Friday 1/1/58

            A Happy New Year!

            Called early at Mr Kimball’s on church business.  Went to Manhattan on the same.  Paid Mr. White $40 for shingles.  Dined at Dr Robinson’s settled with F.B. Smith, & transacted some other matters.  The church edifice progresses tolerably well.  Cold & windy.  Visit S.D.H.  C.E. Blood & J. Kimball


Saturday 1/2/58

            More mild & pleasant

            Husked corn & chopped wood  Expected company but none came. 

            Mass meeting at Manhattan on Political business.  Did not go.  Another fine day.


Sunday 1/3/58

            Another beautiful Sabbath!  Ellen went to church.  I remained with Hattie & read most of the time.  Very quiet except the firing of guns by Sabbath breakers abroad.  Ellen & myself wrote to Mr & Mrs Bateman.  I also enclosed a note to H. Carder.  P.M.  Am troubled some with weak eyes.  An old fashion chat in the dusk of the Eve as of “Old.”Am delighted with our winter.


Monday 1/4/58

            Rode to Manhattan.  Voted against the Bogus Constitution, & for State Affairs.  Sold melodeon for 1 share of stock.  Conversed with Wm. Silver & settled the dispute between him & W.E.G—He agrees to give up all claim by payment of $87.  Made several calls, &c.  Letter from Ira Blackford.  Came home late.  Beautiful day.


Tuesday 1/5/58

            Went with W. Silver over W.E.G.’s claim.  Good deal of larva among the timber. 

            Husked corn.  Rode over to Joseph’s & witnessed Stevenson’s taking possession of the claim south of mine & joining it.

            Mr. Troy glued my melodeon finaly.  Call from Joseph & Gill in the Evening.  Read some.  Eyes sore.  Very pleasant.  Discussed college matters with Br. Denison. 


Wednesday 1/6/58

            With W. Marlatt, & J. Denison rode to Ft. Riley.  Saw Maj. Armistead & spent some time in conversation upon the country west of us.  Pleasant visit.  Called at Ogden  Saw Maj Downie, & Capt. Emery.  A man can file twice under certain circumstances.  Favorable to Wm. Silver on whose account I went up to day.  Ret from Ogden in the Evening.  Home at 8. P.M.


Thursday 1/7/58

            Went to Manhattan, crossed the Blue, dined at Mr Brown’s.  Called to see Mr. Allen & Tyler on W.E.G.’s account.

            Business with J. Pipher, C. Barnes, &c.  Wrote W. Silver.  Met J.D. coming here.  Found Dr Robinson & wife, & Miss Jose at my house.  Spent the Evening with us.  Music on the melodeon.  Excellent visit.  Sat up till 11 ½ P.M.  Fine day.


Friday 1/8/58

            Remained at home.  Husked corn.  Built a stack of hay.  Repaired Barn, &c.  Call from Dr. Hunting.  F.B. Smith came after the melodeon.  Carried husks &c to Dr Rs folks.  Eve—read & wrote.

            Pig sick with blind staggers.  Salted & peppered him as for the chills of which he has symptoms. 


Saturday 1/9/58

            Rode up to Mr Ingraham’s 4 miles & engaged lumber 153 ft. for church.  Back at 12 ½ P.M.  Went down to the city & made calls at Dr Robinson’s, F.B. Smith’s &c   Saw C.H. Branscomb, Esq  Called at Mr Blood’s & did some business on shares.  Retd at 6. P.M.  Fire on the Prairie.  Eve. visited at Mr Kimballs  got home at 11. O clock.  Tired some.  Rained late.


Sunday 1/10/58

            A rainy Sabbath with some at night.  Remained at home.  Very comfortable.   some trouble from Mr. K’s hogs.

            Read a Poem, “Nothing to wear.”  Excellent!

            Read papers.  Wrote to John T. Goodin, & Susan D. Shepherd.

            Windy & dreary!

            A bath before retiring.


Monday 1/11/58

            A pleasant day.  Went to Manhattan & attended the Annual Meeting of our Town Association.  Appointed a Trustee with J.W. Robinson, S.D. Houston, C.E. Blood & Washington Marlatt.

            College Appropriation renewed & sanctioned.  Lively discussion on the case of F.B. Smith  Voted to give 2 lots for Masonic Hall, & something for an  Episcopalian church.  Dined at F.B. Smith’s.


Tuesday 1/12/58

            Remained at home.  Calls from Dr. Hunting & J. Denison.

            Close talk on election matters.  Work on corn & wood, &c.  Read some.  Talked over college business with J.D. & discussed the question of going East into a Professorship instead of devoting my whole time to building up a college on Bluemont.


Wednesday 1/13/57

            Hazy.  Semi-sunny.

            Rode around the farm,-- called at Mr Houston’s.  Visit from Wm. E. Parkerson & Etta.  He wishes us to adopt Hattie.  Shall decide probably when Wm. E.G. returns.

            Went out with W-- & shot a large squirrel.  Eve—read in one of the Patent Office reports on Animal Digestion, History of the Horse & the sheep.


Thursday 1/14/58

            A mild hazy day.  Rode over to Mr. Houston’s before breakfast.  Afterwards to the Denison’s.  Cleared out the cellar particularly of rotten pumpkins, which decay very fast.  Read some in Herald &c.  P.M.  Went to Manhattan.  Transacted business for the church.  Saw Mr Butterfield &c.  Pipher church progresses.  No mail.  (?) co. coming home.  Eve—Amanda & Anna Houston at tea.  Call from J. Denison.


Friday 1/15/58

            W.E.P. & Mr. Williams came up & we graded a road up the Wild Cat bank to my bottom piece of timber east of my stable.  Call from Mr Esquires of St. George to get help on Geology  Mr Riggs called & took away W.E.P. on Law business.  But he returned with the mail.  Letters from J. Brooks, H. Newhall, W.E.G.—W. Oakley, L.P.L.  Land Office.  Visited at J. D’s in the evening with E. & Hattie.  Rec’d Documents from Smithsonian Institute, & Rain Guage for Meteorological observations.  Brown & only at work on church


Saturday 1/16/58

            Read, wrote, & arranged lots on city map.  Went out with my gun awhile but got nothing  No one at work on the church.


Sunday 1/17/58

            A splendid Sabbath, & my birth day!  44 years old!  Can it be possible!  I feel as young & ambitious as when 20.  Am grateful to God for His preserving    from dangers seen & unseen.  Ellen went to Meeting; wrote James Harlan, S. Mead, Charlotte Adams, D. Cheney, L.L.P. Lincoln.

            Took a good bath.


Monday 1/18/58

            Wrote W.E. Goodnow.  Rode to Manhattan.  Called at Mr Blood’s, Smith’s A. Parkerson’s &c   No one at work on the church

            P.M.  Took Oxen & wagon & went up to J. Ingraham’s & got some lumber for the church.  Got home at dark.  Sent a receipt for Rain Guage to Secretary of Smithsonian Institution.


Tuesday 1/19/58

            Arose before light, fed my cattle & took my lumber to Mr Trafton’s before sunrise.

            W.E.G. & Mr Williams cutting logs for me.  Went over the creek & got some shingles & wood.  Call from Joseph who aided me in drawing a load wood.  Chopped some.  E—went to call on a sick woman  Mrs. Morris.  Eve—read till 11. P.M.


Wednesday 1/20/58

            Chopped wood & read some in the A.M.  W.E.P. & J.W. getting logs.  Gave Alfred 3 trees (fallen)  He has been up to day.  E—rode out & called at T.C. Wells.  Read Evening Post in the evening.  Beautiful day.


Thursday 1/21/58

            Called at Mr. Kimball’s, also at Br. Denison’s.  P.M. rode to Manhattan with Ellen & visited F.B. Smith with Dr. J. W. Robinson, D.A. Butler, Capt Mayberry, &c.  Meeting of the Sons of Temperance at 2. P.M.  Church progresses slowly.  Cupola half done.  $55. draft from Susan Dwight, Letters from A.A. Harris, A.R. Webber, Joseph Henry Smithsonian Institute Sec’y, Paper, L.

            W.E. Goodnow arrived from Me. Well. Glad to see him. Good news from below. Free state Ticket elected. Kansas sun for Freedom.


Friday 1/22/58

            Rainy (slight) in the A.M.  P.M. more.  Wm. E. Good came up & dined with us.  Read papers A.M.  Called by Mr Edmunds, who staid to tea.  Pleasant visit with him & W.E.G.—

            P.M. rain 2 hours.  Cleaned revolver, &c.  Read some & wrote a letter.  A.M. cloudy—


Saturday 1/23/58

            Damp—little rain.  Read & chored it some.  Visited some with W.E.G.—Wrote C.L. Eastman, W.P. Moss, Jr, E.P. Webber, A.R. Webber, Susan Dwight  Wrote some on college charter, &c.

            W.E. G—with us.


Sunday 1/24/58

            Cloudy & damp but warm.  Read & wrote to Pendulum, C.M. Alvord.


Monday 1/25/58

            Sent after five Blk walnut to mill 16 ft long.  Husked corn.  Wm. moved his corn & things to day.  Helped me husk in the evening.

            A remarkable winter.  More like October than Jan.

            9 ½ P.M. wind rose considerably.  Sounds cold, & dreary though the Therm stands only at 35°. 


Tuesday 1/26/58

            Husked corn—badly injured.  Call from Dr. Hunting & J. Denison &c.  W.E. Goodnow. commenced boarding himself.  Trustee Meeting of Bluemont Central College.  Decided on a charter & a memorial to the Legislature.  Returned home from W. Marlatts at 10 ½ P.M.


Wednesday 1/27/58

            Husked corn & sawed wood.  Exchanged horses with Mr. Kimball for the day  Rode to Manhattan  called on F.B. Smith, Dr. Robinson, D.A. Butterfield, J. Pipher &c  church cupola most done.  Visit from W. Marlatt  Eve—called at Mr Houston’s.


Thursday 1/28/58

            Chopped wood.  Call from Dr. Robinson.  Chored it some.  P.M. Meeting of Trustees at Manhattan.  choice of officers.  Appointed collector.  Attended to my lumber.  Letter from L.D. Burrows, enclosing draft for $100.  Also letters from J A Brown & sister, J.F. Chaffee, N.E. Cheney & Mother.


Friday 1/29/58

            Left home with W. Marlatt for Lawrence to get Bluemont Central College incorporated, &c.  Called at Manhattan ½ an hour, & then with J.W. Robinson & Freeman Blake started on.  Rode to 32 miles to Burrow’s & stopped over night.  Fair accommodations but did not sleep very well—nervous.  Burrows was a half-blood who married a Frenchwoman.


Saturday 1/30/58

            Started early—dined at Topeka.  Saw L. Wilmarth my old student.  Rode on to Judge Wakefield’s & stopped over night.  Good visit with the Old judge & lady.  Beautiful winter for travelling.  Retired late.


Sunday 1/31/58

            Rode to Lawrence & finding Br Blackford had gone to attend a Quarterly meeting at Franklin we rode there & found it an old fashioned one.  A school house with twice the number of people that ought to be in it for comfort.  Sermon by Rev Mr Graham, Communion & babtism after it.  Went to tea at Br Anderson’s, western man.  Revival in progress, went home with J. Blackford after learning about the battles of Franklin, &c.  Eve—preaching again by Br G—staid over night with J. Blackford  Late visit Snow this morning.


Monday 2/1/58

            Made the acquaintance of several members of the Council & House.  Drew up a form of a Charter for our college which was offered in the case, by Mr Mead.  Stopped with Mr Blackford with W. Marlatt.  Pleasant visit.  Went to bed late.


Tuesday 2/2/58

            Attended upon the House.  Found an old pupil Mr Grovenor from [MS. illegible] Suffield

            Eve—rode to L.B. Dennis’ with Br. Marlatt & visited with his family & Mrs Duncan, Mrs. Killam, &c.

            We had a very pleasant visit with a very pleasant family.

            A supper that would make a hungry man rejoice!


Wednesday 2/3/58

            Dined at Mr Layman’s with several friends.  Special object ahead.  2. P.M. left for Quindaro.  Overtaken by Col. Leonhardt, a Polander of the Hungarian army.  Stopped with him at the Babtist Mission.  Interesting companion though a stranger.  Visit with Mr Pratt & Lady.


Thursday 2/4/58

            Rode to Parkville—could not cross.  Went down the bank with Col Leonhardt to Quindaro.  Left my horse with Br Butts.  Dined at the hotel, & crossing the Missouri walked to Col Park’s  spent the night after a long visit on Hotel, & College business &c  His wife is a very pleasant young woman.  McLean Rodrique &c escaped this morning to Kansas City, crossing the Missouri river yesterday.  Afraid of Abolitionists &c.


Friday 2/5/58

            Did some business with Col. Park, & left to cross the river back to Kansas, attempted & failed from ice, & the backing out of the boatman.  Walked down the river to steam ferry & crossed in the boat.  While waiting wrote to (?)

            Dined with R.P. Duvall.  Left with Col. Leonhardt & rode to Mr Pratt’s, Babtist Mission.  Read  wrote &c  Snow ½  inch.


Saturday 2/6/58

            Rode to Lawrence by 1 ½ P.M.  Charter for college & Memorial to congress through the Council & now in the House.  Worked a little to expedite matters  Visited incidently with several, went out with Br. Marlatt & spent the night with Joseph Savage, a travelling steamboat acquaintance last fall.  Pleasant greeting & visit.  Tired some—sore eyes.  Tried salt & water at the recommendation of Mrs S—Good!


Sunday 2/7/58

            Pleasant morning  rode to Bloomington, calling at Mr Smith’s on the way.  Preaching by Dr. Still.  Went to Br Byrant’s to dinner with some of the notables.  Also spent the night  Native of Ct. 1 year, 23 years in Vt.  Eve—sermon by David Woodward   Local preacher –40 years old.  Sacrament in the evening.  House crowded—many children growing up to people the country!  Slept well—rather warm in feather bed.  Read a little, & wrote some L


Monday 2/8/58

            Rode to Lawrence & learned the condition relative to the Act incorporating Bluemont C. College, & the Memorial to Congress to grant land to said college.  Visit with Gov Robinson, Mr Walters, Smith &c.  Some revelations not at all creditable to some proposed Free state men!  Took tea with my old student Mr. Grovenor.  Saw my brother William.  Letter L. Wrote a little, & retired late at Eastern Hotel.  Bill to (?) & (?)


Tuesday 2/9/58

            Snow last night & this morning.  Quite wintery.  Sent letter—L—5  Feel in a hurry to get home.  Don’t like lobbying.  Visited with Br. Marlatt at Mr Still’s a young man who is keeping house with two sisters—all going to school.  Children of Dr. A Still.  Legislation progressing crowdedly!  Arrangements to leave in the morning.


Wednesday 2/10/58

            Took breakfast at C. Stearn’s.  Left at 8 ¾ A.M. with Dr J.W. Robinson in a buggy for home.  Dined at Topeka, & proceeded on to Vascer’s & put up for the night.  He has a half breed Pottawattomie for a wife.  He is Frenchman.  Gave us good fare—a good bed &c.  40 miles.  Went to bed late—a little wakeful.  Cold day.


Thursday 2/11/58

            Arose early—breakfasted, & about sunrise started on our journey.  Arrived at Waubonsa 1 ¼ P.M.  Took a lunch of Cracker & cheese.  Arrived at Manhattan Ferry 4 ¼ P.M.  River frozen over  Left my horse with Bishop & crossed on foot—arrived home at dark.  Letters from J.M. Howe, G.I. Stevens, Mary A. Daniels, T. Shattuck & W.A. Miller.  Glad to get back & find all well.


Friday 2/12/58

            Some cold.  Worked about home & Read some.  Snow in the PM & evening.  Wm. E. Goodnow arrived from Lawrence. 


            2 inches of snow during the night.


Saturday 2/13/58

            Had a number of calls, Messrs Butterfield, Silver, W.E. Parkerson, M. Kimball J. Denison.  But little time for business. 

            Rode over to Mr Houston’s & called at W.E.G’s cabin, & closed up business with Silver.  Read papers in the evening &c.  Clear.


Sunday 2/14/58

            Coldest day of the season.  19—16—4° at 7—2--& 9 P.M.  Remained at home, read & wrote.  Wm. came in & spent the day & night with us--  Cold & lonesome in his cabin.  Dreary Thankful I am not obliged to be out much.  Wrote Solomon, & Thomas Parrott.  Ellen wrote to Mrs. Raymond.


Monday 2/15/58

            A very cold day.  At 7 A.M. Therm. Zero.  M. 23°  9 P.M. 12°.  Coldest day of the season.  Call from Mr. Houston.  Settled with him.  Quite a visit.  Sent D. A.B. $30 by Wm. who has gone to St George.  Read some, chopped wood & helped E—about her clothes—she has washed. 

            Have a bad cold.  Am taking Strongheart—excellent medicine.


Tuesday 2/16/58

            Called at Mr Kimball’s & J. Denison’s.  Saw N. Trafton.  Call from G.W. Brown who dined with us.  Finished a Vane, connected with observations on meteorology  Chopped wood & did some light chores.  Call from Henry  Read & wrote a little.  Cold day.  Cloudy.


Wednesday 2/17/58

            Cloudy day & cold.

            Remained not remarkably well.  Read some, mended my boots &c   Ellen rode up to Mr Kimball’s  Call from J. Denison, Discussed various topics of church & state.  Hatty sick in the evening with croup—gave her a spoonful of castor oil.  She kept us awake a good deal during the night.


Thursday 2/18/58

            Went to mill with a bu of corn on my pony.  Saw Blake & Marlatt, just ret’d from Lawrence.  Dined at Br. Barnes.  Went across the Blue to Mr Brouse’s & saw a large wild cat he had caught & caged.  Called at Messrs Butterfield  Robinson, J. Parkerson’s, Pipher’s &c.  Came home with Br Denison.

            Read some & drew off church accounts.


Friday 2/19/58

            Spent most of the A.M. in drawing off church accounts. 

            P.M. went to the city in co. with J. Denison & got my mail.  Letters from J.M. Howe, W.R. Clark, A.N. Carpenter, M.R. Bateman, Draft of $71.40 W.R.C.  Land warrant from J.M.H. & protested draft of G. Stevens.  Called at Marlatt’s.  Eve—read letters & papers.  Splendid weather.


Saturday 2/20/58

            Arose early & rode with W. Marlatt to S.I. Child’s on business for Col Park, & Bluemont College, -- Examined the Falls above Juniatta.  Called on F.B. Smith, -- dined at Mr Butterfield’s.  Visited with Dr R— Called on C.E. Blood &c  Visit from A. Parkerson & wife.  Eve—attended a private meeting to prepare for the election of Delegates for the constitution.


Sunday 2/21/58

            A cold unpleasant day.  Remained at home.  Read & wrote to L.D. Barrows, R. Allyn, Rev Marly, Mrs C.R. Denel, W.H. Sutherland, & J.M. Howe.


Monday 2/22/58

            Wrote to L.H. Whitney.  Read some & chored it a little.  Ellen rode down to Manhattan leaving me with Hattie.  A beautiful splendid day.  Call from S.I. Childs.  W. Marlatt called & took tea & spent the Evening.  Visit on Daguerotypes & the originals, &c   Sat up late.  Line from Dr R—Got up in the night & shot a skunk in the shed.


Tuesday 2/23/58

            Rode to Manhattan, consulted with Dr R--, Pipher, Blood & Marlatt.  Ret’d with J. Denison.  Rode to Mr Houston’s with J.D.  Called on Mr K-- & Mellville—preparing for tomorrow’s contest.

            Eve—read &c.

            Beautiful day.


Wednesday 2/24/58

            Drew off church accounts.  Call from Mellville   Kimball & (?) & Ellen D.  P.M.  Went to Manhattan to attend a nominating convention.  After a stormy session the following persons were nominated by a vote of 72 to 28 of the opposition; I.T. Goodnow, Dr. Phelps, & Mr Sanford;  opposing candidates John Pipher Dr Todd & A. Hunting.  A noisy time but the right triumphed.  A hard rebuke of Mead, Taylor & co.  Bogus legislature, &c.  Pleasant day.


Thursday 2/25/58

            Pleasant day.  Chopped & read   Ground my ax at Mr Kimball’s  Called on J.D.—visited one hour  read some  Ellen went over to J D in the evening.


Friday 2/26/58

            Chopped wood, &c. A.M

            P.M.  Went to Manhattan.  Made a number to calls—Dr Phelps, Sanford, Butterfield &c  Letter, L.D. Barrows, Sr.  Measured of 88 ft. B.W. boards for J. Parkerson.  Eve.  Trustee Meeting of the Bluemont Central College Association, Organized under our new charter.  $100 from W. Marlatt towards Land Warrant.


Saturday 2/27/58

            Chored it some.  Call from Mr Edmunds, with Dr Phelps, Mr Sanford & Edmunds & Houston went to Mr Ingraham’s to attend a nominating convention.  I.T. Goodnow, F.N. Blake, & George Higinbotham were nominated to represent Riley County in the convention to frame a new state constitution.

            Snow in the evening

            Read newspapers.


Sunday 2/28/58

            A cold unpleasant windy day.  Remained at home.  Read some, & wrote S. Whitney, S.B. Catts, H. Newhall, W.F. Humphrey, W.R. Clark, J. Brooks, G.S. Stevens, G.S. Park, L


Monday 3/1/58

            Rode to Manhattan.  P.J. Pipher $37.25.  Called on Mr. Blood & got Bonds for 8 shares.  Trustee, (?) called on J. Parkerson, &c 

            Call from J. Denison. 

            Wm. E.G.—came up & spent the night.

            Call from Mr Houston on business.  Read some, & worked on Meteorological Report.


Tuesday 3/2/58

            Call from W.E.G—early after going to his cabin.  Rode to J. Denison’s & made a short call.  Worked on my Meteorological Chart.

            Call from J. Ingraham & lady.  A letter of enquiry about my views of Topeka Constitution.  Replied in a note to George Taylor.  Rode to Manhattan in the eve with Ellen & called on D.A. Butterfield & Dr J.W. Robinson  Beautiful calls & a fine evening


Wednesday 3/3/58

            With W.E.G. & J. Denison rode to Ft Riley.  Could not cross the Republican—highwater.  Called on Maj. Armistead & Dr Coolidge.  Very pleasant men.  3 soldiers poisoned with drugged whiskey.  one dead.  Important information on Meteorology.  Returned to the Land Office & spent the night with B.W. Edmands, a noble young man. 

            Went to bed at 12 Oclock.  He keeps Bachelor’s Hall.


Thursday 3/4/58

            Left our friend Edmands at 10. A.M. & ret’d. home.  Very warm day—weakening  Eyes quite sore.  Ellen took a long walk.  Wrote a little & rested.  Finished my M—y chart for February, for Smithsonian Institute.  J.D. brought the mail   Letters from R. Allyn  A.R. Webber W.P. Moss, L.  Call from W.E. Goodnow in the evening.  Warm evening  9 A.M. Therm 47°. 2 P.M. 64°.

            Roused up in the night by M. Kimball.


Friday 3/5/58

            Took a walk over my farm to the East.  Chored it some.  Prepared for rain.  J.D. & Dr Still called on their way to the Republican.  Beautiful rain 3 hours.  Wrote W.P. Moss, L.W. Munsell, Hon. W.D. Brayton, S. Clarke  Dr Thomas Larson, & Wm. Trafton.

            A fine bath in the Eve. in soft rain water.  A great luxury.


Saturday 3/6/58

            Read papers, &c.  Washed out my guns, & helped E. wash a heavy woolen blanket.  Call from T. Smith.  Rode over to Mr Houston’s to see about obtaining an Editor at Manhattan.  Cloudy day.


Saturday 3/7/58

            Sermon by Elder Wisner on My Kingdom is not of this world &c  Wrote some, R. Wood, A.T. James  D.P. Mitchell &c

            Call from B.W. Edmunds & two ladies.  W.E.G. took tea with us.  Eve—call from Mr Houston & Cornell.  Quite a visit with them. 

            Cloudy day.  Went to bed at 11. P.M.


Monday 3/8/58

            Sent Meteorological observations to J. Holt Patent Office, Washington, D.C.  Rode to Manhattan.  Called at Mr Blood’s, Dr Robinson’s &c   Sent off quite a number of letters  Meeting of the Friends of Temperance.  Adjourned till tomorrow Evening.  Visit with W. Marlatt. 

            Evening, call from L. Woodman, M. Kimball & sisters

            Beautiful Evening  Sent to T.L. Wiltsee, Chicago, Ill. Title to 2 Lots, share 428, & also to W.P. Moss his & Benson’s note 200.


Tuesday 3/9/58

            Pleasant still morning.  Election day for Delegates to frame a new Constitution.  Chopped wood 1 ½ hours, went to the City in the PM. to vote.  Trustee Meeting. 

            Eve- Temperance Meeting to organize!  Preliminary steps were taken to form a lodge of Good Templars.  J M Morris here to tea.

            90 votes for Delegate to Convention


Wednesday 3/10/58

            Chopped wood.  Took a stroll after ducks—got none.  Read & wrote some.  Call from W.E.G.—W.E.P. & Mr Williams came up & drew of a log.  W.E.P—agrees to let me have all I wish for building 40 acres of S. Part of his claim,  For which I give L. Warrant.  Preaching at my house in the Evening by Dr Still.  House fill.  Exhortation by Rev. J. Denison!


Thursday 3/11/58

            Remained at home most of the day.  3 P.M. with J. Denison went to Manhattan & found our mail.  Letters from J. T.G--  L. Met the committee on Good Templars.  Going ahead!  Eve—with J.D. W.M. & C.E. Blood, met Mr Mead on business connected with the donation of 100 Lots to Bluemont Central College.  Will be decided in 4 weeks.


Friday 3/12/58

            A.M. Drew wood.  WEP. & Mr Williams cut down Big Butterwood & hauled off 2 logs.  P.M.  Went to Manhattan with Dr Still  Made a few calls preaching at the school house by Dr Still, on the Prodigal son—16 out.  Cloudy.  Came home with Br Denison for Company.


Saturday 3/13/58

            Remained at home on account of showers.  Read & wrote letters to J.T.G—A.A.H-- & Mr & Mrs T. Bateman.  I had designed to attend Quarterly meeting at Mr Condray’s.  12 miles.  Up the Blue.  Shall probably go to morrow.


Sunday 3/14/58

            Pleasant morning.  Became windy at 8 AM.  Rode up the Blue to attend Quarterly Meeting.  Preaching by Dr Still, & W. Marlatt.  Dined with Mr Kriss.  Quite a congregation.  Interesting settlement.  Came home in the Evening facing a strong wind.


Monday 3/15/58

            Went to Manhattan, saw Mr. Blake, Dr Hunting &c.  Made arrangements with reference to going to Lawrence   Started with W.E.G.-- & went to Ogden where he preempted his claim.  Came home & staid over night.


Tuesday 3/16/58

            Rainy day.  Remained at home all day.  Settled with Wm. &c,  Looked over city lots  J. Parkerson called to see Wm.  Eve Mr. Houston visited us & took tea.  Long talk on Politics.  Good suggestions. 


Wednesday 3/17/58

            Cleaned out my cellar, & went to Manhattan thence at 5 ½ P.M. left on horseback for Lawrence to carry the returns of Election for Delegates to Con’l. Convention.  Rode to Waubunsee 12 miles & stopped at Allen’s Hotel  Eve—went to the Institute.  Speech by Mr Lines, on early marriage.


Thursday 3/18/58

            Rode to Burrow’s & fed my horse, 22 miles.  Thence, to Babtist Mission 15 miles  Met on the rout Joseph George whom I had before seen at Delaware Mission.  Much conversation with Mr (?)  Met a Load of potatoes, engaged 5 Bushels.  Met Mr. Newman.  Companion De Voyage N.T. (?)


Friday 3/19/58

            Rode to Topeka & stopped an hour with Prof. Oakley & friends  Met Br. Griffith.  Called at Big Springs on Mr Thorpe’s & dined.  Overtook Mr Soule from Ashland.  Rode in the rain about 15 miles to Lawrence.  Hard showers & very muddy.  Called on C.W. Babcock, & gave him the returns for Riley County.  Put up at the Eastern Hotel.


Saturday 3/20/58

            Rain over & windy.  Called on G.W. Brown  John Speer, G.W. Deitzler, &c   Also on Mr. Leonhardt.  Have exerted myself to learn the state of parties here.  Have spoken decidedly against Minneola speculations, & wash my hands from it!  Wrote L.  J. Pipher, at Gov. R’s office.  Eve—called on Judge Conway & had a long talk on Kansas Politics Eve  sore—tried a plaster of molasses on going to bed. 


Sunday 3/21/58

            Beautiful morning.  Took a walk & on my return held a conversation with Judge Conway, & Mr. Killam.  Wrote some L-- &c   A.M. Preaching by Rev M. Cordley, Cong’l  P.M. Preaching by Rev M. Blackford M.E.C. Eve—Lecture by T Dwight Thacher upon Temperance.  Visit in the evening with Mr Killam. 


Monday 3/22/58

            Miscellaneous consultations with several prominent individuals  P.M.  Letter from L. &c from W.E.G.  Rode to Rev C.H. Lovejoy’s, Palmyra, 13 miles.  Visit with him & family till late.  Bound for Minneola!  Troubled with sore eyes.  Pleasant evening.


Tuesday 3/23/58

            Rode to Minneola with Mr Warren, 9 ½ miles.  Meeting of the Constitutional Convention at 12 M.  Called to order by W.Y. Roberts.  M.F. Conway appointed Chairman Pro-tem  S.F. Tappan Sec’y.

            Lane Chairman, Tappan & Hutchins Secretaries.  Warren, Sergeant at Arms, Kendal Assistant.  Session continued all night.


Wednesday 3/24/58

            4 ½ AM. Convention adjourned to Leavenworth.  Left immediately & rode to Prairie City with a large number of members & took breakfast.  Went to Lawrence & stopped at Eastern Hotel.  Called with Higinbotham at Rev. Blackford’s & Laman’s.  Eyes very sore, purchased (?) spectacles & made a bottle of eye water.  Music by several young men.


Thursday 3/25/58

            Started at 7. on horse back for Leavenworth.  Rode 20 miles & fed my horse.—6 other horsemen joined me.  Arrived at Leavenworth 4 ½. P.M.  Put up at the Parry House.  7. P.M.  Convention met & discussed miscellaneous points & adjourned till tomorrow at 8 A.M. Room mate Monteith of Lawrence. 


Friday 3/26/58

            A busy day in the Convention.  Gen Lane resigned the Presidency & M.F. Conway was chosen to supply his place.  Particular conversation with Gen. Lane & H.J. Adams.  Warm discussions in the Convention, on the locating of the Capitol.  Removed from Parry’s Hotel to George Keller’s with Blake & Montieth.  Windy dusty day, On committees of Emoluments, Address, & Education. 


Saturday 3/27/58

            Convention met & discussed questions of business till 11. A.M. & adjourned till Monday 9. A.M. Committee on apportionment met & organized.  Committee on Education met, & adopted the main portion of a report.  Called on Mr Hatterscheiter  a German  met Mr Conway & Hinton.  Eve wrote to M.A. Daniels, &c.


Sunday 3/28/58

            Wrote to Dr Robinson & Isabella Hill.  Attended church—preaching by Rev. Mr. Pitzer.  N.E. & Western congregation.  Perseverance of the saints!  P.M.  Wrote L—M.A. Weeks, &c.  Eve.  called on Gen. Lane, also sent to Meeting Sermon by Rev. Mr. Haun.  Collection for Wid. Dennis. Sat up late.  Edn—Com.  F.N. Blake, Walden, Goodnow, Austin, Perham, Griffith, Pillsbury.


Monday 3/29/58

            Committee on Education met & adopted an efficient Report, also the Apportionment Committee had two meetings & concluded upon a satisfactory division of the Rep-- & Senators.  Riley Co. has 3 of Rep-- & 1. Senator.—including Clay.  Interview with Gen. Lane, &c   Called on several merchants to enquire for goods of J.S. Lamon.--None!  Evening session of App’t. Com. at the Room formerly occupied by J. Calhoun


Tuesday 3/30/58

            Rainy morning.  Convention labored hard—a good deal of discussion but business going forward.  Walked in the wind 2 miles.  Evening session late.  Discussion of the Bill of rights &c   Wrote W.A. Miller & Carrie, Mr A.J. Mead is present from Manhattan.  Night session till 2 O.clock A.M.  Working time.


Wednesday 3/31/58

            Pleasant morning.  Warm discussion on the schedules, especially on a reception of the constitution by the people.  Dined at the Planter’s house, 1 ½ P.M.  Grand speech by Gen.—Lane, with numerous others thrown in.  Spoke myself also.  Evening session adjourn 11. P.M.  Convention still in session & warmly engaged in business.


Thursday 4/1/58

            Beautiful morning.  Convention met at 9. A.M.  Business requires almost constant attention  Called on Rev Haun with Mr Blake.  Has a beautiful wife.

            Session late!  as usual.


Friday 4/2/58

            A business day again.  Evening session till 2. A.M.  Some excitement  Close debates on Free suffrage!

            “Nigger in the wood pile.” hard trial to keep him out!  succeeded!  at last!


Saturday 4/3/58

            Met at 9 A.M.

            Debates in general on address—personal (?) & explanations P.M. closed up & signed the Constitution.  Eve—purchased goods for my Ellen & went home with Br. Hamilton Perry Johnson, L. Pr.  S. will join the church North  Eventful day.  Nominating Convention Topeka, April 28th


Sunday 4/4/58

            Rode to Leavenworth to church with Br. Johnson.  Rev. Butler preached.  Pleasant day.

            Social visit with the family very pleasant.  Wrote to Pendulum, on Constitutional Convention.


Monday 4/5/58

            At 6 ½ A.M. left for home.  Rode 5 miles to Russell’s Mills 14 farther to Oscaloosa & dined.  Rode on to Osawkee 9 miles, to Florence Mount 10 miles, & put up with Mr. Cunningham, a Free State Missourian!  A good fellow  Found here Mr Cook (?) & Mr Thompson of the Babtist Mission S--.  Rested well.


Tuesday 4/6/58

            Left at 7. A.M. Rode to Indianola 9 miles,-- to Silver Lake 9 miles.  Dined at (?) Henry changes!  Went to Lode Melo’s in a tremendous rain & put up for the night.  14 miles.  A good place.  Frenchman who is married to a Pottawatomie.


Wednesday 4/7/58

            Still showery.  Weather very unsettled.  9 AM. started on, rode to Graymores-- & to Louisville—to St George.  Called on Dr Adams.—found him sick.  Dined with him.  Went on & was out in a severe shower.  Called at Needer’s.  Lewis, & arrived at ferry at dark.  Could not cross.  put up at Mr. Brouse’s  Very rainy.


Thursday 4/8/58

            Could not cross the Blue.  Read & conversed.  Arrival of 2 Vermonters & one Canadian.  Went with Lawyer Hays to call on Randal & Williams.  Talk on Kansas Politics.  unsatisfactory.  Mr H-- , wishes to join our division of Good Templers.


Friday 4/9/58

            Crossed the Blue in a skiff.  Attended Trustee Meeting.  Sold out the Blue Ferrys  Walked home—Mr Houston company.  Long talk, Read letters &c.  B.B. Edmunds stopped over night.  Letters G.W. Collier, L.  H. Newhall.  303.85, C.L. Eastman, Gen Park, J. Mather, James L. Bliss, Henry A. Budington, L. Whitney


Saturday 4/10/58

            Rainy  Edmunds & Wm. remained till after dinner.  Read &c  Have felt quite dull & tired.  After my hard work at the Convention.


Sunday 4/11/58

            A day of sweet rest at home.  Dull & tired.  Read some, & thought more.  Rainy & snowy.  strong wind at night.  Br Marlatt’s horse came & I took him up & fed him & kept him over night.


Monday 4/12/58

            Rain & snow.  Quite windy  Remained at home mostly  Read &c.  E—washed.  Day of rest.  Bad day for emigrants who are traveling.  Wm. called.  Visit from W. Marlatt & brother, who stopped with us over night. 


Tuesday 4/13/58

            Read some.  Called at Br Trafton’s on Church business, also at C. Barnes, & J. Pipher’s  Crossed the Blue & got my saddle.  Conversed with Mr. Butterfield, & Storrs from Chicago.  Called at J. D’s on my return home & wrote to M.F. Conway, Mr Walden, & Prof. Oakley, J.D. leaves in the morning for Conference.  Gave him $65, towards a Land warrant, of Conway $155


Wednesday 4/14/58

            Pleasant day.  Called at Mr. Houston’s, Repaired tools, & finished up my Meteorological Register.

            Ellen went to Manhattan to attend the funeral of Mrs Gove  W.E.G—came home with her  J. Denison & W. Marlatt started for Conference.


Thursday 4/15/58

            Went to Manhattan.  Looked over church accounts with C. Barnes & J. Pipher  Met J.E. Teft from R.I. with letters from G.W. Quereau, & James T. Harris.  Called on Dr. Robinson & arranged 5 lots in exchange.  Talk on Politics.  News that “Lecompton” is about dead!  Thank God!  Right will triumph.  Call at A. Parkerson’s &c.  Letters from T. Lawson, S. Mead & U.S. Meteorological work of 760 pages.  Good.


Friday 4/16/58

            Call at Mr Houston’s.  Visit from J.E. Teft, a fine young man from R.I.  Looked over my fences &c   Ellen rode over to J. Denison’s.  Wrote a little & chored it.  prospect of rain.  Read a little.  R.A. Webber arrived from Iowa on foot  400 miles.  His father & brother on the way.  Wm. E.G. called late.


Saturday 4/17/58

            Shelled 2 ½ Bu corn.  Went with R.A. Webber gunning  Fired at crows but missed.  Wm. called & took R A W to Manhattan & carried my grist.  Mended fence.  P.M.  Worked hard.  Ellen rode over to Mr Houston’s. 

            Read in Tribune the account of the wonderful Revivals in the states especially N.Y. City.  Shower in the Eve.


Sunday 4/18/58

            Cloudy.  11 A.M.  Wm. E.G. & R A W returned.  Remained at home & read some & wrote.  Showers.  Wrote out & finished Meteorological Report for March.  Wrote to Th. Lawson, H.A. Budington & Truman Shattuck.  25 or 30 chickens have made their appearance.  Took a good wash all over.


Monday 4/19/58

            Rode to Manhattan.  Closed up Ex—of lots.  Called on Dr Robinson’s folks, -- A Parkerson, &c   J Pipher left for Cincinnati.  Showers.  Royal A Webber chopped.  Talk with Mr Houston on Politics.  Eve—called at Mr Kimbals.—pleasant chat.  Letter from Pliny Wood & wife.


Tuesday 4/20/58

            Called on W.E.G.--- Chopped wood with R.A.W. also planted Onion & beet seed & Tomatoes &c.  Quite tired at night  Beautiful spring like day.


Wednesday 4/21/58

            Called at J. Kimball’s, also at J. Denison’s.  Gleaned a Bu. corn from Gov—[MS. illegible] &c.  Rode to Manhattan.  Saw Branscomb & Lady.  Dr. Robinson &c.  Saw Mr Mead, Barnes, Thompson, Parkerson, Williams, &c.  Rev Mr (?)  M.E. Church South, stopped over night with us.  An Old Bachelor of some 60!  Windy night.


Thursday 4/22/58

            Called at J. Kimball’s.  Call from Denison, W.E.G.  R.A.W. not well.  Rode with J. Denison to N. Trafton, also to Manhattan Meeting to elect Delegates to go to Ogden next Saturday to choose Delegates to attend the Convention at Topeka April 28th to nominate State Officers under the Leavenworth Constitution.  Letters, C. Adams, M. A D.  W. Trafton  T. Wiltsee  W.P. Moss, Jr.  N. Cheney, L.  W. Munsell,


Friday 4/23/58

            Ploughed.  Fixed up my grape vine & Rode to Manhattan.  Called on A J. Mead, C. Barnes, J. Pipher, PW Collins $25.  Call at Dr. R’s F.B. Smith &c.

            Saw W.E. Parkerson.  Came home in the evening  9 ½ O.clock.


Saturday 4/24/58

            Harrowed my garden &c.  split wood.  PM.  Rode to Ogden to choose Delegates to Topeka to nominate State Officers.  was accompanied by Mr Griffin.  Delegates to the State Convention are, J.W. Robinson, J.V. Parsons, & E.M. Thurston.  Came back by the lake & was obliged to return 1 ½ miles on account of the flooding of the Kansas.


Sunday 4/25/58

            Pleasant day.  Ellen rode to Meeting.  Preaching by J. Denison.  Read & wrote; L.W. Munsell, G.W. Collier, Constitution to W.N. Sherman, E—wrote to Harriet, L, B W Edmunds called on his way to Ogden from Leavenworth.  Cattle broke into my enclosure—like so many deer—unruly. 


Monday 4/26/58

            Cool morning.  Rode to S.D. Houston’s before breakfast.  Went to Manhattan.  saw Dr R-- & Marlatt who go to Topeka as Delegates.  Gave the latter 1.00.  Attempted to get a dog—failed.  Ploughed in the P.M.  Warm.


Tuesday 4/27/58

            Ploughed all day.  Finished my garden pieces.  Am exceedingly tired.  Worked hard pulling up Elder roots.  Warm windy day.


Wednesday 4/28/58

            Early call from Mr Houston  Cut up elder roots—stragglers  Planted a little in the garden.  Call from Mr Edmunds on Political business.  J.D. brought my flour from Manhattan.  Ellen rode out to Mr King’s & got some sweet potatoes to plant  Hot day, Therm at 2 PM 87°.


Thursday 4/29/58

            Rode to Mr. King’s before breakfast.  Saw him & Mr Roosa.  Took J.D.’s Oxen & harrowed my gardens on house lot.  Warm. – hot.  84°. at 2 P.M.  Drew wood, Rails, & Stakes.  Ellen rode to Manhattan  made several calls & got the mail.  Letters, J.A. Brown, L.


Friday 4/30/58

            Partly rested & did some light work, on wood & garden.  Elisha P. Webber, wife & Father arrived from Iowa with Mr Hodson & family.  Mr H—I put into Wm’s cabin the balance stop with me  Rainy day.  Visited most of the time after 10 A.M.


Saturday 5/1/58

            Rode to J.D’s early & got some seed potatoes.  Ploughed or furrowed out my lot & planted it with the aid of Elisha, Royal, & Lyman Webber  4. P.M.  Went with Lyman to Manhattan  PW. Collins $24.66.  Rec’d of J.P. & son $59.  Called on Mrs B--, at Dr R’s, &c.  On the way home at E. Hunting’s.  Rain in the Evening.  Feel well.


Sunday 5/2/58

            Cool, damp, rainy day.  Remained at home.  Read &c.  Thanksgiving dinner having killed some chickens saved for our friends’ arrival.  2 P.M. Therm 47°.  (?) missing!


Monday 5/3/58

            Made fence for Pony.  L. Webber caught several noble cat fish near the House in the creek.  Call from Rev John Paulson, Moss, an old Wilbraham student  Eve—attended Caucus at Manhattan.  Speech by Rev. Newton, on Leavenworth Constitution.  6 Delegates to Ogden, to nominate County Officers.  Came home at 11 P.M.


Tuesday 5/4/58

            Finished fences—at barn.  repaired house fence.  Long talk with Mr Hodson who finally decided to stop this summer with E.P.W.  All the family to dinner on fine catfish.  Saw Br Marlatt &c.  Mr. Houston W.E. Goodnow arrived from Leavenworth.  Emigrants coming.


Wednesday 5/5/58

            Royal & Lyman commenced work for Wm. E.G.  worked in garden.  9 ½ started for Ogden.  Met the County Delegates & nominated S.D. Houston, senator, I.T. Goodnow, Mr Fullerton, & Dr Chandler, Representatives, with other County Officers,  Visit with Mr McCullom & Griffin returning home.  Warm & pleasant.


Thursday 5/6/58

            Fixed up my grape vine & did several light chores.  P.M. walked to Manhattan & visited with Ellen at Mr Butterfield.  Saw Dr Robinson & wife.  Eve—attended a Lecture before the Manhattan Institute by Mr Kalback upon the Press.  A fine production, well delivered.  Came home at 11. P.M.


Friday 5/7/58

            Chopped a little, poled my peas, planted squash, corn &c & hoed in the garden.  Letter from H.A. Budington, Called at Mr Kimball’s  Warm & sultry.  Not very powerful!

            Call from J.D.

            Rain in the Eve.


Saturday 5/8/58

            Quite a rain during the night.  Called at Mr Houston’s.  Wrote & talked over Politics 2 hours.  Came home at noon.  Wrote to the Judges of Election, giving instructions.—18 Notices,  Call from Mr. Houston & Griffin  Split wood.  Eve.  took a good bath,


Sunday 5/9/58

            Pleasant.  Ellen & Mrs Webber rode the Ponies to church.  Read some, & wrote L.D. Barrows, & Susan Shepherd on the Lost Drafts.

            Royal, Elisha, & their father with us.

            News has come that Lecompton has passed with English’s amendment submitting it to the People with a bribe & a threat, a lie!


Monday 5/10/58

            Sent on to Washington Meteorological observations.  Rode to C.E. Blood’s.  Called at the P.O.  Moved window sash to the church.  Sold Mr Williams my pig.  6.00 cash  pd him 4.50  Chopped wood & burnt brush.  Read in the Eve—Call from J. Gill.


Tuesday 5/11/58

            Worked in the garden & on fence  Call from J. Denison, saw C.E. Blood, & Prof. Smyth of Bowdoin College.  Quite a pleasant visit with them.  W.E.G—left for Lawrence.  E.P.W & Mr Hodson leave in the morning.  Ellen went to Manhattan to make calls.  Fine day.  Worked an hour on the little Peninsula.  Music in the Evening by E.P.W. & L.J. Webber.


Wednesday 5/12/58

            Shower in the night.  Wrote Wm. Also F.N. Blake.  E.P.W.  R.W. & L.J. Webber left this morning.

            Sawed wood, hoed in garden, & built over fence.  Warm day.


Thursday 5/13/58

            Burnt over little Peninsula.  P.M.  Went to Manhattan.  Trustee Meeting.  Got my grist.  Letter from Rev. T. Williams G.S. Stevens, Mrs. A.M. Blin.  Warm day.


Friday 5/14/58

            Worked on Home lot.  Called at Mr Kimball’s  Prospect of rain most of the day yet nothing.  Worked on fence a little  Read 2 hours.


Saturday 5/15/58

            Cool & windy day with a few drops of rain occasionally  worked at miscellaneous.  Remained at home.


Sunday 5/16/58

            Rainy & wet till 3. P.M.  Did not attend church.  Troubled with boils—Chilly!  Read & slept some.  Eve took a good bath, felt better for it.


Monday 5/17/58

            Cloudy & cool.  Poor weather for vegetation.

            Call from C.E. Lovejoy, Dr. Whitehorn, J. Denison.

            Eve—An organization of the Good Templars was formed at Manhattan 24 members present  16 men  8 women.  Inaugurated by Rev. C.E. Lovejoy.  Like it—interesting ceremonies.  Home at 1 ½ A.M.


Tuesday 5/18/58

            Day for voting on the Constitution.  Went to Manhattan with J D—Did quite a business on church matters, & other things.  Folks at J. D’s to supper.

            Pleasant day.


Wednesday 5/19/58

            Cloudy morning.  Rode to S.D.H. before breakfast & also to Mr. Kimball’s.  Call from N. Trafton.  Shot at a wolf near the house.—Missed!  Long way off!  Eve—Trustee meeting of B. C. College.  Adopted a constitution & discussed agencies, surveying Bluemont, &c.  Did much business.  Pony went off—had to go home on foot.—late—11 ½ P.M.


Thursday 5/20/58

            Made a new edition of my hen house—wife much pleased with it.  P.M. rode to Manhattan  Letters from Mother, S.B. Catts, L  Called at Church &c.  Got from Mr Blood certificates of stock for 30. shares Bluemont Central College.  Eve—read papers & letters.


Friday 5/21/58

            Showers in the morning with Thunder & Lightning.

            Read 2 hours.  Chopped wood.  Hoed & planted a little.  Elisha returned this P.M. from Lawrence.  Lightning East.


Saturday 5/22/58

            Showers in the morning.  Read in “Testimony of the Rocks.”  Chopped wood.  Went to Manhattan & met the Trustees on the business connected with the disputed claim.  Called at the Church &c   Came home at evening.


Sunday 5/23/58

            Wrote a recommend to aid Rev. C.E. Blood in collecting funds East to build a Cong’l. church in Manhattan.  Rode to meeting with Wm. preaching by Prof. Smyth.  A good discourse, communion after it.  Wrote S.B. Catts J. Brooks, S. Mead, Eli Thayer,  warm day.


Monday 5/24/58

            Drew rails, went to Manhattan  Bade C.E. Blood, Prof. Smyth & ladies goodby.

            Transacted business for church.  Am fatigued  went to bed early.—


Tuesday 5/25/58

            Worked at miscellaneous.  Ploughed 2 hours with E.P.W.  went to Town to see what can be done relative to encouraging Sydney Clark, a young enterprising Editor & Publisher, who wishes to establish a paper at Manhattan  Trustee Meeting on the subject.  Will do what we can. 

            Came home in the Eve—with Mr S.D. Houston.


Wednesday 5/26/58

            Ploughed all day with E.P. Webber.  Mr Clark called in the Evening & spent the night.

            Call from Mr Woodman.  Pleasant visit.  Warm day.  Have a fine little colt, a real natural pacer.


Thursday 5/27/58

            Walked over to Mr H’s with Mr Clark.  P.M. went to town.  Trustee meeting on the subject of a Press, mean to have one.

            Got letters form A.W. Whitney  C.P. Holway, John Paulson A. Harris, H.A. Budington.  Called at Mr Meads in the rain.  Tremendous Thunder shower.


Friday 5/28/58

            Chopped till 10 & then ploughed the balance of the day, with E.P. Webber, Wm. E.G., R.A.W. & L.W. came up from St George.


Saturday 5/29/58

            Went to Manhattan & did business for the establishment of a paper, & for the church.

            Came home at 3 P.M. Planted over seeds & lived in the garden.  Pleasant day—


Sunday 5/30/58

            Heavy rain in the night accompanied by hail stones.  Damp cloudy day.  Read most of the day.  Call from Friend B. Edmunds.

            Amount of rain fallen—estimated 4 inches—


Monday 5/31/58

            Wrote to Rev J. Paulson  went to Manhattan.  Transacted church business & college also.  Fixed R.A. Webber’s Lot.  He with his father left for the Republican to be gone 2 or 3 weeks,  College Trustee meeting in the Evening.  Rec’d instructions as to my Agency East on raising funds to erect College building.


Tuesday 6/1/58

            Planted garden vegetables.  Poled peas  fixed stove pipe. &c.  Worked on fence, built gate way to spring.  Mowed weeds &c.  Call from J.D. & Mr Sidney Clarke,



Wednesday 6/2/58

            Finished pasture fence with E.P. Webber, S. Clarke dined with us.  J. Denison & lady, & W.E.G—took tea with us.  Eve—went to J. Kimball’s & settled.

            Set 4 .hills sweet potatoes.  Took draft of Kimball for $100 for T. Shattuck also 4 shares stock to sell or return, gave him receipt


Thursday 6/3/58

            Went to Manhattan with Ellen & visited at Manhattan  Dr. Robinson’s.  Had the Title Bonds to College Lots made out.  Letters form L.—T. Shattuck. 

            Eve—attended a meeting of the Good Templars.


Friday 6/4/58

            Furrowed out my corn & potatoes, & worked about the garden field.


Saturday 6/5/58

            Hoed corn & potatoes.


Sunday 6/6/58

            Attended church in the meeting house for the first time.  A fine attendance—feel well paid for the labor & sacrifices of last year to raise money, for the building.

            Rev. J. Denison preached.  Wm. E. Goodnow spent the sabbath with us.


Monday 6/7/58

            Looked over my papers & went to Manhattan & labored on church matters.  Came home in the evening.  Tired.


Tuesday 6/8/58

            Called on Mr. Houston—had a plain talk!

            Rode to Manhattan on my way East.  Rec’d of F.B. Smith $78.50.  Took supper with him.  Saw Trafton & Perry & left directions as to work on church.  Eve—ret’d unexpectedly home to start again in the morning.


Wednesday 6/9/58

            Left home at 6 A.M.  Called at Mr Brown’s & went on with Wm. E. Goodnow to St. George.  Rainy P.M.  Stopped for the day.  Put up at Dr Adams’  Wrote a little & rested  went to bed on a feather bed among bedbugs!  Gave it up & took the floor where I did better.


Thursday 6/10/58

            Still rainy!  Streams below high!  Chances to cross doubtful!  Travelling muddy—have decided to return to Manhattan & wait for further developments!  The clouds have broken away at 1 ½ P.M.  We decided to go ahead, & rode as far as Lost Creek & camped for the night.  slept in our wagon.


Friday 6/11/58

            Arose at 4 ¼ O clock, breakfasted & at 5 ¼ were on our way.  The bridge at Cross Crk. being gone, went up __ miles to a new crossing.  Met there a Gov’t. Train, Put out our horse & dined while waiting for the train to pass.  Rode on to Topeka & by special invitation put up with Mr. Richey Br. member of the Constitutional Convention


Saturday 6/12/58

            Called at Rev. Mr. Griffins—he was gone  visit with his lady.  Went on to Lecompton.  Left $2 with the Gov’s Sec’y Mr Ford to send me at Lawrence a copy of the Act incorporating Bluemont Central College Association.  Spent 1 ½ hours in this noted Town  Went within 5 miles of Lawrence & camped near a deserted mansion of some Quasi-squatter sovereign.  Slept well; a little rain during the night.


Sunday 6/13/58

            Arose with prospects of rain & decided to make for Lawrence direct—eating our lunch on the way.

            Arrived in Lawrence at 7. A.M. & stopped at my Friend Killams’.  A.M. sermon by Rev Mr Nute on the Nature of Christ, Unitarian.  Talk with Lawyer Coe on G. Lane’s case.  Saw Judge Pomeroy.  Sermon in the Eve by an old Babtist minister.


Monday 6/14/58

            Beautiful morning.  Visited the steamer Minnie Bell.  It will go up again next time to Manhattan.  Gen J.H. Lane’s trial commences this morning for the death of Gaius Jenkins.  Called upon him & heard his account or rather of the young man with him.  Saw M.F. Conway & took a letter from to E.A. Co. on newspaper.  Rode to Gardner 20 miles, & put up with Mr Thayer.


Tuesday 6/15/58

            After visiting with Mr. Wrisley & Thayers’ family left at 8 & ½ A.M. for Wyandott (?) miles to Olathe, thence (?) Shawnee [M.S. illegible] 8 miles to Wyandott, across the new [M.S. illegible: several words illegible] Ferry to put up with W.S. Arnold.


Wednesday 6/16/58

            Made several calls in Wyandott & went up to Quindaro  Called on Friend J.W. Walden.  Dined with him & had a pleasant visit.  Crossed over to Parkville & put up with C.I. Park  Very wet on the Bottoms.  Discussed railroads, colleges & Newspapers, &c.  Took a wash much to my comfort  Had a good sleep.

            Eyes unusually sore


Thursday 6/17/58

            Arose late—visited the wharf &c.  2 steamers passed.  Mr Park pledged us half a share of Manhattan stock to establish a paper in Manhattan  Crossed the Missouri in a Ferry boat & driving through water on the Bottom 1 mile went on within 7 miles of Leavenworth & put camped out.  Not very well  Diarhea.  Did not rest well.—300 cattle near us.


Friday 6/18/58

            Rode into Leavenworth.  Called on G.W. Kellar & Dr. Davis, who promises $50 towards establishing a paper in Manhattan.  Met several Manhattan friends.  Dr Stillman designs going East with me tomorrow morning.  Dined with Mr. Higginbotham.  Read in part trial of Gov. Lane.  Not at all well.  Diarrhea.  Dose of medicine—Dr. Davis.  Took the steamboat White Cloud for St. Louis, 20 miles, to Kansas City & laid up for the night.  Wrote L—Mr Lockwood


Saturday 6/19/58

            Rainy morning.  Feel better this morning.  Wrote to C. Adams  Feel very well.  Found 2 young men from Maine aboard one of them acquainted with Prof. Smyth.  Went to bed early to make up lost time, & rested well. 


Sunday 6/20/58

            A pleasant Sabbath though on board the Boat.  Interesting visit with Mr Webb who gave me an account of his first interview with the distinguished Col Bowie.

            Changed boat for cars at Jefferson City, contrary to expectations.  Arrived at St Louis & put up at Missouri Hotel, with 8 other companions.  Warm.


Monday 6/21/58

            Warm morning.  Did not sleep at all well.  Wakeful.  Called on J’s wife Julia.  Fine woman!  Saw Brs. Brooks, Lee, Conway, Sutherland & Bonner.  Wrote to Isaac F. Collins.  Learned of the election of C. Adams to the Presidency of Jacksonville Female College, Illinois.  Sent letters to C Adams & L--  6. P.M.  Took the Boat for Alton.  Stopped with S.B. Catts.


Tuesday 6/22/58

            Robberies in Alton.  One man badly hurt.  Saw Dr Martin, Rev Mr (?) dined with him.  Called at Mr Ferguson’s  took tea: I saw Boots, Stopped over night with Rev. Hiram Sears.  Not well—diarrhea.  Took Rhubarb &c.


Wednesday 6/23/58

            Wrote letters G.S. Stevens, Simmons & Leadbeater,  E.D.G— L-- &c   Called on Dr Stanton Johnson &c  PM.  attended ladies’ sewing circles [M.S. illegible: two lines illegible] Took tea at S.B. Catts [M.S. illegible] at 10 ¼ P.M.  Took the Louisiana for Quincy, Ill.


Thursday 6/24/58

            Arose late—refreshed & better from diarrhea.  Looked over my papers and wrote some.  Became acquainted with an old gentleman & his son from Bloomingdale Centre, Van Buren Co. Mn.  W.J. Merwin, (Lewis)  1 ½ P.M. arrived at Quincy.  Called on J. Adams, Rev. Andrus, & Hon. John Wood.  Put up at the Virginia House.  Letter from S. Mead.  Sent letters to G.S. Stevens, L.W. Munsell.  Did not sleep very well.


Friday 6/25/58

            5 A.M. with a Free Pass, from Pres. Bucknell Took the Quincy & Chicago R.R.  Prominent towns passed Prairie City, Macomb & Abingdon.  Arrived at Galesburg at 10. A.M.  Put up at H.P. Weeks.  Feel quite dull & sleepy  rested the remainder of the day.


Saturday 6/26/58

            Called on Mr Carpenter & dined.  Went with him & called on Prof. Dr. Woodward & Mr Delano.  $10.  5 more promised.  Saw Mr. Houlton, Hunt, & Adams.  Sent letters to L-- & S. Mead

            Very warm day.—


Sunday 6/27/58

            A.M. Preaching by Elder Tucker.  P.M. by Rev. Mr. Tyler.  Dined at Mr W.—Took tea with Mr Houlton’s at Mr Washburn’s.  Methodists, who think much of Kansas.  Eve—went to church with Mrs W.-- & heard Rev Mr Kingsbury.


Monday 6/28/58

            Called at A.N. Carpenter’s.  Dined at H.P. Weeks’ father’s.  Met here Emily Converse, [M.S. illegible] Corbin, from Ct. old students,  Took tea with Mr W’s people at A.N. Carpenter’s.  Called on Mr. Hunt’s family.  Saw Rev C.E. Blood from Manhattan who is agent for building a church in Manhattan.  Fine shower.


Tuesday 6/29/58

            Started for Wyanet, [M.S. illegible] 10. A.M.  Depot at 12 ½ P.M.  Had a chance to ride 2 ½ miles.  Arrived at Br Millers at 3 ¼ P.M.  Carrie teaching school.  Visited the school.  Found at Br M—‘s Maria Bates & her grand mother, from E. Greenwich.  Pleasant visit.


Wednesday 6/30/58

            Botanical walk.  Call at Mr Hathaway’s.  Mr M—took me in his wagon to Wyanet Depot.  12 ½ started for Chicago  Arrived at 6. PM.  Rainy afternoon.  Went to David Vaughan’s & stopped for the night.  Have felt rather languid to day.  Did not find Mr Mead.


Thursday 7/1/58

            Pleasant morning.  Wrote to my little Jennie.  Got my boots mended.  Called on C.R. Adams  Taylor & Kreigh.  Dined & supped at C. Arnold’s.  Met here Judge Otis & family.  Called on Mr. Eddy & hied upon my business for college.  Shower.  Warm.  Stopped over night at C. Arnold’s.


Friday 7/2/58

            Fire in the city.  Showers.  Dined at Osborn Stone’s an old Wilbraham student.  Obtained a Free Pass for Detroit.  Visit with Dr. Dempster.  At G.H. Bliss’  Evanston where I went in the P.M.  6. O clock.  After tea called on Dr Evans.  Long talk on college matters.  Promises next year to help about a building what he can, came home to Br Bliss’s late, 11. ¼ P.M.


Saturday 7/3/58

            Rode around Evanston with Br Bliss & Dr. Dempster, who dined with us.  Called on G.F. Foster, & Br. Judson, & Prof—Noyes in the Eve—talks of buying a lot.  Beautiful day.


Sunday 7/4/58

            Feel refreshed from my rest & visit.  Preaching A.M. by Br Cooper.  Sacrement of the Lord’s supper.  Wrote to Ellen  L--  Took a ramble on the Lake shore.  The rolling waves more admirable!  Read some & rested in quiet.  Eve—sermon by Prof. Hemenway.


Monday 7/5/58

            Rode to the Depot with Br Bliss  Called on Dr. Evans.  Introduced to Dr. Foster.  Celebration in the Groves of Evanston.  Business talk with Prof. Noyes:-- thinks of taking some lots.  12 ½ took the cars for Chicago.  Dined at Osborn Stone’s.  Called on David Vaughan.  Supped at C. Arnold’s.  Called on Mary Slocum.  Walk & visit with B. Slocum.


Tuesday 7/6/58

            6 ½ AM.  Took the cars for Detroit by way of Michigan Central R. Road.  Arriving at 7. P.M.  282 miles.  Free Pass.  Called on Rev. Davidson & stopped over night.  Lost my keepsake Hdkf!  Feel badly.  Letters to E.D.G-- & John Laman, Lawrence, K.T.


Wednesday 7/7/58

            Rode to Horton’s signal station, to T. Shattuck’s.  Mrs. S. did my washing, & besides visiting, I wrote to T.S. Wiltsee, T.C. Pomroy, H.W. Goodnow, & James Burley.  Very hot day.  Kept quiet & recruited.  Br Shattuck came home at 7 ¼ P.M.  Old fashioned time!  He has fine field of wheat Barley & Rye


Thursday 7/8/58

            Left at 9 ¼ A.M.  Called on Rev. Eldred, & Blades; the last took me to J. Owen, who aided me in raising $55.  Evening prayer meeting.  Collected $6.40 more.  Stopped over night with a noble hearted man, Wm Johnston, who makes me perfectly at home!  Besides giving me $15. in cash.  Did not sleep well—warm & too many bugs !!


Friday 7/9/58

            Collected by the help of P.E. Collins & Br. Quinsby, $27.50.  Dined at Br. Eldred’s & supped at Br. Collins, Got a Free Pass & took the T.W.R.R. for suspension Bridge  Fine Road—interesting country not a good deal of it too low.  Deposited in Insurance Bank for T. Shattuck $22.33 to pay S. Perry’s note & interest.


Saturday 7/10/58

            5 A.M. arrived at Suspension Bridge.  Saw Ass’t. Sup-- Collamer for a Free Pass—a failure.  Ungentlemanly & skeptical!  Had not finished his nap!  Cross!  Called at Rochester & saw J. Vaughan, who introduced me to J. Watts, (Rev) a gentleman,  He tried to assist me but all efforts vain.  Tea at Mrs. Barnes, Called on Rev Mr Brown & Congdon


Sunday 7/11/58

            Rainy morning.  Slept sweetly the last night.  A M. preaching by Rev Mr Watts.  Rainy day.  Wrote to E, L, Pleasant time reflecting,  Saw J. Vaughan.


Monday 7/12/58

            7 A.M. took the cars for New York.  11 A M  Called at Syracuse, on Rev Mr Foote.  Saw Rev. Earle, Cole, Isaac Hall, Adams, &c   Dined with them.  Sold lot 242.  W 4 to Isaac Hall, Plank Road, Onondago Co., N.Y., for a gold watch, costing $65.  Arrived in Albany 8. P.M.  took the Steamboat Sir Isaac Newton for N.Y. City.  Did not sleep much.


Tuesday 7/13/58

            Arrived in N.Y. City 7. A.M.  stopped at Beekman Street Hotel, with a traveling acquaintance.  Not very well.  Called on J.M. Howe.  Wrote & sent letters to E.D.G— L.  Rec’d. Letters from L. M.R.B.  Went to Rev. S. Landon’s, Greenpoint.  Love feast in the Evening  Went to bed at 11. O clock.  Slept well.  Saw C. Shaffer & Mr Nash.


Wednesday 7/14/58

            Called on W.T. Studley & sold him Lots 399 & 254.  Ward 2. for $200.00 payable Nov. 15th  Met Emma Jenkins Howe at 227 G—St.  Went to Passaic N.J. to visit J.M. Howe.  Father Wheeler there & Miss P—Music on Piano, Fanny gone.  Beautiful day.


Thursday 7/15/58

            Ret’d. to N.Y. obtained a Free Pass to Boston & return, Lockwood.  Miscellaneous business.  6. P.M.  Took the Stonington Boat for Providence or Boston, Met Abbie May on board, &c.  Wrote L.—slept 4 hours.  Arrived at S—2 AM. in P—4 ¼.  Land warrant 32553.  160 A. (?) 92 cts


Friday 7/16/58

            Stopped at Roxbury & walked to W.E. Woodward’s, to breakfast. A hearty reception.  Invitation to make his house my home.  Went to 3 Winter St. & visited 2 ½ hours with Dr Webb.  Called on Mr. Hayes  Tremont Temple.  Mr Kallock had just left.  Designed to meet Directors P.M.—failed for want of time.  East Boston spent the night with T.W. Lewis, M Hamilton.


Saturday 7/17/58

            Excellent visit with Mr & Mrs Lewis.  Wish me to make their house my home.  Called on Dr. Haven.  J.P. Magee.  Rode to Lynn & stopped with H. Newhall.  Met with Mrs Poole. 


Sunday 7/18/58

            Preaching by Rev Marlan, Rainy morning  P.M.  Went up to hear Br Hemstead.  Took tea with him.  Visit with Hannah,  Spent the night with H Newhall.  Wrote some.  6. P.M.  S.S. concert—spoke 5 minutes.  Called on Mrss Sanborn & Stephens—friends of Mrs Robinson.  Pleasant call.


Monday 7/19/58

            Sold H Newhall $700 worth of lots of my own & $300 for College  Sold T.P. Richardson $200 worth.  Took tea at L. Crowells.  Visit with W.R. Clark & Lady.  Spent the night at T.P. Richardson’s, after a pleasant chat in the Evening,-- Called on Elisabeth Newhall at her fine mansion.


Tuesday 7/20/58

            Called Fales Newhall.  Quadrangular body of Preachers on Plats!  With W.R. Clark called on J. Mansfield who married Harriet Sykes.  Dined at W.R. Clark’s.  Sent letters E.D.G--, L.  Called on Johnson, Took tea with B.F. Mudge who went with me to Mr Abers.  Found Br. Hemstead.  No success with A.  Spent the night with T.P. Richardson  $3.—


Wednesday 7/21/58

            Took a ride with W.R. Clark,  Saw Br Usher, Went into Boston.  Saw Mr. Clark Editor of Manhattan Times, Dr Webb.  Met I.S. Kallock on College business.  Went with Mr. Blake & took tea with Naomi Cook, an old student, wrote L.  Went to East Boston & stopped with Br Lewis, Carrie Pierce, Dr. Willard 8. Oak St.


Thursday 7/22/58

            Visited till 10, & wrote J.W.F Barnes.  Rainy P.M.  Went to W.E. Woodward’s, Roxbury, & spent the night.  Met with Mr. Lewis & Lady from Brooklyn.  Pleasant couple.  Called at 54 Kilby street to see E.R. Warren.  Disappointed me.


Friday 7/23/58

            Met J. Gove in the Boston cars.  Called on Rogers & Co with Mr. Clark.  Printer.  Miscellaneous business.  11 ¼ A.M.  Took the cars for P—Called on Dr. Stevens, Saw Brs. Upham & Carpenter.  Took tea & spent the night with Dr Fabyaen.


Saturday 7/24/58

            Rain early.  Saw an old friend & dined at the Earle House.  4.20 P.M. took the cars for Worcester. Co. to W__d.  Called on Eli Thayer, & conversed on college matters.  Put up at Swan’s Hotel. 


Sunday 7/25/58

            Lonely—took a walk.  Called on C. Field.  Heard Br Hannaford preach A.M.  Dined with him at Br Kelley’s.  P.M. Sermon by G.G. Jones.  After this spoke, 8 Uniontown K.—C—Contribution $12.  Went home with C. Field.  Fine family.  Prayer meeting in the Evening.  Interesting.


Monday 7/26/58

            Miscellaneous calls, with Br. Field & Dined with Br. Jones, an old student.  Lately married!  Enjoyed my visit.  Called on Br. Kelley, an old preacher.  Wishes a lot 284 S. 23.  4. P.M. took the cars for Boston after a hard run.

            Letter from Harriet.  Took the cars for Medford to visit Br Brannan.  Old fashioned visit.  Went to bed late.  11 P.M.


Tuesday 7/27/58

            Spent the A.M. at Br. Brannans  Wrote sister Harriett.  P.M.  Made several calls.  Picnic in the grove.  Met B.C.L. McCurdy Br Smith & wife &c.

            Spent the night at Br. Brannan’s.  Pleasant day.

            Letter to L—


Wednesday 7/28/58

            Went into Boston.  Met Mr Kallock  Called on Dr. Webb & friend Blake of Kansas Falls.  Letter from L--  Wrote Eli Thayer with Mr. Kallock.

            Met W.F. Loomis & wife at Fitchboro Depot.  Spent 1 ½ hours with her, &c.  Visited L. White at Charlestown  Lucy Babcock there.  He is sick  Spent the night.


Thursday 7/29/58

            Called on Dr. Webb.  Miscellaneous business.  Met J.W.F. Barnes.  Called on Miss Dyer an old student.  Went home with Dr W. & spent the night.  Pleasant time.  They have adopted a little girl.


Friday 7/30/58

            Met the Ex—Com’tee E.A.  Co’y. on college business  Deferred one week.  Result doubtful.  J.M.S.  Williams offers 60 Lots in Manhattan on condition of giving back half to the proceeds.  Met at his house.  Anson Burlingame, Mr Helfer  N.C. Mr—Virginia, & 2 other gentlemen, at 9 ½ PM.  Supped & continued in session till 11 ¾ P.M.  Stopped at Marlboro Hotel.


Saturday 7/31/58

            Dined at W.E. Woodward’s.  Sold lots 385 & 6 W. 7 to L.R. Thayer $150.  50 before I leave $100 May 1st 1859.  Lots 331 W. 2 to Conners   S. McCurdy $100, 10 down & $90 April 1859.  Rode to Fall—river & put up with James Henry.  Called on Isam Smith &c with Robert.  Saw Br Elly  Interesting chat.  In favor of collection for church.


Sunday 8/1/58

            Called on S.C. Brown.  Heard him preach.  Dined with Isam Smith.  Sacrament at Br Ely’s church.  Supped at Wm. Mason’s.  Spoke at Br Brown’s church, also at Br Ely’s in the evening.  collection $34.

            Enjoyed the Sabbath much  spoke on Kansas as a Missionary field.


Monday 8/2/58

            Miscellaneous calls.  Saw Br Ely off. &c.  Dined at Br Henry’s  And took the stage for Warren.  Took supper with Mrs Richard Linesay.  Called on Rev. Mr. Butler (J.D.)  Went down to Bristol, to see W. Linesay—absent!  Invited home by J.W. Pierce—noble brother.  Took a walk in the eve—called on Elisabeth Weeden, now Mrs Nason.


Tuesday 8/3/58

            Quite a talk with Mr. Pierce 86 years old on early Methodism.  Took the boat for Providence  Pleasant voyage.  Called on Dr G.S. Stevens.  Met Dr. Wilcox & Br Henry Smith.  1 ½ P.M.  took the cars for E.G.  Saw old friends.


Wednesday 8/4/58

            Rainy day.  Letter from J.S. Laman.  Called on S. & C. Allen, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Eddy.  Took tea at Mrs. Greens.—Call from Mr Wescotts  Call from G.W. Quereau.  Called on A.T. James.  Pleasant visit with Mr. & Mrs. Bateman in the Evening.


Thursday 8/5/58

            Called on G.W. Quereau, Mr Goodwin, Mrs. Bowen, Capt. Congdon’s   S. Green’s family.  C. Hawkin’s  took supper with him, & Dined with Br Pennoyer.  Pleasant visit with him.  Went over the new academy building & also the old one which is being converted into a District school house.  What a train of associations come rushing up in this connection.


Friday 8/6/58

            Went to Providence.  Called on P. Bennet,-- gave power of attorney to sell 5 shares stock City Bank, & 5 in Atlantic & Marine Fire Insurance Co.  Wrote Addie A Harris.  Went to Boston.  Dined at Friend Woodward’s Roxbury.  Letter from L (reply) Wrote Ellen.  Meeting Executive Com’tee. E.A. Co’y. 4 P.M.  saw Messrs Thayer & Williams.  Spent the night with Sheb (?) Rich, an old Wilbraham student.  Shower.  W.C. High, J.H. Troumbly, letters.


Saturday 8/7/58

            Wrote Gen Pomroy & I.S. Kallock.  Cloudy Evening.  Called on D E. Haven, Mr. Burgess, at R. Rice’s 20 Templar Street.  Went to Waltham & stopped with E. A. Manning an old Wilbraham student.  Pleasant visit  Called on Dr Dowse or rather at his house – out,

            Wrote T.S. Wiltsee, Chicago.


Sunday 8/8/58

            Preaching by E A. Manning.  Went to S.S. 10. A.M.  Dined with my old friend Dowse.

            P.M.  Preaching by Friend Manning.  “Seek the Lord while he may be found &c”  Took supper with Dr Dowse & looked over the place some Collection at M E Church 7.82  spoke 35 minutes, stopped with E.A.M—


Monday 8/9/58

            E.W. M. selected $500. worth of lots to be determined Wednesday.  Rode with D. Dowse to Watertown & saw Mr Horne on Kansas topics.  Went to Boston at 11. A.M.  Saw a number of old friends, Cox, Brannan  Studley, Smith, Rust, Cobleigh, &c  Dr Webb.  Went home with Br Brannan & spent the night.  Wife not well but cheered her up.—


Tuesday 8/10/58

            Cloudy morning.

            Miscellaneous calls, & business.  Rode to Winthrop 6 miles & stopped over night with she that was Augusta Wilson, now Mrs Floyd.  Pleasant visit.  Mrs—Mary Wilson  Land warrant of Mr Burgess 


Wednesday 8/11/58

            Went to Lynn, & stopped with H. Newhall, having had a letter from him, stating that Mrs Weld was present there.


Thursday 8/12/58

            Called on Br black who is sick.  Dined at T.P. Richardson’s.  Rode around with N. Newhall & called on Mrs. Weld & took tea at H. Newhall’s  Visited with Rev. C.N. Smith & spent the night at T.P. Richardson’s.


Friday 8/13/58

            Went to Boston after a talk with C.N. Smith.  Saw several of the preachers, Br Dadmun &c & got a Free Pass of Pres. Swift to Fitchburg.  P.M. Trustee Meeting E.A. Co’y. donation of ½ of 20 lots to B.C. College.  6. P.M.  Cars to Waltham & spent the night with my old Friend Dowse.


Saturday 8/14/58

            Early call on Brs Manning & Baker.  8. A.M.  Went to Fitchburg.  Dined & supped with Rev Burtis Judd.  Called on Br Putnam & Mr Oakman.  Also on Mr Snow.—noble man.  $5.  7. P.M. took the cars for Templeton.—found sister Ann at 8 ¼ P.M. & spent the night  Not well—A—little girl & boy.


Sunday 8/15/58

            Took Ann & the little girl & rode 10 miles to Ashburnham & attended meeting with Rev P. Wood.  Babtism.  P.M.  Speech on Kansas & a Collection of $11, $5.25 more pledged.  An excellent visit with Br W. & family.  Called on Dr. Wallace  Came back to Templeton in the Evening.—tired—Fine day.


Monday 8/16/58

            Wrote to Ellen & Br Eastman, &c   Took the cars for Greenfield thence the stage to Colerain  All well.  Pleasant visit with Hiram & David—estate likely to be settled satisfactorily.  Mrs. Reid House-keeper.  Went to rest 10 ½


Tuesday 8/17/58

            David carried me to Whitingham.  All well  saw Lucy who is poorly—consumption.  Pleasant visit.

            David ret’d. after tea.  Showers in the P.M.  Henry A. Budington & wife called the same day at Hirams to see me—half an hour after I had left.  He thinks of going to Kansas.


Wednesday 8/18/58

            Called on H. Sawyer’s family.  I visited with mother & the family  Pleasant visit.  Poor little Lucy—looks like a flower nipped by an early frost.—quite interesting—hope she may live to bless the world yet.


Thursday 8/19/58

            Lyman took Emeline & Mother & myself & carried them over to Dea. Wassens—dined there & left them & he took me to the [M.S. illegible] with Mr Wassen  Around at David’s at 4 P M


Friday 8/20/58

            Hiram carried me to the City—then—I took the stage to Greenfield, & then the cars to Boston.  Met with Mr. R. Rice at Groton Junction, & E.A. Manning, & C.D. Dowse at Waltham, who rode with me to Boston.  Saw Mr Horne, &c   Talks on Kansas.  Letters from C.N. Smith & J. Denison.  Mrs. D—is no more!  Poor Br Denison alone with 5 children!  sad—sad!


Saturday 8/21/58

            Went with E.A. Manning to Milford & had transferred to me 8. shares of Milford Bank stock, 5 in exchange for lots & 3. with overplus for an investment in a farm in K--  Saw W—Smith & family in the cars.  Called on Dr. Webb, saw Prof. Smyth, called on Br. Thayer $50. Rec’d.  Saw H. Newhall.  Went to Watertown & spent the night at G.M. Steele’s, Methodist preacher.  His wife one of my old students.  Dangerously sick—better now.  Have a cold for a few days.  N.E.


Sunday 8/22/58

            Wrote some L--  Spent a few minutes in the S. School.  A.M.  Sermon by G.M. Steele, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man &c”  Good.  P.M.  Sermon by E.A. Manning  Mrs Steele—not as well  Eve—Prayer meeting—spoke 25 minutes on Kansas.  Collection $8.00.  Pleasant day.  Br Denison’s wife died.


Monday 8/23/58

            Rode into Boston.  Letters from E.D.  Joseph Denison, & Br Moss, Jr. Called on Dr Webb, Br Ray, P’d. Br Denison’s Insurance $54.66.  Went to Sterling camp ground.  Saw Br Haskell, &c.  will give me a collection for Manhattan church.  Eve  sermon by Father Kelly.  “Prepare the way of the Lord.”  Stopped at preachers tent.


Tuesday 8/24/58

            Sold Br’ H.F. Morse 3 lots $200.00. One to C.L. Eastman $50.00. Addressed P—meeting  voted me a collection.  Met Prof. Ward.  Stopped with him.  wrote J. Brooks & J. Denison.

            Meetings interesting.


Wednesday 8/25/58

            Brisk business at selling lots.  12 ½ P.M.  Took a lonely walk, & thought & prayed that God would help me to address the people effectually in the P.M.  2 ¼ P.M. the speech was made—the most telling one I ever did make.  $107. for our church the result!  20 (?) for prayers after a sermon by A.D. Merrill.  Some rowdyism in the Eve.—Slept with Rev Br Treadwell.  Old students!


Thursday 8/26/58

            Finished quite a number of sales of Lots, & at 11 ¾ A.M. took the cars for Boston.  Did considerable business & left for N. York at (?) P.M.  Letter in P.  L.  7 ¼ P.M.  Took the train for N.Y. at Providence.  Old students aboarde  Went to bed at 10.  Restless—wakeful till 2. A.M.


Friday 8/27/58

            In N. York.  Found letters from E.D.G.  J.D.  W.E.G--  J.T.G.— M.A.W.  C.A--  J.P—r  J.T. Munsell, L.—Munsell, T. Shattuck, L.—in all 15 L.  Quite a forenoon’s work to read them.  Wrote C. Adams & J.T.G--  Called on C. Shaffer.  Quite a run over the city. – successful--  6 P.M. took the R.R.—to C--  Fine ride—stopped at Union Hotel.  Did not sleep well  Musketoes &c.


Saturday 8/28/58

            Rainy A.M.  Kept quiet—music & conversation—poetry!  P.M.  Visited Navy yard & Independence Hall, Liberty Bell  View from the cupola, Grand!


Sunday 8/29/58

            Pleasant conversation.  P.M.  Sermon Dr Chambers—Eloquence of feeling.  Eve, by Mr C (?) bert – more sound than emotion.  Magnificent church.  Happy day.  Wrote L.W. Munsell.


Monday 8/30/58

            Visited Fairmount waterworks A.M. and in the P.M. went to Girard college  Spent some time on its summits & in its Halls.  Eve—11. L—parted Co—for Pittsburg  Scene—[M.S. illegible: several words illegible]


Tuesday 8/31/58

            Cars for N.Y—Wrote L.  notes by the way.  Arrived 12 ½ P.M. Called on Shaffer, J.M. Howe  G. Harris.  Got a Free Pass to Boston & at 6. was under way on the sound.  Wrote C.P. (?)  L-- & T. Bateman, &c   Arrived Stonington 2 ½ A.M.  Land warrant 120 Acres No 19373


Wednesday 9/1/58

            Arrived in Boston 6 ½ A.M.  7. Took the cars for Wilbraham.  Met Dadmun & T. Mesey at Worcester, Arrived at M. Camp ground 11.  5 PM. went with E. Brewer to the Village & supped  calls on Mrs. V. Lucinda E. Jones, Wright’s, S. White’s, M. Raymond.  Over night with Br Masey,


Thursday 9/2/58

            Looked over the Academy & premises with O. Masey.  Rode to the camp ground.  Saw many of my old students & friends.  sermon by J. Barrows & M. Raymond.  Eve  by C.L. Eastman.  Stopped over night with my new friend Treadwell (Thomas B.) & H.S. Ward.


Friday 9/3/58

            Saw D.P. Robinson & lady  dined with them, Carrie Warren Clunch   Caroline Clough, &c   Sold $575. worth of lots.  Failed in getting a church collection for the want of a personal chance to present it.  Took a land warrant of Mrs M C. Leech to invest in Lots in Manhattan, Kansas.  Called on Luke E. Bremer, O. Masey, L—Moody, E. White, & spent the night at Marshall Merrick’s  L. warrant 64,914.


Saturday 9/4/58

            Went to the Camp ground & took the cars for Worcester. H.S. Ward, C. Baker & wife on board.  Stopped 3 hours in Worcester.  Free Pass, called on Dr. Webb, J.P. Magee & I.S. Kallock.  Stopped at Wildes’ Hotel.  Letters from L.  W.F. Malla (?)  J. Peterson.  Wrote L.  Wm. E.G.  Carrie F. Miller, G.W. Cass.


Sunday 9/5/58

            Arose at 7. A.M.  Read & wrote till 10 AM.  Heard a sermon by Rev I.S. Kallock of the Tremont Temple on his call. 1st They wanted him 2nd He wanted to come 3rd His duty.  4th What he designed to do 5th Their duties! 

            P.M.  “Except the Lord build the house”  Gospel sermons.  Called at Spon   Hall.  Eve—Rev Stone’s church.  also Tremont prayer meeting, wrote D.P. Robinson, J. Capen, E.D.G.


Monday 9/6/58

            Sold J.W. Dadmun 2 Lots $200.00 or rather one share & 1 Lot. Saw quite a number o preachers  Called Judge Russell who went with me to Jacob Sleepers.  Letters from Mrs. T. Bateman  Jennie sick.  Eve went home with Br (?)  Pleasant visit.


Tuesday 9/7/58

            Called on S. Hays who went with me to David Snow’s  Pleasant call.—all I did was to throw an anchor to windward.  Called on Dr. Webb, at 3 P.M.  took the cars for Portland.  Put up at the American House.  Slept well.


Wednesday 9/8/58

            7 ¼ AM.  Took the cars for Norway: arrived at 9 ¼ A.M. camp meeting folks aboard.  Found sister H.  sick getting up from measles.  Excellent visit.  Discussed Kansas affairs & is (?) of looking favorably on K—in the future.  Heat scorching. talk.


Thursday 9/9/58

            Wrote Wm. Early.  Another big talk with Harriet.  Took a walk to the Office & Wm Beals, also to Wresley’s.  11. A.M.  Left.  Called at the camp ground Poland.  Eve—speech & collection for Manhattan church, $74.00.  Fine brethren, Randall, Cone, & Farrington.  Stopped with Br Abbott.  Preaching by Brs. Perry & Cushman.


Friday 9/10/58

            Left by cars early.  Some gain.  Sermon by Br Hatch.  Sold Br. Farrington a lot.  Arrived in Portland at 2. P.M.  3. cars for Boston.  Arrived at 8.  Put up at the Elm House, W Merritt’s.  Saw Mr. Kallock.  Wrote L & A. A. Harris, &c. Warm day.


Saturday 9/11/58

            Called on Mr. Kallock, E.E. Hale, Thomas R. Webb, Book room.  Dined at Mr Aikin’s with Mrs. Weld.—Mrs. Sherwood.  3. P.M. took the cars for Beverly  Called on R.P. Waters on college enterprise.  Took tea with him.  Encouragement for future endowment.  Great run in the wet to the Depot.  Ret’d. to Lynn & stopped with J.H. Mansfield.  Wet & sweaty.  Welcome greeting. 


Sunday 9/12/58

            Washed all over.  sore throat a little.  A.M.  Preaching by Br Johnson.  “Love the truth.”  Read some.  P.M. by Br Mansfield.  Good sermon.  Collection for M—n church $18.50.  Eve called on F. Newhall went to prayer meeting with him half an hour, the balance of the Eve at Lynn [M.S. illegible]  Good meetings.  Promise of a collection from Br Newhall.  Staid over night with H. Newhall.


Monday 9/13/58

            Rec’d. from H. Newhall, $4.50.  Went into Boston finished a good deal of business, satisfactorily  wrote letters J M S. Williams   W. Smith. Stopped over night with W.E. Woodward, Roxbury.  Mineralogical Cabinet—fine visit Hearty greeting.  To bed 11 ½ P.M.


Tuesday 9/14/58

            Early breakfast  cars at 7 ½ AM. for Providence  Called on P. Bennet.  Dined with him.  Saw Dr Stevens  Call on Perry Davis &c Rec’d for stock 5 shares city Bank $277.42.  Called on B. Stevens, is to sell my Insurance Stock & forward.  Went to E.G—at 4. P.M. all gone at Mr B’s.  Headquarters at Mr Bateman’s  Eve called on Br. Querreau.


Wednesday 9/15/58

            Run round among my old friends  Eve—called at T. Green’s.  Lecture by Dr Lambert.  Rode to (?) Saw Mr. Wescott & Hon. W.D. Brayton.  Enjoyed my little calls & rested.


Thursday 9/16/58

            Rainy morning.  Stormy night.  P.M.  Mr B—took me up to Mr D. Howland’s in the rain  Beautiful call—Little Sarah gone.  Dined at the B—House.  4 ½ cars for Arcadia.  Charles Seager, -- carried me to Arcadia to J. Harris.  Pleasant greeting.


Friday 9/17/58

            Mr H—would not hear to my leaving to day consequently, I decided to remain till tomorrow.  Botanical walk with A—PM. ride to Brande I. Weeks with Mr. H. – Music & visiting late—Hearty visit


Saturday 9/18/58

            Geological excursion with my “Little” Friend.  Visit with the house-hold.  Mr H—had to leave early for P—

            P.M.  Went to Westerly.  Called on Mr Stillman.  A Mr. Ells, saw Misses Carroll & Dews.  Called on Mr T. J. Barber.  9. P.M. took the S. train for Stonington & at 9 ½ the Boat for N. York.  Slept quietly.  B—l night.


Sunday 9/19/58

            Awoke in N.Y.  Went to Beekman’s Hotel with Dr S.B. Straw, Bangor, Me.  Went with him & heard H.W. Beecher.  “Ye know not what spirit ye are of.”  Genius--!

            Wrote & rested P.M.  Eve—went to Br. Landon’s, Greenpoint.  Sermon by Br Jones.  Spent the night with Br L.  John W. Burrus & family, Louise’s husband!


Monday 9/20/58

            Wrote Ellen & John E. Gibbons  Letters from L.  J.D.  W.E.G--  W. Smith, Julia Goodin, M A D.  E.E. Hale.  Wrote G—Harris whom I did not find at home.  Saw Chauncey Shaffer.  Called on Susan D. & ret’d. to tea & staid over night.  Beautiful situation & a noble husband.  Kansas visit.  Did not sleep at all well first part of the night  Bot Land warrant 42454.  160 A. 90 cts


Tuesday 9/21/58

            Letters from L.W. Munsell 2.  J.D--  W.E.G--.  Went with Mr (?) to his shoe store—present of 7 pr shoes & 2 rubbers & 1 gaiter.  Bought valise & went to Br Howe’s.  Beautiful day.  Went to Butchers & Drover’s Bank, to see about lost draft.  Eve—went to Passaic N.J.  Music by Fanny  Pleasant visit.  Warm day.  Cashier D&B. bank, agrees not to pay $55 draft till orders from me.


Wednesday 9/22/58

            Beautiful morning.  Call on Shaffer, Br. Howe.  Did some miscellaneous business &c   11 ½ A.M.  Took the cars for Chicago, by way of Hudson, R.R.  Wrote L—Albany 6 ½ P.M.  Rode to Rochester by 3 A.M. Thursday


Thursday 9/23/58

            Arrived at suspension bridge 6 ½ A.M.  London at 1 ½ P.M.  Dined here.  Detroit 5 ¼ P.M.  Saw Mr. Rice.  (?) on Mrs. Judkins an old Lady from Manchester N.H. bound for Morris Ill.  Enjoyed a fine night’s rest in a patent R.R. sleeping car.  Rich treat!


Friday 9/24/58

            7 ¼ A.M. reached Chicago Ill.  Called on Osborn Stone, C.R. Adams, Christopher Arnold, Mr – A.J. Denison with whom I dined.  Letters from J.T.G—n, C. Miller, G.W. Cass, (?) Dupay.

            Wrote W. Smith, I.S. Kallock  Isabel Weld, T. Shattuck & enclosed him a $100. draft on Atlass Bank, Boston towards J. Kimball’s debt.  Took supper with A.J. Denison, who went with me & made call.  9 ½ Took the cars for Pittsburg Pa.


Saturday 9/25/58

            A.M.  Dr Baird on board the cars.  Nearly an accident!  Thanks!  Breakfast at Ft. Wayne, Dinner at (?) supper at Alliance.  Arrived at Pittsburg at 9. P.M.  Stopped with L.D. Barrows, Female college (?) went to bed late after a pleasing reception & visit with the family.  Felt well.


Sunday 9/26/58

            A.M. Called on J.T. Kincaid & found my Br at St Charles Hotel.  Sermon A.M. by Rev Dr Riley, of Christ Church.  Called on L after dinner 2 hours.  Walked with J—on to the hill overlooking the town.  Fine view!  Little ride with S.D.B—Eve—sermon “Death & Judgement”  Rev Dr Riley.  Eve—visit!  S—Pleasant day—Well!  happy. 


Monday 9/27/58

            Business calls.  Br Wolfe—a collection.  Br Jotham, trade with him & a renewal of notes.  Free Pass to Columbus.  Visit, Evening with several teachers, $200. by Miss Markam in Lots Manhattan.  Sold to S.D. Barrows, 2 Lots  S.P. Lincoln cash $100.  $20 in 4 months & $20 on Exchange of watches  Slept but little.  Br B—s offer.


Tuesday 9/28/58

            3 A.M.  Took the cars for Columbus.  Farewell!  L--  At Columbus Free pass to Cincinnati.  Arrived & put up at U.S. Hotel.  Eve—calls. Bought a trunk & Accordion, alias, Flutena, Shoes &c.  Wrote.  Sent W. Smith, Chelsea, a draft of $100, on Atlas Bank, Boston, Ms. No 140, dated Sept 13th 1858.  Deposit for Isaac T. Goodnow or order, for Lots sold for benefit of S.P. Lincoln.


Wednesday 9/29/58

            6 ¼ A.M.  Took the cars for Athens, O.  Arrived at Br. Allyn’s 2 ¾ P.M. all well.  Visited the University, (?) school house  Called at Br Brush’s.  Saw Judge Morris, &c   Excellent visit, much fatigued.  Went to bed 9 ¾.  Slept finely.


Thursday 9/30/58

            Mary went out & bought goods for Ellen, $4.65.  Excellent morning visit.  Left at 9 1/3 A.M. for Cincinnati.  A Virginian & lady for company, &c.  Arrived in the Evening.  Called at Mr McKown's, Vattier’s Witnessed a great torch Light procession of K--, & R—n’s.  Gov. (?) a speaker.  Mr. Starr of Evansville Ill. with me.  Went to bed late.  Shower (fine).


Friday 10/1/58

            Visit with Dr Vattier, Col. Davis & family.  The latter was formerly husband of Emeline Collins—a classmate of mine.  Satisfactory visit.  Called on Dr Clarke, E. House, &c  $18.  Br Rowe Bot goods $21, &c.  Enoch Jacobs (?) Free ticket-- $2.90.  9 P.M. cars for St. Louis, 3.40  Slept a little in the cars.


Saturday 10/2/58

            Arrived in St. Louis 2. P.M.  Letter from W.E.G.  Sick Bot (?) $8.50.  No Mrs. Weld.  Took tea at Br Brooks.  Mrs. Berry & 6 children.  Put up at Missouri Hotel.  Slept well.  Warm July weather.


Sunday 10/3/58

            Took myself & baggage on board Steamboat Emma for Atchison K.T.  Rode up near End to hear J. Brooks preach.  Missed!  P.M.  Funeral service of Joseph Tabor, M.E. Preacher.  Wrote L, C.F. Miller, J.S. Laman, H.P  Weeks  Albert Whitney.  Warm yet.  Musketoes very thick & troublesome during the night.


Monday 10/4/58

            Called on Br Brooks & rec’d $10  Called on several grocery dealers.  Bot a box of figs, 70¢ &c   Got left, the boat leaving before the time.  Took the cars for Washington to intercept the boat.  Found Mr West aboard in the same predicament with myself.  He concluded to call me at South Point.  Stopped at a Dutchman’s.  At 4. A.M.  He roused us for the boat which was just putting off!  It put back & took us in.  Right glad & grateful to be with my things on a (?)


Tuesday 10/5/58

            Arose at 7. to Breakfast.  Feel well.  Cooler.  Read the C. Advocate.  Wrote L.  Re-arranged my trunk, valise, &c.  Visited some.  Arrived at Jefferson City at 6. O clock P.M.  Took a walk up the river.  Felt tired, & sleepy.  Took in a chum, a slaveholder who has been after a runaway slave.  poor fellow.  I don’t envy his possessions of human stock.  A hard life.  Unnatural!  Bad.


Wednesday 10/6/58

            Warm day.  Read & wrote some.  Got stuck on a sand Bar at Boonville ½ an hour.  Thankful to get off.  Feel anxious to get home.  Looked over accounts, &c  visited some  Another bar towards night.  Finally cleared it.  Cool night.  Slept pretty well.  Quite a visit with Mr Thomas on slavery.  He owns 2000 acres of Land.


Thursday 10/7/58

            Cold morning.  Need all my woolen.  My Friend Thomas finds his slave (white) among the missing!  Quite a disappointment!  Poor Fellow!  “Luck & Chuck.”  “gambling!”  Read & wrote some.  J.S. Hanaford, Lucy Whitney.  Guitar music & plays in the evening, the last in Sadie’s saloon!  Diarhea—Medicine from friend Swift.  New room mate.  Cool night.  Lexington at 9. P.M.


Friday 10/8/58

            Cool morning with fog on the river.  Diarrhea still—dose of brandy! from Father West, an old gentleman 84 years old!  going to Kansas!  A blessed old soul!  Wrote to Hiram & David & S. Whitney.  Mailed Letters at Wyandott.  4 L  Pleasant day.  Arrived at Leavenworth.  11. P.M.  Went to bed late.  Mr West left at Kickapoo Island.  Did not sleep much.


Saturday 10/9/58

            Landed at Atchison.  10 A.M.  Conversation with a young man from Michigan relative to a Flour Mill at Manhattan.  Talks favorably  Found Gen. Pomroy at home.  Profitable interview on College Matters.  Called on Rev I.F. Collins, & at 1 ½ P.M. left for Leavenworth  Queamish from Dysentery Medicine  Went to bed, S—at 5 ½  Put up at Shannon Hotel & supper at Mr. (?)


Sunday 10/10/58

            Went to church but no meeting.  Rainy & very muddy.  Read & wrote some.  Mrs. Beeber & son arrived.  Chance to ride home with Charles Briggs.  Visit with Tobeth M. Smith, &c, an old student.  Pleasant visit,-- bound to Havanna.


Monday 10/11/58

            Left 10.50 the freight for E.P.W—at Mr McClanthan’s  Saw Mr. Shattuck & Lawyer Hayes.  Started on our journey at 9 ½ A.M.  Drove 30 miles to an I[n]dian’s & stopped over night.  Slept in a wagon.  Rain in the night.


Tuesday 10/12/58

            Rode 5 miles before breakfast.  Eat at G.F. Killam’s.  Called on Ladd.  Deed Joseph Sawyer to John C. Lewis.  Lewis to J.T. Goodin.  Lot worth $150.  Rode 13 miles to Mr-- & dined.  Sugar Cane.  Went on to Topeka & to Mr Vescer’s, 15 miles beyond.  Arrived at 11 P.M.


Wednesday 10/13/58

            Drove to Manhattan & called on Mr Robinson &c.  Got home to Br Denison’s at 7 ½ P.M.  Woodman sick.  Ellen well.  Read letters &c.


Thursday 10/14/58

            Rode out to cornfield to see Mr Hodson’s cattle a (?) &c!

            Went to my cabin, Dug potatoes & picked squashes & tomatoes.  All right  Ellen went with me.  Not very smart.  Business Dull.  W.E.G—came.  Better  Glad to see him.


Friday 10/15/58

            Visit with W. Marlatt, & J.D. & W.E.G., mostly on college business. 

            Dug 1 ½ Bu. sweet potatoes, sent Mr Blood $20.  J. Denison $10—


Saturday 10/16/58

            Mowed to prevent fire.  50 rods fence burnt up.  Call from W.E. Parkerson.  Eve—fire jumped across the creek.  Great fight! with the fiery element!  Saved 2 cabins & prevented the fire from driving to Manhattan!  Very windy day.  Much fatigued!


Sunday 10/17/58

            Went to Meeting!  preaching by J. Denison.  P.M.  Went to my house.  Wrote & read a little.  Great rain, in the eve—Wet coming home.  Hogs in corn.


Monday 10/18/58

            Cattle in corn,-- hindered me half a day.  Rode to Manhattan with W.E.G.  Saw Mr Griffin, J.P—Mr. Woodman.  Sent to Leavenworth $63 for 4. M. Lath, 125 els Pipe, & 8 50cts freight.  Saw Mr. Barnes &c.  Am making arrangements to have church plastered right off.  Money scarce  Let G. Brown have $5  Got in Load pumpkins from 5 Acre piece.  Mr Marlatt visit in the evening.


Tuesday 10/19/58

            Frost—heavy!  Pleasant.  Picked corn on 5 acre Piece.  Call from Br. Kress on W.E.G.’s business,--attend to it next Saturday.  Fire on the Prairie.  Hard battle till 4 ½, P.M.  Went down to E. Hunting’s & M Woodman’s stack.  Very tired to night.  Sent Henry over to Mr Wells’s on college business.  Two loads of corn picked with the help of J.D. & Stevenson.


Wednesday 10/20/58

            Picked corn on 5 Acre piece.—2 small loads.  Faculty or Trustee Meeting at W. Marlatt’s.  Voted me a permanent agent for Bluemont Central College, with salary of $800. up to April 1st 1859. & $1000. for the ensuing years.  Reported $3300 worth of Lots sold & $3000 worth of real estate donated to college, & Expenses near $150.  Committee on survey on buying land & on employing W.E. Goodnow to open store.  (?)


Thursday 10/21/58

            Finished up 5 acre piece.  1 small Load of corn.  In all making 2 ½ loads.  1 Load of pumpkins.

            Eve—attended meeting of the Good Templars.  Warm talk.  Patience!  O. Patience!  Grand school for same!  Came home at the same time with C. Kimball


Friday 10/22/58

            Dug sweet potatoes at home.  P.M.  Rode over Bluemont.  W.E. Goodnow drew one load of Lumber for store.  Saw Marlatt &c.  Conversed with Albert Griffin on college affairs.  Read a little, Wm. E.G.—with us.  Is better.


Saturday 10/23/58

            Worked in garden some, repaired fence.  Pone, gone!  Rainy—Rode to Mr King’s to find pone  Unsuccessful.  Powerful shower!


Sunday 10/24/58

            Rainy sabbath.   No meeting.  Read & wrote to J.A. Brown, P. Judson, Whitney, W.M. Glenn, Chaffee, W.W. Ketchum, W.F. Farrington  E.L. Prentice,  K.F. Morse, J. McMillan, M.T. Sherwood, J.T. Goodin.


Monday 10/25/58

            Went to Manhattan.  Had several shares renewed.  Called Dr R.J. Pipher.  Engaged Daniels & Hoar to “Four” the church for plastering &c for $16.  Took tea with F.B. Smith—Found Pone.  Call from Mr Edmunds.  pleasant

            Made arrangements for painting church, Mr Hoyt.

            Rainy in the night.


Tuesday 10/26/58

            Business talk with Br Denison.  Pay him $3 pr week for board & Ellen receives $1. besides Hattie’s board for her care.  Decided to repair cabin, house, &c & make preparations for building early in the spring.  Rode over to my cabin, & built a fire.  Damp.  Rain again in the P.M.


Wednesday 10/27/58

            Rainy day.  Read & wrote.  P.M.  Went to my cabin, built a fire, & wrote on college accounts. 

            Came to Mr D—by way of Mr Hodson’s after the cows & Pony.  Missed the Latter & got the former

            Read the National, Life of Marion.


Thursday 10/28/58

            Creek so high as not to be fordable.  Traded with Mr D—bill of goods & groceries.  P.M. worked on barn for horses.  Eve—read life of Gen. R. Montgomery.

            Rainy & wet yet.  Prospect of colder weather.


Friday 10/29/58

            Cold & damp.  Wrote to M.E. Richardson, T.P. Richardson, & L.D. Barrows.  Eve—rode to Manhattan.  Called at Dr R—s &c.  Paid T.C. Wells $65. for land.  Saw W. Marlatt on my return in the eve to Br D’s.  Cleared off pleasant. 


Saturday 10/30/58

            Went with Henry, Stephen & collected my Squash, Onions, Cabbages, beats & turnips.  Br. King commenced digging my potatoes, on shares.  Went with Ellen & Joseph & selected a house spot for building on Bluemont.  Eve read in Quarterly &c   Sent Benj’n. King $10.  Br. King takes my portion of potatoes at 50 cts pr Bu.  19 Bu. ¾ - $9.50


Sunday 10/31/58

            Attended church A.M. sermon by Br J. Denison.  Wm. came home after meeting.  Sort of a chill he had.  Went over to my cabin.  Built up a fire & wrote letters.  B. Stevens, S. Clark, G.F. Killam  Miranda C. Leach, L--.  Letter from Z  Read in Quarterly &c.  Pleasant day  Fires raging, —


Monday 11/1/58

            Went over to my cabin with W.E.G.  Cooked our dinner & supper.  Eve—Rainy—Call from W.E.P. &c.  Called at Mr Hodson’s & got some Buffalo meat.  Read & wrote a little.  Slept over to my cabin with William for the first time since my return home.  Measured Potatoes 25 ½ Bu.  Sold ¾ to B. King 50 cts. Bu.


Tuesday 11/2/58

            Br. Wm. taken with a chill  Rode to Manhattan, attended to church business &c   Came home rather late   Letters from Shattuck & Patent Office   Great fire.  East!  Slept well after going to bed Late 11 ½ P.M.


Wednesday 11/3/58

            Went to Mr Hodson’s for Wm. E, then to Br Denisons & then to Manhattan with Wm. Called on Mr Butterfield  Sent him $50 for 20-30 days.  Sent J. Denison $75, Pd. G.F. Brown, $5.  Went to Brigg’s  Brown’s.  Bot of W.E. Goodman $800. worth of Goods for Trustee “B.C.C. Association.”  Went to Coulter’s & came home after dark.  Damp &c


Thursday 11/4/58

            Went over to my cabin & got 12 boards 11. ft Long 1 ft wide.  Lent to Br Denison.  Mixed lime & prepared for plastering.  Br D. went to Manhattan & got a load of sand.  Trafton finished off rooms in cabin &c &c  Moved pumpkins down cellar.  Read & wrote some, J.P. Goodin.  Snowed lightly most of the day.  Wet.


Friday 11/5/58

            Worked on mortar for plastering.  Chinked up the cabin, & plastered some with mud.  Br Denison went over the Blue, & sent for sand & shingles  More pleasant & mild.  Call from Mr. Hodson & E.P. Webber.  Eve.  E.P. Webber came & spent the night.  Call from W. Marlatt.  Sent letter to J.P. Goodin.  Tired from hard work.


Saturday 11/6/58

            Aided in plastering sitting room.  W.E.P.

            Eve—attended Trustee Meeting at Mr Blood’s.  Came home in the rain 11 ¾ P.M.  Decided that it is necessary to occupy Bluemont Town Site, forthwith as a trading point.


Sunday 11/7/58

            Started at 9 A.M. to see my sick brother—found him at Dr. Adam’s, St. George.  Dined there.  And came home in the Eve—Left at cabin in Bluemont a box of goods purchased (?) & there a hatchet box of yeast & Sash!!

            Wm. is feeble.

            Mistake on toll!


Monday 11/8/58

            Went to Mr Houston’s.  Gave him $5. to buy 2 Bottles Quinine.  Went to Bluemont & fixed up a store room for Wm. & sold good to D.W.C. Stephenson.  Dined at Dr Robinson’s  Saw Mr Munroe & promised him $150 this week.  Mail but no letters.  Went to my cabin just before tea.  Indians round.  Shooting game.  Voted them a nuisance.


Tuesday 11/9/58

            Went over to my cabin before breakfast.  And went down town, on committee business  Sold Mr Aten Lot 213 for $100, for M.T. Association.  Went to the store & got some goods for Bluemont store.  Called at Mr Coulters & took dinner.  Got Wm.’s Trunks  Brot along F. Beeber, Mrs. B—paid me $6.  Called on Mr. Griffin, on college business.  Went over to my cabin & spent the night with Wm.  He had a chill at 2 ½ A.M. early.  Kept me awake the balance of the night.


Wednesday 11/10/58

            Went home to breakfast.  Worked on mortar an hour.  Mended fence.  W.E.P. plastering.  J.D—has gone up to Mr Conway’s  Looked over college accounts.  Fatigued—need rest  Wrote J.W. Dadmun—sent certificate for share & 2 little Bonds.  Mr & Mrs H.B. Weeks, L.  Sent monthly Meteorological Report to P—Office   Wrote B. Woodward M.D. Galesburg


Thursday 11/11/58

            Rode over to J.D.—before breakfast.  Saw W.E.P—Letter from mother.  W.E.G—more comfortable.

            Cloudy & damp.  Most of the plastering done.  Snow & rain.  Feel the effects of want of sleep.  Saw N. Trafton.  Went to bed earlier than usual.  Attended meeting of Good Templars.  Installment of Officers; appointed Chaplain.


Friday 11/12/58

            Helped W.E.P—about plastering.  Mended fence.  Look over papers, college Lots &c.  Made repairs.  Good sleep the last night,-- much needed


Saturday 11/13/58

            Rode to Manhattan.  Saw Mead on repairing schoolhouse.  Snow, &c  Paid Munroe & (?) $50 for M.T. association.  Saw Daniels at Church.  Conversed with Hays on College Site, &c   “Jumping”?


Sunday 11/14/58

            W.E.G—chill & fever in the night.  Rode after Dr Stillman & returned in season to hear J.D. preach at Schoolhouse.  2 newly married couples present.  Found Dr. with Wm. on my return.  Gave him a course of medicine.  Thorough.  Wrote Susanne D. Gale, Wm. D. Brayton, W.S. Studley, H.W. Goodnow.

            W.E. Goodnow has a chill during the night.  Mr. McCullum.


Monday 11/15/58

            Had a call from Mr Hayes who went with me to Ogden.  Conversed together with Mr. Patterson, Register of the Land Office on college claim: Satisfactory  Mr. P—will write Hendricks & Thompson on the subject.  Dined at Schmidt’s Dormer House.  W.E.P—failed to prove up—defective Filing.  Called on Higginbottum—horses ran away, caught.  Saw Mr Kress at Wm’s  Ret’d to J.D’s & stopped over night.


Tuesday 11/16/58

            To day’s work put for yesterday by mistake  Called on G. Higginbottum


Wednesday 11/17/58

            Set on a case of arbitration.  Clark & McCullum, with Mr Strong.  Dined with him  Lady acquainted with several old W—students.  Surveying on College site, &c

            Letter from J.S. Lowman.


Thursday 11/18/58

            Plastered in my cabin.  E—Higginbottum, settled with Wm. Morris  Dined with us.  Eve—attended meeting of Good Templars.  Cold weather for several days.


Friday 11/19/58

            Called on Thurston.  Rode to St. George.  Called at Brous’s  J. Duncan, Esquires, Bartlet, Harrold’s, Dr Adams’, Mill Store  Wilson’s &c  Plummers.  Took dinner at C. Lewis’s  Supper at Brous’s.  Arrived home 9 ¼ PM.

            Snow storm.  Slept with Wm.


Saturday 11/20/58

            Went out early with my gun.  Nothing—

            P.M.  Quarterly meeting at school house, no P.E. Several calls. 


Sunday 11/21/58

            Went over early & helped Br. Wm.  11. Preaching at Manhattan by Br Denison.  P.M.  3. Oclock heard sermon by Rev C.E. Blood  “Casting all your cares upon him”  Eve—Wrote Col. Joseph J. Davis on college business. 


Monday 11/22/58

            Went to Manhattan.  Got W.A. McCullum to acknowledge deed of 40 acres to college  Sent W.A. McCullum $15. to settle with Clark.  Called on Mead, Pipher, & Trafton.  Dr Stillman up to give Wm. a course of medicine.  Eve—read.


Tuesday 11/23/58

            Call from C. Lewis to see about job of building House for D—on College Site.  Stone very convenient.  Rode to Wm.’s—chills yet  Went to Manhattan to see about loading.  left goods at church  Pd. J. Pipher $10.

            Eve—read papers.  Adams Prospectus:  Talked over college & church matters  House building &c with Denison.


Wednesday 11/24/58

            Went to Manhattan,--to J. H. Brous’s.  Talked over finishing Church.  Did errands for Wm. Br D—killed a Beef.  900

            Eve went to Institute. Mr Simm’s  U.S. Senate.


Thursday 11/25/58

            Took a Load of lumber to Bluemont.  Did business for the church with Warring, J.H. Brous, &c.  Dined with Br Brous.  Called on Mr. Mead,-- consulted on lumber.  Brot home a Load of groceries.  Beautiful day  Decided to finish church on my own Financial responsibility, in 2 months.


Friday 11/26/58

            Sent Letters to J.J. Davis, & D.B. Randall.  Rain, 8 ½ A.M.  [M.S. illegible]

            Eve—attended Trustee Meeting, Manhattan Town Association at C.E. Blood’s  Appointed a committee to settle with A. Barry for Legal services.  Dark night.  Letters from H.F. Morse, T.P. Richardson, T.B. Treadwell, P. Judson.


Saturday 11/27/58

            Went to St George on business for W.E.G--  Called on Mr Brous,--Tyler, Esquire  Wilson, Chapman, &c.  Settled with Corey.  On my way home, called at Mr Colson’s, to see about a girl for Br. Denison &c, also on Mr Crowl on lumber business, &c, got home late.  A hard week’s work.  Letter from T.P. Richardson


Sunday 11/28/58

            Wrote T.P. Richardson, J.S. Laman, H.F. Morse, W. Truitt, T.B. Treadwell, W.S. Studley,  Sermon at Manhattan by J. Denison.  Pleasant.  Wrote & read some.  Wm. better. 


Monday 11/29/58

            Sent T. Shattuck a check No. 448, on Suffolk Bank, Boston, from City Bank of Lynn, in favor of T.P. Richardson, for $100. date Nov 16th 1858.  Wrote H. Newhall, T. Bateman, sent to A.J. Bowen, certificate of Deposit No 145, date Sept 13th 1858 on Atlas Bank, Boston, Ms. for fifty dollars in favor of J.T Goodnow.  Rode to St. George on business for Wm. E.G. also to get a hired girl Miss Colson.—failed on the last


Tuesday 11/30/58

            Borrowed a bucket, put on iron hoop & went to Manhattan & got a rope for our college well-diggers 65 ft long.  Called at Br Kimballs to get him to draw stone for college well.  Called on Wm. E.G-- &c 

            Talked over building—Read a little.


Wednesday 12/1/58

            Rode to Manhattan.  Paid A.J. (?) 38.50 for 550 ft. flooring.  Went on to St. George.  Brought home Rebecca Colson to help Ellen about housework.  Some rainy  Called on Brous, on Church, &c   Eve—read & wrote some  Tired.  Windy & wet Evening.  Letter H.F. Case with remittance $27.00


Thursday 12/2/58

            Called on Wm. Rode to Manhattan, on church business.  Very cold windy & snowy.  Read Burlinggame’s & Thayers speeches.  Prepared Meteorological Report for Nov.

            Too cold & home too late to attend Templars Meeting.  Coldest night of the season  Therm 7°.


Friday 12/3/58

            Cold day.  Wrote L—H. F. Moss.  Rode over to Wm.’s & to Manhattan.  Too cold for plastering church.  Sold W. Marlatt Bbl. Flour 12.50  Read Dr Crane---on Drugs &c, & newspaper articles.  Snow, 6 inches deep—sledding.


Saturday 12/4/58

            Therm—3. Fahrenheit.  Called on Wm.  Snow & sleet at 1 ½, followed by heavy snow, cut a load of wood for the church.

            Eve—settled with Br Denison.  Read the preface to Gibbon’s Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire.  9 PM.  Therm 14°.


Sunday 12/5/58

            Cold!  Cold!! Cold!!!  Remained at home.  A foot of snow!  Read in Gibbon 43 pages!  Called on Wm.  Wrote a little L—J.M. Howe.  Read miscellaneous papers!  Took a fine wash in the snow water.


Monday 12/6/58

            Forenoon chored it, &c.  P.M.  Took a load of wood to the church moved the stone from [M.S. illegible] to church, &c brot to Wm.  a load of salt  rails &c.  Eve—read newspapers.


Tuesday 12/7/58

            Pleasant & cold.  Home at 7. A.M.  Zero!  Read in papers 2 hours.  Rode to Manhattan.  Called on Mr. Blood, Dr Robinson, went to Court room  Letter from Gen Pomroy, Came back to Wm.’s built a fire, & ate supper with Mr. Bicknell who came up soon after myself. 


Wednesday 12/8/58

            Therm—16°!  Looked over papers.  Found the missing 2 Lots all right!  Most of the day on college papers.  Mr. Knapp at dinner.  Call from Mr Stevens.

            Eve—read in Gibbon.


Thursday 12/9/58

            Looked over papers on business, & read some.  P.M. went over to my cabin & to Manhattan.  Paid G.F. Brown 1.50.  Called on Dr. Robinson, Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Parkerson &c.  Went into court.  Saw Marlatt, called on Mr Blood.  Milder.  Eve, read in Gibbon.


Friday 12/10/58

            Remained at home.  Read & wrote  E—rode home.  Call from Mr. Bicknell.  Beautiful cool day.


Saturday 12/11/58

            Called at my cabin  Read in Gibbon.  Called at Mr Kings & went to Manhattan.  Dined at Mr Brou’s  church business.  Letter from E.A. Manning  W.H. Messick, L. Sent Dr Robinson $20 till his return from Leavenworth.  Mrs. Wells there.  Call from W Marlatt & H. Westcott in the Evening.


Sunday 12/12/58

            Went with Ellen to Meeting at F.W. Smith’s.  W. Marlatt preached  Saw B.B. Edmunds, &-- went over to my cabin.  Wrote L.—($100. Draft T. Shattuck), D.W. Clark.  Read some.  Snow melted a good deal.


Monday 12/13/58

            Arose early & called at Marlatt’s to see about the purchase of a farm.  Made arrangements to do so when pre-empted.  Went to Manhattan to attend District Court as juryman—no judge, no court,  Called on Mr. R—Pipher &c.  Saw Trafton & B. Arnold.  P.M. read in Gibbon &c.  Cold day.


Tuesday 12/14/58

            A.M.  Shelled corn &c   P.M.  Rode to Blue City 12 miles with an ox team  Ellen & Hatty aboard & a grist of 7 Bu corn, N. Trafton disappointed, Didn’t care for it!

            Stopped at E.P. Webber’s  Pleasant day.


Wednesday 12/15/58

            Call from J. Cress.  Did business for Wm. E.G.  Gave E.P.W. Note for $116, to Cress for security for his own note of $110.  P.M.  Visited at J. Kress’s with N. Trafton & wife Marion & Elisha.  Dined with them.  Eve—Spent at Elisha’s after looking over his claim.  Beautiful day!


Thursday 12/16/58

            Went before breakfast to the mill & got my grist.  After started for home in co. with Kress & E.P. Webber, who went also with an ox team, carried N.T’s grist &c  Arrived at J.D’s at 2 P.M. after meeting with Wm. E.G—

            Eve—attended a meeting of Good Templars.  Two candidates initiated.  Albert Beebe  Charles Briggs.  Home at 11. P.M.


Friday 12/17/58

            Read some A.M.  Saw W.E.P. & had a call from T. Smith on claim business.  P.M. rode to Manhattan.  Saw Mrs. Mary T. Sherwin Gracey Boston—long talk.  Letter from W.C. High—draft of $50.65, on account of church, Atlas Bank, Boston, No. 753  Nov. 30th signed J.C. Mayer.

            Eve—read & visited.


Saturday 12/18/58

            Rode over with Ellen to my house, Sold T. Smith 126 ft. Oak boards, 11 Boards, W.E.G—at St. George   Went down to Manhattan.  Saw Flagg, Brous, Perry & Woodman, Thurston.  Letter from T.P. Richardson with check of $100.  Wrote T.P. Richardson, Wm. C. High, & E. A Manning.  Beautiful day.


Sunday 12/19/58

            A.M.  Attended Meeting at F.B. Smith’s, sermon by J. Denison. 

            Letters from L.W. Munsell, A.J. Denison, W. Smith, W.D. Brayton.  Wrote R. Allyn & L.W. Munsell.  Read some as usual.  Beautiful day, but snow & mud.


Monday 12/20/58

            Rode to St George.  Called at Dr. Robinson’s, Brous, &c.  Met Wm. who has been sick again. 

            Packed up Wm.’s goods which I have bought for Bluemont store (Part of them).  Bot of J.A.J. Chapman, 400 ft flooring for church 8 piles, 16 ft Long.  Came home, Evening.


Tuesday 12/21/58

            Went to Manhattan & worked at the church, put up two stones, &c.  Saw Mr Woodman about plastering, &c.  Had C Briggs help about stone.  Dr. R—returned with Mrs Weld.  Eve—read in Gibbon & newspapers, &c  Very pleasant evening.


Wednesday 12/22/58

            Went to Wm.’s & to Manhattan  Called on Coulter, Dr. Robinson, Saw Mrs. Weld, A.J. Mead, J Pipher, Perry, &c.   Warm wind.  Call from W Marlatt & R Kinney.  Eve—read Gibbon.


Thursday 12/23/58

            Called early on Mr Houston & J. Kimball, & on Wm.  Made out preemption paper for T. Smith & let him have a land warrant & $7.00 cash.  P.M.  Dug stone for Mr Kimball to draw for college well.  Eve—very tired—read Gibbon, & visited with J & Ellen.  Beautiful day.  Rode to Flagg’s 7 yds.


Friday 12/24/58

            Rode to the church & over to Mr. Brous’s after powder.  Gave little Addie 2 dresses.  Bot of Thomas Smith NE Qr sec. 2, Township south, Range 7 East cost $332.  Have offered the same to R. Allyn as a gift.  Trustee meeting.  Voted to issue remaining shares to B.C.C. College.  Took action on Ferry &c.  Letters from R. Allyn, Mr Alvord, & Sydney S. Clark.


Saturday 12/25/58

            Called on Wm. went to Manhattan.  Letter from H. Newhall,--draft $500. –from L.H. Whitney—draft $100.  Called at Dr Robinsons, W. Marlatt’s  Saw T. Smith &c.

            Called on Snow for Wm. Wrote L.H. Whitney & H. Newhall.


Sunday 12/26/58

            Damp—have a cold—remained at home A.M.  P.M. called on Wm. wrote C. Adams  Rev. Johnson from Ft. Scott, --History of Ft. Scott, difficulties—Capt Montgomery &c –interesting. 


Monday 12/27/58

            Went to Manhattan.  Hoyt pointing cupola. –Perry on casings.  Dr R—at Ft.  Pony run home & left me to walk.  W.E.P—came up & spent the night.  Let him have a Land Warrant & $5 to pre-empt.  Rec’d. certificates of shares for B.C.C. College.  Seven Lots to be supplied on 7 shares of this issue, from having been sold to others by the Company.


Tuesday 12/28/58

            Started to carry home Miss Colson—stopped by the ice floating in Big Blue.  Let J.P. & Son have a draft of $500.  Due $400.

            Ret’d. home, worked on paper, & rode over to see best plan for road.  Called on Mr. K—Houston & Wm.


Wednesday 12/29/58

            Carried Miss Colson to Manhattan  Mr Blood ready to take her home,-- father dead.  Went to St George.  Bought of A Bartlet a mortgage Deed of him against W.E. Goodnow for $214.  Sold Mr Duncan 120 Acre Land Warrant for $85 cash & a cow $35.  (& calf) for W.E.G--.  Packed goods in store.  Came home in the Eve stopping at Dr R’s.


Thursday 12/30/58

            Trustee meeting at Flagg’s Office most of the day.  Bot Lot 10 W4 of C. Bishop for watch, 1 sk Flour, cash & church debt—in all $50.  Came home in the Eve.  Floor boards from St George arrived.  Perry puts them down


Friday 12/31/58

            Went to Manhattan early,-- over to Mr Brous’s.  Started him out to work on church.  Perry & Diggs put down most of the flooring.  Business visit with Dr Robinson.  Paid Mr. Barry $15 on account of Bluemont Hotel Co.  $5 of it from Mr Blood.

            Beautiful day & close of the year.

            Fare thee well.

            Letters f  Rev Hannaford $50 check, Wm. Gordon, H.S. Ward, L—Albert Whitney, Ann R. Whitney.