What is a PUD?

A PUD is an acronym for Planned Unit Development.  It is a custom-made zoning district created to promote progressive and flexible land development which allows the combining of land uses not typically found in the same zoning district.  The PUD zoning district provides for:

    A maximum choice of living environments

    A more useful pattern of open space and recreation

    A development pattern that preserves and utilizes environmental features

    A more efficient use of land and provision of services

    A development pattern in harmony with land use density, neighborhood character, transportation facilities, community facilities and economic development potential.

The PUD process has three steps: 

1.    The Planning Board reviews an application for a Planned Unit Development, which includes the submittal of a Preliminary Development Plan; the Planning Board holds a public hearing and forwards a recommendation of approval or denial to the Board of County Commissioners.

2.    The Board of County Commissioners approve or deny the rezoning request, based on the details of the Preliminary Development Plan.  Within seven days of approval of the application, the applicant must file a Notice of Approval of Planned Unit Development Preliminary Development Plan with the Register of Deeds.

3.    Finally, the request goes back to the Planning Board to which the applicant submits a Final Development Plan for final approval and signature.  The Final Development Plan is signed by the Director of Planning and Development.

Please contact the Planning & Development Department at (785) 537-6332 for more information. 

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