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K-177 Overlook Park

K-177 Overlook Park is located at 3700 Pillsbury Dr., 3 miles south of Manhattan on K-177.  Built in 1997, Overlook Park is located on the northeast corner of the Konza Prairie Biological Station and overlooks the Kansas River Valley. The 8,600-acre Konza Prairie Preserve, jointly owned by The Nature Conservancy and Kansas State University, is one of the largest tracts in North America dedicated to research on the ecological processes that characterize and maintain the tallgrass prairies.

From Overlook Park, the Konza Prairie Preserve stretches south for five miles to I-70 and four miles west. Along with the natural beauty of the tallgrass prairie, bison and domestic livestock graze freely throughout the prairie. The park serves the public as in interpretive center and roadside stop for travelers.

Rules and Regulations 
  • No liquor or cereal malt beverages
  • No motorized vehicles or horses, except in parking areas
  • No firearms or hunting
  • No tree cutting
  • No fires
  • No semi truck or trailer parking
  • No fireworks