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Request for an Event Larger than 50 People


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  • Instructions

    1. Local Health Order 16 provides the opportunity for mass gatherings of greater than 50 individuals, but less than 2,000, through a permit process. Anyone who wishes to host an event or gathering of more than 50 people must fill out this request form at least 14 days prior to the event. Strict safety measures will need to be in place for a gathering to be approved.

      For the purpose of this order, regularly held church services are not considered to be events and are therefore exempt from this requirement.

      Safety precautions for gatherings or events will include mandated social distancing, face coverings, and at least 1 person assigned to maintain enforcement of safety measures per every 50 participants. A committee including medical personnel, public officials, and representatives from the business community will evaluate the request and make recommendations for approval. Emergency Operations Center Command Staff will provide final approval of requests. No events or gatherings of more than 50 people will be allowed in Riley County without a mass gathering permit.

      Large venues of more than 2,000 person capacity shall remain closed. This includes both indoor and outdoor venues.