  He is formerly of Brattleboro son of Stephen Parker.  Took the cars for Troy where I visited Dr Sabins’ family  Treated to Piano music by his daughter & Br’ Lowry’s daughter.  Excellent visit.  Took a walk with the Dr.


Friday 9/11/57

            Took the cars for Dayton.  Saw the corpse of a poor drunkard on getting out of the cars—drowned in the canal the last night.  Wife & 4 children!  At 12. M. took the cars for Xenia.  Found Br Cheney’s people well excepting Lucy  Letters Br’ Denison & Jotham.  Wrote J.T.G—n  E.P. Webber, Ellen, & Dr Kingsly, W.C. Advocate  Music by Emma.


Saturday 9/12/57

            Father Cheney carried me to the Depot at 8. A.M.  Stopped at Columbus & saw my Chilicothe chum Rev Lovett Taft.  Got a Free pass to Ashley & back, & took the cars for Delaware at 3. P.M.  Found Prof. Merrick & family all well.  Helen my old pupil here.  3 tutor’s board with him.  A noble family.  He has a beautiful cottage building & “fixins”  Wrote some.  B.E. Borden Mrs S. Adams & Charlotte.


Sunday 9/13/57

            Called on Mr’ Burr & Rev Mr Newton, who allowed Prof.- Merrick & myself a collection in the 2nd Presbyterian church. --$16.00.  Prof. M. also collected $4.00 in a Bible class &c.  3 P.M. sermon in the Chapel by Rev Mr Nelson.  Some 500 students, male & female present.  Eve—attended the Methodist Church.  Prof. M- & myself laid our mission before them but took up no collection.  Left for tomorrow.


Monday 9/14/57

            Wrote J. Denison.  Went round with Prof. Merrick some & added to my previous collections about $18. making in all in Delaware, $43.—5.  Rain last night & this morning, yet it is quite warm.  Th- 82°.    Heard Prof. Merrick’s class in Mental Philosophy, 32.  Looked over the College some, & took a drink from the Sulphur Spring.  a noble one!  At 4 ½ P M. took the cars for Ashley.  Found sister Mary folks well, several getting ready to go to Iowa.  Music & neighbors in the Eve.


Tuesday 9/15/57

            Read in Festus & visited.  Not very well in the P M.  Cousin Jesse called & Mr Stockwell.  All very busy in getting goods packed for the journey.  Have kept rather quiet.  Have hoped that Jotham would meet me here, but in vain.


Wednesday 9/16/57

            Lyman, & his sons, Royal & Elisha with the wife of the latter, left for Iowa.  Poor folks!  they must go through with a good deal!  May the Lord strengthen & bless them, & enable them to endue what they must cheerfully.  Have kept quiet to day.  Made a short call on Br Hill, who will endeavor to get me a collection at Woodbury.  Read some & rested.


Thursday 9/17/57

            A bright morning.  Wrote to Mr & Mrs W.F. Loomis.  Call from Br’ Hill, who took me in his wagon to the Depot 3 ½ miles.  I left sister Mary Ann & her little boy alone. Cynthia had gone to a neighbor’s.  Rode to Columbus & put up with Br Taft.  A strong wind with rain.  Parsonage roof blown in.—a wreck.  Just got in to the house before the storm.


Friday 9/18/57

            Br Taft took me around the city at 10. AM. took the cars for Steubenville.  Dined at Coschocton.  Passed through 5 tunnels.—first 17.00 ft long.  The others 80, 45, 70 & 30 counts each.  1st 109 miles from Columbus.  Arrived at Pittsburg 8 ½ P.M.  Went to Weslyan Female College, L.D. Barrows President, & rec’d. a hearty reception.  Found a home here.  It is a noble building 120 students.  Found one of my old Wilbraham students Prof. (?) Mr Ward.


Saturday 9/19/57

            Br. Barrows made several calls with me on Dr. Baird, Kincaid, Lynch & Cox.  Prof Ward took me to Br Denisons &c.  Decided on a Lecture Thursday Eve.  Ministers are ready to aid me.  It remains to get at the churches through the Trustees.  Letter f—S  Am still troubled a little with Direhea.


Sunday 9/20/57

            Called on the Trustees of Christ Church & got permission to lecture in their Chapel, &c.  A.M. Preaching by Rev Mr. Riley.  “Men shall run to & fro.”  P.M. Called on Rev. Davison & Mansell.  Rode in an Omnibus 1 ½ miles to hear a lecture on “home” by Rev. L.D. Barrows.  Good & profitable.  Called on Ennesley & McCleary on my return.  Wrote some in the Eve.  Read.


Monday 9/21/57

            Made several calls & visited with Dr’ Barrows.  Attended prayers in the Chapel  100 young ladies present.  President L.D. Barrow, Teachers, Henry S. Ward, R.T. Taylor, Matilda Markam, Mary S. Rogers, Charlotte A Howe, & Sarah M. Rhodes  Supped with Rev Mr McCleary, & addressed his Trustees, & also Rev Mr Endleys.


Tuesday 9/22/57

            Read some & made several calls.  Prepared for a lecture on Kansas to come off in the Evening.  Spoke in the Eve to a thin house, who were tolerably interested.  Raised about $20.  Spoke 1 ½ hours.  Met a Kansas man.—Glad to see each other  Congregation small because of a prejudice against Christ Church.


Wednesday 9/23/57

            Attended prayers at the Chapel of the Female College & addressed the students on the question, How shall I study?  Some interest felt & good attention given,  Engaged Rev Mr Grant, of Tarentum Pa, to take up a collection & leave with Dr Baird in 2 weeks.  Called on Rev Mr Lynch, &c.


Thursday 9/24/57

            Sent letters, Ellen, S.  Have labored hard to day in calling on business men promiscuously for donations asking of each firm $1.00.  Have done something but not as much as I had reason to expect.  It has been quite a trial of my faith, Rec’d about $14.  Went home to rest quietly at my good friend’s Rev L.D. Barrows, at the P.F. college.


Friday 9/25/57

            Again I have labored hard another day on the plan of yesterday with nearly double the success $25.  Eve. attended the Quarterly conference of Liberty street church.  They voted me a collection in their church next Sabbath week.  Discussed the Question of separate pew sittings


Saturday 9/26/57

            Again another hard day’s work of scouring the city for a $1 each from business men.  The suspension of the City Banks to day is a damper on my business, still I have raised about $20.  Thank the Lord for the approaching sabbath.  I am tired in my colporteur system of begging.  Eve.  Deposited with Rev L D Barrows $225 cash & sold him 2 shares of stock of S.D. Houston’s also one lot 524, Ward 5 belonging to our Trustees.—the last that I have.  Took his note $275. till I return.


Sunday 9/27/57

            Quite a visit after breakfast with L.D.B. &c.  A.M. Meeting at Beaver street church.  After sermon by Rev. Mr McCleary & some remarks myself took up a collection of $13.31.  Dined with Br M-- &c.  returned to P.F.C-e at 3. P.M.  Read & wrote some.  Eve—went with Prof. Taylor to Smithfield Church & heard a sermon by Rev Mr Cox.


Monday 2/28/57

            Continued my calls on individuals of all professions & trades.  Collected $22.  Better than nothing.  Dined at the St Lawrence Hotel Br’ Lytle’s Eve—visit with Br’ L.D. Barrows on men & things.  Bishop Baker C. Adams, &c


Tuesday 9/29/57

            Worked hard & raised $10.  Stopped over night at the Lawrence Hotel.  Slept on the floor to dodge bed bugs!


Wednesday 9/30/57

            Called early on George Hutchinson who promised to secure me a ticket for Chicago Free.  Worked in Allegheny City.  raised $27, with promise of more.  Stopped with L.D. Barrows, again.  Quite an evening visit with him.  Letter sent to L—


Thursday 10/1/57

            A.M. made some collections of old subscriptions & P.M.  3 Oclock after getting a letter of introduction from L.D. Barrows to Rev. A. Cookman, of Philadelphia.  Rode all night arriving at Philadelphia in the Morning at 6.  Found 2 young men bound for California, &c &c.  Crossed the R.R. bridge near Harrisburg of the Susquehanna 1 ¼ miles long. 


Friday 10/2/57

            7 A M.  took the cars for N.Y. at Philadelphia passing through Burlington, Bordentown, Trenton, Princeton, Elizabethtown, N. Brunswick & Newark  arrived in N.Y. city 11 ½ A.M. Found letters from J.D. C. Barnes J Blackford, L, J.T.G.  Saw Br J.M. Howe &c. Took supper at Br. Christian’s & children.  Stopped at S. Laundon’s.  Wrote L.D. Barrows, J. Blackford, J. Denison, J.T. Goodin, &c   Saw Louise & went to bed at 2. A.M.


Saturday 10/3/57

            Called on R.M. Hatfield, J.M. Howe J.D. Moore, Poor encouragement for raising money.  Also called on C.& A. Richmond.  At 5. PM. took the Plymouth Rock for Stonington, Ct.  Wrote to L.  Arrived in S—at 2 A.M. & in the cars at 3 ½ A M. reached E. Greenwich.  Stopped at Mr Batemans


Sunday 10/4/57

            Attended church all day.  A beautiful day.  Many very hearty greetings.  Am quite unexpected to most all.  All the more pleasant.  Wrote to L.


Monday 10/5/57

            Made some calls & took tea at Thomas Spencer’s.  Found a letter from Mr & Mrs W.F. Loomis.  Right glad to get it—anxious to have me visit them.  Eve called at Mr Sisson’s  pleasant.  Music.


Tuesday 10/6/57

            Made several calls & in the P.M. rode out with Mr Bateman & family to Daniel Howlands & made a call—very pleasant.  Eve learned that A.M.P-- & sister had arrived.  Rec’d a call from Prof—Pennoyer informing me that the students had voted me to address them thursday Evening.  Have concluded to do so.


Wednesday 10/7/57

            Called on Mr Hawkins, & took dinner  also on Abbie T. James, AM.  P--& S.  3 ½ P M.  Rode with the last then to see Lillie Knight & husband old students.  Ret’d home at 10 ½ P M. after a very pleasant visit, & ride.


Thursday 10/8/57

            Visited at Mr Hawkins, & called on Clarke Harris & family.  Pleasant.  Eve—gave a lecture on Kansas to the students, over 200 present.  They seemed quite interested.  Z—present.  Wm. Linesey. &c.  Quite a visit with Rev. Wm. Linesey on a Professorship &c!!  spent the night at C. Hawkins.  Music by John Mowry.  Apparition!  Went to bed at 1. A M.  Wrote to W.F  Loomis &c.  Singular day.


Friday 10/9/57

            Took the cars for Providence.  Visited the Franklin Institute with several old students.  Interesting.  Saw P. Bennet, & a number of old friends.  Had my Ambrotype taken &c.  Took the cars for Boston, arrived & went to W.R. Clark’s.  tired & sleepy.  Wrote 2 letters, S. Taft, L. & in Diary.


Saturday 10/10/57

            Called on Dr’ Haven, --at Bookstore  Letter from J.D--  Got a Free pass  2. P.M. went to Malden.  Saw S. Thayer, & supped with W.A. Braman at Milford.  Saw a ship of 400 tons launched.  7. PM. took the cars for Lynn, where I found my old friend T.P. Richardson with whom I stopped over night.  Good visit.  Some tired & sleepy.  Pleasant & coolish.  Wrote a little L—


Sunday 10/11/57

            Went with T.P. R.—called on F. H. Newhall—heard him preach, on Prayer.  Pleasant congregation.  Good sermon.  P.M. sermon by Rev Mr Baily.  Took tea at Harrison Newhall,  Saw she that was Elis’th Merill, & Elis’th Newhall.  Eve—prayer meeting—spoke on Kansas matter.  Stopped over night with T.P.R—


Monday 10/12/57

            Sold H. Newhall 5 lots, for $300 payable Jan 1st 1858.  T. & H—gave me $5.  Went to Boston.—Saw the Preachers, &c.  Dined with WR. Clark P M. 3 ¼. took the cars for Bl—e.  Rode 10 miles in the stage.  walk 3 ½ miles.  Visit S.—Quite an interesting [MS. illegible].  Old school house!  peaches—visit—thrilling

            Little sleep.  Sent Letter Rev. Wm. Lawrence, Brooklyn.  Wrote Samuel Mead.


Tuesday 10/13/57

            Walked early 8 miles, & took the stage 4 miles, & the cars 35 miles to Boston at 10. A.M.  Saw several old friends.  Called on L.P. Lincoln.  Warmish & pleasant.

            Saw Dr. (?)

            W. R. Clark bought share 433, Manhattan Town association  Tired & sleepy. Took tea with Mrs. G. E. Rand  Spent the night with Rev. Pliny Wood, an old student, his wife Roxana Dunham,-- 2 children. Neponsett, Dorchester


Wednesday 10/14/57

            After an excellent visit went to Boston.  Made several calls, Mrs Binney, &c  Suspension of Banks.  Saw Br Pattan.  Went to Worcester.  Rev. W. Smith part of the way.  Could not find Eli (?)   Cars to Woonsocket.  Collected $75 from Mrs. S.C.W. Cook.  Spent the night at Arnold Spears.  Old friends.  Quite a long visit.  Interesting day.


Thursday 10/15/57

            Went to Providence.  Called on P. Bennet  A.E. Bradley, &c.  Visited Miss Maria Gardner, an old Wilbraham student dying with consumption!  Sainted spirit!  She will soon take her flight to fairer climes!  She was overjoyed to see her old teacher once more, so unexpectedly.  Proceeded to E. Greenwich.  All well.  Made several calls.  Tea at Mr Hawkins.  Staid at Mr Bateman’s. 


Friday 10/16/57

            Miss the 8 Oclock train.  Rode out with Jennie to Mr Howlands, & with her & Mrs. B—to (?).  Calls on Miss Kettells & Miss Chase.  Lots!  Saw Br Linesey &c.  Took the cars at 2. P.M. for Carolina Mills.  Got a ride to Arcadia.  Supped at Mr Crandall’s, & spent the night at James Harris’ Esq.  Nellie at home with her husband.  Music & writing late.  An excellent home like scene.  Slept well.


Saturday 10/17/57

            Cool morning & windy.  Fall like.  Music & visiting till 12 ½ Oclock & then left for the cars.  Called at Westerly & took supper with Mrs. Ells & Mrs. Parkerson.  With Mrs E—called on Mr Edmunds, also on Harriet Stillman, -- gone!  Eve—went to Stonington & took the Vanderbilt for N.Y—went to bed at 9 ½ & rested well.  Beautiful night.  Wrote some. 


Sunday 10/18/57

            Arrived in N. York at 6. A.M.  Called at the P.O. letters from J. Denison Mrs. B—Charlotte, L.  J.T. Goodin  Went to Jersey City—called on Rev Mr Wiley.  Sermon by him on the “Duty of husbands.”  Good!  Dined with Mrs V. Shepherd  Eve.—supped at Rev Wm. Lawrence, & heard Henry Ward Beecher, on “Trust in God,”  Rode to Greenpoint to S—Landon’s & spent the night.


Monday 10/19/57

            Went to preachers meeting.  Called with Mrs S—on several  $15 Stopped at Saveny Hotel  Letter from C.C. Knowlton, Wrote L-- &c Called on Mr Howe  Saw E.L. Prentice.  Stopped at Saveny’s Temperance Hotel.  Pleasant & coolish.


Tuesday 10/20/57

            Called on Dr Strickland & took back his share.  Wrote to A.P-- & S. & made several calls, Went home with J.M. Howe to Passaic.  Pleasant visit with the family, Fanny R. H—my old pupil played Iron Boots Quick Step, &c.  Went to bed 10 ½ P.M.


Wednesday 10/21/57

            Letter f. L—Called with Rev E- L. Prentice on several men.  Collected some.  Cool pleasant day.  Went home with Mr J M. Howe Excellent family visit, Music &c.  $6 collected.


Thursday 10/22/57

            Rode to N. York with Mr. & Mrs Howe & 3 of their children.  She was bound for Madison.  Called on Rev J.M. Beach—dined with him.  Will aid me on Monday.  Called on Rev T.G. Osborne, 27th street.  With him called on 2 men.  $10.  Found an old Wilbraham student, Hollis Holman.  Gave me a dollar.  Eve called on Rev Wm. Lawrence to spend the night—give him till Jan. to pay his note of $100.  Met J. & G. Denison.  spent 2 hours with them. 


Friday 10/23/57

            Called on Mr Howe, &c.  Collected a little.  St Nicholas Hotel, Daniel Drew, --write him in 2 months,  will try to help me.  Met Joseph & George Denison.  Quite a visit.  Took tea with Dr S. Landon, Good visit.  Pleasant day.  Went to bed 10 ½ P.M.  Wrote S—


Saturday 10/24/57

            Rainy day.  Made some calls but not to much profit.  Shall be able, I trust to do more on Monday.  Visited with Br Denison some, & arranged plans for the future.  Called at Dr. Cheever’s, & also on Mrs. Denel.  Letter f. L.  Stopped in J.M. Howe’s office to write, & shall probably sleep there also.  Good chamber for retirement & reflection.  Retired early & rested well.


Sunday 10/25/57

            Arose later than usual.  Rainy day.  Visited the school at the 5 Points.  Mrs Denel is the life & soul of it—the originator.  700 children under its influence  300 day scholars, 150 present this morning though rainy.  They appeared well.-- recited well.  Much pleased with Mrs Denel—a woman of indomitable will & energy, with a great Missionary heart!  We have here a living demonstration of the saving power of the Gospel!  Went to Dr. Cheever’s church & heard him preach, A.M. 1st Sam. 14 Chap. 6 v. Saw J.D. Moore.  Wrote C Adams, Daniel Cheney, & S. Mead.


Monday 10/26/57

            Called on H.W. Beecher,--failure!  Also on E L. Prentice sold him a share of stock, 431.  Went to Preacher’s Meeting.  Saw J.W. Beach  A.M. will try to help me.  Eve—called on Mrs Susan Dwight Shepherd sold her one share of stock of my own No 8. $100.

            Very rainy, most of the day & night.


Tuesday 10/27/57

            Rainy.  Miscellaneous calls.  Went to the S- boat, in vain!  Called on C. Shaffer 5. Beckman street.  Will try to raise $50 00 for our college. & Mr Nash $50 00.  if he succeeds in his Virginia enterprise!  By invitation spent the night with C. Shaffer, his wife formerly Miss Warner of M. Ct. Willbraham student.  Elis’th has married C.W. Taylor Keokuk, Iowa.


Wednesday 10/28/57

            Called on J.W. Beach.  Saw G & J.  Saw Charles Richmond, &c.  Call on J.M. Howe & Mrs. Denel.  Eve went to hear G Christie’s Minstrel, a medley!  Good musicians but a good deal of chaff with the wheat!  Slight rain in the Evening.  Wrote M.E. Brown & C.C. Knowlton, Evening Post, Henderson  Got Mr Bateman & his little Jennie likeness copied.


Thursday 10/29/57

            Damp—looked over my business papers & find I have a lot unsold a fine lot.  Met Br’ D- & talked over business affairs.  Made some calls & collected some.  Eve went out to Passaic, with br’ Howe, & had an evening’s visit.  Cleared off.  Weather a little moderated.  Rev Mr. Keys present.  Wrote A.P--  Went to bed at 11 ½ P.M.


Friday 10/30/57

            Went out to N. York, bidding my friends at P- good by.  Finished & sent my letter to Ara Paine.  Made several business calls, & conversed with Br D--  Bradford & Richmond having given me part of a pew in Newark went out in the evening to see about it.  Staid over night at Mr Tompkins.  D.F.T- his son & wife absent  Pleasant visit with the old folks.


Saturday 10/31/57

            Called on Br Jacques & found my pew unsaleable, & returned to N. York.  Letter from M.E. Brown, wrote her & L.  Dined at Mr Spelman’s, br in law of J.M. Howe.  Has a daughter, Mary.  She & cousin Elis’th wish to go to Ks.  Eve called on Mr Truslow 89 2nd Avenue.  Got nothing for my church, but encouragement for our college, by & by.  Read in Festus.


Sunday 11/1/57

            Walked to the Steamboat landing, 6 ½   Found J.D. Went with him to John’s street M.E. Church.  Sermon by Rev. Joseph B. Wakely—Historical, & quite interesting.  P.M. Read over my letters & papers, rested & reflected.  Eve. 7, attended meeting again at John street church; addresses by C.E. Harris a converted Jew, & Mr Riley an Irish Delegate—interesting.


Monday 11/2/57

            Called at the Book concern, saw Dr. Whedon of the Quarterly.  Br B- did not meet me according to agreement.  Br J. Denison left at 6. P.M. for Albany.  Called & visited Alfred Goodell an old student now married to a very excellent wife from an interesting family.  Persuaded me to remain over night.  Have enjoyed my visits much. 


Tuesday 11/3/57

            Breakfasted at 5 1/2 A.M.  Went to No 2 Pier.  All strangers.  Two letters A M. P. & A. P.  anomalous!  Wrote a reply to go out to-morrow.  Am clearing up my business & getting ready to leave to morrow.  My work here is pretty well done & some of it over donedone brown.  Stopped over night at Dr H’s Office.  Did not feel much like sleep.  Wrote & read some  Retired early—languid & low spirited  How I wish to be at home!


Wednesday 11/4/57

            Saw Fanny Howe, Got her Ambrotype & her father’s for mine.  Called on the Richmonds, &c.  Wrote A.P—Esq.  Hard!  At 1. P M. took a Boat for Philadelphia by way of Camden & Amboy R. Road, Emigrant Train but some good company.  Arrived at 9. P.M.  At 11 P M took the cars for Pittsburg.  Rode all night  Carter shot this P M. for seducing his ward, who married &c.


Thursday 11/5/57

            Arrived in Pittsburg, Pa, at 1 ½. P.M.  Called on L.D. Barrows.  McCleary, collected some.  sold Lot 141. Ward 5 to L.D. Barrows.  $100.  payable in 4 m.  Eve—visited with the teachers &c.  Music.  Wrote T. Bateman, J.M. Howe, John T. C-- &c.  Rainy.  I find I have on settling with L.D.B—633 Gold  6 Silver, 114 Bills.  Think of leaving in the morning 3 ½ A.M.


Friday 11/6/57

            Took the cars for Wheeling at 8. A.M. arriving at 1. P.M.  Put up at Prigg’s Hotel.  Disappointed in not finding a conveyance to Athens, O. where Prof Allyn is.  Read & wrote some  Lonesome & a little sad.  Rainy & dreary.  Pleasant company.


Saturday 11/7/57

            Took the cars for Columbus & Xenia—arriving at the last place 7 ½ P.M.  Put up with C. Adams.  Delighted to see me.  Rainy Eve.  Visited till nearly 11. & slept with Br A--  talked over a love affair between E.L. P-- & Charlotte.


Sunday 11/8/57

            Sermon by the P.E.W. Simmons.  Went home with Br D. Cheney.  Rainy in the Eve—found letters from Ellen & Jane.  Read some & went to bed early.


Monday 11/9/57

            Father Cheney went round with me to collect.  Visited the Academy with C. Adams.  Wants me to engage with him as Prof of Nat. Science next April—offers $700. or $400. & board.  Visit with daughter Charlotte.  Went to Dayton.  Stopped with Thomas Parrott.  Two churches voted to give me a collection before Christmas.  Pleasant time


Tuesday 11/10/57

            Went to Cincinnati.  Made arrangements for collections & collected $10 &c.  Found several letters S. Mead, J. Blackford, T.P. Richardson, J.T.G--  C. Barnes.  Attended leaders meeting &c.  Will give me a collection.  10 ½ PM took the cars for St. Louis, & rode all night, M.J. Parrott arrived on his way to Washington, at St Louis


Wednesday 11/11/57

            Arrived at St. Louis, 4 P.M.  found Br. Denison, Mr Chy (?)  is going with us to Kansas.  Wrote some & visited.  Pleasant day.  Crazy woman aboard the cars, &c.  Pleasant ride & converse.  Eve after tea rested &c.  Letter from S. Mead.  Chicago.  Wrote R. Allyn, & Wm. Linesay & enclosed draft for $10.  Did not see M.J. Parrott as we designed to.


Thursday 11/12/57

            Bought 2 land warrants $281.60  Saw my old friend Hugh M. Thompson, formerly of Greenfield.  Did some considerable business, & at 3. P.M. started by Pacific R.R. for Jefferson City, arriving at 9. & taking the steamer Admiral for Leavenworth City.  Lay by till morning on account of the darkness.  Rested tolerably well.  Rainy, P.M. & Evening.


Friday 11/13/57

            Progressed slowly through the day & night.  River low--, run into a “snarl” on a bar with the Omaha & South Wester.  Crowded together.  Got out of it admirably with our Admiral,-- a boat of celebrity—having been sunk twice!  50 miles through the day & twenty five during the night.  Went to bed at 9. P M. after miscellaneous reading & visiting.  Quite cold.  Slept tolerably well.


Saturday 11/14/57

            Frose considerably the last night.  Have a sore throat—for a novelty!  Missouri River favorable to colds.  Find ourselves at 7 ½ AM. at Cambridge, 80 miles from J- City, Mo.  Reviewed my papers & wrote D.F. Tompkins, & A.T. J--  Read &c.  Pleasant company aboard,  Champion Vaughan, Editor L—Times, J. Savage, Mrs Dr. Newman, Mo.  Senator &c, &c.


Sunday 11/15/57

            Snow during the night & rain some.  Cool.  Read in Festus, &c, 10 ½ A.M. Preaching by J. Denison.  Good sermon.  Visit with Mrs. Newman, J. Savage, & a Holyoke student.  Read miscellaneously  A quiet pleasant Sabbath  Remarkably so for the river.  Boat lay by during the night—Very dark!  Hade a very quiet sleep!!  More mild than the last night.


Monday 11/16/57

            Cool wintery morning—ground white with snow.  Feel uneasy to be home.  More so than before for sometime.  Slow boat.  Dull & drowsy.  Read till tired of it.  Spent much time in walking the deck with J. Denison.  Cold very loose.  Capt of the Boat sick.  Arrived at Independence at Dusk.


Tuesday 11/17/57

            Early in the morning passed Kansas City! & Wyandotte.  At 8 AM. landed in Quindaro.  Hired a team to carry us to Manhattan $40.  Took along Emily Sophia (?)  Dr Newman, Joseph Savage & girl, with Joseph Kyle.  Drove 13 miles to Rev Mr Pratt’s Babtist Mission, among the Delawares & put up over night.  Excellent family.  School of 45 Indian children—interesting.  Met here Mr. Conant, merchant, from Kansas City.  Pleasant visit.  Rested pretty well.


Wednesday 11/18/57

            Drove to Lawrence, 22 miles.  Made several calls, & put up at Killam’s Hotel! Could not find J. Blackford & missed of seeing Dr Robinson  Alarm of fire from burning a chimney.  Politics look unsettled yet.  We know not what a day will bring forth.  14 horses stolen from Lawrence in 10 days!  Our corn stolen from wagons.


Thursday 11/19/57

            Called on G.W. Brown.  Proceeded on our journey.  Called on Judge Wakefield.  An old Kansas Soldier.  His wife a heroine.  Dined at Big Springs.  Very cold wind in our faces with a little snow.  Arrived at Topeka sunset.  Put up at the Topeka House.  Visited with Prof. till 11 P M.  He gave us a fine description of Free state matters.  The cause is critical—more so than an outsider would imagine.


Friday  11/20/57

            Drove to Smith’s Ferry—No Crossing on account of ice.  Drove on, on the South side of the Kansas.  Dined at Vesey’s a Frenchman’s who had married a squaw.  Drove on 18 miles & camped out at Mulberry Creek.  Built a fire & slept under the wagon.  Passed through a fine country.


Saturday 11/21/57

            Arose at 2 ½ A.M.  Harnessed up & started.  Rode 8 miles & breakfasted at Frenchman’s.  His wife, sister of Birsaw, who has lately died.  Reached Manhattan Ferry at 2 P M.  Failed to get our wagon across.  Took over our luggage in a skiff.  Arrived home at 4 P.M.  Found Ellen at Joseph’s.  Hattie had broken her leg—doing well, staid over night.  Glad to get home once more after an absence of 7 months.


Sunday 11/22/57

            Enjoyed a sweet day of rest in my little cabin.  My Kansas home!  Read letters & talked over individual matters of interest to ourselves & friends.  Went to bed late. 


Monday 11/23/57

            Plastered the chinks in my house some.  Chopped wood &c.  Rode over to Mr. Houston’s.  Worked hard--  Retired to bed late.


Tuesday 11/24/57

            Plastered some, & worked on fence.  Rode to Manhattan.  Saw several old friends, &c.  Saw Marlatt &c


Wednesday 11/25/57

            Worked on fence & house   Cut wood &c.  Rode to Manhattan & met the Trustees of the M.E. church.  Could not do much on account of the want of papers.  Mismanagement in church matters.  Loss of $370.  Too bad!  after working hard to raise funds to have them so wasted!  Got home late.  Tired!  Dr Steel’s call.


Thursday 11/26/57

            Repaired barn.  set down bar posts, &c.  Finished mending fence.  Designed to go to Manhattan to attend a festival at the school house but it rained & being very tired—stayed at home.


Friday 11/27/57

            Chopped wood—Meeting of the Trustees of Blue-Mont Central College at my house.  Decided if possible, for Lucinda Gill to hold & pre-empt the College claim. 

            Interesting session.  P.M.  Rode over to Mr Houston’s.


Saturday 11/28/57

            Arose early, & got ready to go to Manhattan with Ellen.  Rode horseback.  Called at Messrs. Blood, A. Parkerson’s, Smith, & Pipher’s store.  Dined with Wm. Parkerson at Mr William’s  Ate Buffalo meat.  Called at Gill’s whose sister Lucinda has taken his claim to pre-empt it.  Mr Houston has Pony to go to Ogden.  Mr Blood called.  Beef, 144 lbs.


Sunday 11/29/57

            Rainy night & this forenoon.  Mr H—returned my Pony, having been to Ogden.  Did not succeed in having it clear for Miss Gill to keep or pre-empt, the college claim   Col Emery advises to hold the claim as a Town Site, which we have decided to do.  Wrote Wm. E.G.  L.P. Lincoln 5 shares sent & Loren Deed Wrisley.  Eve—rode over to Joseph’s, &c.  Read H of Freedom, &c Cooler.  Call from J. Gill, who dined with us.  Wrote W.R. Clark—sent share of stock, map of Manhattan to Rev. W.R. Smith.


Monday 11/30/57

            Went to Mr. Houston’s, who goes to Ogden, on business connected with Bluemont.  Rode to Manhattan  Dined with F.B. Smith, an old pupil.  Called at A.P—‘s Talked over church affairs.  Put $60 into the hands of J. Pipher church funds.  Chopped wood & repaired barn, &c.  Call from Br Kimball in the Evening.


Tuesday 12/1/57

            Called at J.D.s.  Husked corn &c.  J—came over & divided meat.  P.M.  Rode to the city with E-- & Father & visited at Alfred Parkerson’s, with Dr & Mrs. Robinson  Mr. & Mrs. Butterfield, Miss Jose Miss Lewis, Mr & Mrs Blood.  Pleasant visit—Extra supper, &c.  Returned home at 11 P.M.  Beautiful moonlight Eve.  Went to bed 11 ½ P.M.  Consulted on church affairs.


Wednesday 12/2/57

            Husked corn.  Went over to J.D.’s  Saw C. Barns.  Call from Br Kimball.  Wrote for him an inventory of his sons effects.  Eve—settled with Br. Denison.  Owed rent $28.44.  Pd. this & $50 on his note.  Long visit  went to bed at 11 ½ P.M.  Wrote W.E.P. declaration to pre-empt his claim.


Thursday 12/3/57

            Husked corn, A M. till 10.  11 ½ started for the city.  Dined at F.B. Smith’s & spent the P.M.  Roast turkey & the nicest kind of pumpkin pie.  He is troubled, to raise money to meet payments.  Shall try to aid him.  Visited with Mr Butterfield & lady, Mr. Mayberry, F.B.S. & lady.  Excellent visit, Letters W.E.G.  L, &c. from.  Home at 7 ¼.


Friday 12/4/57

            Ground my axe, chopped wood.  Call from F.B. Smith.  sold him a land warrant $175.  Cash $100.  Note $75, payable Jan 1st 1858.  Hazy  Wrote E.L. Prentice, Wm. Lawrence, John M. Howe, & Adam Fordney.  Troubled some with sore eyes.  Very foggy in the evening.


Saturday 12/5/57

            Husked corn & drew 2 loads of wood with the help of R. Kimball.  Repaired pig-pen.  Plastered in the house some.  Rainy.  Light.  Rode to Mr. K’s—Eve—wrote to Hon James Harlan, M.C. Sec’y. of Smithsonian Institute, asking Meteorological instruments, &c.  Made eye water—sore eyes.  something new.  Quite a privation, not to read as much as I wish.  Went to bed 10 ½ P M, Very Hazy.


Sunday 12/6/57

            Beautiful morning & day.  Ellen went to Manhattan & Hatty & I remained at home.  Wrote some & thought much & read over letters.  Wrote S. A. N. Carpenter, M. Davis, H.P. Weeks, W.A. Miller, L.D. Barrows.  A very busy day.  All to ourselves!  How pleasant thus to be left alone when we wish to be.


Monday 12/7/57

            Called early at Mr Houstons.  Husked corn.  Rode to the City & deposited 11 letters for the states.  Got up a subscription paper for Rev. N. Trafton.  Circulated it some & had $37. subscribed.  Called at C. Barnes, F.B. Smith’s.  Rec’d $10 ½ of Mr. Eggleston.  Sent up W.E. Parkerson’s intention to pre-empt the claim next N. of mine.  Pd $100 for it.  Call from J. Gill in the Eve—Finished my pig pen to day.  Damp


Tuesday 12/8/57

            Rode over to Mr Houston’s & on my return brought my pig from Mr Kimballs.  P.M.  Visited at Mr. Blood’s with Ellen & Hattie.  staid in the Evening.  Good visit.  Pleasant starlight Evening.


Wednesday 12/9/57

            Drew of Br D’s molasses.  Husked corn &c.  P.M. wrote a little & went to Mr Houston’s & visited with Joseph & wife, & Mr K-- & wife, with my Ellen & Hattie.  A very pleasant visit and a supper that would not have done discredit to any N. Eng. family.  Beautiful star light, mild evening.  Home at 10 PM.


Thursday 12/10/57

            Went over to J.D’s & assorted my pumpkins &c.

            P.M.  rode to Mr Browning’s & went to the City with Br N. Trafton & examined the state of the Meeting House & bargained to have it covered against the weather.  Mr Collins takes the job or “bosses” it.  Br Trafton helps, Called at Mr Houston’s in the Eve.  Letter from W.E.G—Z.


Friday 12/11/57

            Went to Ogden & visited the Land Office.  F. Emery Register, Major Downer, Receiver.  Called on Esq. Mobley, Wm.’s, Sawyer.  Talked over the Juniper, & Bluemont Association.  Met Mr. Butterfield &c at the L. office.  Things look favorable to our college & for Wm.’s claim.  Rode to the city. & made a number of calls.  Found Joseph there.  Quite tired in the Eve.  Went to bed early. 


Saturday 12/12/57

            Rode to Mr. Houston’s on business  Chopped wood.  Finished repairing barn.  Also plastered in house  Eve-Visit from Mr. Edmands formerly of Charlestown, Mo., & Sarah & Cordelia Kimball.  Exhibition of Daguerrotypes, paintings, &c.  Mr Collins was to commence work on church to day.  Mr H—gets out the frame for cupola; & I furnish Blk. walnut.  Beautiful day for business  warmest day for a long time.


Sunday 12/13/57

            Went to meeting in the school house at Manhattan; Preaching by Elder Wisner.  “The fool has said &c”, 60 persons present.  Notice of a Public Meeting tomorrow at 8 A.M. on difficulties growing out of county seat.  Saw Mr & Mrs Lee, &c  Wrote to L.H. Whitney, D.B. Randall, A A. Harris, G.S. Stevens, F.H. Renson  Joseph Brooks, J.F. Chaffee, Wm.E. Goodnow.


Monday 12/14/57

            Collins &c commenced work  Rode to Mr Kimball’s & engaged on church Melville & Mr Edmands to aid in surveying.  Got out 70 pegs.  Went down to Manhattan & put in 8 letters.  Sheriff Butterfield & posse gone to Ogden to sieze county papers.  P.M. surveyed claim for Town Site with Mr McCullom, Gill, Edmands, & Kimball.  Saw C. Barnes & Mr Collins.  Eve—call from J. Denison, & W. Marlatt on college matters.  Rain in the Evening


Tuesday 12/15/57

            Call from Mr Houston;-- obliged to go to Manhattan to get Judge Westover to visit Ogden with us of Bluemont Townsite.  Rode to Ogden P.M. 7 of us.  Much delay, & finally left in the (?) to return Thursday A.M.  Very dark returning home.  Got home at 10 ½ P.M.  The delays of the Law are trying.  Quite a damp & rainy day.  L.( S?)D. H.  W. Marlatt  J. Denison, J.Gill, M Kimball & Mr Edmunds with L. Westover came back together.


Wednesday 12/16/57

            Went to Mr Bloods & with him continued surveying on Bluemont Town Site, aided by W. Marlatt & Mr Edmands, Some rainy.

            3 P M. went to Manhattan & did some business for the church.  Came home with Br J. Denison.  Eve—pleasant call from Rev. N. Trafton & Lady.  Looked over with him the Daguerrotypes.  Damp night.


Thursday 12/17/57

            Arose earlier than usual.  Loaded up a load of Blk walnut & sent to M—for our church.  Chored it with Br. Gill, & at 9 ¼ A.M. Started with him, J. Denison, W. Marlatt, H. Edmands for Ogden to complete the Pre-emtion of the Bluemont Town Site.  After much delay, with the assistance of Hon. E.M. Thurston we succeeded in getting our business completed, much to our satisfaction.  Judge L. Westover & all concerned charged us nothing, save the L.O. fees.  Dined at Mr. Knipp’s, Bondsman for L. Westover.  appearance next Tuesday.


Friday, 12/18/57

            Rode to the city & bargained for nails for church.  Covering church with the sheeting.  4 men at work.  Fine weather for building.  Chored it & fixed up things pumpkins &c in the cellar.  Read some in papers.  Letters from Sarah Howland & W.E.G.—also an Ambrotype of the former.  Good!  Call from Henry & Eddy.


Saturday 12/19/57

            Finished husking corn in cabin   Sorted out more decayed squash &c Rode to Mr Houston’s & got 2 letters from M. Davis & J.T. G--  written to E.D.G- in June! Prompt post carriers!  Call from Mr. Booth.  Beautiful day.  Ellen ironed &c  Cleaned out the shed & smoothed up around.  Read in the Evening.


Sunday 12/20/57

            Remained at home—wrote & read.  Ellen went to Manhattan to meeting.  Messrs Edmunds & Houston called.  Foggy.  Day of rest.


Monday 12/21/57

            Read over old papers accumulated in my absence.  Did but little else.  Eve—meeting of Trustees of the Bluemont Central College.  Decided to go ahead with Bluemont Town Site & make improvements to hold it in proper form.  Resolved to memorialize the Legislature & Congress to grant lands for Endowment of the Agricultural post.  Settled with agent, J. Denison for $400. besides expenses.  Incidental conversation about agent another year.


Tuesday 12/22/57

            Read in the morning.  Very pleasant.  Troubled a little with diarhea  Chopped wood.  P.M, visit from W.E.P. marked my city lots on my map &c.  Ellen rode to Manhattan & invited company next Wednesday week.

            Talked with Wm. relative to adopting Little Hattie.  Is to think of it.  Eve  wrote T. Shattuck.


Wednesday 12/23/57

            Picked corn for W.E. Goodnow with Melville & Edmund & Church, 3 hours in the P.M. Put it in my shed.  Visit from Sarah Kimball & a Miss Whittemore from Vt.  In the Eve R. Kimball & Mr Kent called & made us a pleasant visit.  For knitting work I shelled out 4 Bu. corn, for grinding & eating.  Very pleasant day but clouded up in the eve  Warmish day.


Thursday 12/24/57

            Cloudy A.M.  Pleasant P.M.  Miscellaneous work in the A.M.  Rode to Manhattan with a grist.  Pleasant chat with Mr. Butterfield & others on general matters of public interest.  Attended to church business, &c.  Came home with Br Denison.  Eve read papers & wrote some.  Call from Mr J. Hines.  Pr Boots $3.75.


Friday 12/25/57

            Call at J. Denison’s, who came over to spend Christmas with us.  & all of his little ones!  Went to Manhattan.  Letters from W.E.G.  John Paulson, Charlotte A.  A.T.J  With C.E. Blood, W Marlatt & J. Denison surveyed a place for building “Bluemont Central College.”  45x70 ft. 2 stories high with a basement to be of stone.  Conversation with Rev Mr McCullom relative to 40 acres of land for college purposes—will give it if we will pay for his claim.  Agreed!  Men did not work on church Christmas.


Saturday 12/26/57

            Rode to Mr Eubanks.  Saw Mr & Mrs Reid from the Republican, 14 miles above the Ft.  Family spent the night with them.  Went to Mr. Ingrahams & engaged 117 ft Blk walnut boards to be delivered Monday or Tuesday.  Selected corn.  Chopped some & chored it miscellaneously.  Pleasant day  Ellen called at Mr Kimballs.


Sunday 12/27/57

            Wrote W.E.G., C.B. Smith, E.O. Flowers T. Shattuck, H. Newhall.  Went to church at Manhattan.  Sermon by C.E. Blood, on the Sacrament &c.  A fine day & pleasant congregation.  Read some—miscellaneously.  Eve—took a good wash.


Monday 12/28/57

            Went to Josephs & Manhattan.  Got several subscriptions for the church building.  Called at F.B. Smith’s W. Parkerson’s &c.  Did some errands.  On the way home dined at Br D’s.  Eve—rode over to Mr H- & Mr Kimballs.  Shelled beans & read newspapers.  8 men at work on church.


Tuesday 12/29/57

            M. Kimball carried the last of the cupola timber to the church.  Called at Mr H. & K.s early.  Sorted decayed squash.  Appendix to my Kansas tables &c.  Sorted corn, chopped wood, &c.  P.M. Rode over to Br Denison’s & borrowed some crockery.  Beautiful day.  Eve- read papers & wrote a little.  Some preparation for a western visit tomorrow Evening by Manhattan friend.


Wednesday 12/30/57

            Worked at home.  Called at J.D.’s & Mr K’s.  Eve, visit from F.B. Smith, Mr Butterfield, Dr Robinson’s families & Cordelia.  Mrs. R- gave us some splendid music on our melodeon.  The visit was quite satisfactory.  Br Denison & wife were also present.  Beautiful evening.


Thursday 12/31/57

            Called at Mr Houston’s, Kimball’s &c.  Husked corn some.  Went with Mr Kimball & explored for a coal mine --  found an iron mine.

            Great fires on the prairies!  Fought them 1 ½ hours.

            Eve- went to the Manhattan Institute.  Discussion on Mrs. M. R. Bateman.  Moonlight night.  So another eventful year is closing up its last moments.  I have been wonderfully preserved in all my journeyings & successful in my church mission.  Am encouraged!  But where Oh where shall I be at the close of this new year?  My Beneficent Heavenly Father alone knows!