What drivers' license services can I receive at Treasurer's Office?

Customers who hold a CDL, concealed and carry, registered offender or limited term license must visit the Main Driver's License Office for all services.

Our office can renew Kansas driver's license, apply or renew an I.D. card, make address changes. We can also issue a Kansas driver's license to those with an out of state driver's license. 

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1. What drivers' license services can I receive at Treasurer's Office?
2. What are the hours for getting a driver's license?
3. Where would I go for all other driver's license services?
4. How many questions can I miss and still be able to pass to renew my driver's license?
5. What do I do if I did not receive a renewal for a driver's license and it is time for me to renew?
6. Can I renew my driver's license in the Treasurer's Office if it has expired?
7. Can I get an Identification Card or renew an ID card in the Treasurer's Office?
8. If I am moving into from another state, can I change and get a Kansas license in the Treasurer's Office?
9. Can I get a driver's license from your office if I have never had a license before?
10. Can I get a Kansas Driver's License if my out-of-state driver's license has expired?
11. How can I renew my license if I am in the military and not stationed in the U.S.?
12. Where do I call if my driver's license has been suspended?
13. Where do I send money when I am getting my driver's license reinstated after being suspended?
14. Where do I call if I have a vision or medical question regarding my driver's license?
15. What can I use to get an Identification Card if I am a foreign exchange student and I do not have my birth certificate with me?