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1. How is COVID-19 treated?
2. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?
3. If someone in my household is quarantined, are we all quarantined?
4. What are the differences between social distancing, quarantine, and isolation?
5. How do I care for someone who is sick?
6. Is there any right to appeal a county quarantine or isolation order?
7. What is close contact?
8. How long does the virus stay alive on different surfaces?
9. What is the amount of time for quarantine?
10. What are the symptoms of COVID-19 vs allergies and the flu?
11. When should I call 911?
12. Can I get advice online?
13. How do I contact the Q&A hotline?
14. How do I contact the screening hotline?
15. Should I wear a mask?
16. What does "public outbreak" mean?