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1. I gave all of the information about my damages to the police, why do I have to do it again?
2. The Judge ordered restitution, but when will I be paid?
3. What happens if the Defendant fails to pay restitution?
4. I feel I have a substance abuse problem and would like to get help but fear criminal charges, what can I do?
5. I think my neighbor is distributing drugs as I have seen an excessive amount of traffic that remains for short durations, can I help to combat this problem?
6. How do I reach the Crisis Center for assistance?
7. If I get a Protection From Abuse Order against someone, what happens if he/she violates that order?
8. What do I do if an ex-spouse or ex-significant other threatens me?
9. The police recovered my property, when will it be returned?
10. Will I be paid for my stolen/damaged property?