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1. When does Phase 2 go into effect?
2. What are the key Phase 2 highlights from the Governor's Order?
3. What will stay closed to the public under Phase 2?
4. Where and how can we get masks/PPE?
5. Are self-service drinks and buffets allowed?
6. "Shielding between customers and employees at registers." Does that mean a physical barrier?
7. What has to close at 10:00 p.m.?
8. "All dine in and seating will close no later than 10pm nightly." Does that mean we can offer service up to 10pm? Or we have to have everyone out of the building by 10pm?
9. How does the order pertain to mixed-use spaces?
10. Can churches reopen to hold services for full congregations?
11. When can baseball/softball/t-ball teams start to practice?
12. Can baseball/softball/t-ball teams have tournaments during Phase 2?
13. What are the guidelines for baseball/softball/t-ball games that start in Phase 3?
14. Where can I find information on Phase 2 opening if my business is in Pottawatomie County?
15. Are wedding receptions permitted in Phase 2?
16. Can more than 15 people be in a building?
17. Are playgrounds open in Phase 2?
18. Are golf carts still limited to one person each?
19. Can group fitness start in Phase 2?
20. Can personal trainers assist patrons in gyms in Phase 2?
21. Can locker rooms in gyms open in Phase 2?
22. Are salon employees and customers required to wear masks in Phase 2?
23. Can customers sit in waiting areas in Phase 2?
24. Do businesses still need to limit the number of customers in their shops at one time in Phase 2?
25. What is the difference between a bar and a restaurant?