How can I pay for my tags?

Renewal Options:

1. In-person

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, credit card, money order, and cashier's check. There is a 2.50% convenience fee if using a debit or credit card.

If you are registering your car for the first time, you must do so in person. However, if you are renewing your car registration you can pay online.

 Please make an appointment by clicking the button below: 

click here to make an appointment

2. Online at

    1. Pin number located on the renewal notice
      1. To Reprint your renewal notice
    2. Convenience Fee applied
      1. $2.00 for e-Check /per vehicle plus $1.00 Fee
      2. 2.5% of the amount charged plus $2.00 Fee
    3. You can use this for current or past due renewals
    4. You may drive up to 10 days with the receipt as you wait for the registration and decals to be mailed to you

3. By Mail

    1. Mail to Riley County Treasurer, 110 Courthouse Plaza, Manhattan, KS 66502
    2. Include renewal notice, proof of insurance, and payment
    3. Military personnel be sure to include the following:
      1.  Military Affidavit (
      2. Current full month LES
      3. Current orders, ERB or ORB

4. Place in the drop box located at 110 Courthouse Plaza

                 1. Include renewal notice. proof of insurance and payment 

                  2. Military personnel be sure to include the following:

                          1.Military Affidavit (

                           2. Current full month LES

                           3. Current orders, ERB or ORB

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