Saturday 1/1/59

            Happy New Year!

            Worked at church, Manhattan.  Called at Dr Robinson’s, who left this morning for Lecompton, on Ferry business.  Call on Mr & Mrs Lane, --N. York style!

            Put in glass in church.  Work progresses.  Pleasant.


Sunday 1/2/59

            Went to church, M.E. church.  sermon by J. Denison.  Pleasant company.  Rode in an ox wagon.  Wrote to H.S. Ward  J.L. Hannaford.  W. Gordon  A.J. Denison  C. H. Branscomb.  Called on Wm  Pleasant sabbath.  Took wash upon retiring.  Wrote L—


Monday 1/3/59

            Sent T. Shattuck a certificate of Deposit on Atlas Bank Boston, Sept 13th 1858 No 144, payable to my order, $50  Meeting M.T. Association.  Adjourned without choice of officers 8 weeks   Eve—attended public Installation of officers of Sons of Temperance.  Interesting speeches, Denison, Hunting, Westover.


Tuesday 1/4/59

            Wrote R. Allyn, H.W. Goodnow.  Denison went to St. George—R. Colson.  Went to Flaggs & got fuse.  Called on W.E.G-- & reckoned.  Saw the Parkersons.


Wednesday 1/5/59

            Went to Manhattan with Wm. E. work on church goes ahead.  Letters from H.F. Morse $50 check, S.D. Barrows $20 check.

            Called at Mr. Bloods Newspaper enterprise!  Saw Smyth on Lath, went over to see my new farm.  Put a lock on door.  Dined with W.E. Goodnow


Thursday 1/6/59

            N.E. snow storm.  Therm 12°!  Wrote to H.F. Morse.  Started a system of Accounts for B.C. College,--Disbursements & expenditures.  Read in Gibbon   Rode over to Wm.’s  Cold windy, snowy day  therm. 12,14,13. 


Friday 1/7/59

            7 AM. Therm –3.  Rode to Manhattan  Sent to R. Allyn & H.F. Morse letters.  Rec’d. $50 of J. Pipher on note.  Saw Br. Warring on Vestibule.  Saw Briggs & Woodman.  Called on Mr. Blood, &c.  P.M. Call from Blossup & intended.


Saturday 1/8/59

            Went to Manhattan.  Saw Brous, Woodman—put on lath.  Put in pane of glass.  Eve—Trustee Meeting at Mr. Blood’s.  Chose a committee to purchase Printing press & type, &c.


Sunday 1/9/59

            Went to Manhattan to church   Quite a good congregation  Called on Wm.  Beautiful Sabbath


Monday 1/10/59

            Sent Letters to T. Bateman, Ruth Mowry, Ann R. Whitney.  Meeting at Manhattan on Temperance & Pike’s Peak.  Worked on raising funds for paper.  Eve—took tea with Wm. &c.


Tuesday 1/11/59

            Visited at Dr. Robinson’s with Ellen—Supper.  Worked for Newspaper—successful.  Saw Flagg.  Spent the Eve at Dr. R’s  Joseph part of the time.


Wednesday 1/12/59

            Enclosed is letter to T. Shattuck, Pontiac Mn. a Draft on Work, M. Couch & Co. Phil. from Kramer & Rohm, Pittsburg, Pa. No. 8481, Amount $20, letter to J.M. Howe.  worked on subscription for Newspaper.  Called on C.E. Blood, Houston, W.E.G.  tired & sleepy—


Thursday 1/13/59

            Started for Lawrence to buy a press & type for a newspaper in Manhattan.  Called at Mr Bloods & took a Lunch, &c.  Wm. went with me to St. George.  Crossed the river & went on horseback to Waubunsee & stopped with Mr. Hill.  Talked with him for Paulson.


Friday 1/14/59

            Went with Mr Hill to see his farm before breakfast.  9 ¼ A.M. left on my journey.  Snowy & cold   Fell in with Mr Platte Lobby member from Waubunsee.  Dined in the open prairie.  Met 120 U.S. troops returning from Ft. Scott—or 60 mile this side!  Stopped at Joseph Bourassa over night


Saturday 1/15/59

            Rode into Topeka & put up with John Richey for the Sabbath.  Saw Col. Whipple from Ft. Scott.—Col’d. emigrants!  13!  Rode to Giles.  Lecture before the Institute by S. Dow.  Declamation—A. Burlinggame!  [MS. Illegible:  three lines illegible].


Sunday 1/16/59

            Sprinkled rain A.M.  Attended Cong’l. meeting.  Discourse by Rev Mr Bardwell on Theatricals & Dancing.  A keen, logical, unanswerable argument.  P.M. Communion season.  Wrote & read some.  Have had a day of rest & quiet.  Eve—Lecture by Rev. Mr Caloway   Fine.  “Son (?)”  Dr Fletcher.


Monday 1/17/59

            Saw Judge Dow & Dr Fletcher   Called on Rev Griffith & stopped at Tecumseh—saw Giles & Judge Greer.  Put up at Judge Wakefield’s, an old Kansas war horse.  Visited & wrote to L—

            Eyes sore.  Splendid moonlight night.


Tuesday 1/18/59

            Rode to Lawrence early.  Called on J. L. Laman.  Went to the Legislature.  Saw the prominent men on my press & enterprise.  Took tea at J. L. Laman’s & showed M & Wm. about their studies.  Called on Mead—small encouragement.  Saw H. J. Adams, Dr Robinson, Conway, Branscomb, Col. Decker from Topeka brot in $125. from F.G. Giles, for Wm. Waldo Ketchum.


Wednesday 1/19/59

            Wrote to J.J. Davis, J.S. Kallock, J.T. Goodin.  Made some business calls.  Temperance meeting.  Took tea with Mr Grovenour, an old student.  Talk with Mr Vaughn on a Newspaper.  Eve—address by the noted Capt. Montgomery on southern Kansas troubles.  Thrilling.  2 ½ hours long.


Thursday 1/20/59

            Talk with Mead on Banks & Constitutional Convention at Manhattan.  Encouraged.  Business with Branscomb, &c.  Called on Blood & Barker.  Took tea at Mr. Laman’s with Mr Edmunds school teacher.  Temperance meeting in the Evening.  Speeches by Danford, Johnson, Conway, Nute, Dodge, Mallory & Phillips.  Sharp discussion, Mrs. M. Killam—company


Friday 1/21/59

            Wrote H. Lovejoy, J. Paulson.  Made some collections for taxes.  Bot share 627. M.T. Association.  Talk with Dr R-- L. Westover, Griffin.  Called on the school.  Rode to L.W. Denison’s   Found Br Ferrell.  Spent the night with him there—pleasant visit.  Br. D—absent.  Very cold night.


Saturday 1/22/59

            K. River frozen over.  Ret’d. to Lawrence.  Did business in connection with my Newspaper enterprise.  Some encouragement.  Rode over to Mr Wilder’s.  He & wife absent.  Ret’d. & took tea with J.L. Laman, Sold him 4 Lots $200.  Music.


Sunday 1/23/59

            Read tribune & Herald of F.-- Wrote.  Sermon by Rev. Dodge.  P.M. sabbath school—Mr Nute—Mr Wilder & Lady.  Sermon by Rev. Bishop.  Eve—sermon by Dodge, after this prayer meeting.


Monday 1/24/59

            Saw Mr Caniff on Press business.  Gave up going to Prairie City—expecting Mr Prouty up.  Made arrangements to leave on the morrow.  Spent the night with Mr Wilder an acquaintance of 1855.


Tuesday 1/25/59

            After a pleasant visit left Mr Wilder’s for Lawrence.  Called on J.L. Laman, Gen. Lane, Mr. Vaugn, Dr Robinson, Griffin, &c & rode to Topeka to Rev Mr Griffith’s.  Gone, made myself at home till they ret’d.  Excellent family.  Went to bed at 11 P.M.


Wednesday 1/26/59

            Called at Topeka.  Went as far as Mr Vascer’s & dined.  Snow storm—put up at widow Bur (?).  Heavy snow & rain.  Read & wrote & mused.  Went to bed early.  Comfortable provisions for man & beast.


Thursday 1/27/59

            Very cold & bad travelling.  Rode 18 miles without a house & (?) at Mr Smith’s an Englishman.  Arrived at Manhattan 7. P.M. & home at 8 ¼ P.M.  Glad & thankful!


Friday 1/28/59

            Letters from M. Markham, C.D. Strong, W Smith, J.W. Dadmun $102, D.W. Clark, G. Fergara, J.H. Gaylord $102, N.D. George $51, L-- 2, Went over to Wm.’s House.  Cold!  Cold!!  Read letters & wrote to J.W. Dadmun, J.H. Gaylord, N.D. George, M. Markham.

            Letter from L.W. Munsell—replied.


Saturday 1/29/59

            Went to Manhattan.  Called at Pipher’s & Higginbotham’s.  Talk about Bassett’s Note & press with Wm & H--  Call at Dr. R’s-- Nothing being done at church.  Very wet & icy.


Sunday 1/30/59

            Went to Meeting with Ellen & children in an ox wagon.  Preaching by Br Denison.  P.M. read most of the time.


Monday 1/31/59

Went to Manhattan & called at Dr Robinson’s.  Pd. C. Warring $152. in drafts, & a note of $83. for Note, & 2 shares M.T. stock.  Commenced taking down staging to the church.  Talk with Bauer about an Editor.  College well finished.--a noble one.


Tuesday 2/1/59

            Completed taking away the staging to the church.  Dined at Father Barnes’s.  Worked at church most of the day.  Talk with Simms &c   Went to Marlatt’s   Eve—Trustee Meeting at Blood’s.  college business? &c.


Wednesday 2/2/59

            Creek high, could not cross home last night, --& came to my cabin water high this morning.  Cleared off.  Cold!  Went to Manhattan—church.  Check of 102.50 from Wm. Gordon.  Several calls.  Crossed the creek home on a log.  Eve—read & wrote letters C.M. Holmes, Wm Gordon


Thursday 2/3/59

            Surveyed on college site.  A.M.  W. Parkerson, W. Marlatt, Smyth & Br Kenney traded at Bluemont Store.  Albert Simms selected a lot & marked out a cellar for building on it & with reference to pre-emption.  Fine day.  at 4 ½ PM.


Friday 2/4/59

            Surveyed a C. Site.  Went to Manhattan.  Work on church going on finely.  Letter from Larzatere, Prouty, Gen. Lane, Joel Morgan.


Saturday 2/5/59

            A.M. Surveyed out the Lot for J. Denison.  Very cold.  Well progressing for D.--  P.M.  home, reading & looking over papers.  Attended a degree meeting of the Good Templars  16 put through—home at 11 P.M.


Sunday 2/6/59

            Went to church A.M.  sermon by J.D.  Letters from J.T. Goodin, C. Adams, M B. Bateman, T.B. Treadwell.  PM.  Went to Wm.  Mr Bicknell sick.  Got his supper &c, & spent the night with him  Wrote to C. Adams (L) Joel Morgan  Pleasant but cold day.


Monday 2/7/59

            Wrote J.S. Laman, T.B. Treadwell, J.T. Goodin, &c.  Calls from King, Blossup, & Blake.  Walked to Manhattan—Mr Blake riding.  Called at church, Pipher’s &c.  Dr. Robinson’s.  Prairie on fire  Saw Mr Simms on college business.


Tuesday 2/8/59

            Called on Mr Bicknell, who is sick.  Home most of the day.  Read & wrote.  Eyes trouble me some.


Wednesday 2/9/59

            At home.  Wrote T.H. Webb & R.P. Waters.  Wedding in the Eve  Mr Clark to Miss Walter


Thursday 2/10/59

            Wrote C.D. Strong, E.E. Hale  W.E. Woodward.  Called on Wm. E. sick.  Chopped wood &c for him.  Snow & very cold.


Friday 2/11/59  

            Wrote P. Bennet.  L—s B. King  Snow the last night,  Ellen thrown from her pony & hurt.  Trustee Meeting at Dr R’s on Newspaper.  Mr Vivaldi & press--!


Saturday 2/12/59

            Went to Manhattan & across to Davis. (?) to J.F. Currey’s for Wm. E.G.  S.W. Letters from J. Paulson, L-- Called at church & on Dr R—s, Higinbottom &c.  Cool & pleasant.


Sunday 2/13/59

            Went over to Wm.’s & rode to church with an ox team.  E-- better.  Letter from Rev. Dodge.  Beautiful day.  Wrote L—Went to Wm’s after Dinner   is better from chills.


Monday 2/14/59

            Wrote O Wilmarth, E.P. Fitch & C.A. Wright & sent certificate of stock.  Mr. Hill—sent letter  Went to Manhattan with Wm.—several colds.  Home early.  Letter from D.R. Kenyon.

Tuesday 2/15/59

            Wrote D.R. Kenyon.  Read some.  Meeting of Trustee B.C. College at N. Trafton’s.  Voted that we build the coming season, I.T.G.  J. Denison, & W. Marlatt be the building Committee.  Saw Harold & Crowl on saving lumber for college.  $40. 37. & 35, for B.W. Oak.  C.W.


Wednesday 2/16/59

            Went to Manhattan.  Called on J.H. Blood, talked over College building, &c.  He will draw a plan.  Came home & in the Evening went to a meeting of the Trustees M.E. church at Perry’s.  Dedication to be the last sabbath in April?


Thursday 2/17/59

            Made out a list of Lots, Donated to B.C. college, for Manhattan.  Eve—attended the customary meeting of the good Templars, 4 initiated.  1st Deg-- confered on many.  Came home at 12. Midnight.  Letter from L.


Friday 2/18/59

            Made out list of lots &c.  Rode to Manhattan.  Called on Dr. R—who is to draw College buildings.—also Mr Wilson.  Big Blue—impassable on account of ice running.  Eve, took tea at Mr Houston’s with Ellen.  Home at 11. PM. 


Saturday 2/19/59

            At home all day   call from Mr Hill,--& from Wm.  Copied lots &c.  Read the papers.


Sunday 2/20/59

            Went to church.  Heard a bible class.  Wrote some Physiology   Pleasant day.  Read some.  Letter from J.M. Howe, enclosing Land warrant 120 Acres.


Monday 2/21/59

            Wrote J.M. Howe, enclosing draft on Continental Bank N.Y. from Chicopee Bank, Mass.  $102.50. No. 6920.  Dated Jan 18th 1859.  Went to Manhattan.  Took deed of W.E.P. for 45 Acres land.   saw Kress    Called on Dr. R-- & at F.B.S.  Fought fire on the prairie.  Wrote to L.—


Tuesday 2/22/59

            Let Wm have 120 Acre Land Warrant.  Went to Mr Blood’s on business for college & church Lots.  Eve—celebration of Washington’s birthday by Temperance speeches, music &c. at the M.E.C.  Quite interesting.  Home 11 ½ P.M.  Mild & general.


Wednesday 2/23/59

            Cloudy.  Call from Mr Harold Webber.  Went to Manhattan & had a meeting of the college B-- Committee.  Late sessions.  Examined drawings &c  Called at Dr R—s.  Got home at 11. P.M.  Cloudy.


Thursday 2/24/59

            Rainy day.  Kept at home, read & worked on college statistics.


Friday 2/25/59

            Went to Manhattan.  Found Hill of Wabau[n]sa, [MS. illegible] with him 2 hours put him at Perry’s.  Sewing Circle at church.  Large pleasant company.  Came home late  Pleasant.  Letter from R Allyn, L—


Saturday 2/26/59

            Early at Manhattan.  Saw Hill.  Paid on his account $2.00.  Trustee Meeting at Mr. Bloods.   Pleasant.  Wm. sick.  Pleasant.


Sunday 2/27/59

            Went to Church.  Looked over & sent off 15 letters from Secretary M.T.A.  Wrote James & Addie, Harris, &c.

            Called on W.E.G-- & washed him all over.


Monday 2/28/59

            Sent Tax letters to G. Harris, W.C. High, B. Pillsbury   I. Adams, E.S. Prentice, J.F. Chaffee, J. Brooks, T. Williams, W.R. Clark  G.W. Collins, J.W. Dadmun  M. Leech, S.W. Cook &c, M.T. Munsell, D.S. Thorp, D.B. Randall, R.A. Webber.  Association Meeting.  Attack of Griffin on myself & S.D. Houston, to exclude from Board of Trustees.  Failed  whole board reelected!  Sorry session.  Took up Note from Higginbotham   Paid $390.56.


Tuesday 3/1/59

            Called on Dr R-- &c.  Wrote to Brous’s.  Talked over college building &c.  Frith a miserable fellow who had “jumped” Sherwoods claim was shot last Evening, in (?) house through the window


Wednesday 3/2/59

            Rainy, remained at home to day.  Sherwood’s trial for the shooting of Frith continued to day before J. Pipher.  He will prove on An Alibi.  Wrote some & drew a plan of a college building.


Thursday 3/3/59

            Went to Manhattan, arranged for Trustee Meeting at Dr. R. on Thurston’s account.  Discussed plan of College building.  Meeting of Good Templars  

Sherwood acquitted.  Wrote L—


Friday 3/4/59

Trustee meeting at Dr R’s.  Decided Mr T’s claim, which proved satisfactory.  Dined at Mr Brous’s   Saw Hill from Wabaunsee.  Sewing Circle at the church.  Did not remain in the Evening.


Saturday 3/5/59

Went to Ogden to see the situation of Bluemont Town Site.  satisfactory interview with Findley Patterson.  Saw Lawyer White   Called at Mr Morris’s   Home at 3 P.M.  Read &c


Sunday 3/6/59

Rainy day.  Remained at home from church.  P.M.  Called on Wm. & took tea.  Read over old letters, &c   Wrote a little   Rec’d. letter from T. Shattuck speaking of loss of draft &c.


Monday 3/7/59

Wrote T  Shattuck   S D. Barrows, James P. Magee.  (?)  report Smithsonian Institute.  Remained at home.


Tuesday 3/8/59

Went to Manhattan.  Saw Brous & dined with him   Got his drawing of College building.  Settled with Pipher & took receipt in full.  Bought 160 ft of Blk walnut of Johnson $7.20


Wednesday 3/9/59

Bright morning.  Started with Ellen for Wabaunsee, could not cross the Kansas.  Went round Bluemont & took a view from the top, having a picnic.  Called at Dr R.—s & visited at Br McCullom’s.  Pleasant visit.


Thursday 3/10/59

[MS. Illegible: two lines illegible]  Went to Wabaunsee.  Bought Mr Hill’s farm for John Paulson for $500.  Went to Mr Stone’s up the creek 10. miles & had a fine visit.  Old Wilbraham student.  Went to bed at 11. P.M.  Snow storm & wind in the night.


Friday 3/11/59

Visited till after dinner.  Mr Stone piloted me 2 miles on to a trail for Manhattan.  Interesting ride over a new country.  Left my horse & crossed the Kansas in a skiff.  Eve—at the Sewing Circle at the church G.F. Brown & Sallie Platte were married, Mr Wilson & Sarah Davis.


Saturday 3/12/59

Went to Brous’s.  Lane, Q  Meeting at church.  Dr Still present & 12 others.  Pleasant but windy.  Saw W. Smyth, on surveying.  Home in the Eve.  Read a little


Sunday 3/13/59

            Went to Q. Meeting at Manhattan.  Large.  Communion.  Read & wrote a little.


Monday 3/14/59

Very windy.  P.M. went Manhattan & got the mail.  Letters from T.H. Webb, S.C. Pomroy, & W.E. High.  Saw Simms.


Tuesday 3/15/59

Surveyed on college site with Kimball & Smyth & Marlatt.  Call from Shepp & Mellman on college job.  Pleasant.


Wednesday 3/16/59

Continued surveying with Henry, Ed. Kimball & Smyth   Call from Shepp, again.  Terms favorable.  Quite tired.


Thursday 3/17/59

            Snow storm  2 inches, went with (?)

            Home most of the day.  Went to Wm.’s.  E. M. Thurston, dead.  Consumption.


Friday 3/18/59

Surveyed with McCollum  Charles & Smyth.  Windy and pleasant.  [MS. Illegible:  one line illegible]  Not agreed.  Wm. sick with chills.  Spent the night with him.


Saturday 3/19/59

Wm. had another chill.  Mr Thurston buried to day.  Went to Brous’s  Saw Woodman & C. Lewis, & Shepp on college business.  Stopped with Wm.


Sunday 3/20/59

Wm. had another chill.  Staid with him all day.  Got T-- Tonic.  Wrote to J Holt & H.W.G.  Read &c.  Windy.  Adventure with a skunk last night  he bit of[f] a hen’s head, & escaped by my gun’s missing fire.


Monday 3/21/59

To day Wm. escaped a chill.  Surveyed on college site.  Henry & Smyth, Marlatt helped awhile.  Call from Simms & Newell.  Eve—called at Dr R’s.  Saw Newell & Simms in the Eve & let the latter have $60—50 came from Marlatt.  on similar bill.


Tuesday 3/22/59

Called on McCullom & at wells  Breakfasted at Wells, who helped us survey with Henry &  Smyth.  Nearly through--  (?)  half a day.  Quite tired from over work & loss of sleep.  Letters from Woodman & L--  Home evening—rested.


Wednesday 3/23/59

Called at Wm’s.—better.  Went to Manhattan.  Gave Newell order on Pipher & son $40.  Saw Dr. R-- & Pipher & Whitesed.  Ex—Mails for Wm. &c.  Windy.  Letters to L-- & J. Holt.  Letter from John Guildy, who is (?)


Thursday 3/24/59

Called on Wm. & Houston before breakfast.  Windy  Went to Manhattan  Saw Brous on College & church building.  Eve—very tired.  Trustee Meeting at Bloods.  College Lots settled.  Good.  Home 2. A.M!


Friday 3/25/59

Saw Lewis on Job-- visit from Mr Stone & wife   Figured on job.  Went with Mr Stone & booked out his Lot on college site.  Sewing Circle in the evening.  Mr Stone spent the night with us.


Saturday 3/26/59

Windy & sunny.  Went to Manhattan  Finished up Lots.  Ex-- for college $1675.  Rec’d. of C. E. Blood 2 shares stock to sell for college, ½ to be returned.  Eve—Trustee meeting at J. Kimballs.  B. C. College.  Agency for Congregational church,--Letters from S. E. Catts, P. Bennet, H. P. Weeks, Kinkadden & Trowbridge, L. W. Munsell, S. C. Pomroy.  Draft P. Bennet $268.75  City Bank to Commercial Bank N.Y.


Sunday 3/27/59

Went over to Wm.’s & to church.  Preaching by John Paulson.  Good!  He came home with us &. his wife.  Wrote P. Bennett, S. B. Catts, &c  Eve, call from W. Marlatt.


Monday 3/28/59

Cold & stormy.  Called on Wm. & at Mr. Bloods.  Voted on the Constitution    Saw C. Lewis on College job.  Will do stone work for $100


Tuesday 3/29/59

Went to Manhattan early.  Saw Brous, F. B. Smith, C. E. Blood.  Letters from G. W. Collins, L. W. Munsell.


Wednesday 3/30/59

Went to Marlatts, & dined.  P.M. Surveyed with Smyth & Marlatt.  Eve—meeting of Building Committee-- Took supper with J. Paulson who lives in my cabin.


Thursday 3/31/59

Called with Marlatt at Dr. R’s   Crossed to Brous’s & wrote out specifications for carpenter work on college building.  Took dinner & supper with him.  Came home at 10. P.M.   Letter from J. S. Laman.


Friday 4/1/59

Cold, blustering morning.  P.M.  Went with Marlatt to Ogden   Saw Patterson & Garrett on L. W.  Must be corrected.  Proceeded to Junction City & stopped at, D. A. Butterfield’s.  Pleasant visit.


Saturday 4/2/59

Mr B-- took me round the city  mill, &c.  Called on Keyser, Editor &c  P.M. We rode to K-- Falls 6 miles, thence 9 miles to Chapman Creek.  Stopped with Judge Long’s family  Br M-- preached in the Evening.  Interesting patriarchal family


Sunday 4/3/59

Crossed the Divide to Republican  12 miles.  Snow storm  Called on Montague.  Dined at Mr  (?).  Ret’d. to Junction City 2 ½ P.M.  Sermon by Marlatt.  Called on Blake at Mr Davis.  Stopped with Butterfield.


Monday 4/4/59

Settled with Butterfield.  Returned home at 12 ½ P.M.  Went to Manhattan.  Saw Jones, Williston &c.  Letters from T Shattuck & R. P. Waters, L—

District Court in session, Judge Elmore presiding.


Tuesday 4/5/59

Went to Manhattan.  Woodman commenced work on the church for plastering.  Bower helped on staging.  Building Com. on college met.  Decided to give stone work on college to C. W. Lewis.


Wednesday 4/6/59

Marlatt & Denison started for conference.  Went with them to Brous’s, & talked over college matters.  Dined there.  Letter from Cook & Prentice.  Windy weather.


Thursday 4/7/59

Went to the church & P Office.  Rode over to my cabin with E-- & looked over things.  Visited at Kimball’s, & took tea  Came home at 10. P.M.  Cool at night—32°.


Friday 4/8/59

Went with Wm. & called on Mr (?)   Explained college laws.  He subscribed 1. share M—stock $100.  Saw Brous &c  F. B. Smith--  box of saddlery arrived.  Call at Dr. R’s.  Moved Melodion to Dr R’s.


Saturday 4/9/59

Laid out lines for digging foundation for college.  Called on Smyth.  Banked up around the church &c  Carried load of Stone to L’s grave to fix it up.  Whiteside!  (?)  !  Hot  Wm. has a chill & Th 90°.


Sunday 4/10/59

Meeting A M. Bloods church  sermon read by C. Barnes  Full house  30 Pike’s Peakers.  Called on William, a slight chill, he has.  Some rain & windy.  Damp & chilly  College foundations dug.  Cost 11.75


Monday 4/11/59

Cool, damp, & cloudy.  Talked with Brown & Wilson, & Brous, on college job.  Gave it to the latter.  Eve.  was initiated into the Div of the Sons.  home at 11.  P M.  Looked for log--&c  Wm.


Tuesday 4/12/59

Went to Manhattan.  Saw Brous, &c.  J. Parkinson flared up!  Talk with Roosa on college matters.  Walled over Lucinda’s grave.


Wednesday 4/13/59

Went early to Mr McCullom’s.  Got my box of saddlery from S. B. Catts, home.  Can’t find bill!  Over to Wm’s & went to (?) with McCullom to get log.  120 A. L. Warrant lost!  Spent half a day looking for it.  Snow storm—P.M.


Thursday 4/14/59

Found L. warrant all safe.  Went to Manhattan.  Long talk with Pipher &c.  Hays &c.  Called at Dr R—s. 

Warm day.  Called at Mr Roosa’s with Ellen in the Eve--  No subscription!  for college.


Friday 4/15/59

Cold windy day.  Went to Manhattan.  Talk with Mr Hardy  Partial bargain with Mr. H  (?), to go into store.  At Br Paulson  Made out C. Lewis’ contract for Pikes Peakers!  Numerous.  Poor fellows!


Saturday 4/16/59

Called at Wm’s, Dr R’s, & Brous’,  Conversed with Higinbotham,  Mead,  Essick,  J. W. Pipher,  Mistake of C. W. Lewis on college job $100!  Br Blood returned; good!  Letters from Mother, Emeline, H. Denison, J. A. Brown, [MS. illegible]


Sunday 4/17/59

Went with the family to church with our ox team.  Sermon by J. Paulson.  Large congregation. 

Wrote  A. W. Whitney, J. A. Brown, J. S. Laman, & S. B. Catts.

Wm. came over & took tea.


Monday 4/18/59

Went to Mr. Blood’s.  Talked over business.  Called on Dr R., Hoyt, Pipher &c  At the church, Barnes  At J. Kimballs.  Took 11 shares of stock to sell. 

Call at Dr Huntings, & Mr Hastings  Took tea at Rev J Paulson’s warm,


Tuesday 4/19/59

Went to Manhattan.  Bot siding for Wm.  Saw Brous.  Essick & Pipher getting ready to go East.  Letter from Mrs. S. C. Pomroy.  Warm weather.  Gave Woodman’s 110 Acre Land Warrant to J. Pipher pr order.


Wednesday 4/20/59

Saw Lewis, Brous & Pipher  Gave J. Pipher the privilege of building on Lot 29. w. 3.  I having control of the lot, to [do] what I please with it by & by.  Engaged to go below with Whiteside next tuesday.  Settled with him satisfactorily.  Called at Wm. J. Houston’s


Thursday 4/21/59

N. E. snow storm Ther. 34°. & rain.  Very dreary & unpleasant.  Remained at home.  Call from Mr Houston, & Adams who looked over lots.  Mr H—Pd. note.


Friday 4/22/59

Went to Manhattan.  Called on Mead, Brous,--Hoyt,-- Dined at Brous’  Puttyed the Belfry.  Went with Ellen to Ingraham’s,  Eubanks & Hardy’s.  Saw Mr Houston, Mrs. Wild.  Called at Dr Robinson’s.  Beautiful driving of Manhattan.


Saturday 4/23/59

Frost.  Beautiful day.  Wrote to P. T. Kenny, Wm. F. Farrington.  Went to Mr Huey’s & took possession of 2 yokes of steers bot of James.  Saw Brous, Dr R— Gove, Blood &c.  Agreed on contract with C. Lewis & selected Lots for him.


Sunday 4/24/59

            Gave Wm. a wash.  Read a little.  Did not go to church.  Warm.


Monday 4/25/59

Wm. had a fainting chill  is in a critical condition.  Afraid he will not live unless I take him out of the country away from his business. 

Called at Brous’, Dr R’s, Smyth’s (?)  Barry, &c  Marlatt ret’d. from conference.  Looked over lots with Blood, &c  Met at Man’an  Eve—Political.


Tuesday 4/26/59

Went to Manhattan, after going to Ogden with Paulson & pre-empting my claim.  Saw Mr Houston & talked on timber for college  He will supply girders.  Talk with Barnes on Timber.


Wednesday 4/27/59

Saw Lewis on contract.  Much engaged in closing business on college.  Closed contract with Henry Barnes to furnish joists & frame work of roof for college.


Thursday 4/28/59

Left home for the East.  Got as far as Manhattan.  Team not ready.  Went back home the first night to stay.  Closed contract for stone work on college with C. W. Lewis.  Well gave out  shall have to take it up.  Called on Dr R—


Friday 4/29/59

Left home again.  Started with Brous for the river with Albert Beeber  Saw Corey on bill of lumber.  Called at Dr Adams’ & got box of eye salve  Rode to St Marys Missouri.  Stopped at Mr Higbee’s  Letters from (H. C. High ), W. M. Glenn, Cloudy—

(Draft 104.75)


Saturday 4/30/59

Drove to Indianola—parted with my friends & footed it to Topeka.  Rode an ox wagon to Tecumseh, caught a ride to Washington  walked across lots to Spurlock’s—found J. S. Griffing, arranged business with him on T. Bonds.  Slept with him all night  $223.25.  Br Crawford


Sunday 5/1/59

Arose at 4  A.M.  piloted out by Br Crawford a mile—took the stage for Lecompton & Lawrence.—arrived at Lawrence 9 ¼ A.M.  Attended church at Methodist  sermon by H. H. Moore.  Stopped at Mrs Killams.  Tea at J. S. Laman’s  Wrote W. E. G.  L.—J. S. Griffing, A. W. William, W. Marlatt.


Monday 5/2/59

Took a passage with Gov. Robinson for Quindaro  Rode with Mr Clark part of the way.  Mud hole!  Showers!  Got wet.  Put up at Quindaro House, G. F. Killam.  Changed clothes!


Tuesday 5/3/59

Rode with Killam to Wyandotte  Saw Editor Mr Vivaldi, “Kansas Express.”  All right. Saw about lumber.  Went to Parkville.  Walked on to Delaware & Leavenworth.  Waded creek.  arrived at 10 ½ P.M.  Brous.


Wednesday 5/4/59

Visited lumber yards!  Saw Dr Davis, &c.  Vaughn.  Walked to H. P. Johnson’s.  Visited with him & McDowell till 1 Oclock at night.  Slept with M (?)  Mr Johnson goes security for lumber & takes a $100 lot.  Encouraged.  3 miles out


Thursday 5/5/59

Wet.  Walked into Leavenworth.  Visited with Brous, &c  Wrote Letters, W. Marlatt, C. E. Blood, C. Adams.  Decided to purchase lumber for college building & J. Denison at

L. R. Griffin’s.  H. P. Johnson going security.


Friday 5/6/59

Brous unwell.  Pd. Griffin 268.75. on lumber.  Telegraphed to K. City for Gus Linn.—Comeing to day.  Good!  Wrote L. R. Thayer, L.  J. T. Goodin, J. Capen, Silas Piper, Issac Smith, J. S. Laman, Vivaldi, W. C. High.  Rainy, & muddy.


Saturday 5/7/59

Bargained with Capt. Beasley for carrying $1064.70. worth of lumber to Manhattan by steamer Gus Linn on the Kaw river.  Bought Bill of hardware 82.95  Saw Higinbotham.  Hard day’s work getting lumber selected &c. 

Took up my quarters on the steamer Rowena for St. Louis, Mo.  Wrote late.


Sunday 5/8/59

            Letters to J. Denison, H. P. Weeks  C. D. G.  Left Leavenworth at 8. A.M.  Fine morning.

Mr Duncan aboard.  Gus Linn. starts this morning for Manhattan.  Read some & rested.

Boat stopped at Lexington, took a walk up to town with Mr Tracy, Duncan &c—


Monday 5/9/59

Fine morning.  Lady Passengers at Waverly.  Run from Lexington to Portland 218 miles.  Wrote to W. E. Goodnow, I. Bateman, Mr Tracy, Nettleton Agent O & M R R—Pleasant passage, & good company.  Wm.’s letter at Jefferson City.


Tuesday 5/10/59

            Read the papers, & wrote some.  Arrived at St. Louis at 4 ¼ P.M.  Put up at City Hotel.

Wrote G. S. Park & L--  Called on J. Brooks, & the Office of O. & M. R.R. German music in the Evening.


Wednesday 5/11/59

Called on B. R. Bonner, 54 N. M. St, Hugh M. Thompson, O. M. R. O.  Judge!  Saw Pres. Davis  Half Fare Pass to Cincinnati, Co.  Rev. C. Babbitt, Cairo.  Left at 2.40. P.M.  Race on (?)  succeeded.  Warm.  Took a sleeping car at Olney 8. P.M.  Road rough.  2. N.E. Ladies for company.  Shared their supper with us.  Got them some tea.  Pleasant company.


Thursday 5/12/59

Arrived in Cincinnati 7. A.M.  Stopped with Mr. Babbitt at U. S.  Hotel.  Called on Poe, Swornstedt, House, Dr. Kingsley, & Col. Davis.  Found the latter sick.  Concluded to leave all active here till my return.  Dr. Clark absent.  Took the cars for Xenia, arrived at 7 ¼ P.M.  Walked to Br Cheney’s 2 ½ miles, arrived at 8 ¼.  Visited till 9 ½  Slept finely.


Friday 5/13/59

Fine morning.  Talked over family matters, &c.  Wrote Ellen.  With Nancy rode to Wilberforce.  Hearty greeting from Dr. Rust.  Took home Miner, Dr Wolfe & Miller.  Visit with them at Mr C’s.  Rainy in the Evening.


Saturday 5/14/59

Borrowed at Harris Br Bank $1000. for 60 days, payable at Continental Bank N. Y.  Gave my farm for security.  Sent $400 to Scott, Hess & Co. Leavenworth, $200 to Ellen & $200 to Br Denison, -- all for Bluemont College.  Rode to Pittsburg  Put up at Female College.  [MS. illegible].


Sunday 5/15/59

Sermon by Dr Barrows.  A.M. 2-3.  Call Bible class.  Called on J’s family, he gone.  Pleasant day.  Eve—attended Christ’s church with sister Julia.  Sermon by Mr Wilson.


Monday 5/16/59

Letter from Wm.  Answered it.  Wrote J. Denison, enclosing $150. in certificate of Deposit on Xenia Bank, No’s 1096, & 1101.  $100, $150.  Called on Kramer, Dr. Baird.  Efforts for Free pass failure.  Sold M. Markam Lots 153-4-5 & 7.  Dined with Julia T. Goodin.


Tuesday 5/17/59

Sold L. D. Barrows one share of stock C. E. Blood’s Note $95 & a watch $  .  Also Lots 22 W4.  To J. H. Rowley note $ 75.  Dined with sister Julia.  Left in the cars at 4 ½ P.M. for Phil,  Took a sleeping car, fine.


Wednesday 5/18/59

Arrived in Phil. at 7. A.M.  Called on Lewis Brous & dined.  Went to Palmyra & stopped with Mr Toy, father in Law to Prof Knowles.  Spent the night.  Rainy P.M.  Letter to Z—


Thursday 5/19/59

Laid my plans before Mr Toy.  No subs yet.  Will think of it.  Wet.  Went back to Phil.  & at 11 A.M. took the Phil & N.Y. train.  Arrived at 3. P.M.  Found Br Howe well, & letters from C. Adams  J. A. Brown & W. F. Farrington.  $50 from J. A. Brown.  Went with Br Howe to Passaic & spent the night.  g—visit.


Friday 5/20/59

Rode into N. Y.  Called on D. Drew  Free pass to Boston & back.  Saw Stinson & Shaffer.  A. D. Gale.  Went to his home in Brooklynn & spent the night  Excellent visit. Lived over past with Mr. G--  Wrote P.M.  Cincinnati & L. 

Called to see H. W. Beacher.  Not at home.


Saturday 5/21/59

Made several calls.  Book concern &c  Shaffer but no success.  Present of shoes from A. D. Gale.  Sold A. S. Mowry 308 W 3  584. W. 3, 406.  W. 4. for $200 note.  5. P.M. took the Stonington Boat for E. Greenwich.  Foggy crossing the sound.  Arrived at Stonington at 1 A.M.


Sunday 5/22/59

3. A.M. arrived at E. G— Mr B-- & family in usual health.  Went to bed & lay till 7 ½ A.M.  Went to church.  Old friends in abundance!  Called on Talbott, Pennoyer, & the Green’s.


Monday 5/23/59

Called on Dr G—s went to Seminary, & museum with him.  Dined at Boarding hall.  Sold E. R. Pennoyer lot 257 W. 2, 516 W. 3, 64 W 4, & 614 W. 7. for $250.  Called at Mr. Goodwin’s.   pleasant & hope profitable for the sale of lots, by & by.  Eve called on Br Pennoyer &c  Went to bed late.


Tuesday 5/24/59

Arose 6 ¼  A M  Called on S. G. Allyn, Mr Sherman, &c.  Bade good by to E. G. for awhile, & took the cars for Providence  Saw Dr Stearns, Rev McDonald, &c  Knight Templars!  Robert Henry, Gladding’s.  With Br McDonald took the cars for Boston.  Met at the Book room several old friends & preachers.  Saw Dr Webb.  Spent the night with W. E. Woodward.


Wednesday 5/25/59

Attended anniversaries.  Numerous old friends.  Took tea at Mr Pierce’s with Br. W. R. Clark & Eve meeting of N. E. E. Society. (?), Curtis, Adams.  Went home with Br Clark to Mr Barnes  Two letters Z—Thursday.


Thursday 5/26/59

A.M.  Tremont Temple.  Dr Cheever & prayer meeting at Russell street church.  P.M.  S. School, T. Temple.  Anti-Slavery at --  C. C. (?)   Eve—W. Phillips, Dr Cheever, & F. Newhall.  Spent the night at Micah Dyer’s.


Friday 5/27/59

Dr Haven, J. Jewett on Temperance  Wrote L—J. Denison,  Drafts $150 Saving Fund Bank, No 13 & 17.  Saw Br Abbott & Ray  Spent the night at Micah Dyer’s, Saw Charter Sprague.  Wrote Z—


Saturday 5/28/59

Went to the Book room.  Gave Bond for $50 draft sent to Shattuck & lost.  Saw Ray & Abbott.  Letter from L. D. Barrows.  Dined with Br. Binney  Saw Br & Sis King.  Br B—went with me & got a Free Pass to Worcester & Return.  Went to Hopkinton, to Br (?). Gone.  Saw Claflin.


Sunday 5/29/59

Bright morning.  Sent T. Shattuck certificate of Deposit $50 on Atlas Bank, No. 217, Dated May 28th 1859.  Wrote J. H. Brous, W. Marlatt. Sermon by Wright.  S. School.  Eve—sermon on Tobacco, T. Trask.  Spent the night with Lee Clafflin, Introduced my mission.  Nothing Positive.


Monday 5/30/59

Returned to Boston.  Preachers meeting.  Stated over course.  Sold Lot 270 W. 3. 593.  W 6. to J. W. D—for Land Warrant 84065.  Wrote H. F. Morse, H. S. Ward, J. Peterson, W. F. Mallalien, J. Denison, $100. check Atlas Bank, 862. from J. P. Magee.  Spent the night.  J. W. Dadmun’s.  T.  Lee, J. M. Howe, J. S. Witte, wrote to J. Smith.


Tuesday 5/31/59

Called on Prof. Longfellow, Parker, Jennison, &c.  Collected some.  C. Sprague went with me to Cambridge.  Called on Collins—on Dr Webb.  Capt John Brown.  Went home with B. B. Edmunds to Charlestown.  Music & a good visit late.  He is a Kansas neighbor & friend.  Fine family Amos B. Merrill.


Wednesday 6/1/59

Visited Pottery, & Boston.  Called on several editors with C. Fields, R. H. Dana &c.  Letter from W. F. Mallalien.  Spent the night at W. E. Woodward’s.  Pleasant visit.


Thursday 6/2/59

Notices in papers, “Trial trip” up Washington Street. –failure!  Dined with L. Thayer.  Satisfactory conversation on lots.  Will pay note on July 1st  Call on Mrs King.  Took tea with Mrs Willeard.  (Naomi Cook)  Saw Clark—old student.  Called on D. Pike  City Missionary.  Spent the night with W. C. High after prayer meeting.


Friday 6/3/59

Sold to Wm. C. High Lots 97. 224. W. 2. 214 & 331 W. 4. for $350.  Note Jan 1st 1860.  Also sold C. H. Payne 329 W. 2. $100.  Note on demand  cash of I. Smith $50.—for last year.  Letter & Title Bond from I. Smith.  Rode to Watertown to G. M. Steele’s  Saw Mr. Horn.  Conversation with Steele on lots,--deferred.  Had teeth cleaned.  Spent the night at G. M. S.  Wrote Ellen.


Saturday 6/4/59

Enclosed $60. draft to Ellen.  Called on Field & Mr Clark an old E. G—student  missed  B. E. Edmunds, went to East Norton to spend the sabbath by invitation with T. W. Lewis, an old student, who married Amy Hamilton.  Pleasant visit.  Tired, rested well from sleep.


Sunday 6/5/59

A.M.  sermon by Br Lewis.  Wrote I. J. Davis.  P.M. sermon by Tupper. 6 P.M.  Temperance lecture, Daniel Allen.  Evening missionary prayer meeting.  Spoke on Kansas as missionary ground.  Mr Sylvester, Moffat, &c.


Monday 6/6/59

Preachers meeting in Boston.  Saw a gentleman about borrowing $1000. in cash for college.  Went to Charlestown & spent the night with my friend B. E. Edmunds.  Called on his sister & husband Mr & Mrs Finney.


Tuesday 6/7/59

Deferred business calls till to morrow,--Mr B—wishing to visit Lynn.  Improved the occasion to call on Wm. Clafflin.  Encouraging!  Called on W. E. Woodward  helped him on his cabinet.  $5 from Kennedy.  Rode to Winthrop & stopped with J. S. Day.  Class meeting.


Wednesday 6/8/59

Sold O. S. Hume Lot 97 W. 3. & 94 W. 4. $150.  Note $50 July & 100. May 1st 1860.  Dined with I. R. R. Edmunds, Charlestown.  Calls with Br Edmunds.  Supped at Hunnywell’s  Collection $8.  Lodged at Hancock’s House, Boston.  Rested well.  Letters S. Piper, Wm. Gorden, Answered G—


Thursday 6/9/59

Letters from J. Dennison, E. D. G—A. R. French  Wm. E.G.  Wrote to W. E. G--  Julia T. G-- 

Went to Newtonville,  Saw Wm. Claflin on college matters & spent the night with L. P. Lincoln,--Mr Vore. 

Hard getting large donations.  Must rely on the sale of lots.


Friday 6/10/59

Saw J. Barrows.  Called on Sleeper & Brodhead.  Letter from L—replied, 12 ¼ cars for Lynn.  Dined at Br Hannaford’s.  Called at H Newhall’s, T. P. Richardson’s & spent the night at W. R. Clark’s  Prayer meeting—evening—Visited with Br Clark till 12 ½ A. M.  Rained.


Saturday 6/11/59

Dined at Br. Richardson’s.  Called on Br. Braman, & with him on J. R. Ames.  Visited with Ames & wife at Br Braman’s.  Pleasant visit.  Spent the night at Br Braman’s.  Sold W. R. Clark $400 worth of lots.


Sunday 6/12/59

A.M.  Attended church at Union Street  sermon by W. A. B. on a Mother’s influence.  Good!  Dined at T. P. Richardson’s.  P.M. sermon by Chapin.  Took tea at J. L. Hannaford's   sermon by A. D. Sargent.  The Gospel a succession of communications from the spiritual world.  Spent the night at J. L. H.—s.


Monday 6/13/59

Sold J. L. Hannaford Lot 296 W 2. Lot 412 W 6. $150.  Wrote B. F. Mudge, & L—A. F. Herrick Lots 511 & 562. W. 5. 100.  J. S. Barrows Lots 440 W. 5. 373 & 479 W 6. $150.  C. F. Pine. Lot   W. 6 $35.  Went to Winthrop.  Stopped at Wm. Floyd’s  visited C. F. Pine & A. Wilson


Tuesday 6/14/59

Went to Boston.  Saw Br Gould on lots.  Will write me.  Sold E. Ray lot 217. W. 4 $100.  Letter from J. T. Goodin.  Went to Waltham  supper at E. A. Manning’s   Slept at Dr Douse’s.  Went to bed late.  Called on T. Hill & got letter—  at Gov Banks, not at home.


Wednesday 6/15/59

8 A. M. Called on Gov. Banks, with Dr Sherman.  Got a letter.  Made several calls.  Collected $10. 

Planned with Dr Douse on the future.  Saw the Trustee.  Rode to H. D. Warren’s, & called on E. A. Manning’s.  Wrote to L. R. Griffin  Scott Kerr & Co $100


Thursday 6/16/59

Took the Omnibus for Watertown & thence horse car to Boston.  Cloudy   Saw Gen. Wilson,--promised to send a note to 5. Cowhill.  Saw Br Hammond of Stoughton, & E. Adams.  Rec’d $100 from J. S. Barrows   Letters from J. Peterson, H. S. Ward, G. S. Park, W. E. G—answered the first three.  Went to Lynn, & spent the night with B. F. Mudge.  Pleasant visit.


Friday 6/17/59

Called on H. Newhall, & took a ride.  Wrote Wm. Claflin.  Went to Salem.  Dined with J. H. Mansfield, & sold him lot 76 a. W. 2. L. 244. W. 3. L. 280. W. 4 for $200, on conditions as agree.  Rec’d. of H. Newhall, taxes $10.25.  Proceeded on to Ipswich to C. L. Eastman’s.  Excellent visit.  Rainy night & P. M.


Saturday 6/18/59

Wrote Ellen, enclosing draft for $40.  Took a ride with Mr & Mrs Eastman.  Called at Mr Smith’s, Susan’s father.  Saw Mrs. S—fine appearing woman!  Ipswich is an old town fossilized”!  Br E—is pleasantly situated with his Ellen.  Sat up late visiting.


Sunday 6/19/59

A.M.  Preaching C. L. Eastman.  Heard a Bible class.  P.M.  sermon “What luck I yet?”  Good!  Took a collection for Manhattan Church, $14.75.  Wrote J. Denison, & Monday endorsed 2 drafts, one of $100. & the other $15. on Safety T. Bank from J. P. Magee, dated June 20th 1859.


Monday 6/20/59

Letters from Ellen, Joseph, & C. E. Blood.  Saw Dr Cupp  sold him 2 lots on A/c of Congregational church $200.  Wrote to C. E. Blood, & enclosed in letter to E. D. G—120 Acre Land Warrant for J. Kimball on a/c. of college $120.  Called on J. Field—warrant 16433 to Charles Stinson.  Wrote C. H. Payne, M. A. Weeks, Z--  Stopped at Hancock House.


Tuesday 6/21/59

Wrote J. M. Howe, & Mother.  Saw Wm. Claflin.  Spent the day mostly on account Congregational church.  Sold Lot 146 & 311. Ward 6. to A. G. Peck for $100, which I enclosed in letter to C. E. Blood.  Draft from J. Field  Went to Lynn.  Sold Henry (?)  Lot 250 W. 4. & Lot 214 W. 6 for $115  Note.  Spent the night at T. P. Richardson’s.  Rainy.


Wednesday 6/22/59

At Boston.  Saw Lee Claflin,--talk W. W. Ketchum.  Sold A. B. Wheeler Lot 183 & 243 Ward 3.  Lot 256 W 4. & 602 W. 5 for $250.  ½ in July, & ½ in 6 months.  Rode to Malden, carried by—Reading.  Borrowed of T. P. R-- $100 till I return.  Visited at Br. Steele’s, & attend class at Br D. P. Cox’s, Br. Lane.


Thursday 6/23/59

Sold D. P. Cox & wife lots 350, 474 W. 6 for $100.  Note one year.  Called on I. S. Kallock, & at Sh (?) Rich’s.  Dined at Seaman’s house.  Br Hamilton, Br Barnes.  Let Br W. Smith have 4 lots to sell for college.  Wrote to L. D. Barrows, C. F. Miller, Dr. Capp, & R. P. Waters.  Spent the night at I. S. Kallocks’s.  Interesting visit.


Friday 6/24/59

Called on Dr. J. V. C. Smith, Lee Claflin.  Bot 3. Land Warrants, 2. Allen, Neale & Co  No. 29200 & 74348. $268.80.  One from J. E. M. Gilley, 85 ½ pr acre—left it with him for security.  Bot Stereoscope 5.25.  Took the cars for E. Bridgewater.  Wrote H. D. Fisher.  Stopped with C. H. Payne.  Beautiful visit.  Saw Smith, Hall, & Weeks.  Rode in cars with A. B.Wheeler.


Saturday 6/25/59

Called at P. Townsend’s—wife & Julia.  Sold L. B. Bates Lot 315. W. 2. $100. & to N. P. Selee, 271 & 440 Ward 2, 485 W 3, & 151 W 6 Note $300.  Rebekah Hammond Lot 482 Ward 2. $100.  Note.  Called on A. B. Wheeler, N. Bemis, N. Bridgewater—took supper.  Br C. H. Payne company, all round profitable happy day.--God bless the efforts for B. C. college.  Saw & talked with Br Smith, on church & college.  Visited with Mrs P—  Wrote in my room till 11 ½ P.M.  Shower at 4 P.M.


Sunday 6/26/59

Pleasant sabbath.  A.M. sermon by C. H. Payne.  P.M.  Went with him to Bridgewater.  He preached & we took up a collection $7.80.  Eve—prayer meeting at E. B--  Took up a collection $9. for church  Called on Br Smith &c.  Sabbath passed off very finely.  I spoke twice at the collections.


Monday 6/27/59

Br Payne & my self rode to Taunton & thence the cars to Greenwich.  Examination!  Stopped at Mr. Bateman’s as usual.  Many old friends present.  Eve—Lecture by Mr Pegg.  Dined at B. house


Tuesday 6/28/59

Examination continued A.M.  P.M.  Lecture by C. C. Burleigh—“Golden Age.”  Eve—by Dr. Chapin on True Nobility!  Eloquent,  More old friends present.  A. Palmer, L. Blood.  Dined at B—house.


Wednesday 6/29/59

A. M. Exhibition.  Dined at Thomas Spencer’s.  Sold to A. Palmer Lot 120 W 2, $100.  H. S. White, 172 W. 2. 323 W 3. 151 W. 6. $200.  Eve social interview at hall.  Took tea at Mrs. Gardner’s.  Wrote Scott Kerr & Co.  Check of $100.  S. R. Griffin.


Thursday 6/30/59

Abel Gardner, Lots 485 & 486  Ward 4 for $100. cash.  Dined with Mrs. Young:  Rode to Apponaug.  Calls on W. D. Brayton, & F (?) Hill.  Mr B—Jennie & Ellen  Took tea at Mr. Howland’s.  Enclosed to Ellen Land warrant No (?) Rhoda Clough; $100. 160 Acres for Charles Barnes.  Wrote to L. R. Griffin—


Friday 7/1/59

Calls in A.M.  P.M. rode to Providence with Dr. Ingraham.  Called on P. Bennet, Mr Padelford—Dr Wilcox & spent the night with J. Seagraves after witnessing the procession of students for Burying Campbell & Whately!!


Saturday 7/2/59

Sold J. Seagraves Lots 173 & 598 W 6.  Note $100.  Conversed with Paddleford.  Dined at Dr Stevens.  Saw McDonald.  Took the Boat for Newport  spent the night with W. H. Richards.


Sunday 7/3/59

A.M.  sermon by H. I. White—“Government of God.”  Dined with him.  P.M.  sermon by W. H. Richards.  Communion, collections for our church 6.81 – 1.83, - $8.64.  Rainy Evening—quite.  Took cold in the throat.  Spoke at both meetings at Missionary prayer meeting in the evening.


Monday 7/4/59

Enclosed to J. Denison, check 2388. from City Bank, Providence, R. I. on Bank of Commerce N. Y. for $100. dated July 2nd 1859.  Wrote P. T. Kenney, & Abel Gardner.  4th in Newport—Horrible--!  Went to the Beech with H. S. White, W. H. Richards.  Dined with White & supped.  Called on Hill & Capt. Mayberry.  Spent the night at W. H. Richards.


Tuesday 7/5/59

Rode to Portsmouth on the stage.  Visit at Br Alvords.  Walks about town, Butts Hill &c.  Took tea at Br Dyer’s.  Evening 9. Called at Br Chase’s—Treat to music & singing! by the daughter—a pupil of Mrs Sarah Babcock.--$600 Piano!


Wednesday 7/6/59

Sent to J. Denison, $50 check on Bank of Commerce N. Y. from R. I. Ex—Bank, No. 1305, Jan. 28th 1859. 

10 ½ A.M. with Br Alvord & wife rode to Little Compton, R. I. Visited at I. N. Collin’s, & I spent the night at S. Whitney’s.  Pleasant.  Laid situation of Cong’l. church before Rev. Mr. Beach.


Thursday 7/7/59

Walked down to the beach with Solomon 3 miles & back.  Wrote to D. Cheney.  Called on Rev Mr Beach.  New mode of getting in hay!—Read in Tribune & wrote some.  Rested.  S. & family all well  4 children, one 2 weeks old!  Mother around.  Smart!


Friday 7/8/59

Wrote to Ellen & sent sheet of June 24th  Rode to New Bedford with Mr West.  arrived at 10. A.M.  Called on Mr Trafton.  Took dinner with Mr Pond & called on Fanny his sister.  Saw Rev. Mr. Benton  G. M. Hamblen—took tea—spent the night at Rev Mr Worthing’s—Helene’s father.  Sat up till 11. Oclock  Pleasant day, though Foggy in the morning.


Saturday 7/9/59

Called on M. Trafton, Houron, Stearns, L. S. Paine, G M Hamblen with me  P. M.  Took tea at Mr. Ward’s F. H.  Sold J. B. Husted $200. worth of lots to be selected at N. Y.—church funds $3.00.  Eve—saw Col Hutch on Professorships, at Br Houson’s.  Pleasant day.  Put up at Mansion House.


Sunday 7/10/59

Washed all over.  Saw W. G. Hawkins.  A.M. sermon by M Trafton, “Fields are ready to Harvest.”  P.M. sermon by Dr. Stearns, collection K. church $10.32.  Took tea with the Dr.  Evening.  Prayer meeting Allen St. church  collections $5.00.  Pleasant sabbath  Busy—warm  Engaged Lots to J. B. Husted $200. to be selected.  M. Trafton $200.


Monday 7/11/59

Called J. S. Tillingbost, who introduced me to Mr J. Arnold,--millionaire.  ½ hour’s conversation on B. C. college.  Called on Br J. D. Butler, & C. H. Worthing.  cars to Fall River.  Sold Caroline E. Gould Lot (?) W (?) $100.  Spent the night at Ivan Smith’s.


Tuesday 7/12/59

Took the Boat for Providence.  Saw Mr. Padelford, Dr Wilcox, &c.  Went to Pawtucket, --spent the night at Horace M. Lee’s, Sarah Harris:  Very warm.  Saw P. Bennet, Dr Sabin, R. H. Conklin.  Called with Mr Padelford to see Dr Wayland.  Not at home.  Dined with Br Wright.


Wednesday 7/13/59

Saw Dr. Wayland,--home charity!  Called on John Carter Brown,  (?)  Mr Sanford, Solomon Arnold,  Dined at N. R. Wright’s, Kansas chum!  Saw Dr Stevens $50.  sick.  Rain, went to Greenville & visited Mr (?)  Dr. Wilcox.  Spent the night at Greenville.


Thursday 7/14/59

Ret’d. to Providence.  Dined at T. Ely’s  Called on E. B. Bradford, &c.  Mr. Padelford.  1 ½ P.M. went to E. G--  several calls on old friends   7 ½ P.M.  took the cars for N. Y.  9. P.M. the Boat--sick on the passage—Diarhea.—


Friday 7/15/59

Arrived in N. York.  Sent L. W. 160. A. 52,353 to J Denison, from John Randall & 120 W. No. 65,627 from Wm Anderson to E. D. Goodnow, for E. P. Webber.  Letters from E. D. G.  W. E. B. 2. J. Denison, Dr. Capp, P. T. Kenney, C. E. Blood, W. F. Mallalien, 2. L. R. Th— Scott, Kerr & Co. & L. R. G-- , R. P. Waters, M. A. D--, O. S. Howe $50. enclosed.  Spent the night at C. Shaffer’s. “B. C. College”


Saturday 7/16/59

Rained all day.  Took up a note of $1000.  Continental Bank, Br Carlton,  Wrote D Cheney, & L. D. Barrows, & sent note of $1000.  to the last, for drafts.  Letter from Carrie Miller.  Went to South Orange with D. B. Donslow—Louise Staples!—to spend the Sabbath.


Sunday 7/17/59

Wrote P. T. Kenney & W. F. Mallalien,--enclosing Notes.  A.M. Pres—church, Abby Hutchinson’s  P.M.  Episcopalian church.  Pleasant warm day.


Monday 7/18/59

Went into N. Y—several calls on account of Cong’l. church—spent all the A.M. in this.  P.M. had my teeth filled and one root extracted my very old friend Goodell.  Took tea with his family.  Spent the night in Mr Howe’s Office.  Not well—wakeful—Diarhea.


Tuesday 7/19/59

Enclosed to J. Denison 160 Acre L. W. No. 29.200 for John Kimball in behalf of Wm. E. Goodnow.  The name of Kimball Riley Co on it.  Sent to Scott Kerr & Co. a check of $100.  to E. D. Goodnow  a check of $40 from City Bank Providence on Bank of Commerce N. Y.  Wrote L. R. Thayer.  Went to Passaic, spent the night at J. M Howe’s.  sick a little.  took medicine from E. B. Jenkins (?) & Fanny.  Good.


Wednesday 7/20/59

Wrote A. Gardner, J. B. Husted, C. Shaffer  J. R. Ames, J. B Gould, J. Brooks. 

Called on Denslow.  Spent the night at M. Staple’s,  Williamsburg.  Sold him Lots 489 & 490 W 4  547 W 1 for $220 cash


Thursday 7/21/59

Went back to N. Y.  Calls &c.  Dined at A. D. Gales’s.  Bought medicine & fixings, not very well.  6. P.M.  Took the Stonington Boat.  Did not sleep very well.  Wakeful.  Arrived in Stonington at 2 Oclock A M.


Friday 7/22/59

Took the 6. A.M. train for Mystic to visit Nellie Harris, now Mrs D. W. Denison.  Got there to Breakfast.  11. A.M.  Went to a Picnic in the grove 2 miles up the river-- .  Sailed in a boat.  Pleasant time.  Noyce!  Wrote Ellen.  Visit in the Eve with Nellie.


Saturday 7/23/59

Enclosed in Ellen’s letter certificate Deposit Am. Ex. Bank N. Y.  No. 379.  $100, for J. D. & one 380. Da. July 21. $100 for herself.  Called at Westerly 2 hours on Mr. Ellis  Reached E—G—6. P.M.  Saw Mr Arnold in the cars, &c  Hat—shoeman.  Eve—called on Dr (?)  E. R. Pennoyer.  Bot. Pants & vest.  Spent the night at Br B—s after a call at Mr Sissons with J & E.


Sunday 7/24/59

A.M. sermon by R. Donkersley, on the “visitation of Christ.”  P.M. By the same.  Wrote Stephen French, Benj’n. H— came took tea with us.  Saw Mr Hawkins & Vaughn, Wm. Mitchell 102. Broad Street, P—Cunningham Crockery Store.


Monday 7/25/59

Went to Providence   Saw Mitchell & Abby.  Saw R. H. Conklin.  On to Boston.  Letters L. D. B.  C. E. Blood, 2, C. B. Peckam, J. M. Munick  W. R. C.  J. B. H.  J. Pet--  S. Kerr & Co.,  A. Palmer, C. E. Gould, N. P. Selee  Z-- , J. D. & Ellen.  Wrote Z— A. S. Maury.  Saw J. E. M. Gilley, A. B. Wheeler &c.  Rode to Lynn, called on T. P. R., W. R. Clark.  Took tea at H. Newhall’s & spent the night there.  Pleasant.  Went to bed at 10 ¾ P.M.


Tuesday 7/26/59

Ret’d. to Boston.  Wrote C. E. Blood enclosing Draft for $100 on American Ex—Bank from Field, for Lots 395 & 440 W. 6. Cong’l.  Lots, to J. A. Capp.  Wrote J Denison enclosing 160 Acre L. W. No. 84,820  Benj’n. B. Carney.  Bot of J. E. M. Gilley.  Went to Chelsea.  Saw several old friends.  Eve  went to Mt Auburn & called at H G Hawkins—Hannah—to Waltham & stopped with E. A. Manning.  Rainy Evening.


Wednesday 7/27/59

Went with Br. Barnes to Dorchester & called at Mr Hawes.  Saw L-- & C. Howe.  view from top of church.  Eve—went to hear the (?) perform   Put up at the Hancock house.  Did not sleep, but little.  Printing press going most of the night


Thursday 7/28/59

Went to Mt. Auburn—L—5 hours.  Excellent tour, Dinner, &c.  Went out to Waltham & called on Dourse, who went with me to Geo.  Lawton’s on college business.  No success for the present!  Letters from W. E. G.  A. Griffin &c  Letter to E. D. G.  2 drafts $100 & 50, Safety Fund Bank, J. P. Magee July 27, No. 113-114?


Friday 7/29/59

Cars for Boston.  Called on Stewart, Wheeler—business—Saw  Smith W.  Went to Malden, stopped with D. P. Cox.  Wrote L. R. Griffin, W. Marlatt, J. Capin.  Enclosed to Marlatt $100.  Draft on Safety F. Bank No 112, Date July 27th 1859, wrote A. B. Wheeler.  Called on Dr. Webb.—Talk about J. C. Brous


Saturday 7/30/59

Called on Br Haven  Dr. J. V. C. Smith.  Saw A. B. Wheeler.  Wrote G. W. Querreau, saw Rust, Cobleigh & Prof. Lane.  11. A.M.  Took the cars for Fitchburg.  Got a Pass to Greenfield & return.  Went to E. Templeton & visited Ann & Mr. French.  All well.  Talked till 12. P.M.  Beautiful day.


Sunday 7/31/59

Talked 5 hours, on a tour to Frazer’s River by S. French, Jr.  Wrote some & rested.  Called on Thomas T. Greenwood, --Octagonal House,-- a spiritualist—Went to bed early, & slept sweetly.  A pleasant shady day


Monday 8/1/59

Wrote J. P. Magee.  Called at chair factory.  Saw Mr Leland a Kansas Man, &c.  Rode on to Greenfield.  Mr. French & Ann accompanied me to the Depot, &c.  Wrote Wm. B. Stearns.  Went with Carleton to Layden & visited A. J. Budington’s.  Sent letters to Ellen & Magee.  Went to bed late.


Tuesday 8/2/59

Cloudy.  Rode with C. B. to J. B. Denison’s & sold him Lots 346 & 347. W. 4, $100. Rainy.  Good visit.  Ret’d. to J. B’s to tea & in the Eve—rode down with J. B—to visit or call on A. Budington.  Maria sick.  A. B—gone.  Great changes in the family.  Lonesome.  Ret’d. to J. B-- & spent the night.  Did not sleep well from toothache.


Wednesday 8/3/59

Sent to J. Denison 2 drafts from F. County Bank Greenfield Ms on Continental Bank N. Y. 1888 & 1889. $100. & one $25. Aug 3rd  Went to Greenfield & had a tooth Dr.   Called on N B Merrill & then came on to Colerain, J. Budington bringing me.  Shower on the way.  Pleasant visit with Hiram & David.  J. B— Ret’d. to Layden.


Thursday 8/4/59

Went to the village to see D. K. Merrill,-- absent.  Looked over papers! &c  P.M. 4 ¼ O.clock, started with David D—to visit Whitingham.  Rain, delays—arrived 8 ½ P.M.  found Wm. there.  All well.  Good reception.  Went to bed late.


Friday 8/5/59

Walked to the spring & over the farm with mother in the P.M.  took a ride 3 miles.  Called on Murdock &c.  Ret’d. home to tea.  Looked over business with Wm. &c  Music on Melodeon by Albert Lowery.


Saturday 8/6/59

With David & William started for Colerain.  Stopped at Jacksonville & bought 120 Warrant of James Roberts 80 cts pr acre, No. 74.844.  Called at Smeads.  Went to the village.  At Winchester saw J. H. Gaylord & wife with D. K. Merrill, John Clough & Lady, Mr & Mrs Dr Smith, Jane Thompson.  Wrote to L. H. Whitney to send plan of college, also to Carrie Miller.  Pleasant comfortable day.  Ret’d. to Mr Denison at 9. P.M.


Sunday 8/7/59

Wrote to Ellen.  Preaching A.M. & P.M. by D. K. Merrill.  Dined & supped at Mr Wetherheads, with David & Wm. called at Mr. Thompson’s, Dr Smith’s, Steven Gaines, & R. Smith’s.  Visited Graveyard.  Wrote in the evening.


Monday 8/8/59

Wrote to Ellen, enclosing Land Warrant 74.844 for 120 A. issued to James Roberts, War of 1812 (at Greenfield,Ms.)  Enclosed to J Denison draft of $150. on Ketchum, Howe & Co. N. York from Stafford Bank, Ct.  No. 608, date June 6th 1859.  Duplicate.  Met Cobleigh, & Blair.  Letters 2, Z.  Went to Lynn to Wm. A. Braman’s, High Rock Band, & the Hutchinson family singers!  Great treat!  Up late.


Tuesday 8/9/59

Wrote Mrs (?) Bateman.  Borrowed of W. A. Braman $150.  Letter from Quereau, J. Denison & Ellen, 3. Scott, Kerr, & Co.  A. Kurry, J. Capen, (Dr Webb,--saw)  Sent to J. Denison, Land warrant, 84.065, of 160 Acres, issued to Prudence Nichols, Oct 23’d. 1858.  J. W. Dadman, Com’r. Through E. D. D. to J Denison, L. warrant No. 84.930 issued to Eliz’th. Mayo. 160 Acres.  Rode with Mr & Mrs Braman to Boston.  Ret’d by way of Medford, Malden, &c. & stopped with Br Braman.


Wednesday 8/10/59

Went to Boston.  Made a contract for $400 worth of apparatus for Quereau.  Went with S. W. Lewis to M. Vineyard.  Wrote L—at N. B.  Sermon by Mr.Colby  Wrote to Quereau.

Slept in E. G. tent with S. G. Allen.


Thursday 8/11/59

Wrote to L. J. Webber, enclosing draft from F. County Bank, on Continental Bank, N. Y. for $23.10.  Wrote A. A. Harris, J. Capen.  A. M. Sermon by Dr. Park.  P. M. W. McDonald.  Eve  Br Cogswell, considerable talk but no execution!  Stopped with C. Banning in Phenix tent.


Friday 8/12/59

A.M. sermon F. Upham.   P.M. J A J. Chapman.  Eve G. Haven.  Sold Lots 383 & 384 W. 5 - $100. to N. R. Easton.  Bathed in Old Ocean!  Grand!  Braman & Hannaford arrived.


Saturday 8/13/59

Rainy day.  Meetings in the tent.  Sold to Job Gardner Jr. Lots 668 & 669 W. 3. - $100.  Letter to Ellen.  Letters from C. E. Blood, J. Bailey—Wrote J. Bailey.   Preaching in the tents.


Sunday 8/14/59

An Ocean Bath with Br Sanford from Putnam, Ct.  A.M. sermon by Rev. (?)   P.M. by J. B. Gould, Eve by A. McKeown, Prof.  Lane &c, Roxana,Mrs Howard, Eliza (?) --Jennie Jones, S. C. Allen, Irene Wood.  Warm sunny day.  Prof. Blair  Br Alvord.


Monday 8/15/59

Sold to M. P. Alderman, & Lucy, Lot 243 W. 3. 256 W. 4. & 602 W. 5. - $50.  Preaching A.M. J. L. Hannaford.  P.M. A Latham, Eve Dr Cushman.—Judgement! thrillingC. Titus!  J. A. M.  Chapman,  High, Dadmun, Warren, &c.  Took a bath.


Tuesday 8/16/59

Called early on Alderman, Chapman, Richards, Rec’d. From Gould $100 Alderman $25.  Walk with H. Baylin.  Beautiful view of the Ocean.  B. C. College?  Sold Baylin Lot 321 W. 1. $100.  Preaching S. F. Upham.


Wednesday 8/17/59

Sold J. B. Gould L. 207. W 2. L. 377 W 4. L. 539. W. 5. - $200.  Mr Staple, Worthing, &c, Jennie Jones, E. K. D--  Mrs. Ballou & Holmes.  sermons by Howson, Mead & J. E. Gifford  H. S. White.  Sold Eliza A. Ballou, Lot 271 Ward 6. - $50.


Thursday 8/18/59

Sold to Lucinda A. West Lot 170 W. 3 – 100.  577 W 3, 77 & 78 W 6 for $150. 

W. C. H. cash $100.  Left the C. Ground & came to Boston. 

Letters from W. E. G.  J. Gardner, &c.  A. Harris  Wrote some.  $100 draft from J. Gardner.


Friday 8/19/59

Sold Lot 192 W 3 to Prof. J. A. Dean.  Went to Waltham.  G. M. Steele.  Spent the night, after calling on Mr Horne.  Wrote Wm. & J. Gardner.


Saturday 8/20/59

Had a tooth filled.  Went to Boston.  Sold to J. A. Deane Lots 377 & 378, W. 4 - $150.  Note.  Called on A. A. Lawrence, & Dr. Webb.  L. R. Thayer.  Had a hat fixed, &c.  Saw J. W. Smith, Tobeth?  Saw Wightman, &c.  Borrowed $700 of J. P. Magee for college, one month.  Went to Lynn & spent the night with H. E. Hemstead!  (H. Merrill) an old Wil—student.


Sunday 8/21/59

A.M. preaching by Br Hemstead, “Pleasant places”!  P.M. by Wm. H. Hatch, “Fearful thing—living God.”  Love feast in Br Ames church.  Eve—collection 2.70 for Manhattan church.  Spent the night at J. A. Ames’  Excellent family.


Monday 8/22/59

Sent to J. Denison 2 drafts $100 each.  Also through Marlatt $100.  S. F. B. from J. P. Magee.  Went to Salem.  Visited Marine Museum.  Dined with Mansfield.  Went to N. Beverly.  Visit with R. P. Waters.—triumphs of Patience--, God’s hand in the affairs of B. C. college  Took tea with him.  carried me to Depot.  Went to Ipswich & spent the night with Br Eastman  Letters to N. R. Easton.


Tuesday 8/23/59

Called on “Lizzie”! on the road to Hamilton camp meeting.  Fine grounds—lots of old friends!  Fine weather  sermons by Herrick  McCurdy, & Dearborn.  Wrote A. A. Harris, W. F. Harrington.  Enclosed in letter to E. D. G—2 drafts 151 & 152 $50 each, for J. Denison for college.  Stopped at Malden tent.  Slept well beside D. P. Cox.


Wednesday 8/24/59

Foggy.  A.M.  Sermon by G. F. Cox.  “Tree is known by its fruits.”  P.M.  W. R. Clark.  Letters from J. M. Merrick - $200.  M. P. Alderman - $25.  Carrie Miller   J. Bailey, W. E. G--  Wrote J. M. Merrick, M. P. Alderman,  T. H. Webb.  Evening Dr Cushman, “Wages of sin”  J. F. Barnes $6.  Rainy night.  Slept sweetly.


Thursday 8/25/59

Rainy day!  Preaching in the tents all day & Evening.  Hurd, Crafts, Hartwell, & D. B. Randall.  Wrote to L. W. Blood & Rev. N. Trafton.  Wrote to L. W. Blood


Friday 8/26/59

Preaching by L. R. Thayer, M. L. Scudder.  Congregation 10.000.  Sold H. H. Hartwell  $300. worth of Lots  Franklin Furber $100.  N. A. Soule $200.  E. O. Phinney $100.  Went to Mr. Smith’s Eve—with Br Loomis wife, & Sarah &c after preaching by H. W. Warren.  Splendid day & magnificent congregation.  The great day of the feast, & successful with me.  Letter & $10 from Benj’n. Holman.


Saturday 8/27/59

Ret’d to camp meeting.  Closed up my business & left at 10 A.M. for Marblehead.  Talk with Nathan Chase.  Met with Agnes Talbot, husband & sister.  Put up with Br Osgood  Look around Marblehead with him & Br Breare.  Took tea with Br Sturtevent’s at Mr Wm. Shepherd’s.  Fine visit.  Stopped over night with Rev Osgood.  Talk on Kansas.


Sunday 8/28/59

10 A.M. spoke to the Sabbath school, & the sermon by Br Osgood.  P.M. sermon by Br Osgood, & collection of $16. for M. church.  6 P.M. Out door Temperance meeting at Ft  (?)  --spoke 10 minutes  Eve took tea with Br Sturtevent & prayer meeting in the Evening.  Interesting day.  Aurora Borealis.  Beautiful like June 25th 1837!


Monday 8/29/59

Called at Lynn & on to Boston.  Letters from D. A. Denison, Ellen, Joseph, & L-- & W. P. Hyde.  Wrote W. P. Hyde, D. A. Denison, A. B. Wheeler, Solomon Whitney, T. Bateman.  Call on Mr Clark & Field.  Paid Magee $290.  Enclosed to Ellen $30 draft for church.  Went to Waltham, stopped with E. A. Manning  Called on Dr Dourse.


Tuesday 8/30/59

Went to Groten Junction.  Wrote waiting for cars 4 hours.  Went to Sterling camp meeting.  Met with & spent the night with H. S. Ward.  Mary,--


Wednesday 8/31/59

Sold lots to I. B. Bigelow, J. W. P. Jordan  H. P. Latchwell.  Left at 1 ½ P.M. for W. Killingly, arrived at 7 ½ P.M.  Supped & slept with S. W. Blood.  Rainy night


Thursday 9/1/59

5000 people!  P.M. took up a collection for Manhattan church $73.50.  Miscellaneous conversation.  Eve—went home with Mr Lockwood—K—man! & spent the night.  Phelps


Friday 9/2/59

Sold to Robert Parsons Lot 672 W. 1, $75.  To B. M. Walker Lots 33 & 204, W 1, 488 W 2, 115 W 4 & 660 W. 5 - $300.00.  Notes, Mariette Loomis, J. Horne, Phebe, (?) Edwin, & Irving Bartholomew.  Mrs.  Francis.  Love feast.  Good meeting.  P. Hawks.


Saturday 9/3/59

Parting sermon—shaking of hands!  Singing!  Old students!  Left at 8 ¼ A.M. with N. Goodrich for Colchester, 35 miles.  Called on a little boy 4 years old with enlarged head!  Arrived at C—4 ¾ P.M. Eve—called on Rev. Mr. Curtis, made arrangements for collection.  Called on Br Wheeler.  Bargained  away $300 worth of lots to Br G— Long talk  went to bed at 11. P.M.


Sunday 9/4/59

Rainy in the night.  A.M. sermon by Rev Mr Curtis.  P.M. by Rev. N. Goodrich.  Dined at Br. Wheeler’s.  Supped at Rev Mr. Curtis’ conversed on K—affairs  Eve—collection at Cong’l. Church $8.93. P.M. at Methodist $4.25.  Profitable sabbath.


Monday 9/5/59

Took the stage for Norwich.  Met I. A. Bailey.  Rec’d. of B. Parsons $75 for Lot, W. 1. Saw F. Upham, who helped me to a Free Pass.  Met Lockwood, Deane . At Worcester took stage to Shrewsbury.  Put up with H. G. Richardson.  Donation $50.  Mrs. Stubbs & Wilson.  English Ladies.  Called on H. P. Latchwell.  Slept finely.


Tuesday 9/6/59

Mrs. R—took me to the Depot.  Went to Boston—seeing L. Claflin by the way  Gave me $250.  Letters from T. Farber, I. Gardner, N. P. Soule, E. O. Phinney, J. B. H.  Wrote to E. D. G. enclosing draft $90 for church & $100 college.  Saw Br Emerson—lots.  pd Magee $600 cash.  Br W. Smith dined with me.  5. P.M. took the cars for New Market C. Meeting.  Ambrose.  Slept with H. H. Hartwell.


Wednesday 9/7/59

Met Ward, Furber, Osgood, Ingals  Wrote some.  Pleasant.  Saw L. D. Barrows.  Operated with preliminaries for college  Doubtful!  Slept with H. S. Ward!  rested well  Sold Henry Chandler Lot 286 W. 1 - $50.


Thursday 9/8/59

Tried Committee for collection & failed!  Wrote Marlatt. enclosing Draft of $100. L. Claflin, H & L. Bank, Boston, to pay (?)   Labored with prospective success on college business.  Some excellent friends.  Br Osgood, Furbur, Ward.  Dr McCarty, who invited me to spend the Sabbath at Lawrence, Dr Ba (?)


Friday 9/9/59

6 ¼ A.M.  Left the ground for Lynn by way of Salem.  Arriving at 9 ¼ A.M.  Dined with W. R. Clark after quite a talk on Kansas, Ed’c. & Religion!  Sold P. P. Tapley L. 25  W 1 - $50.  Called on P. Newhall, Richardson, Mrs. Sanborn, Mrs. Crowell; took tea with J. S. Hannaford, & spent the night at H. Newhalls’s.


Saturday 9/10/59

Called on Br Braman & several others.  Dined at T. P. Richardson’s.  Business calls on P. Newhall, &c, N. D. Chase.  3 ½ P.M.  Left for Lawrence by way of Salem.  Called on W. C. Prescott.  Band of Music to Lawrence—fine!  Arrived at Br. McCarty’s 6. P.M.  A welcome reception.  Pleasant visit.  Rainy evening.


Sunday 9/11/59

Cloudy morning.  Preaching A M & P.M. by Rev. McCarty.  A collection was taken up in the P.M. for Manhattan church $15.73.  Went & took tea with D. Ambrose.  Prayer meeting in H. H. Hartwell’s church.  Interesting.  Spent the night with my old friend Ambrose.


Monday 9/12/59

Br. McCarty agrees to buy a lot.  Talk of college interests.—satisfactory.  Went to Melrose & sold George Emerson $200 worth of Lots & made several other calls with J. C. Ingalls, who entertained me very agreeably through the day & over night.  Called on Taylor, Barker, E. O. Phinney &c.


Tuesday 9/13/59

Letters from Ellen, Henry L. D., J. Den— C. Huntress, W. H. Richards, Z-- 

Wrote Z--  T. Bateman, J. B. Husted  R. P. Waters, Ellen with $50 draft—calls  Temperance meeting, Alliance Historical Lecture, visited at & spent the night at J. T. Kallock’s.


Wednesday 9/14/59

Bank stock N. Goodrich, 3 shares, 301.50  Wrote N. Bemis, E. D. Goodnow with draft of $100. for college.  Called on Dr. Webb & at Historical room.  Saw Rev Bailey.  Went to Br Collins to tea & to board.  Visit with them & Br King &c.  Wrote Rev. Fisher, H. 

Frosty night


Thursday 9/15/59

Called on Wm. Claflin &c.  Saw T. M. Smith, Marney girl!  Call with W. Smith  Talk with G. Haven, & Rev. C. Andrews of Maine on Lots will decide soon.  Cool.


Friday 9/16/59

Miscellaneous work.  Wrote J. S. Laman. 

P.M.  Went to Malden.  Prayer meeting.  Stopped with D. Steele  Called on G. Haven & son.


Saturday 9/17/59

Rainy day.  Rec’d & answered letters.  3. P.M.  Went to Trombly’s Worcester.  Spent the night.  Mr. Evans, D.


Sunday 9/18/59

A.M. sermon by J. H. S--  P.M.  Walked 8 miles to see Mallalien, at Grafton.  Glad to see me.  Collection, church $6.10.  Mr Evans’ family.


Monday 9/19/59

Ret’d. to Boston.  J. F. Chaffee!  Eve—visited I. Rich with S. R. Thayer,--impression made but nothing decisive.  Stopped at Dr. Collin’s--  slept on sofa.  Letters from Ellen.  Wrote C. Andrews, M. P. Alderman, Jennie Bateman.


Tuesday 9/20/59

Wrote A. F. Baily.  Papers to Z--  Letters from N. Bemis.  Sent T. Shattuck draft $9.70, S. F. B.  Sent L. H. Whitney draft, $96.80 S. F. B. for James Roberts.  Sold Lot 358 W. 6. N. B. Clark, cash 20, note $30.  Several calls. 

Went to East Boston & stopped with T. W. Lewis.  Class meeting in the evening.  Fanny Coulter!


Wednesday 9/21/59

Wrote J. O. Gould, J. B. Husted.  Ex—of lots with M. Trafton--&c  Letter from W. E. G-- & J. O. Gould $200 Letter to E. D. G—draft No. 177 & 178. $100 & 75. half on [MS. illegible] Phillips & Kallock.  Spent the night with J. S. Hannaford.  Rainy night & day.


Thursday 9/22/59

Called on W. R. Clark, Wm. A. Braman  Dined at B. F. Mudge’s.  Call upon N. D. Chase, H. Newhall.  With W. R. Clark took tea with Isaac Newhall, & stopped with Br Clark over night.  Talk with him on college Presidency & agency.  Rainy day & night.


Friday 9/23/59

Long talk with N. D. Chase, Paul Newhall, H. Newhall.  Call on Mrs. Sanborn, &c.  Dined with W. A. Braman.  Letters from Marlatt, Denison, Z--  W. P. Hyde 40 – 120 – 120. L. Warrants.  H. H. Hartwell, cash $300.  Called on Dr. Webb, R. P. Waters  J. M. S. Williams.  Wrote A. F. Bailey to return T. B.  Wrote C. E. Blood, Z--  Bargained with P. Newhall for $850 worth of Lots.


Saturday 9/24/59

Talk with Chase, Webb, &c  W. Phillips, J. W. Smith, G. L. Stearns, H. Newhall, T. P. Richardson & Eve attended the concert.  Gilmore’s Band with Mrs Collins.  Fine.


Sunday 9/25/59

J. W. F. Barnes, John XII, --36  A.M. sermon at Mariner’s Church.  Wrote C. E. Blood, H. H. Hartwell, L—H. Baylies. 

P.M. Sermon by Kallok “Ye are my witnesses.”  3000!  Eve—went out & stopped with my friend W. E. Woodward.  Cloudy.


Monday 9/26/59

Met a large number of preachers at P.—meeting, Boston.  Quite a number of calls.  Eve  went home with J. P. Mayer.  Called on Mr Sprague &c & spent the night with Br Sprague.  Dr Taylor out.  Saw I. Rich.


Tuesday 9/27/59

Met Dr Webb, & R. R. Waters, &c.  Everetts Oration on Webster.  Left Boston & came to Pawtucket, & spent the night with S. F. Upham.


Wednesday 9/28/59

Went to Providence.  Saw P. Hawks  Dined with P. Bennet.  Took tea with P. Hawks & spent the night at Dr Fabyan’s.  Pleasant visits with old friends.  Called on Dr. Stevens.  Note $45.  Wm. McDonald.


Thursday 9/29/59

Dined with Eliza Aylsworth & with her called on Adaline.  Dr. Wilcox gave me $15. to pay taxes in Manhattan.  Went to E G-- & spent the night at Mr Bateman’s.  Jennie—(?)


Friday 9/30/59

Went with Jennie & Mrs. B—to Newport by boat.  Called on H. S. White--$30.  on W. H. Richards who gave up lots & I notes.  Dined with Mr. Hill.  Ret’d. to G—at 3. P.M. & went back again to Newport with Mr Fourjee & spent the night with him at Newport.


Saturday 10/1/59

Bargained with Eben Foujee for $200. worth of lots.  Went to Providence making several calls, & returning to E-- G-- at 1 ½ P.M.  Several calls & went to D. Howland’s to tea with Jennie & Mrs. B—


Sunday 10/2/59

Rainy.  A.M. sermon by Mr Donkersly, “Brotherly Love.”  Communion.  P.M. Called on Maggie, T. G. Allen, Greene, Dr, Dr. Wheeler  Tapley, &c.  Chat with Mr. Bateman & family.


Monday 10/3/59

Attended Prayers at the Academy.  Called on Pennoyer, Talbot, Graves, D. C. Kenyon, &c.  Sold him 470 W 1. & 382. W 4 - $125.  Took the girls out to ride on the (?)!  in the evening.


Tuesday 10/4/59

Took the 10 A.M. Train for Kingston.  Went to Peace Dale & visited J. A. Brown.  P.M.  Went to Arcadia—Mr Harris  & Little “Addie.”  Excellent visit.  Sat up late.


Wednesday 10/5/59

Walk with L—Addie.  P.M.  Went to Mystic Bridge with Mrs Harris calling at Westerly on the way.  Stillman, Denison!  With D. W. Denison visit to Upper Mystic—Festival!  L. Warren’s  Spent the night at D. W. Denison’s  Call on A. Palmer.


Thursday 10/6/59

Went to New Avalon & Gales Ferry.  Saw Miss J. A. Bailey on Kansas, decided to go.  Mayor Harris of N. London.  Return to Mystic to Mr Denison’s.  Mrs J. B. Gould, Miss Palmer.  Took the Stonington Boat for New York


Friday 10/7/59

New York at 6. A.M.  Called on Br Thorne.  Letters from Julia C.  E. D. G--  Z.  T. Shattuck, W. E. G—J. B. Gould, L. A. West  Nancy Cheney.  Called on G. Denison.  Letter from B. M. Walker with draft for $300.  Wrote B. M. W.  L. A. W.  J. G—J.  G—Jr.


Saturday 10/8/59

Miscellaneous calls &c on O. Judd  D. B. Denslow &c  Dined with them.  Visit with A. J. Mead & G. Denison.  Sent to T. A. Hendricks 120 & a 40 Acre L. Warrant issued to Job Hyde, to be approved & returned to the care of R. Allyn  Cincinnati, O.  Went home with O. Judd & spent the night at Flushing.


Sunday 10/9/59

A.M. sermon by Goodsell.  P.M.  Sabbath school.  Eve wrote & read.  Wrote Ellen, W. E. Par (?)  James Ells, Z—&c.  Rainy night.


Monday 10/10/59

Rainy morning.  Went to New York.  Called on O. Judd, J. M. Howe, Fitzgerald--  Also on Dr. Badger.  Called on S. Greene 2 hours. 

Spent the night at J. M. H’s office.


Tuesday 10/11/59

Engaged a seal for college $6.  Bought a trunk $5.25  suit of clothes $38, overcoat $13. sack $12. vest $3. do $4. & pants $6.  Saw, Phinney & Barnes on Books.  Met W. H. Woodbury.  Stopped with Hiram Dayton  wife Mary A. Sparks.  (?)_Staples!


Wednesday 10/12/59

Miscellaneous calls on business.  Dinner with W. H. Woodbury.  Wrote David Denison  Spent the night at Br Howe’s.


Thursday 10/13/59

Packed my trunks.  Saw Ivison, Woodbury, & Barnes, Dr Hass, Prof. J. A. Deane, & Br James P. Magee, Wheeler, Spaulding an old student, Grover & Bunker, Sewing Machine.  Spent the night.  A. D. Gale.  Wrote  (?)


Friday 10/14/59

Wrote J. A. Bailey.  Left for Phil. 7. A.M.  Saw Work, Cook & Co. on forged draft.  Free Pass from Mr Thompson to Pittsburg.  Called on Dr Chambers.  Walk with Wm. McCouch.  Old State house, F &  (?)  !  Took the cars for Pittsburg at 10 ¾ P.M.—sleeping car.  Rode all night.


Saturday 10/15/59

Took breakfast at Altoona.  Arrived in Pittsburg 1 ½ P.M.—being delayed by freight train off the track for an hour.  Went to P. F. college.  s—Prof. J. H. Knowles.  Saw J—n, wife & son.  No vision!  Letter from Ellen & Marlatt, C. E. Blood.


Sunday 10/16/59

A.M. sermon by Rev. Paxton.  P.M.—called on J--.  Eve—sermon by Rev. Wilson.  Called on L-- &c  Dream.—L.


Monday 10/17/59

            Called on Kramer, Stewart, J—n  Dined at Mr Johnson’s  Night  (?)


Tuesday 10/18/59

            Free Pass.  Dufey & Potts.  Left with J—for Zenia.  Sleeping car, &c.


Wednesday 10/19/59

Arrived in Zenia 4 ½ A.M.  Walked out to L. Cheney’s, & visited.  P.M. with Emma & Lucy Cheney rode to Wilberforce & saw Br Rust.  4 ¾ Left for Cincinnati, & put up at Br R—Allyn’s 379 John Street, cor. Clark  Letters from L. Office.  Dr. McCarty  J. H.


Thursday 10/20/59

Called on Col. Davis  Dr Vattier, &c.  Letter from J. A. Bailey.  Wrote Carrie Misler.  Eve—Republican meeting.  Speeches, Gov (?) Gov. Dennison, (?)  &c.


Friday 10/21/59

Made calls on Hollingshead, Davis & Vattier, &c.  Saw Br. Wolfe, &c  Excitement on Harper’s Ferry.


Saturday 10/22/59

Calls &c.  Letters from A. A. Harris, Z.--  Letter to Z--  Went to Depot at 7 ½, 10 ¾ P M. to visit Miss B--  disappointment, Went into Museum,  Exercise.


Sunday 10/23/59

Went at 7 ¼ to Depot,--visited till 9 ½ A.M., & Miss Bailey came.  Took her to V’s Hotel & took breakfast with her.  A.M. preaching by H. M. Stors.  P.M. by Dr. Boynton with Miss B—


Monday 10/24/59

Prayers at W. F. College.  Final visit with Col. Davis, &c.  Wrote to Z--  Took tea at Br A’s with Miss B--  8 ½ P.M.  Left for St. Louis.  Did not sleep hardly at all.


Tuesday 10/25/59

Breakfasted at Vincennes, Dined at S (?).  Stopped at Lebanon to visit Cobleigh & Blair.  Mrs B--   & sick.  Took tea with Mrs. Chamberlain, & visited the College.


Wednesday 10/26/59

Dined at Mr Hypes’ & left for St. Louis, arriving at 3. P.M.  Put up at King’s Hotel.  Called on Rich, &c.  Visited with Miss B—


Thursday 10/27/59

Looked at (?), Stones, &c.  Saw Brooks, &c, Mudge, Dr. Williams, Noyes, Eve—walked out with Miss B—


Friday 10/28/59

Bot Groceries, (?), & shoes, & at 4. P.M. left for Leavenworth in steamer W. H. Russell.  river low!  Slept well.  Pleasant weather.


Saturday 10/29/59

2 miles above Washington—stuck on a rock or snagg 20 hours--  Mr. Emerson & bride.  wrote a little & read some  a little cold.  Pleasant day.  Some danger of knocking a hole in the boat.  Passengers afraid.


Sunday 10/30/59

Did not sleep well last night.  at 11 ¾ A.M. rock was cleared.  3. P.M. sermon by Rev. P. Funk in the Ladies cabin.  Pleasant.  Slow progress, but pleasant company.


Monday 10/31/59

Progressing very slowly among sand bars & snags.  Arrived near the mouth of the Osage 164 miles from St. Louis.  Pleasant company aboard the boat.  Capt. Kenny, Clerk, Porter, Pilot—Massie.  Good.  Sketch drawing.


Tuesday 11/1/59

At Jefferson City 174 miles from St. Louis, went on shore with Mr. Emerson & Lady & walked over the city & myself & Mrs Bailey went into the state Prison.  450 prisoners.  Took on board lumber.  Miss B—out of patience!  Myself tried--, explanation did not answer at first—after tea (?) expression of satisfaction, Progress slow--  Rocheport.


Wednesday 11/2/59

At Boonville 224, Capt left—his home.  Walk on deck & visit in the Pilot house with Emerson & Lady.  Wrote S. D. Barrows, Mother, A. A. Harris, T. Bateman.  Put them in office at Glascow, where we walked.


Thursday 11/3/59

Brunswick  pleasant.  2 miles above—lay 4 hours against the bank wind bound.  Dusty—awful!  Moonlight--  night excursion—pleasant,--initiation.--  Meteors!


Friday 11/4/59

Passed Waverly—early.  Berlin.  Mrs B—bad cold!  Feel a little worried!  At Lexington—got boneset Mrs B--  Telegraphed to Leavenworth to Glossup.  Looked into the coal mine.  Got shoved a shore.  Eve—(?) in the wheel!


Saturday 11/5/59

At Sibley early.  Liberty at 11. A.M.  Walk on deck 4 ½ P.M. Kansas City.  Some slave-holding upstart, left on account of disgust at us—Miss B—especially  At Wyandotte our friends Mr & Mrs Emerson left us—lonesome!


Sunday 11/6/59

Arrived in Leavenworth 8 A.M. Put up at Mansion House.  Aided Rev. Mr. Prink in securing lodgings & a team for the morrow to go home $18.  Went to Bible Class.--  Got barbered.  Read some & wrote a little.


Monday 11/7/59

Paid S. R. Griffin $246, Carney & Co $75.04, Watson   & Co $52.24 McCracken  Carney $29.  

Democratic Meeting in the Eve.  Call on Parrot, Dr Davis, Wrote L.--  Warm dusty day.


Tuesday 11/8/59

At 6 A.M. took the stage with Linn, G. D. Bayard for Manhattan.  Passed Glossup 8 miles from Leavenworth.  Dined at Osawkie.  Put up at Indianola, Clinton House.  Wm. A. Clinton.  Cool day  Election day.


Wednesday 11/9/59

Left in stage at 3. A.M.  Stopped at Catholic Mission 7 ½ A.M.  Arrived in Manhattan 2. P.M.  Stopped 2 hours   Got a man to take us home.  Br. Dennison’s house—new—stone.  All well.  Little Georgianna—gone!  Saw Brouse &c.  Talked over business matters late.


Thursday 11/10/59

Went with Br. D. to Manhattan.  Saw Pipher, Lewis, Dr. Robinson, Marlatt, &c.  Pd. Higginbotham $120.  Kurtz college, not shingled!  Examined church with C. Barnes.


Friday 11/11/59

Got load of wood, fixed cellar windows & stairs.  Went to my cabin (?)  Window.  Paid D. F. Kress $50.  Cold at night & windy.  Called at Br. Paulson’s.


Saturday 11/12/59

Snowy & cold!  Therm 10°.  Home all day  Eve—meeting for choosing delegates at Manhattan   Walked down Mr O. Huntress. Cold.  Visit at home on returning.


Sunday 11/13/59

            Remained at home.  Cold & pleasant.  Read & wrote & rested.


Monday 11/14/59

Saw Marlatt, &c.  Rode to (?) & E. P.Webber’s.  Spent the night with the latter.  Talked over claim business & friends.  Sat up late.  Sold him 40 A. warrant for $44.


Tuesday 11/15/59

Arose at 4 A.M.  Ate breakfast at 5.  Rode home by 7 ½.  Worked round college Building.  Anxious to have it enclosed.  Brous sick.  Called at Dr. Robinson’s & at Brous’  Got the loan of Mrs. Robinson’s horse.  Glossup came with load .362.7   Letters to C. H. Payne, E. Taurjee.


Wednesday 11/16/59

Rode to Manhattan to engage tinman.  Called at Dr. R.’s & on Br. Paulson.  Paid Pillsbury 1.65 hauling pipe.  Pd. Ryan $25.  Saw Marlatt.  Roof nearly on.  Stacks—topped out.  Eve—called on Huntress, 168 ¾ Baskets corn.  Sent letters to H. Newhall, D. B. Denslow.  Pd. O. Huntress $227.28.


Thursday 11/17/59

Letters to C. Andrews, S. R. Griffin $25.--  Br. O. Huntress, G. S. Stevens.  Went to Manhattan.  O Huntress left for Leavenworth.  Driven on the cars.--  tied them up.


Friday 11/18/59

Lewis commenced work on chimnies.  Extra wanted on ventilators!  Went to Manhattan.  Paid Glossup $5.  Eve—went to Manhattan caucus to instruct Delegates.  Blake—Marlatt,  Letters from Mr. Davis, & E. Tourjee.  Worked on fixings for Housekeeping.  Prospect of snow,-- but no!


Saturday 11/19/59

Worked on bedsteads, call from Brous & Marlatt.--  Talk on college business.  Cloudy.  Eve—call at McCullom & Glossup’s.  Attended caucus at Manhattan.  Saw Blake  Rousing meeting.  Letters $2.00.  C. Adams.


Sunday 11/20/59

Rainy Sabbath.  Remained at home.  Fixed water fixings.  Caught 2 ½ bbls water.  Took a good bath.


Monday 11/21/59

Went to Manhattan.  Letters from J. Brooks, & N. McCracken.  Wrote E. Tourjee, J. R. Magee & N. P. Selee.  Mrs. Hammond.  Excitement down town on Politics!  Sonne & Christian fixed wind lass for well.  Paid Booth $3.


Tuesday 11/22/59

Well cleaned & 4 feet stoned!  Lewis finished the Chimnies for College.  Mr Beck mason for well, worked half a day.  Mr Sonne & Christian?  Down town.  Pd.


Wednesday 11/23/59

Paid J. Pattee $50.72.  No work on well.  Nelson chopped & cleared out college.  Went to town & called on Brous.  Saw Cole, & got Elk horn for college.


Thursday 11/24/59

Worked on windlass all day with Beck & Christian.  10 ft. laid, in the wall.  Very tired.  Went with Marlatt in the Evening & called on Kimball.  Let him have $30 to pay freight &c.  Letters from J. B. Biglow enclosing $50 draft.


Friday 11/25/59

Rested some, & fixed up round the house.  Went to Manhattan in the Eve--  Paid C. Briggs $35, $10 on old account & $25 towards tin conductors for college.  Sent in my name to join the Masons with Houton & J. Denison.


Saturday 11/26/59

Mr. Flynn called & went to work,--clearing out C. B—Mr. Blood called.  Pd. him $12.50 for church, worked at college.  Wrote J. B. Bigelow.


Sunday 11/27/59

Cold & windy.  Rode with Marlatt to Mill Creek.  Sermon at Merana White’s.  Dined there—12 miles  P.M.  Rode 6 miles to Ettlebute’s Wild Cat creek.  Sermon by Marlatt.  Rode home in the Evening.  Marlatt stopped with us to tea.


Monday 11/28/59

Flinn, Christian, & Beck on well.  Worked myself at Miscellaneous items, at home & college.  Wm. went to claim & Manhattan.  Letter from Z.--  Mild weather for the time of year.—


Tuesday 11/29/59

            Do  at home & on well.  Shelled Bu. corn.  College floor being laid.


Wednesday 11/30/59

Well going on—nearly done.  Flinn & Christian Done.  The first 3 days work, & the 2d 9 days work, $9 & board.  Cleared off, cold.


Thursday 12/1/59

A.M. Worked at home!  P.M. Went to Manhattan dining at Mr McCullom’s on the road.  Mass meeting on candidates—Union!  John Richey & Safford from Topeka.--  Greer, & Wilson  The latter nominated District Judge.


Friday 12/2/59

Drew a load of wood, &c.  David D—arrived.  Eve—went to Trustee Meeting at J. Paulson’s.  Letters from J. L. Colyer & Chandler.  Called at Mr. Blood’s.


Saturday 12/3/59

Worked at home regulating.  Got a load of wood from the College buildings.  Went to Mr. Glossup’s.  Visited with Br David &c.  Cold!


Sunday 12/4/59

A.M. Sermon by Prof. Campbell, Bible Agent.  Went with W. E. G. & David D--  Ellen & children in Ox-Omnibus.  P.M. home--  Wrote Z--, J. Harlan, M. J. Parrot, C. B. Peckham.


Monday 12/5/59

Coldest day of the season. –1 –7 –8°.  Remained at home helping settle things in the house.  David A. D. & W. E. G—with me.  Snow 2 in.  Letter from D. B. Denslow, check $200. College work stopped—cold.


Tuesday 12/6/59

Sent to L. R. Griffin, Draft, 4860 from Central Bank, Worcester, Ms. to Metropolitan Bank, N. Y. City, for $50. by letter.  Wrote D. B. Denslow, L--, M. J. Parrot, J. Harlan, C. B. Peckham.  Election Day under Wyandott Constitution.  Cold!  7 A.M. 7°. – 0!


Wednesday 12/7/59

A.M. at home.  P.M.  Went to election under Wyandotte Constitution.  Pd. Higinbotham $40.  Pd. Pipher $50. 

Pleasant morning.  Took a ride over my farm with David.  Got my colt home.  P.M.  Killed a beef with David, Flinn, Lewis, &c.


Thursday 12/8/59

Worked at home.  Up at college.  Cut up beef.  Call from F. N. Blake who stopped with us.  Warm & pleasant.  Eve,-- Jupiter arose exactly over the college, a star of Hope for the Institution like the Star of Bethlehem—for the world.  Fire beyond the college.


Friday 12/9/59

E. P. Webber came with wife.  worked at college. P.M.  Rode to Manhattan with David, Miss B—sick--  Read in Tribune—talk with Brous.  Beautiful day.


Saturday 12/10/59

Beautiful morning.  Talk with Brous, Joseph &c.  10 ½ Left with David for E. P. W’s to examine 2 claims up the Big Blue.  Overtook E. P. W.  Maria rode behind.  Dined with them.  Walked 10 miles, call on J. Pierce &c.  Spent the night at E. P. W.


Sunday 12/11/59

Arose early & came home at 9. A.M.  Went to M—to meeting.  Sermon by Paulson.  Came home by Roosa’s.  Read a little.  Called at college with Ellen & Hattie.  Wrote D. K. Merrill & T. Williams.


Monday 12/12/59

Rode to Mr Roosa’s & Manhattan.  County lines &c.  Engaged 30 Bu Lime 30¢. S.  Sent $10 to McCracken by Williams.  Looked over accounts &c.  J. Denison left on a 2 weeks tour.  Houston called & Williston.  Br. Denison for his circuit.


Tuesday 12/13/59

Rode to Houston’s & Kimball’s before breakfast.  Marlatt called & talked over business.  Concluded trade with Bloss to take the plastering of the college.  H. J. Barnes called.  Went to College & looked over the work &c.  Drew load of wood.  Lewis’s building moved.  Eve—arranged room.  Growing cold.


Wednesday 12/14/59

Settled with J. H. Barnes.  Sold Mrs. Williston Bill of goods 42.46  David drew wood.  Went to Manhattan.  Saw Pipher, Woodman, & Briggs.  Cold & pleasant.  Eve—Looked over letters.  Wrote Prof. Deane, & H. F. Morse.


Thursday 12/15/59

Went to college with Wm. Bloss  Sick!  Drew wood, & a Load of corn from my cabin.  Getting things in shape.  More.  Eve—called at Mr. Huntress’s.  Rec’d. a call from Mr. Blood & his wife.  Paid Huntress $20.


Friday 12/16/59

Fixed thills on to the wagon.  With David took the Falls of my water privilege.  Fixed sink or curtain  Went to Manhattan.  Paper.  Saw Warring, Pipher, called at A. Parkerson’s & Goves, & J. N. R--  Bot tallow for candles.  Present of cat-fish fromWilliston.


Saturday 12/17/59

Husked corn.  Fixed box doors.  Call from Mr. Allen.  Ellen, Miss B--, & David rode out!  Wrote L--  Conversed.  Read old papers.  Went to college & cleared up some.  Pleasant day.


Sunday 12/18/59

A.M.  Went to Church.--  Speaking by Sabbath school children.  P.M.  Read, & wrote to C. Adams & J. L. Colyer.  Cold.


Monday 12/19/59

A.M.  Snow—light.  Cold & windy.  Shelled with David some 4 or 5 Bu. corn.  Call from Hart & Higinbotham.  Therm 10. 17. 10°.  Looked over accounts with Wm.


Tuesday 12/20/59

Went & looked at claim for John Hyde—selected one south of J. Houston’s.  P.M.  Rode with David to Marlatts, Dr Stillman’s, Dr. Robinson’s &c   Letter from C. Andrews $100.  J. E. Lindsy.  Wrote C. Andrews, J. E. Lindsy, W. E. Woodward.


Wednesday 12/21/59

Very cold & windy.  At home most of the day.  Put down carpet in kitchen.  Call from Marlatt, Lawrence, McCullom, &c.  Went up to College. Therm 10—11—


Thursday 12/22/59

Worked on table leaf.  Went to Manhattan.  Pd. Pipher $80.  Called at Paulson’s & Dr. R--  2 Boxes books came.  Ivison & Phiney  Visit from Mr McCullom & lady:  Stopped till 12 ½ A.M. wishes to sell & return East.


Friday 12/23/59

Called at Mr Houston’s & at J Morris’  Bot Scrip $60.  Watch & (?)  Calls from Wetherell & Brous.  Eve  wrote & examined college papers.  Cold & pleasant.


Saturday 12/24/59

College site jumped!  Saw Westover.  Called at Mr Houston.  P.M.  Went to Manhattan with Ellen.  Meeting on County line, & to see about Christmas exercise in church tomorrow.  Conversed with Barry, Butterfield, Dr Woodward, Danton, &c.


Sunday 12/25/59

Walked to Manhattan to meeting.  Sermon by Paulson.  Letter from Blake.  Conversation with Pipher, Patterson & Vivaldi.  P.M. Exercises of the Sabbath school with presentation of Books, &c.


Monday 12/26/59

With Mr H—went to Junction.  Saw F. Patterson & S. B. Garrett.  Blake & Woodward  Took supper with Mr B--.  Started for home at 7 ½ P.M. arrived at 12 ½ A.M.  Commenced plastering college.


Tuesday 12/27/59

Went to the college, P.M. to Meeting of Trustees of M. T. Association at Mr. Blood’s.  Sprinkling of Snow in the A.M.


Wednesday 12/28/59

Miscellaneous calls & hindrances.  Brous, Marlatt.  Meeting of Trustees B. C. College at my house—10 present.  Partial report of Agent, & consultation on best means to preserve claim from Jumpers.  Letters from Z— Addie, & E. L. Prentice.


Thursday 12/29/59

Looked over Lots.  Marlatt & McCullom fixed up School advertisement.  Eve—took the Apprentices degree in Free-Masonry with J. Denison & J. Patterson.


Friday 12/30/59

            Carpenters work on house &c.--  Confusion!


Saturday 12/31/59

Eve—went to Manhattan & Mr Blood’s.  Talk with Mr. Vivaldi on matters in general especially about Newspaper.