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Property Data Questionnaire

  1. We are now involved in updating our Real Estate records as part of the maintenance program for continuing reappraisal as mandated by law in Kansas. Please complete the questionnaire and then click submit. If you need assistance, please call our office at 785-537-6310 and we will assist you.

  2. Property Information

  3. Basement Type:*
  4. Cooling System:*

  5. Heating System:*

  6. Heating Fuel:*
  7. Total Number of Rooms, Including Basement:
  8. (Do NOT include bathrooms or hallways)

  9. Which of the Total Rooms Listed Above are in the Basement?
  10. Number of Bathrooms:
  11. (Full Bath = sink, stool, shower OR tub) (Half Bath = sink and stool)

  12. Other Information:
  13. Dwelling Insulation:
  14. Predominate Interior Walls:*

  15. (Recreation is a large open area of lower quality finish than main floor.)

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