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Request for an Event Larger than 50 People


  1. 1. Instructions
  2. 2. Information for Responsible Party
  3. 3. Event Information
  4. 4. Event Details
  5. 5. Concessions/Food and Drink
  6. 6. Seating
  7. 7. Common Areas
  • Instructions

    1. Permitting Process

      Local Health Order 18 provides the opportunity for events of greater than 50 individuals through a permit process. Anyone who wishes to host an event of more than 50 people must fill out this request form at least 14 days before the event. Strict safety measures will need to be in place for an event to be approved. Both indoor and outdoor events must be permitted.

      Due to the county’s current high percent positive and the condition of the hospitals statewide, we are limiting indoor events to 50 or 15% capacity, whichever is greater.

      Regularly held religious services or ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals, or official events/activities planned by the school districts do not require a permit. Normal operations of businesses must follow social distancing/barrier installation and other requirements in Order 18 and are exempt from this permit, unless they plan an event separate from the normal operation of their facilities.

      Safety precautions for events will include mandated social distancing and face coverings, and at least 1 person assigned to maintain assurance of safety measures per every 50 participants as well as others as included in the application.

      A committee of professionals will evaluate and approve the requests for events under 250 attendees. For 250 or more attendees, the Unified Command Team will review those requests. If these reviewers deny a request, the applicant can appeal the decision to the Riley County Health Officer, whose decision will be final.

      Once the Health Department receives an application, it will be reviewed by staff members for any further question. If there are further questions, staff from the Health Department will contact the applicant to clarify. Staff members will then present the submission to the committee on Wednesdays for approval or denial. This process will typically be completed within 6-8 business days after the submission of the application. That period may be longer depending on the level of communications needed to ensure the applicant will comply with any new requirements the reviewers have made.

      If the committee denies a permit, the applicant can email and request that the Health Officer review the application. Within 3 business days after that request, the Health Officer will provide a final decision.

    2. By submitting this form, the applicant confirms that the information provided is accurate and that he/she will run the event in the way described in this request.

      Disclaimer: The reviewers approve these requests from the information provided in them. If the Health Department verifies that the submitted plans are not followed, it may deny other events from that applicant or pursue further legal action as allowed. Also, the organizers of these events are solely responsible for meeting any other permitting requirements from other entities they need to run their events. The Health Officer may revoke any issued permit for cause.